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Caitlin Cleans Her Closet

Author : Little Geniuses
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Caitlin the caterpillar has a very cluttered closet. But instead of cleaning it, Caitlin continues to cram in clothes, crayons, and even a canoe! Uh-oh, will Caitlin's closet finally collapse? Help Caitlin learn the importance of keeping her room tidy. Help your child get a head-start and build essential English skills through this educational and engaging book. By introducing one phonic sound per book, this series teaches your child to correctly pronounce and read words in a fun and easy way. Be prepared to see your child's reading fluency, spelling ability and confidence skyrocket!

The Cowboy Next Door Meant for You

Author : Laurie Paige
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THE COWBOY NEXT DOOR No men allowed? Cybil Mathews bought her ranch knowing exactly what she wanted out of life: serenity, purpose—and a world free from men! Just her luck to land sexy Mason Faraday as a neighbor. The infuriating rancher has an ego the size Nevada—and a body born to wear tight-fitting jeans. Cybil is determined to stay footloose and fancy-free, but Mason's incendiary kisses are branding her heart as his own! MEANT FOR YOU Too close for comfort Caitlin Beck and Jed Bishop don't see eye to eye on anything—except their inability to keep their hands off each other. He thinks she's too uptight. She thinks he's too laid-back. All the pair has to do is finish renovating the Victorian house they bought together, sell it and they'll never see each other again. In the meantime she'll stick to her side of the house, and he'll stick to his. So why do they keep meeting in the hallway?


Author :
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ELLEgirl, the international style bible for girls who dare to be different, is published by Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., Inc., and is accessible on the web at ELLEgirl provides young women with insider information on fashion, beauty, service and pop culture in a voice that, while maintaining authority on the subject, includes and amuses them.

The Distance Between Us

Author : Noah Bly
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In The Distance Between Us, Noah Bly presents a blistering portrait of a troubled family, of bonds that can be battered but never broken, and of the friendships that can make us whole again. Hester Parker resides in an elegant Victorian house in the town of Bolton, Illinois. She spends her evenings listening to the lush tones of Mahler and Chopin, drinking sub-par Merlot, and reflecting on a life that has suddenly fallen apart. At seventy-one, Hester is as brilliant and sharp-tongued as ever, capable of inspiring her music students to soaring heights or reducing them to tears with a single comment. But her wit can’t hide the bitterness that comes with loss—the loss of her renowned violinist husband, Arthur Donovan, who left her for another woman, and the loss of her career as a concert pianist after injuring her wrist. In this home that holds so many memories, Hester and Arthur raised three volatile children—Paul, a talented and neurotic cellist, Caitlin, an accomplished literary professor who inspires both dread and worship among her students, and Jeremy, sweet, spirited, and as musically gifted as his parents. Though Caitlin and Paul still live in Bolton, both have taken Arthur’s side in the divorce and rarely see their mother. When Hester decides to rent out the attic apartment to Alex, a young college student, she has no idea of the impact he will have on her life and her family. Good-natured and awkward, with secrets of his own, Alex becomes an unlikely confidant and a means of reconnecting with the world outside Hester’s window. But his presence also exposes old memories and grief that Hester has tried to bury. Over the course of one remarkable month, Hester will confront angry accusations, long-hidden jealousies, and the inescapable truth that tore her family apart and might, against all odds, help reconcile them again. And her brief friendship with Alex will leave each with a surprising legacy—acceptance of the past, a seed of comfort in the present, and hope for the future, wherever it may lead. Tender and funny, heartbreaking and wise, The Distance Between Us is a masterful evocation of family and friendship, of the pain that goes hand-in-hand with love, and of the grace and wisdom that remain when heartbreak finally subsides.

Harvest Moon

Author : Mercedes Lackey
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Collects three new stories set in moonlight, including the case of a mistaken identity during a kidnapping, a thief recruited for a child prostitution sting, and a supernatural hit man escaping from the underworld.

Cast in Moonlight

Author : Michelle Sagara
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Barely a teenager, Kaylin Neya is a thief, a fugitive and an attempted assassin. She also has a smart mouth, sharp wits and mysterious markings on her skin. All of which make her perfect bait for a child prostitution sting in the city of Elantra—if she survives her first meeting with the Hawks! A Chronicles of Elantra series novella. Previously published in the anthology Harvest Moon.

Flying Change

Author : B. J. Bramblett
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The saga of Green Mountain continues as the Lawson family, three generations of horse trainers, continue their success in the modern horse show industry. When a mysterious illness begins to strike one of their horses after another, the Lawsons are faced with challenges and losses that will change the future of Green Mountain Ranch. Read this excerpt from the book: 'The sport of reining appeals to horsemen because theoretically, each rider is competing only with himself. His goal is to complete every maneuver smoothly with finesse. To run a pattern without flaws is not enough to win a show as highly competitive as the National Reining Horse Association Derby. Luck has a lot to do with it; luck of the draw, luck that the ground is good, luck that the horse will perform correctly. Trey Lawson wasn't feeling particularly 'lucky," but he did feel confident as he entered the holding area to the cavernous arena. The high energy of the crowd was palpable. He swept a lock of hair back and pulled his hat down firmly, then pointed New Gold Bar toward the open gate. Normally Trey would wait until his horse settled before starting his circles, but they were both ready so he jiggled the reins slightly and laid his right heel just behind the cinch. The chocolate Palomino struck off with his left lead, loping off quietly into a slow, fancy small circle. When he came around the center, he found another gear as Trey chased him into two, fast, breath-taking circles with a perfect flying lead change to the right in the middle of the arena."

The Secret of Spring Hollow

Author : Jan Weeks
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Carnal Innocence Mills Boon Blaze

Author : Julie Miller
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FBI investigator Sean Maddox needs a woman–badly. His latest assignment has him poised to infiltrate a hedonistic island resort where anything is possible–including murder.

Up at Butternut Lake

Author : Mary McNear
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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller! In the tradition of Kristin Hannah and Susan Wiggs, Mary McNear introduces readers to the town of Butternut Lake and to the unforgettable people who call it home. It's summer, and after ten years away, Allie Beckett has returned to her family's cabin beside tranquil Butternut Lake, where as a teenager she spent so many carefree days. She's promised her five-year-old son, Wyatt, they will be happy there. She's promised herself this is the place to begin again after her husband's death in Afghanistan. The cabin holds so many wonderful memories, but from the moment she crosses its threshold Allie is seized with doubts. Has she done the right thing uprooting her little boy from the only home he's ever known? Allie and her son are embraced by the townsfolk, and her reunions with old acquaintances—her friend Jax, now a young mother of three with one more on the way, and Caroline, the owner of the local coffee shop—are joyous ones. And then there are newcomers like Walker Ford, who mostly keeps to himself—until he takes a shine to Wyatt . . . and to Allie. Everyone knows that moving forward is never easy, and as the long, lazy days of summer take hold, Allie must learn to unlock the hidden longings of her heart, and to accept that in order to face the future she must also confront—and understand—what has come before.

When Is Perfect Perfect Enough

Author : Nancy N. Rue
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Shannon suffers in the shadow of her wild and uncontrollable younger sister Caitlin, who seems ready to tear their Christian family apart, and finds herself developing an eating disorder.

1 2 3 Magic

Author : Thomas W. Phelan
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Designed to help parents to take charge of their home, offers tips on how to recognize six types of testing and manipulating behavior and how to constructively handle misbehavior at home and in public.

Without Warning

Author : John Birmingham
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from John Birmingham's After America. In Kuwait, American forces are locked and loaded for the invasion of Iraq. In Paris, a covert agent is close to cracking a terrorist cell. And just north of the equator, a sailboat manned by a drug runner and a pirate is witness to the unspeakable. In one instant, all around the world, everything will change. A wave of inexplicable energy slams into the continental United States. America as we know it vanishes. From a Texas lawyer who happens to be in the right place at the right time to an engineer in Seattle who becomes his city’s only hope, from a combat journalist trapped in the Middle East to a drug runner off the Mexican coast, Without Warning tells a fast, furious story of survival, violence, and a new, soul-shattering reality.

Brothers Sisters

Author : John Coyne
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After their mother, Caitlin DeLacey is shot, Maggie and her brothers and sisters return home to investigate her mysterious death and discover, piece by piece, the terrible truths each one has hidden about her from the others

Anthropology and Humanism

Author :
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The New Yorker

Author : Harold Wallace Ross
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Nothing but the Night

Author : Bill Pronzini
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The lives of two very different men collide with shocking consequences in the darkness of the California night in this gripping noir thriller from an acclaimed master Successful Northern California vintner Cameron Gallagher suffers from alcoholism, depression, and persistent nightmares. Truck driver Nick Hendryx lost everything when a hit-and-run accident put his wife in a coma. They are two men with seemingly little in common, but their disparate paths are about to intertwine in startling and dangerous ways. As Nick’s determined search for the man who wrecked his wife and his lives pulls him deeper into Cameron’s orbit, the wealthy wine executive struggles to hold on to a rapidly disintegrating personal life. And when there’s nothing but the night separating them, their entangled worlds and secrets will explode in ways neither man could ever have anticipated. Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Bill Pronzini, a virtuoso of contemporary American noir fiction, delivers a relentlessly suspenseful novel that propels the reader on a twisting and breakneck downhill race that surprises at every turn. Nothing but the Night is nothing but remarkable.

Look Who s Talking

Author : Bruce Weber
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Twenty-five short stories, grouped into three sections--first, second, and third person--that display the rich variety found in each technique, feature contributions by such authors as William Faulkner, Bernard Malamud, Ann Beattie, John Cheever, and Ring

A Grand Street Reader

Author : Ben Sonnenberg
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Grand Street

Author :
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