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Can I Tell You about ADHD

Author : Susan Yarney
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Each illustrated book in this series is designed for parents and professionals to use with children ages 7-up to help explain difficult concepts and features a cartoon character that explains a particular brain disorder. Original.

The Family ADHD Solution

Author : Mark Bertin, MD
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In this accessible guide, developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin demystifies ADHD and offers advice to overwhelmed parents that includes clear explanations of:Biological causes of ADHD, and the ins and outs of a thorough evaluation Common symptoms, showing how they extend far beyond inattention and hyperactivity Behavioral, educational and medical approaches that increase academic and social success Research proven mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for parents that benefit the whole family Advice to help your child build self-esteem along with healthy relationships with peers and with you

Storytelling with Children in Crisis

Author : Molly Salans
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Annotation "Molly Salans has been a storyteller for many years, visiting children in deprived areas who have depression, AD/HD and behavioral problems caused by poverty, absent fathers, depressed mothers, run-down schools and violence. Describing her therapy sessions."

Exceptional Life Journeys

Author : Jac Andrews
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Most students in training to become teachers, psychologists, physicians, and social workers as well as many practicing professionals in these disciplines do not get the opportunity to fully understand and appreciate the circumstances of children ,parents, and teachers who have had to cope and adapt to childhood disorder. Most professionals in the field of childhood disorders are well trained in assessment and treatment methods and are aware of the clinical, theoretical, and empirical foundations of the work they do. In their training, they get some experience in diagnosing the educational, psychological, social, and medical problems of children through their supervised clinical internships. In their training and in their professional practice they get to interview, discuss, consult and collaborate with children and their families regarding developmental issues and treatment plans, however, they rarely get an opportunity to fully realize and understand what it is like to have a disorder and what it is like to be a mother, or father, or teacher of children with disorders. This book provides an opportunity for students in training and professionals in the field to gain some awareness of the life journeys of some exceptional children, their families and their teachers. Focuses on those childhood disorders that are most common or what are sometimes referred to as high incidence disorders such as learning disabilities, autism, behavior disorder, depression, and anxiety Beyond, a clinical, empirical, and theoretical description of childhood disorders or a personal account relative to one particular disorder, this book provides rich narratives of experience from multiple perspectives with respect to numerous childhood disorders Provides readers with insight by sharing examples of personal contexts and situations, significant life issues, challenges and barriers, successes, and recommendations relative to particular circumstances

Taking Charge of ADHD Third Edition

Author : Russell A. Barkley
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Provides a step-by-step plan for ADHD diagnosis and treatment, behavior management, strategies for helping children succeed at school and in social situations, and information on advances in research.

Theory Practice in Clinical Social Work

Author : Jerrold R. Brandell
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Today's clinical social workers face a spectrum of social issues and problems of a scope and severity hardly imagined just a few years ago and an ever-widening domain of responsibility to overcome them. Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work is the authoritative handbook for social work clinicians and graduate social work students, that keeps pace with rapid social changes and presents carefully devised methods, models, and techniques for responding to the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele. Following an overview of the principal frameworks for clinical practice, including systems theory, behavioral and cognitive theories, psychoanalytic theory, and neurobiological theory, the book goes on to present the major social crises, problems, and new populations the social work clinician confronts each day. Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work includes 29 original chapters, many with carefully crafted and detailed clinical illustrations, by leading social work scholars and master clinicians who represent the widest variety of clinical orientations and specializations. Collectively, these leading authors have treated nearly every conceivable clinical population, in virtually every practice context, using a full array of treatment approaches and modalities. Included in this volume are chapters on practice with adults and children, clinical social work with adolescents, family therapy, and children's treatment groups; other chapters focus on social work with communities affected by disasters and terrorism, clinical case management, cross-cultural clinical practice, psychopharmacology, practice with older adults, and mourning and loss. The extraordinary breadth of coverage will make this book an essential source of information for students in advanced practice courses and practicing social workers alike.

Surviving Health Care

Author : Thomasine Kushner
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Letter to patients : on becoming the "good" patient and finding the "right" doctor / Leonard C. Groopman -- Becoming an active member of your health care team / William A. Norcross -- Information that will help you with advance planning for your health care / Mark R. Wicclair -- Responding to medical emergencies / Kenneth V. Iserson -- What you need to know about medical errors / Erica S. Friedman and Rosamond Rhodes -- Being informed when you give consent to medical care / Ben A. Rich -- Beware of scorecards / James J. Strain and Rosamond Rhodes -- Transplantation 101 : negotiating the system / Aaron Spital and Steven Smith -- When the illness is psychiatric / Leonard C. Groopman -- On the horizon : genetic testing / Robyn S. Shapiro -- To be or not to be, a research subject / Eric M. Meslin and Peter H. Schwartz -- Information that will help you make health care decisions for adult family members / Mark R. Wicclair -- Caring for individuals with Alzheimer's : ethical issues along the way / Robyn S. Shapiro -- When the patient is a child / Timothy S. Yeh -- Care of elders / Claudia Landau and Guy Micco -- Being and thinking / Ilina Singh ... [et al.] -- A patient's guide to pain management / Ben A. Rich -- The hardest decisions : when treatment stops working / Timothy E. Quill and Mindy Shah -- What you need to know about disasters / Griffin Trotter -- Making the internet work for you : researching your health questions / Bette Anton.

Essentials of Clinical Social Work

Author : Jerrold R. Brandell
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This brief version of Jerrold R. Brandell’s Theory & Practice of Clinical Social Work assembles coverage of the most vital topics for courses in Clinical Social Work/Advanced Practice. Written by established contributors in the field, this anthology addresses frameworks for treatment, therapeutic modalities, specialized clinical issues and themes, and dilemmas encountered in clinical social work practice. Now available in paperback and roughly half the size of the full-length version, Essentials of Clinical Social Work comes at a reduced cost for students who need to learn the basics of the course.

The Other Side of ADHD

Author : Angela Southall
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The author deals with some of the controversial aspects of ADHD that help maintain its status as the most hotly debated subject in children's mental health. The book draws together the many issues that ADHD raises, clinically, socially, philosophically, ethically and politically. The result is a challenge that goes far beyond this diagnostic label, and reaches into just about every aspect of our lives.

The ADHD Book of Lists

Author : Sandra F. Rief
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Practical ADHD management techniques for parents and teachers The ADHD Book of Lists is a comprehensive guide to ADHD/ADD, providing the answers parents, teachers, and other caregivers seek in a convenient list format. This new second edition has been updated with the latest research findings and resources, including the most up to date tools and strategies for helping these children succeed. Each aspect of ADHD/ADD is fully explained, from diagnosis to intervention, providing readers with the insight they need to make the best choices for the affected child. Coverage includes the latest medications and behavioral management techniques that work inside and outside the classroom, plus guidance toward alleviating individual struggles including inattention, impulsivity, executive function and subject-specific academic issues. Readers learn how to create a collaborative care team by bringing parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, and counselors on board to build a comprehensive management plan, as well as the practical techniques they can use every day to provide these children the support they need to be their very best. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder cannot be cured, but it can be managed successfully. This book is an insightful guide to supporting children and teens with ADHD, and giving them the mental, emotional, and practical tools that boost their confidence and abilities and enable them to thrive. Investigate comprehensive treatments, including ADHD coaching Learn strategies for strengthening organization, working memory and other executive functions. Understand effective classroom management of students with ADHD Discover ways to help struggling children succeed despite the challenges The ADHD Book of Lists is the complete easy-to-reference guide to practical ADHD management and will be a go-to resource for parents, teachers, clinicians, and others involved in the care and education of students with ADHD.