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Cabinets of Curiosities

Author : Patrick Mauriès
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All knowledge, the cosmos arranged on shelves, in cupboards, or hanging from the ceiling, 'infinite riches in a little room' such were the cabinets of curiosities of the 17th century. This survey, now available in PLC, traces the amazing history of cabinets of curiosities, from their first appearance in the inventories and engravings commissioned by Renaissance nobles such as the Medici or the Hapsburgs, via those of the Dane Ole Wurm and the Italian polymath Athanasius Kircher, to the serious 17th- and 18th-century scientists Elias Ashmole and Levinas Vincent.

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Douglas Preston
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In downtown Manhattan, workers on a construction site breach a long-forgotten basement, unearthing a charnel house: thirty-six bodies, systematically dismembered and carefully immured at least 130 years ago. It's just the kind of case to intrigue the unorthodox and enigmatic FBI agent Aloysius X.L. Pendergast. But he's not the only interested party. Soon after the bodies are discovered a killer strikes. Their victim's corpse bears the same precise mutilations as the bodies in the basement. The nightmare has begun. Again. 'Fast-moving, sophisticated and bursting with surprises ... There's nothing else like them' WASHINGTON POST. 'Sit back, crack open the book and get ready for the ride of your life' DAVID BALDACCI.

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Stefan Bachmann
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A collection of thirty-six forty eerie, mysterious, intriguing, and very short stories by the acclaimed authors Stefan Bachmann, Katherine Catmull, Claire LeGrand, and Emma Trevayne. The Cabinet of Curiosities is perfect for fans of Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and anyone who relishes a good creepy tale. Great for reading alone or reading aloud at camp or school! The book features an introduction and commentary by the authors and black-and-white illustrations throughout.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Mark Dion
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The richly illustrated essays in Cabinet of Curiosities records the creative processes behind an installation designed by contemporary artist Mark Dion at the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, a collaboration of museum staff, students, and collection curators. Drawing from university collections, Dion and the curators chose seven hundred objects representative of the state’s history, ranging from a Bierstadt painting of Minnehaha Falls to Hubert Humphrey memorabilia, as well as objects that would have fascinated Renaissance viewers—such as mirrors and the world’s smallest plant—and arranged them into categories typical of Renaissance inquiry, such as the Underworld, the Sea, Humankind, and the Library. Together, the cabinets represented the university in miniature, just as their Renaissance precursors had attempted to represent microcosms of the world. Cabinet of Curiosities offers commentary on the ways in which collecting has undergirded the creation of knowledge within universities and in Western society. Colleen J. Sheehy is director of education at the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum and associate faculty in American studies and art history at the University of Minnesota. Published in cooperation with the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Gordon Grice
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Exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home. Cabinet of Curiosities is a lavishly illustrated introduction to the wonders of natural history and the joys of being an amateur scientist and collector. Nature writer Gordon Grice, who started his first cabinet of curiosities at age six when he found a skunk’s skull, explains how scientists classify all living things through the Linnaeus system; how to tell real gold from fool’s gold; how to preserve butterflies, crab shells, feathers, a robin’s egg, spider specimens, and honeycombs; how to identify seashells; the difference between antlers and horns; how to read animal tracks. And then, what to do with your specimens, including how to build a cabinet of curiosities out of common household objects, like a desk organizer or a box for fishing tackle.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Guillermo del Toro
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The Mexican film director offers a glimpse into his life and creative process via his notebooks and other personal items, commentary, interview text, and annotations.

The Origins of Museums

Author : Oliver R. Impey
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In late sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe a new phenomenon was developing - learned gentlemen who had perfected their gardens and libraries were setting about the business of creating the first collections. 'The Origins of Museums' is an extensive account of the 'cabinet of curiosities' or 'Wunderkammer' and explains how such cabinets gave rise to the beginnings of museums as we know them and of four centuries of collecting. The intellectual curiosity of the age encompassed interest in the natural world, peoples of antiquity and the discovery of the New World. Renaissance learning saw the emergence of naturalists such as Ulisse Aldrovandi and Conrad Gesner.

A cabinet of curiosities or Repository of entertainment

Author : Joseph Taylor
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Landscape As an Attitude

Author : Gunther Vogt
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Picking up on architecture's tradition of teaching professional experience to students through conversation, this book provides insight into the ideas, methods, and memories of Günther Vogt, and questions the attitude that this innovative landscape architect adopts towards his profession. With reference to five different locations, Günther Vogt speaks about current themes of landscape architecture and its relationship to architecture and the city, about his teaching at the ETH Zürich, and about the work of Vogt Landscape Architects; he describes his perception of the lanscape as a cabinet of curiostities, tells how he collects various phenomena and individual elements, relates them to each other and rearranges them. And in the reader's mind's eye unfolds a cosmos, in which the lack of wholeness of "the landscape" seems to be a gain rather than a loss.

The Cabinet of Curiosities of Barnaby Cannon and Other Stories

Author : Byron Grush
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a collection of one dozen short stories of historical fiction

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Paul Dowswell
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When Lukas Declercq is orphaned, his uncle summons him to Prague, a refuge for Europe's greatest alchemists and natural philosophers, offering to take him on as an apprentice. Uncle Anselmus is court physician to Rudolph II, the reclusive and unstable Emperor. He is also curator of Rudolph's bizarre Cabinet of Curiosities, a series of vast rooms stuffed with wonders and scientific marvels such as a nail from Noah's Ark, phoenix feathers and monstrous freaks of nature, which fascinate Lukas. As Rudolph retreats further into his fantasy world, the threat of rebellion hangs in the air. Dorantes, a diplomat from Spain, comes with his daughter, Celestina, on a mission from Philip II to persuade Rudolph to give up his heretical ways. But he discovers the court is full of diplomats who have been waiting months or years for an audience with the Emperor. Dorantes notices how some had wormed their way into the Emperor's favour by presenting him with fantastic gifts for his Cabinet, and sets about creating a device that he says will stop time. But it works only in the presence of the Emperor. Lukas knows the terrible truth behind Dorantes's mission. But sinister forces have plans for Lukas too, and before he can thwart the plot against the Emperor, Lukas must gamble on Celestina's loyalty in order to save his own life.

Alice s Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Lewis Carroll
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"Delightfully Gloomy" Alice's Cabinet of Curiosities contains both original works "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice found there" by Lewis Carrol, but with a twist! Everything is... dead. Artist Alice Von Gotha illustrated this edition of the stories and added some dark and eccentric aesthetics to it. All illustrations resemble exhibits that can be found in Cabinets of Curiosities around the world. From animal skeletons on displays, skulls and bones, to weird flowers, peculiar objects and majestic suits of armour! Get ready to plunge in a magical world of fantasy created by Lewis Carroll, and decorated with dismal, yet beautiful artwork.

Eliza s Peculiar Cabinet of Curiosities

Author :
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"In the summer of 2016, Chicago-based artist Fo Wilson unveiled Eliza’s Peculiar Cabinet of Curiosities on the grounds of the Lynden Sculpture Garden. The full-scale structure is both wunderkammer and slave cabin; it imagines what a 19th-century woman of African descent might have collected, catalogued and stowed in her living quarters. What did she find curious about the objects and culture of her European captors? Southern plantation life? The natural world around her? Informed by historical research, but represented in the past, present and future simultaneously, Eliza--animated by an Afro-Futurist vision that embodies a hopeful version of an African American future--presents an imagined collection of found and original objects, furnishings and artifacts."--

The Thackery T Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities

Author : Ann VanderMeer
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“Some of the most interesting fantasist-fabulists writing today.” —Los Angeles Times “A science-fiction symphony of strangeness....The Cabinet of Curiosities will give you a good jolt of wonder.” —Gainesville Times You’ll be astonished by what you’ll find in The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. Editors Ann and Jeff Vandermeer have gathered together a spectacular array of exhibits, oddities, images, and stories by some of the most renowned and bestselling writers and artists in speculative and graphic fiction, including Ted Chiang, Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy), China Miéville, and Michael Moorcock. A spectacularly illustrated anthology of Victorian steampunk devices and the stories behind them, The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities is a boldly original, enthrallingly imaginative, and endlessly entertaining entry into a hidden world of weird science and unnatural nature that will appeal equally to fantasy lovers and graphic novel aficionados.

The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities

Author : Paul Anthony Jones
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Open The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities and you’ll find both a word and a day to remember, every day of the year. Each day has its own dedicated entry, on which a curious or notable event—and an equally curious or notable word—are explored. On the day on which flirting was banned in New York City, for instance, you’ll discover why to “sheep’s-eye” someone once meant to look at them amorously. On the day on which a disillusioned San Franciscan declared himself Emperor of the United States, you’ll find the word “mamamouchi,” a term for people who consider themselves more important than they truly are. And on the day on which George Frideric Handel completed his 259-page Messiah after twenty-four days of frenzied work, you’ll see why a French loanword, literally meaning “a small wooden barrow,” is used to refer to an intense period of work undertaken to meet a deadline. The English language is vast enough to supply us with a word for every occasion—and this linguistic “wunderkammer” is here to prove precisely that. So whatever date this book has found its way into your hands, there’s an entire year’s worth of linguistic curiosities waiting to be found.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

Author : Albertus Seba
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Albertus Seba's "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" is one of the 18th century's greatest natural history achievements and remains one of the most prized natural history books of all time. Though it was common for men of his profession to collect natural specimens for research purposes, Amsterdam based pharmacist, Albertus Seba (1665-1736) had a passion that led him far beyond the call of duty. His amazing, unprecedented collection of animals, plants and insects from all around the world gained international fame during his lifetime. In 1731, after decades of collecting, Seba commissioned illustrations of each and every specimen and arranged the publication of a catalog detailing his entire collection.

Hidden Museum

Author : Shaun Parr
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A cabinet of intricately drawn curiosities behind which are hiding further illustrations that reveal the objects' true nature.

A Cabinet of Byzantine Curiosities

Author : Anthony Kaldellis
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Weird, decadent, degenerate, racially mixed, superstitious, theocratic, effeminate, and even hyper-literate, Byzantium has long been regarded by many as one big curiosity. According to Voltaire, it represented "a worthless collection of miracles, a disgrace for the human mind"; for Hegel, it was "a disgusting picture of imbecility." A Cabinet of Byzantine Curiosities will churn up these old prejudices, while also stimulating a deeper interest among readers in one of history's most interesting civilizations. Many of the zanier tales and trivia that are collected here revolve around the political and religious life of Byzantium. Thus, stories of saints, relics, and their miracles-from the hilarious to the revolting-abound. Byzantine bureaucracy (whence the adjective "Byzantine"), court scandals, and elaborate penal code are world famous. And what would Byzantium be without its eunuchs, whose ambiguous gender produced odd and risible outcomes in different contexts? The book also contains sections on daily life that are equally eye-opening, including food (from aphrodisiacs to fermented fish sauce), games such as polo and acrobatics, and obnoxious views of foreigners and others (e.g., Germans, Catholics, Arabs, dwarves). But lest we overlook Byzantium's more honorable contributions to civilization, also included are some of the marvels of Byzantine science and technology, from the military (flamethrowers and hand grenades) to the theatrical ("elevator" thrones, roaring mechanical lions) and medical (catheters and cures, some bizarre). This vast assortment of historical anomaly and absurdity sheds vital light on one of history's most obscure and orthodox empires.

The Origins of Museums

Author : Oliver Impey
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The Origins of Museums is an extensive account of the first great collections in late sixteenth and seventeenth century Europe. The collections, then called 'cabinets of curiosities', were the beginnings of museums as we now know them. The discovery of the New World saw a huge influx of exotic and rare exhibits arrive in from distant lands. These discoveries revolutionised the European view of the wider world. Scholars from all over the globe describe in thirty- three essays the achievements of numerous significant collectors, the range of material gathered and the impact these collections had on Late Renaissance society. With a comprehensive bibliography, the papers provide expert insight into this fascinating period of collecting history, a generally neglected

A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities

Author : Jan Bondeson
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A collection of essays discussing historical medical oddities like spontaneous combustion and tailed people, offering a likely cause for the condition, and mentioning some real human oddities