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Cairo Inside Out

Author : Trevor Naylor
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Cairo Inside Out evokes the light and moods of the great Cairo metropolis with stunning photographs shot from the city's indoor havens. We observe it through and from nostalgic haunts, such as Café Riche and the Windsor Hotel, and look out onto its great sights from the most intimate urban interiors, homes, and watersides. For those who may have lived in Cairo, this is a reminder of a city that moves and yet remains wonderfully unchanged. For visitors and residents, this evocative collection, an unabashed homage to Cairo's persistent color and allure, will inspire them to visit those places once more.

Inside Out Egyptian Mummy

Author : Lorraine Jean Hopping
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Calling all explorers and archaeologists! Inside Out: Egyptian Mummy comes with everything you need to start an Egyptian adventure from the outset to discovering a tomb, to unwrapping a mummy. Though the ancient civilization of Egypt may be long gone, its dead still have secrets to tell. From the myth of Isis and Osiris, to King Tut’s tomb, to the intricacies of preparing the body for its underworld journey, Inside Out: Egyptian Mummy takes you step by step into a tomb. Get a fascinating glimpse into how an ancient culture saw death and the afterlife beyond. That isn't all though! Alongside beautiful illustrations and photographs, an interactive die-cut model reveals the many rites of the Egyptian tomb. You will be amazed by everything from the iconic golden burial mask, to the lucky amulets the dead were buried with, protective linen wrappings, and even the mummified body and preserved sacred organs. And when it comes to hieroglyphics, hidden burial grounds, and missing treasure, there’s always more to uncover, so get your start now, who knows where your journeys will take you!

Asia Inside Out Itinerant People

Author : Eric Tagliacozzo
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The third and final volume of Asia Inside Out, Itinerant People focuses on the idea of "Diasporic Asia" - the meanings of the movement of people, past and present. Which specific groups and communities linked the trading empires of the South China Coast, South Asia, and the Middle East ? Who actually traveled in the ships, and who travels in our modern jumbo jets? The authors consider the varied experiences of important mobile ethnic groups and their modern descendants. It is no accident that many of the descendants of these traveling communities can still be found around the rim of the Indian Ocean - and that many have seeped up into the land- and sea-scapes of the South China coast. The book explores the transient histories of "people on the move," through voluntary or involuntary circulation, either part of chosen paths (such as migration) or the radials of coerced journeys (such as slavery, or the dislocations wrought by conflict). The fluidity of human movement has acted to render the evolution of "Asia" more complex, both reinforcing older connections across time and space and forging new connections.--

The Battle for Peace

Author : Ezer Weizman
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"This is the story of a miracle - how one dynamic, persuasive man with a vision, Ezer Weizman, Israel's former Minister of Defense, became a pivotal figure in the elusive search for Mideast peace. Only he could have written this highly personal, revealing account of what happened behind closed doors as mortal enemies were struggling to overcome thirty years of bitter hatred in face-to-face encounters that electrified the world." --from inside jacket.

The Politics of Mass Violence in the Middle East

Author : Laura Robson
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Laura Robson examines the interactions between international and regional political economies of oil and water, and the increasingly explicit colonial and postcolonial politics of ethno-national identity centered around the question of Palestine, arguing that the Middle East's emergence as a 'zone of violence' only developed over the past century.

Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics

Author : C. H. M. Versteegh
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A major new multi-volume reference work, the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics. A unique collaboration of over hundreds of scholars from around the world, the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics covers all relevant aspects of the study of Arabic and deals with all levels of the language (pre-Classical Arabic, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic vernaculars, mixed varieties of Arabic).

America Inside Out

Author : David Schoenbrun
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A distinguished journalist describes his life and his reporting on events including World War II, the Vietnamese War, and the presidency of John F. Kennedy

RMJM Inside Out Outside in

Author : RMJM (Firm)
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Inside Out, Outside In celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of architects RMJM and the significant contribution the firm has made to architecture in the UK and beyond. From its creation in Britain in 1956, the practice has evolved and developed into an international firm with 600 members of staff and a broad and eclectic variety of projects. RMJM has always remained true to its founding principles: putting people first and valuing the process as much as the product. This book sets out the workings of RMJM from the inside out - the unique combination of personalities and cultures that it embraces - and from the outside in - exploring its client relations and current projects. Inside Out, Outside In examines the processes employed by the practice from concept to completion and explores the influences and technologies that impact upon the company's unique perspective on architecture and development. A diversity of material, including both personal viewpoints and academic assessment, alongside plans, drawings, photographs, paintings and illustrations, provides a new way of looking at architecture, design, space and visual culture.

Sailing with Byzantium from Europe to America

Author : Kurt Weitzmann
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Cairo Times

Author :
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Cairo to Persia and Back

Author : Owen Tweedy
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Cairo Today

Author :
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Cairo Papers in Social Science

Author :
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The Cairo Cats

Author : Dawn Aldridge Poore
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Miss Roxanne Sydney travels to London to attend a wedding, and when one of her two exotic cat statues--artifacts from her father's Egyptian travels--is stolen, she has a mystery on her hands. Original.


Author : Malise Ruthven
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Explores the land and the people of one of the most celebrated cities on earth--the "Mother of the World"--surveying the relics of Cairo's fabled past

Inside Out

Author : Carol Amato
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This treasury of technological marvels explains the inner workings of devices and machines used in transportation, communication, medicine, and households.

Cairo City of Art and Commerce

Author : Gaston Wiet
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Under the Crescent

Author : Nell Shipman
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Paris Inside Out

Author : David Applefield
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Presents an insider's look at the city, and provides information on how to maneuver through French bureaucracy, tips on seeking employment, and how to order in restaurants

Reagan Inside Out

Author : Bob Slosser
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Examines Reagan's spiritual beliefs, speculates on how they affect his performance as president, and traces the development of his political career