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pantomines or wordless poems

Author : mary luker magill
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Heaven to Wudang

Author : Kylie Chan
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A heart-stopping conclusion to these bestselling books ... Chinese shapeshifting gods and demons and humanity create unparalleled adventure ... Human and demon, heaven and hell battle for the fate of the world in this fabulous bestselling series ... the demons that could control stones and elementals have been defeated, but the most powerful of Simon Wong's associates still remains to create almost undetectable copies of humans and Shen. this demon allies with Kitty Kwok to prepare a torturous trap for Emma and Simone from which they may never return.Wudang Mountain is enveloped by dark foreboding as Xuan Wu begins to reappear - sometimes human, sometimes turtle, but always without memory. Emma and Simone are in a race against time as they try to rescue Xuan Wu ... before the demons capture him.Praise for Kylie Chan: 'a rich tapestry of culture, action and love' HORRORSCOPE'martial arts fighting and Chinese mythology ... you'll love this series' INFINItAS'addictive ... you won't want to put it down' FEMAIL.COM.AU

The Sunday at Home

Author :
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Author : William B. Felts
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Too Many Mothers

Author : Roberta Taylor
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'I was born in a sideboard.' So begins Roberta Taylor's bittersweet memoir of her early years, a book that proves beyond doubt that real life is stranger than any soap opera. It's Boxing Day, 1956 in East London, and it's freezing, inside and out. Roberta, aged eight, sits in the kitchen in her overcoat, determined to make herself invisible, watching the shenanigans of the grown-ups. Her granny, Mary, reigns over the house with an iron will and an eye to the main chance. Roberta's cousin is on her hands and knees at the parlour grate, trying to retrieve grandad's dentures from the coals, dragging her coat in the dust. It's too cold to hang it up by the front door. Besides, Granny Mary makes no exceptions when it comes to the occasional light thieving. Aunt Doll learns that the hard way. Not even a padlock kept Mary from stealing Doll's wedding presents, although nobody can understand how she got the back off the wardrobe without Doll noticing. Too Many Mothers is a portrait of an embattled extended family at war with itself and the outside world. From petty crime to pet monkeys, tender romance to shameless emotional blackmail, illegitimacy, adoption and even murder, Roberta Taylor has written a kaleidoscopic and unforgettable memoir of her family and her early life.

Crow Girl

Author : JB Trepagnier
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The Southern Medical Record

Author :
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The Undoing of Luke O Reilly

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The Undoing of Luke O’Reilly highlights the nature of high personal expectations in an obscure society during Ireland’s economic Celtic Tiger boom. LUKE O’RIELLY meets and has an affair with a Philippine nurse, causing difficult to deal with complications for him. Over a time, wrestling with his inner motivations and related actions, he is swept away by forces outside of his conscious control.

The Sneeze

Author : Michael Frayn
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Comprising four one-act comic vaudevilles and four short stories adapted for the stage by Michael Frayn, The Sneeze introduces readers to a less familiar selection of work by one of the greatest precursors of modern drama. First published in 1989, this reissue includes The Sneeze; The Alien Corn; The Bear; The Evils of Tobacco; The Inspector-General; Swan Song; The Prospect, and Plots. Michael Frayn's translations of Chekhov's work marry the expertise of the translator with the innate understanding of a master dramatist and are widely regarded as the truest, most authentic renderings of Chekhov's work: 'His keen imaginative sympathy with the great Russian dramatist extends beyond translation . . . But translation is an art at which he excels.' Spectator

Frank Leslie s Sunday Magazine

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Includes music.