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Car Fever

Author : James May
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Top Gear's James May is back with his hilarious and controversial opinions on . . . just about everything. As well as writing about his first love, cars, James has a go at political correctness, the endless rules and regulations of daily life, the internal combustion engine and traffic wardens. He discusses gastropubs, Jeremy Clarkson and other trials of modern life. His highly entertaining observations from behind the wheel will have you laughing out loud, whether you share his opinions, or not. Car Fever is an indispensable guide to life for the modern driver.

How to Save Money When You Buy and Drive Your Car

Author : Merle E. Dowd
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Annual Abstract of Statistical Information Relative to the Insane Deaf and Dumb Blind Idiotic Feeble minded Epileptic and Either Deaf Or Dumb in the State of Michigan for the Year

Author : Michigan. Department of State
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Annual Report

Author : Baltimore and Ohio Employes Relief Association
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Probabilistic Similarity Networks

Author : David E. Heckerman
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In this remarkable blend of formal theory and practical application, David Heckerman develops methods for building normative expert systems—expert systems that encode knowledge in a decision-theoretic framework. Heckerman introduces the similarity network and partition, two extensions to the influence diagram representation. He uses the new representations to construct Pathfinder, a large, normative expert system for the diagnosis of lymph-node diseases. Heckerman shows that such expert systems can be built efficiently, and that the use of a normative theory as the framework for representing knowledge can dramatically improve the quality of expertise that is delivered to the user. He concludes with a formal evaluation of the power of his methods for building normative expert systems. David Heckerman is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California. He received his doctoral degree in Medical Information Sciences from Stanford University. Contents: Introduction. Similarity Networks and Partitions: A Simple Example. Theory of Similarity Networks. Pathfinder: A Case Study. An Evaluation of Pathfinder. Conclusions and Future Work.


Author :
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Reports and Documents

Author : United States. Congress
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The Grand Western Railroad Game

Author : Robert S. Farnsworth
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The Grand Western Railroad Game By: Robert S. Farnsworth The Grand Western Railroad Game by Robert S. Farnsworth is a fascinatingly detailed story of the historical importance of Western railroads. It has been meticulously written to educate the reader on the intricacies involved in the creation and growth of the Rock Island System over the “Empire Years.” The railroad’s premium passenger train service even inspired the popular song “The Rock Island Line is a Mighty Fine Line.” To quote the author, “I wrote this book, not from just the viewpoint of a rail fan, hundreds of whom have diligently photographically documented the railroad’s passage through time, but from the viewpoint of a former employee and from the insights gained from a broad education in both the university and in the experience of a practiced transportation planner. I hope that the reader will learn from the stories told here that the workers tried valiantly to do their jobs, that the line’s managers were forced to play with the hand that was dealt to them from a less than full deck, and that investors expected to get a reasonable return on the often gigantic sums paid into the corporation. “I hope that the information contained within these covers leads others toward more detailed studies of the railroads and of the conditions in which they survived, if not prospered.”

From Miracle to Mirage

Author : Myungji Yang
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Myungji Yang’s From Miracle to Mirage is a critical account of the trajectory of state-sponsored middle-class formation in Korea in the second half of the twentieth century. Yang’s book offers a compelling story of the reality behind the myth of middle-class formation. Capturing the emergence, reproduction, and fragmentation of the Korean middle class, From Miracle to Mirage traces the historical process through which the seemingly successful state project of building a middle-class society resulted in a mirage. Yang argues that profitable speculation in skyrocketing prices for Seoul real estate led to mobility and material comforts for the new middle class. She also shows that the fragility inherent in such developments was embedded in the very formation of that socioeconomic group. Taking exception to conventional views, Yang emphasizes the role of the state in producing patterns of class structure and social inequality. She demonstrates the speculative and exclusionary ways in which the middle class was formed. Domestic politics and state policies, she argues, have shaped the lived experiences and identities of the Korean middle class. From Miracle to Mirage gives us a new interpretation of the reality behind the myth. Yang’s analysis provides evidence of how in cultural and objective terms the country’s rapid, compressed program of economic development created a deeply distorted distribution of wealth.

From the Dragon s Mouth

Author : Ana Fuentes
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WHO ARE THE CHINESE? Through on-the-ground interviews, Ana Fuentes uncovers the real China and offers a panoramic look at Chinese culture from the point of view of its citizens. She spent nearly 4 years living and working in China and discovered a world few have written about . . . until now. FROM THE DRAGON’S MOUTH: Ten True Stories that Unveil the Real China is an exquisitely intimate look into the China of the 21st century as seen through the eyes of its people. This is the first time that a book combines the voices of everyday Chinese people from so many different layers of society: a dissident tortured by the police; a young millionaire devoted to nationalism; a peasant-turnedprostitute to pay for the best education for her son; a woman who married her gay friend to escape from social pressure, just like an estimated 16 million other women; a venerable Kung-Fu master unable to train outdoors because of the hazardous pollution; the daughter of two Communist Party officials getting rich coaching Chinese entrepreneurs in the ways of Capitalism; among others. ANA FUENTES is a journalist whose reports have been broadcast on three continents by Radio Netherland, Prisa Radio, CNN en español and others. Ana holds a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University in Madrid and the Sorbonne University in Paris, and a Master’s in Journalism from El País and the University Autonoma in Madrid.