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Career Guidance for Social Justice

Author : Tristram Hooley
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This edited collection examines the intersections between career guidance, social justice and neo-liberalism. Contributors offer an original and global discussion of the role of career guidance in the struggle for social justice and evaluate the field from a diverse range of theoretical positions. Through a series of chapters that positions career guidance within a neoliberal context and presents theories to inform an emancipatory direction for the field, this book raises questions, offers resources and provides some glimpses of an alternative future for work. Drawing on education, sociology, and political science, this book addresses the theoretical basis of career guidance’s involvement in social justice as well as the methodological consequences in relation to career guidance research.

Critical Reflections on Career Education and Guidance

Author : Barrie A. Irving
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"Critical Reflections on Career Education and Guidance is essential reading for students, academics, practitioners and researchers who wish to achieve a greater understanding of the contexts involved."--Jacket.

Career Guidance for Emancipation

Author : Tristram Hooley
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This edited collection explores ways in which social justice can be integrated into career guidance practice. Chapter authors propose models and practices which can contribute to struggles for social justice and consider how career guidance can play a role in these struggles. They explore policy and practice in the light of critical social theory both critiquing career guidance and opening up new possibilities for the field. The volume moves the discipline away from its overwhelming reliance on psychology in favor of theoretically pluralistic approaches informed by critical thinking in a range of disciplines. It seeks to expand the possibilities that are available to career guidance practitioners and researchers to support the growth of human flourishing and solidarity.

Career Development Interventions for Social Justice

Author : Margo A. Jackson
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This book provides practical examples of career development interventions that address social justice needs in a range of contexts across the lifespan. It’s grounded in research, a range of theoretical perspectives, sound program design, and professional competencies for best practices in multicultural career counseling and social justice advocacy.

International Handbook of Career Guidance

Author : James A. Athanasou
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This handbook offers a comprehensive review on career guidance, with an emphasis on the applied aspects of guidance together with research methods and perspectives. It features contributions from more than 30 leading authorities in the field from Asia, Africa, America, Australasia and Europe and draws upon a wide range of career guidance paradigms and theoretical perspectives. This handbook covers such subjects as educational and vocational guidance in a social context, theoretical foundations, educational and vocational guidance in practice, specific target groups, testing and assessment, and evaluation.

Constructing the Future

Author : Lyn Barham
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This is the sixth edition of popular biennial research publication - collection of research essays - 11 chapters focusing on a range of topical issues that connect theory with practice in relation to diversity, inclusion and social justice. Topics covered include mental health, students 'at risk', disability, reflective practice and many more. Each of the chapters have been peer-reviewed and the book will appeal to both British and international audiences. It is designed to be accessible to all who are interested in the career guidance sector, in all of its forms, and will be an essential addition to school, college and university libraries. Of particular interest to career guidance practitioners and teachers in the public and private sectors, those studying for career education and guidance qualifications, researchers and academics within education, human resources management and social sciences in general, and the career guidance field in particular.

Handbook of Career Development

Author : Gideon Arulmani
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This book is focused on work, occupation and career development: themes that are fundamental to a wide range of human activities and relevant across all cultures. Yet theorizing and model building about this most ubiquitous of human activities from international perspectives have not been vigorous. An examination of the literature pertaining to career development, counseling and guidance that has developed over the last fifty years reveals theorizing and model building have been largely dominated by Western epistemologies, some of the largest workforces in the world are in the developing world. Career guidance is rapidly emerging as a strongly felt need in these contexts. If more relevant models are to be developed, frameworks from other cultures and economies must be recognized as providing constructs that would offer a deeper understanding of career development. This does not mean that existing ideas are to be discarded. Instead, an integrative approach that blends universal principles with particular needs could offer a framework for theorizing, research and practice that has wider relevance. The central objective of this handbook is to draw the wisdom and experiences of different cultures together to consider both universal and specific principles for career guidance and counseling that are socially and economically relevant to contemporary challenges and issues. This book is focused on extending existing concepts to broader contexts as well as introducing new concepts relevant to the discipline of career guidance and counseling.

The Oxford Handbook of Career Development

Author : Peter J. Robertson
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"Abstract: The handbook seeks to provide a state-of-the-art reference point for the field of career development. It engages in a trans-disciplinary and international dialogue that explores current ideas and debates from a variety of viewpoints including socio-economic, political, educational, and social justice perspectives. Career development is broadly defined to encompass both individuals' experience of their own careers, and the full range of support services for career planning and transitions. The handbook is divided into three sections. The first section explores the economic, educational, and public policy contexts within which careers are enacted. The second section explores the rich conceptual landscape of career theory. The third section addresses the broad spectrum of helping practices to support both individuals and groups including career guidance, career counseling, and career learning interventions. Keywords: Career; career development, career counseling, career guidance, career learning, career theory, public policy, social justice"--

Exploring New Horizons in Career Counselling

Author : Kobus Maree
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"This book brings together eminent global theorists and practitioners to share their views on the evolution of career counselling in recent decades. Multiple changes of a fundamental and complex nature, as well as related challenges in the world of work, have necessitated career counselling to undergo such an evolution. The authors examine the future nature and scope of new directions in the field of career counselling psychology and they critically reflect on, as well as promote the predominant theoretical and conceptual framework of the field of career counselling. The latest models and methods in and for the 21st century are explored and teased out, including Mark Savickas’ proposal to shift the focus in interventions from conceptualising the self as content to seeing the self as a process. This approach is in keeping with the notion of career as a story and consistent with leading theories such as Jean Guichard’s self-construction framework and the life design paradigm. The authors deliver an avant garde text that is easy to read and use without diluting the conceptual and terminological complexities of the field. The book is an invaluable resource for new, emerging and experienced researchers, academics, scholars, researchers, psychologists, social workers, teachers and clients: • It merges what is known about the field with emerging approaches.• It gives an overview of theoretical paradigms that can be applied to a changing world of work.• It makes a critical analysis of germane questions such as “What does the future hold for the field of career counselling and how can challenges be turned into opportunities?” and “How can different paradigms, approaches and strategies be harnessed to promote clients’ career-life wellbeing and resilience?”.• It facilitates an understanding of the skills necessary to deal with career-related transitions, challenges and barriers to help people acquire transferable career-life skills and career(-choice) readiness. • It examines the importance of career adaptability and how people can develop this vital 21st century (survival) competency.• It challenges career counsellors to grasp and acquire skills to promote and advocate social justice agendas.• It promotes and demonstrates the exciting and promising notion of dialogue writing to enhance the dialogical work of the career counsellor and client.Individually and collectively, the authors team up to blend retrospect and prospect, and they make a concerted effort to convert 21st century challenges and frontiers in career counselling into opportunities, hurt into hope, hopelessness into inspiration."

Handbook of Innovative Career Counselling

Author : Jacobus G. Maree
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This book examines a topic widely regarded as the most pressing in career counselling today, i.e., how to ensure that everyone receives career counselling and that all workers have the opportunity to engage in sustainable, decent work. The author holds that career counselling should not only advance workers’ self- and career construction, helping them design successful career-lives and make social contributions, and live purposeful lives – it should also expound new theoretical approaches and interventions. Furthermore, the book criticizes global society for overlooking the basic needs of many workers, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. An important feature of the book is its emphasis on promoting a creative and innovative approach to career counselling so as to better answer contemporary career-related questions. It offers guidance on how to advance entrepreneurship and help workers develop critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. In this way the book promotes innovation in career counselling and maps the way forward in a theoretical and practical manner that helps clients ‘flourish’ rather than merely ‘survive’ in turbulent times impacted by the fourth wave in psychology, career counselling, the economy, as well as the 4th industrial revolution (Work 4.0).

Career Guidance and Livelihood Planning across the Mediterranean

Author : Ronald G. Sultana
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Perhaps no other challenge preoccupies governments and citizens in the Mediterranean region than the mass unemployment of young people, many of who have invested in higher education in the hope that ability and effort lead to fulfilling lives. Transitions to independent adulthood are, however, frustratingly long drawn-out, and often jeopardised by labour markets that are neither youth-friendly nor meritocratic. While such challenges require structural responses at the macro-economic level, career education and guidance have an important role to play in addressing both the public and private good, and in furthering the social justice agenda. This volume provides a state-of-the-art review of career education and guidance in Southern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa Region, presenting a multi-faceted portrayal of the situation in each country as well as overviews of cross-cutting themes that are especially relevant to context, such as women’s career development in the Arab states, job placement support for refugees, and the impact of faith on livelihood planning. “This book is a major achievement, focusing on a pivotal part of the world.” – Tony Watts, Cambridge, UK “This book challenges career guidance to truly think in a contextual, localised, plural and dialogical way. In providing an opportunity for the South to speak on its own terms it helps renew the field through different ways of thinking and doing career guidance.” – Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro, University of São Paulo, Brazil “This wonderful new book furnishes a way forward in helping people and communities establish practices that will support our natural striving for work that is decent, dignified, and meaningful.” – David L. Blustein, Boston College, USA “This book is packed with fresh ideas based on lucid arguments that draw from a substantial evidence base. This work is essential reading.” – Gideon Arulmani, The Promise Foundation, Bangalore, India “This publication is a must-read for every individual involved in policy, research and practice activities in the career guidance field.” – Rènette du Toit, Independent Research Services, South Africa

Handbook for Social Justice in Counseling Psychology

Author : Rebecca L. Toporek
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The Handbook for Social Justice in Counseling Psychology: Leadership, Vision, and Action provides counseling psychology students, educators, researchers, and practitioners with a conceptual "road map" of social justice and social action that they can integrate into their professional identity, role, and function. It presents historical, theoretical, and ethical foundations followed by exemplary models of social justice and action work performed by counseling psychologists from interdisciplinary collaborations. The examples in this Handbook explore a wide range of settings with diverse issues and reflect a variety of actions.

The Career Development Quarterly

Author :
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Career Counseling

Author : Dave Capuzzi
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And you were told it was only a theory? Learn what was really taught.The Adam-God doctrine, first clearly declared by Brigham Young, met with stiff opposition by both Saint and sinner. Eventually in the 1860s, he significantly retreated from his profounder teachings, to teaching the basic understandings of the Gospel. But then in the 1870s President Young again publicly revived the higher concepts of his revelation, as he declared it was (see chapter 116:5 for example). This book has 508 pages, with 182 chapters, each chapter a reference from a source of reliable texts. Each chapter has been further divided into verses, in order that the student or reader may cross reference his studies. The latter part of the book is divided into three approaches or theories that are supported today, for consideration. Also included in the book: a map of the universe gleaned from the Book of Abraham.This book strives to be objective by citing excerpts from Church leaders regardless of their positions on this subject. The Adam-God doctrine is not simply cited here alone, but it is seated into other related teachings of the day: decomposition, polygamy, plurality of gods, and so on. In this manner, it is hoped that the reader will appreciate the Adam-God teachings as part of a greater vision of eternity by an extraordinary man of God, and not an aberrant misgiving of a prophet gone awry. The Adam-God Revelation is the first of at least two volumes in a set called the Journal of References. (The second volume planned will be on a related topic regarding Eternity.)

Career Guidance and Counseling Through the Lifespan

Author : Edwin L. Herr
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The Sixth Edition of "Career Guidance and Counseling Through the Lifespan" provides comprehensive treatment of career development theory and practice in a world of work undergoing profound change. This book examines the current changes in the organization and content of work, the implications of the global economy for the practice of career development, best practices in career services, and perspectives on the research findings supporting career counseling and other career interventions. Highlights of the Sixth Edition: Provides a historical perspective on the evolution of career counseling and career guidance and identifies how definitions of these processes and the role of counselors change across time. Discusses the applications of systematic and planned approaches to career guidance and counseling for children, youth, and adults, in various settings: schools, colleges, and universities, business and industry, and community agencies. Offers superior emphasis on the applications of career counseling and guidance to different and special needs populations including African-Americans, Hispanics, other culturally diverse populations, males, females, children and adolescents, adults with mental health problems in the workplace, midcareer job changers, the unemployed, dual career families, persons with work/family conflicts, and burned out workers. Includes expanded treatment of international perspectives on changes in the occupational structure, work, and career interventions. Includes expanded treatment of the school-to-work transition and work-based learning as legislative initiatives and as important factors shaping career relevant schooling, transition services, and the transition and adjustment to work. Visit our NEW Helping Professions Website at for additional resources! Page 1 of 1

Counseling for Social Justice

Author : Courtland C. Lee
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Case Incidents in Counseling for International Transitions

Author : Nancy Arthur
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International Work Transitions -- International Student Transitions -- Immigrant and Refugee Transitions -- Military and Peacekeeping Transitions.

Introduction to the Counseling Profession

Author : Dave Capuzzi
File Size : 40.89 MB
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This book aims to give a self-contained presentation of a number of results, which relate the volume of convex bodies in n-dimensional Euclidean space and the geometry of the corresponding finite-dimensional normed spaces. The methods employ classical ideas from the theory of convex sets, probability theory, approximation theory and the local theory of Banach spaces. The book is in two parts. The first presents self-contained proofs of the quotient of the subspace theorem, the inverse Santalo inequality and the inverse Brunn-Minkowski inequality. The second part gives a detailed exposition of the recently introduced classes of Banach spaces of weak cotype 2 or weak type 2, and the intersection of the classes (weak Hilbert space). The book is based on courses given in Paris and in Texas.

Career Counseling Interventions

Author : Wendy K. Killam, PhD, NCC, CRC, LPC
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Goes beyond traditional “job hunt strategies” to provide innovative solutions targeted to specific populations This graduate text for courses in career counseling is distinguished by its emphasis on creative interventions tailored to the unique needs of diverse populations. With a focus on career as a cornerstone of personal identity, the book explores the specific meaning of careers within different cultures and examines the challenges faced by—and potential solutions for--individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs. It describes unique interventions that allow counseling students to visualize and actualize career counseling with a wide range of clients and demonstrates techniques targeted to each population that can be put into practice immediately. The text provides demographic information regarding specific job-seeking groups including such “traditional” populations as college graduates and working parents, as well as groups that encounter special challenges such as stay-at-home parents returning to work, formerly incarcerated individuals, people with disabilities, teen mothers, African American, Hispanic and Asian males and females, older adults, LGBT individuals, and many others. Over fifty creative, innovative interventions that have been successfully applied help counselors to provide effective career development strategies with each population. Chapters include a vignette representing each population, group demographics, a history of career paths and obstacles, unique needs of the group, supports already in place, and specific career counseling assessment and interventions. The book also provides abundant resources for additional study. In addition to its value to career counselors, the text will also be useful to personal counselors who often deal with their client’s career issues during treatment. Key Features: Provides in-depth exploration of underserved populations who hold unique career development needs Includes innovative career counseling interventions that move beyond standard “job hunt strategies” or “resume preparation tips” Explores life stage concerns related to career development across multiple diverse identities Gives readers step-by-step details on implementing over 40 innovative career counseling techniques Presents case studies that provide clear examples of the application of relevant interventions

Social Justice

Author :
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