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Carving Carousel Animals

Author : H. LeRoy Marlow
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Provides patterns and instructions for carving thirty-one different animals, includes cutting lists, and demonstrates carving techniques

Carousel Animal Carving

Author : Bud Ellis
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Make nostalgic carved carousel animals--guided by the country's only professional director of a carousel animal carving school. "...walks the reader through the process of creating either a full-sized or miniature carousel horse from planning the project to selecting the proper wood and supplies, to finishing the animal with authentic paint schemes and trim details...illustrated with numerous color photographs showing exact painting details...patterns are presented for 33 animals, including a few...other than horses."--Woodshop News.

Carving Miniature Carousel Animals with Dale Power

Author : Dale Power
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For those who want the charm of the antique carousel, Dale Power provides direct instructions and 267 color photos illustrating the steps necessary to transform a simple basswood blank into an impressive carousel goat. He uses a variety of hand and power tools to complete the project, and covers wood burning, painting, and mounting techniques. Patterns for seven additional carousel animals and a color gallery are provided.

The Carousel Animal

Author :
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Shows horses and menagerie animals carved out of wood for American and European carousels, traces the history of carousel rides, and looks at some prominent manufacturers

Carousel Animals Iron on Transfer Patterns

Author : Celeste Plowden
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Add a warm and fanciful touch to apparel, household items, wood, leather, other ink-absorbing materials with this delightful menagerie of carousel animals. 43 attractive transfer patterns depict flower-bedecked horses, giraffe, goat, elephant, rabbit, roosters, more. For use in embroidery, fabric painting, other crafts.

Carousel Carving

Author : Bruce A. White
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“Should appeal to anyone interested in carousels or carving or both...It is beautifully illustrated with some 200 full-color photos printed on high-quality paper that brings out their brilliance.”—The Woodworker’s Gazette. “This excellent title celebrates the history of a classic art form and does a great job of making it accessible to woodworkers of all experience levels.”—Library Journal.

Carousel Animals Coloring Book

Author : Christy Shaffer
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Thirty expertly rendered, ready-to-color illustrations all based on authentic antique carvings. Magnificent stallions and prancing ponies, lions, tigers, zebras, and camels, sea monsters, dragons, many more. All accompanied by informative captions. A treat for merry-go-round fans, nostalgia lovers, and youngsters.

Art of the Carousel

Author : Charlotte Dinger
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Accompanied by over 400 color photographs, a guide to the art of the carousel, or merry-go-round, traces its development by describing style variations and identifiable features of carousel animals produced by the major American carving companies; and includes descriptions and illustrations of restoration techniques; advice on buying, shipping and insuring carousel animals, and a census of operating carousels in the United States and Canada.

Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses

Author : Murray Zimiles
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A richly illustrated volume celebrating Jewish carving traditions from the Old World to the New

The Ice Carousel

Author : Amy Hahn
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She may have forgotten him but her heart hasn't... Dulcie Thorton returns to Harrison to write a story about the town's famous Ice Carousel. Not only is it a 100-year tradition at the February Frost Festival, it's also inspired love among many locals. She's unaware that she has a history with its mysterious creator though she feels drawn to him when they meet. Rankin, the carousel's sculptor, has loved Dulcie for many years. Now she's finally coming back, just when he, and his magical carousel, will be leaving town forever. Unless he can win her over and ignite her memories, he can't stay with her. Dulcie isn't sure that magic really exists. Yet how could human hands carve such a wondrous carousel? If she doesn't remember her connection to Rankin and believe in magic, she will lose the only man she has ever truly loved. And time is running out...

From Playgrounds to PlayStation

Author : Carroll Pursell
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In this romp through the changing landscape of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American toys, games, hobbies, and amusements, senior historian of technology Carroll Pursell poses a simple but interesting question: What can we learn by studying the relationship between technology and play? From Playgrounds to PlayStation explores how play reflects and drives the evolution of American culture. Pursell engagingly examines the ways in which technology affects play and play shapes people. The objects that children (and adults) play with and play on, along with their games and the hobbies they pursue, can reinforce but also challenge gender roles and cultural norms. Inventors—who often talk about "playing" at their work, as if motivated by the pure fun of invention—have used new materials and technologies to reshape sports and gameplay, sometimes even crafting new, extreme forms of recreation, but always responding to popular demand. Drawing from a range of sources, including scholarly monographs, patent records, newspapers, and popular and technical journals, the book covers numerous modes and sites of play. Pursell touches on the safety-conscious playground reform movement, the dazzling mechanical innovations that gave rise to commercial amusement parks, and the media's colorful promotion of toys, pastimes, and sporting events. Along the way, he shows readers how technology enables the forms, equipment, and devices of play to evolve constantly, both reflecting consumer choices and driving innovators and manufacturers to promote toys that involve entirely new kinds of play—from LEGOs and skateboards to beading kits and videogames.

Ohio Historic Places Dictionary

Author : Editorial Staff
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OHIO HISTORIC PLACES DICTIONARY contains all the latest listings on all the recognized Historic Places in the Buckeye State. The entries in the reference work were obtained from the official list of the National Register of Historic Places in Washington DC. The National Register of Historic Places is a government program designed to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate and protect historic and archeological properties. The properties include historic - districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, engineering and culture.OHIO HISTORIC PLACES DICTIONARY is arranged alphabetically by county name. The county arrangement allows patrons to find many historic places by where they live and/or counties they want to research in Ohio. An easy to use Place Index lists the cities and towns alphabetically to locate all the historic places in any town or city in Ohio. This reference work contains photographs that add visual quality to the text.

Upper Nisqually Valley

Author : Donald M. Johnstone
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The Nisqually Valley has long been a transportation route, a source of livelihood for its residents, and a source of beauty for its visitors. Before settlement, a system of trails through the valley gave Native Americans access to rich hunting and fishing, as well as access to a larger, cross-mountain trail system and places of spiritual significance. The first settlers entered the valley in the 1860s. Not long after, the first tourist arrived in Mount Rainier. The first recorded ascent of the mountain was in 1870. Throughout the years, as more settlers arrived and the forest industries exploded, the valley welcomed an increase in trains, roads, and visitor accommodations. With the establishment of Mount Rainier National Park in 1899, tourism began supplementing the forestry industry. In the last 100 years, forestry, farming, and sightseeing have been the story of the valley and its people.

Folk Art in Maine

Author : Kevin D. Murphy
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Folk art proves that producing utilitarian objects can provide an opportunity for self-expression. From decoys to sea chests, folk art is not only rooted in the useful but in the realities of living. Some folk art makes daily chores more fun, while others, such as mourning art, help people face life's saddest occasions. This volume is an introduction for the novice and a treasure for the collector.

Treasures from the Golden Age East Coast Carousels

Author : Eric Pahlke
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Great American Carousel

Author : Tobin Fraley
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This entertaining visual celebration offers a closeup look at the carousel not only as amusement but as cultural icon and craft. Rare historical photographs portray America's earliest wooden carousels, their creators, and the shops where they were carved. Full-color portraits display fanciful pigs, frogs, and tigers as well as an array of magnificent decorated horses.

Introduction to the Carousel

Author : Maurice Fraley
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Of the Carousel

Author : Burt Rashbaum
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Burt Rashbaum has had the rare privilege of being one of five operators at The Carousel of Happiness, a re-imagining of a 1910 carousel with animals hand-carved by Scott Harrison, a Vietnam veteran who used his decades of carving to heal himself from the horrors of war. With ridership approaching one million, Rashbaum has had the opportunity to see a wide spectrum of life, and how riders react to the beauty of the carousel. In describing his experiences, he would often say, "I see magic there," but when asked what this magic was, his explanation never seemed to match the actual experience.Rashbaum knew he could only relate his observations in the one genre that can explain the unexplainable, through poetry.With a fiction-writer's eye and a poet's sensibility, he crafted these 21 poems as one sequence to reflect the beauty and wonder of The Carousel, the healing that occurs there, the life lessons, the love and indescribable joy that, as one poem states, is "barely contained within the human form."Some of the poems are in the shape of the carousel, others evoke its movement, the kinetic energy of the place and the enveloping bombast of the 1913 Wurlitzer band organ that plays while the carousel spins. While the words whirl like a rider on the carousel, when they are read aloud they tell stories.Open this book and enter The Carousel of Happiness, become a rider and experience what countless thousands from the world over have shared. Today you don't even need a ticket. All you need you hold in your hands, the poems Of the Carousel.

Fairground Art

Author : Geoff Weedon
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This book defines the history of fairground carving and painted imagery in Britain, America and Europe.

Supreme Court

Author :
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