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Involving Parents Through Children s Literature

Author : Anthony D. Fredericks
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Contains activity sheets based upon popular children's books, designed in a convenient format so that they can be taken home by children. Each sheet includes a summary of the book, discussion questions and a list of learning activities for adults and children.

Crushing on Kate

Author : Theresa Paolo
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Born and raised in the small town of Red Maple Falls, it’s impossible for Kate Hayes to meet a guy she hasn’t known since first grade. When she is approached by a ridiculously attractive, unfamiliar face during one of her glass blowing demonstrations, she can’t help but get her hopes up. Until he opens his mouth. Caleb James established his bike shop in the middle of nowhere to escape his past. When the owner of the adjoining business blocks his parking spots to put on her “arts and crafts hour” he has no choice but to shut her down. What he doesn’t expect is the fresh-faced beauty who refuses to accommodate his requests. Nor does he expect for the small town to be filled with big personalities who feel the need to force their way into his life, refusing to leave him alone. While Caleb continues to fight Kate, and tries to keep his distance, holding on to a vow he made to himself to never trust again, she tears down every wall he’s ever built. Will the promise of a future with Kate be enough to break the promise of his past?

Desperate Measures Port Aster Secrets Book 3

Author : Sandra Orchard
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Researcher Kate Adams has finally pinpointed the medicinal plant responsible for tearing her family apart. She's certain that discovering its secrets is her only hope of solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her father. Kate will risk anything to find the truth--even her budding relationship with Detective Tom Parker. But more people than she can fathom are after the plants and going it alone just might prove to be a fatal mistake. Award-winning author Sandra Orchard pulls out all the stops in this breakneck and breathtaking conclusion to the Port Aster series. Fans will not be disappointed by the surprises they find inside.

Lord of the Privateers

Author : Stephanie Laurens
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Can true love die? Or, neglected, does it lie dormant until the object of true desire is again within reach? Denied, does passion smolder, like embers waiting for the right conditions to flare into an all-consuming conflagration? #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens delivers the thrilling conclusion to her acclaimed series, THE ADVENTURERS QUARTET, a passionate Regency-era drama played out on the high seas and in the sweltering heat of tropical jungles, ultimately reaching a scintillating climax in the glittering ballrooms of Mayfair. The eldest of the Frobisher brothers and widely known as the lord of the privateers, Royd Frobisher expects to execute the final leg of the rescue mission his brothers have been pursuing. What he does not expect is to be pressured into taking his emotional nemesis, childhood sweetheart, ex-handfasted bride, and current business partner, Isobel Carmichael, with him. But is it Isobel doing the pressuring, or his own restless unfulfilled psyche? Resolute, determined, and an all but unstoppable force of nature, Isobel has a mission of her own—find her cousin Katherine and bring her safely home. And if, along the way, she can rid herself of the lingering dreams of a life with Royd that still haunt her, well and good. Neither expects the shock that awaits them as they set sail aboard Royd’s ship, much less the new horizons that open before them as they call into London, then, armed with the necessary orders and all arrangements in place, embark on a full-scale rescue-assault on the mining compound buried in the jungle. Yet even with the support of his brothers and their ladies and, once rescued, all the ex-captives, Royd and Isobel discover that freeing the captives is only half the battle. In order to identify and convict the backers behind the illicit enterprise—and protect the government from catastrophic destabilization—they must return to the ballrooms of the haut ton, and with the help of a small army of supporters, hunt the villains on their home ground. But having found each other again, having glimpsed the heaven that could be theirs again, how much are they willing to risk in the name of duty? Learn the answer and revel in the action, drama, intrigue, and passion as the Frobishers—with help from Wolverstone, the Cynsters, and many familiar others—steer the adventure to a glorious end. Praise for the works of Stephanie Laurens “Stephanie Laurens’ heroines are marvelous tributes to Georgette Heyer: feisty and strong.”—Cathy Kelly “Stephanie Laurens never fails to entertain and charm her readers with vibrant plots, snappy dialogue, and unforgettable characters.” —Historical Romance Reviews “Stephanie Laurens plays into readers’ fantasies like a master and claims their hearts time and again.” —RT Book Reviews

The Nurse s Secret Suitor

Author : Cheryl Wyatt
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A Strong-Willed Heart Trauma nurse Kate Dalton can handle any challenge—except love. The combat veteran dreams of settling down, but heartbreak is one risk she won't take. Then a chance encounter opens her heart to a masked stranger…who might not be a stranger after all! Caleb Landis, the army medic behind the disguise, has always admired Kate, even though she only saw him as her best friend's brother. What will it take for Kate to discard her fears and discover the man she's always hoped to unmask? Eagle Point Emergency: Saving lives—and losing their hearts— in a small Illinois town

Sweet on Sophie

Author : Theresa Paolo
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First impressions are everything…or are they? Sophie Reynolds thought she hit the dating pool jackpot when she scored a date with Red Maple Falls resident doctor, Drake Stevens, except the date was a total dud. Sophie accepted they had no chemistry and moved on. But two years later, thrust back into each other’s lives, Drake Stevens proves he is anything but a dud. One minute, Drake Stevens, was in the running for the town’s most eligible bachelor, and the next, he was the guardian to a precocious six-year-old. Trying to balance work and his new role as a parent, he seeks the help of his niece’s first grade teacher and the woman he had blown his chances with. As Sophie helps Drake settle into his new life, their chemistry explodes into passion, making Sophie wonder if Mr. Right had been there all along.

Caleb s Portion

Author : Lucius Tical
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An engaging combination of fiction, history, and biography, Caleb’s Portion provides a unique life story that reaches back through the author’s ancestral lineage and ties together two family lines. Narrated by the author’s alter ego, Lucius, the tale encourages readers to ponder the age-old question, “What is the purpose of life?” From the Roman Empire to the conquests of the Vikings to surviving the Black Death in Europe, the rich history and human passion in these stories will keep readers turning the pages! Gently woven throughout the book is the steady message of redemption in Jesus Christ, the gateway to heaven. Thought-provoking, educational, and “a rollicking good story,” Caleb’s Portion brings readers into the past and invites them to celebrate a great heritage and future.

Love Inspired October 2013 Bundle 2 of 2

Author : Janet Tronstad
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Love Inspired brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from October 1 to October 31! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. This Love Inspired bundle includes White Christmas in Dry Creek by USA TODAY bestselling author Janet Tronstad, The Nurse's Secret Suitor by Cheryl Wyatt and Lone Star Holiday by Jolene Navarro. Look for 6 new inspirational stories every month from Love Inspired!

The Coven

Author : Phillip Jackson
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Tony and Kate Stark and their two children, Caleb and Mellissa were on their way to Burlington, Vermont for a two week vacation, a vacation that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. While the family explores the island on Lake Hogan, Tony finds an ancient book that unleashes the demon Ariton and his legion. As a result, the demon begins to possess Tony. Kate calls her friend Selene who is a witch and she brings a friend who is also a witch to the mansion in Vermont. Eventually a whole cast of colorful characters arrive to help, but will they be in time to save Tonys soul or his life?

Three Wishes

Author : Melissa Crosby
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Welcome back to Mulberry Lane! Two years have passed, and it's time to get reacquainted with best friends, Kate, Sarah, and Louise. They say bad things come in threes. When Kate accidentally breaks a mirror, she believes she's destined for seven years of bad luck. And just as the superstition dictates, a stream of tragedies crop up, beginning with the sudden death of her father. Sarah and Caleb have good news to share: They are taking their commitment to another level and are moving in together. Everything is perfect until Sarah makes a regrettable mistake that completely overturns their bliss. After forty years apart, Louise is finally in the arms of Philip, the man she'd once lost to God. But their happiness is short-lived when Louise receives a life shock that will change everything forever. Kate, Sarah, and Louise find themselves in the face of misfortune and adversity of which they are powerless to change. Will the bonds of their friendship continue to give them strength? OTHER BOOKS BY MELISSA CROSBY: Willow Oaks Series - Sweet Romance Book 1: Love Me True Book 2: Love Me Maybe Book 3: Love Me Again Book 4: Love Me Always Book 5: Love Me Timeless Mulberry Lane Series - Inspirational Women's Fiction Book 1: Tea for Three Book 2: Three Wishes Book 3: In Three Years Collections: A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance Collection: Volume 1 - Books 1-3 A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance Collection: Volume 2 - Books 4-5