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Caleb s Story

Author : Patricia MacLachlan
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The third book in the series that began with the Newbery Medal–winning Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. Anna has done something terrible. She has given me a journal to fill. "It's your job now," Anna says as she hands Caleb her journals, asking him to continue writing the family story. But Sarah, Jacob, Anna, Caleb, and their new little sister, Cassie, have already formed a family, and Caleb fears there will be nothing left to write about. That is, before Cassie discovers a mysterious old man in the barn, and everything changes. Everyone is excited about the arrival of a new family member—except for Jacob, who holds a bitter grudge. Only the special love of Caleb, and the gift he offers, can help to mend the pain of the past.

Caleb s Healing Story

Author : Kathleen A. Chara
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Caleb invites you on a journey to learn about attachment and trauma in this interactive story and workbook intended for children and the adults who support them. Caleb shares his own story about healing from his difficult early experiences, and encourages readers to join him in sharing their stories and completing the healing activities included in the book. Caleb's Healing Story identifies the common challenges that children who have experienced attachment or trauma issues will encounter and offers easy to use interventions in the form of activities and worksheets. Fully illustrated, it is suitable for children aged 5-14, as well as their family, friends and those working with children who present with these issues. It is the ideal companion to A Safe Place for Caleb, by the same author, which outlines theories, definitions and strategies for addressing attachment and trauma-related disorders.

A Safe Place for Caleb

Author : Paul J. Chara
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A Safe Place for Caleb is a comprehensive and richly illustrated resource for individuals of all ages who are dealing with attachment problems. Parents, professionals, and lay people will find this book helpful in understanding and addressing attachment disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. The first half of the book is an interactive story that follows the experiences of Caleb, a young boy who relates his difficulties and frustrations in forming and sustaining healthy relationships. He learns strategies for coping with attachment issues during his journey to the Safe Tree House, where he is introduced to the four 'attachment healing keys'. These act as therapeutic tools to unlock difficulties with attachment, and are presented using text and illustrations that are easily accessible for readers of all ages, even for young children. The second half of the book presents a summary of current scientific thought on attachment styles and disorders, and provides a wide array of assessment tools, photocopiable material and healing techniques to address attachment difficulties. Lists of helpful organizations and relevant reading materials are also presented. Based on established psychological principles, the book is a unique and imaginative guide for professionals, parents, caregivers, and people of all ages who are dealing with attachment issues.

James Baldwin

Author : Harold Bloom
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A collection of essays presenting critiques and analysis of the major works of the African American author.

Caleb in Town

Author : Jacob Abbott
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Tropes of Revolution

Author :
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Caleb s Christmas Wish

Author : Debra Salonen
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Dear Santa: I need a new mommy and daddy. God took mine to heaven, and they can't come back. Ally and Jake are taking care of me now. Can you please make them stay forever? That's all I want for Christmas. Thank you. Caleb. Allison Jeffries would give anything to make her four-year-old godson's Christmas happier. But she can't give him the one thing he wants from her. She can't be his new mother. And from everything she's heard, Jake Westin, Caleb's godfather, won't be his father.

Taldek s Heroic Tales

Author : Charissa Taylor
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The Taldek Heroic Tales are a collection of adventurous stories of three heroes in the fantasy Taldek time line as they fight to save their country and friends from spies, warring kingdoms, and dragons. Caleb will betray a friend to save the girl from the conniving count and his country from destruction. Jamie will buck the status quo save a dragon she believes in, even when only one will stand by her side. Elizabeth is the only one available to go to Dragon Valley and save not only them, but her own home as well, at least, as long as that man doesn't get in her way. Follow Caleb, Jamie, and Elizabeth as their personal adventure becomes your own and proving that anyone can be the star of their own story.

Revolutionary Subjects in the English Jacobin Novel 1790 1805

Author : Miriam L. Wallace
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Revolutionary Subjects in the English "Jacobin" Novel engages ongoing debates on subject-formation and rights discourse through the so-called "English Jacobin" novels. Ostensibly celebrating the universal rights-bearing subject, these political novels inadvertently also questioned the limitations of such universalist conceptions. Including works by both men and women, and those normatively identified as radical alongside others considered more conservative or even "anti-Jacobin," this work examines the shared efforts to represent developing political consciousness and to inculcate such consciousness in readers across a reformist continuum. These novels' efforts to expand the citizen-subject threatened to reveal the cost implicit in accessing subjectivity on universal terms. The sovereign subject modeled as the ideal republican radical subject is undercut, even revealed as inadequate or impossible, in subversive narrative moments in these fictions--not always in line with the work's overt "moral." If the concept of human rights appears both necessary and inadequate in 2009, it was likewise problematic at the moment of its greatest appeal in the revolutionary 1790s. Miriam L. Wallace is Associate Professor of British and American literature at New College of Florida.

Caleb in the Country

Author : Jacob Abbott
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