Canine Confidential

Why Dogs Do What They Do


Author: Marc Bekoff

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022643317X

Category: Pets

Page: 256

View: 4333

For all the love and attention we give dogs, much of what they do remains mysterious. Just think about different behaviors you see at a dog park: We have a good understanding of what it means when dogs wag their tails—but what about when they sniff and roll on a stinky spot? Why do they play tug-of-war with one dog, while showing their bellies to another? Why are some dogs shy, while others are bold? What goes on in dogs’ heads and hearts—and how much can we know and understand? Canine Confidential has the answers. Written by award-winning scientist—and lifelong dog lover—Marc Bekoff, it not only brilliantly opens up the world of dog behavior, but also helps us understand how we can make our dogs’ lives the best they can possibly be. Rooted in the most up-to-date science on cognition and emotion—fields that have exploded in recent years—Canine Confidential is a wonderfully accessible treasure trove of new information and myth-busting. Peeing, we learn, isn’t always marking; grass-eating isn’t always an attempt to trigger vomiting; it’s okay to hug a dog—on their terms; and so much more. There’s still much we don’t know, but at the core of the book is the certainty that dogs do have deep emotional lives, and that as their companions we must try to make those lives as rich and fulfilling as possible. It’s also clear that we must look at dogs as unique individuals and refrain from talking about “the dog.” Bekoff also considers the practical importance of knowing details about dog behavior. He advocates strongly for positive training—there’s no need to dominate or shame dogs or to make them live in fear—and the detailed information contained in Canine Confidential has a good deal of significance for dog trainers and teachers. He also suggests that trainers should watch and study dogs in various contexts outside of those in which they are dealing with clients, canine and human, with specific needs. There’s nothing in the world as heartwarming as being greeted by your dog at the end of the workday. Read Canine Confidential, and you’ll be on the road to making your shared lives as happy, healthy, and rewarding as they can possibly be.

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

The Ultimate Episode Guide


Author: Jim Milio,Cesar Millan,Melissa Jo Peltier

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416561439

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 348

View: 4349

Describes what happened on each episode in all three seasons of "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan," grouping the episodes based on the behavioral problems of the dogs; gives a follow-up on how each dog is doing now; and provides tips for handling dogs with similar problems.

TIME How Dogs Think

Inside the Canine Mind


Author: The Editors of TIME

Publisher: Time Home Entertainment

ISBN: 1547844175

Category: Pets

Page: 96

View: 8651

We love our dogs, and they love us back. Right? Read How Dogs Think, the new Special Edition from the editors of TIME, and discover the rich inner lives of canines--and what they really think about their human friends. How Dogs Think explores what goes on in the brains of canines and reveals how we can forge meaningful bonds with our pets. The latest research and scientific evidence is here to answer your questions: How does a pack work? What are the best ways to train a dog? How do dogs help combat veterans recover? How can you care for an aging or neurotic pet? There's even a hall of fame of top dogs, plus a photographic essay on extreme dogs--the biggest, the fastest, the smartest, and more. Everyone who loves dogs will be amazed and intrigued by this revealing look at our best friends.

Secrets of the Snout

The Dog’s Incredible Nose


Author: Frank Rosell

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022653653X

Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 5417

Dogs and humans have worked side by side for thousands of years, and over the millennia we’ve come to depend upon our pooches as hunters, protectors, and faithful companions. But when it comes to the extraordinary quality of man’s best friend which we rely on most, the winner is clear—by a nose. In Secrets of the Snout, Frank Rosell blends storytelling and science as he sniffs out the myriad ways in which dogs have been trained to employe their incredible olfactory skills, from sussing out cancer and narcotics to locating endangered and invasive species, as well as missing persons (and golf balls). With 300 million receptors to our mere 5 million, a dog’s nose is estimated to be between 100,000 and 100 million times more sensitive than a human’s. No wonder, then, that our nasally inferior species has sought to unleash the prodigious power of canine shnozzes. Rosell here takes us for a walk with a pack of superhero sniffers including Tutta, a dog with a fine nose for fine wine; the pet-finder pooch AJ; search-and-rescue dog Barry; the hunting dog Balder; the police dogs Rasko and Trixxi; the warfare dog Lisa; the cancer detection dog Jack; Tucker, who scents floating killer whale feces; and even Elvis, who can smell when you’re ovulating. With each dog, Rosell turns his nose to the evolution of the unique olfactory systems involved, which odors dogs detect, and how they do it. A celebration of how the canine sense for scents works—and works for us—Secrets of the Snout will have dog lovers, trainers, and researchers alike all howling with delight. Exploring this most pointed of canine wonders, Rosell reveals the often surprising ways in which dogs are bettering our world, one nose at a time.

Letting in the dog

Opening hearts and minds to a deeper understanding


Author: Patricia Blocker

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1787116212

Category: Pets

Page: 96

View: 4318

Communicating with and understanding dogs builds trusting relationships, relieves frustration, and improves lives at both ends of the leash. Apart from simply reading canine body language, this book explores the juncture between hearts and minds, where true understanding begins. Taking a light-hearted yet earnest approach to exploring how to connect with dogs, each chapter features amusing, thought-provoking anecdotes and much useful information, showing us how, by connecting with our dogs, we learn how to connect with ourselves. Finding the intersection between the academic and the spiritual for better communication with dogs leads to effective two-way conversation: how to talk with our dogs instead of talking at them. The intuitive side of communicating with canines in conjunction with the intellectual side is also investigated: in this space, we build trust, respect, and better relationships, and human and canine lives are enriched. Come walk with us on our journey ...

Closet Confidential


Author: Mary Jane Maffini

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101188596

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 4109

Fourth in the series featuring organizer and amateur sleuth Charlotte Adams, following Death Loves a Messy Desk. A friend hires Charlotte to organize her closets and prove that her daughter's accident was murder. And now Charlotte has to get a house-and her suspects-in order.

Admissions Confidential

An Insider's Account of the Elite College Selection Process


Author: Rachel Toor

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466870567

Category: Study Aids

Page: 288

View: 5871

There are hundreds of books available that coach kids on writing college application essays, improving SAT scores and trying to beat the admissions system. Admissions Confidential is a definitive look at why those books don't work. Toor lifts the veil on a process that anxious parents and high school students have never had decoded before. And they may be shocked to find out: --that elite colleges spend thousands of dollars recruiting students they will never admit --why some students at the bottom of their high school classes are admitted to top schools when the valedictorians are rejected --how pricey independent college counselors can hurt an applicant's chances --why admission to a top school depends on who reads your application --why the top of the class at a high-performing high school may end up at their second and third choice Written in engaging first-person and covering the entire admissions process--from recruiting to enrollment--Admissions Confidential is a year in the life of a college admissions officer.

Palm Beach Confidential - Murder, Intrigue and Forgery on Paradise Island


Author: Robert Mykle

Publisher: Green Dragon Books

ISBN: 0893348570

Category: True Crime

Page: 328

View: 6242

Against the backdrop of a grisly Palm Beach murder scene, art gallery owner and private detective Maxie Roberts sets out to catch a killer. Palm Beach art gallery owner Maxie Roberts has just come from an ugly murder scene. Not only has his wealthy socialite client been brutally slain in the boudoir of her Palm Beach mansion, but Maxie suspects the paintings she hired him to appraise are forgeries. When he discovers that the fake paintings were substituted for the real ones, Maxie is determined to find the original art works – and catch himself a forger and a murderer. And with Maxie’s obsessive detective work poised to douse the flames of his relationship with sexy attorney Kathy Kramer, the heroic sleuth is drawn into a high-stakes murder case that threatens not only his fortune, but his very life. With an intimate knowledge of Palm Beach – a town where nothing is as it appears to be – author Robert Mykle styles a suspenseful, fast-moving tale in the style of Roman Polanski’s “Chinatown.”

LA Confidential

Classic Noir


Author: James Ellroy

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448108578

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 2676

Ellroy's back with the third of his LA Quartet! Christmas 1951, Los Angeles: a city where the police are as crooked as the criminals. Six prisoners are beaten senseless in their cells by cops crazed on alcohol. For the three L.A.P.D. detectives involved, it will expose the guilty secrets on which they have built their corrupt and violent careers...The novel takes these cops on a sprawling epic of brutal violence and the murderous seedy side of Hollywood. One of the best (and longest) crime novels ever written, it is the heart of Ellroy's four-novel masterpiece, the LA Quartet, and an example of crime writing at its most powerful.

Dog Show Confidential: Sneaking in the Back Door of Westminster


Author: Connie Newcomb

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615684871

Category: Pets

Page: 242

View: 8594

On a warm spring day in 2008, Connie Newcomb walked into a class for show dog handlers with a borderline crazy, man-hating Chihuahua puppy named Broadway and absolutely no idea of what to do. From that day on, her life would never be the same. She has come along way since then, and what a trip it's been. In February 2012, Newcomb did make it to the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City, though not in the way she ever expected. For anyone who tunes in, the popular annual broadcast offers a glimpse of the best of the best among canines. But a closer look behind the scenes at what it takes to get there reveals a society with its own language, hierarchy, and complex traditions. Newcomb was so fascinated by what she saw and heard that she recorded the entire journey in DOG SHOW CONFIDENTIAL: Sneaking in the Back Door of Westminster. Over countless weekends on the dog show circuit, what Newcomb witnessed firsthand topped anything she could have imagined she would. What began as an innocent attempt to fill her empty nest swiftly turned into a rollicking ride that brought her face-to-face with a host of indelible characters, canine and human, including the infamous Patty Hearst and her award-winning French bulldogs. Each day brought new adventures and new obstacles, as well as new members to her ever-expanding pack of tiny dogs, and it's all unleashed in this laugh-out-loud book. Does it recall the film Best in Show? You bet it does! Before getting swept up in the dog show world, Newcomb never thought that she would one day appear on television (Good Day, New York) with her "herniated hell bitch" or write a book like DOG SHOW CONFIDENTIAL. Sure, there are plenty of dog books out there, many of them heartrending memoirs by pet lovers or how-to manuals on raising or training dogs. But there is no book about dogs and dog shows written by a true "do it yourself" insider, rather than a journalist. See what it takes to really understand the dog show world and walk the green carpet under the Westminster banner at Madison Square Garden. Follow the adventures of Broadway (aka Kate), Carl, Leeloo ("the supreme being"), Gypsy, Jack, Rocky, and Yoshi (the pack master), along with an assortment of characters you just can't make up! Today, Newcomb spends most of her time attending dog shows; she currently owns and handles four champion Chihuahuas, including Rocky, an Award of Merit winner at Westminster 2010. Connie's newest champion, Bill, is ranked among the top five grand champion point winners in Pennsylvania, and her Japanese Chin Yoshi was featured in Kate Lacey's Show Dogs: A Photographic Breed Guide. Connie lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with eight Chihuahuas, one Japanese Chin, a leggy mutt named Penny Lane, and her very patient husband, Jim. This is her first book. For more on Newcomb's adventures, please check out the website at