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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

Author : Bernard Lo
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Now in its Fifth Edition, this respected reference helps readers tackle the common and often challenging ethical issues that affect patient care. The book begins with a concise discussion of clinical ethics that provides the background information essential to understanding key ethical issues. Readers then explore a wide range of real-world ethical dilemmas, each accompanied by expert guidance on salient issues and how to approach them. The book’s two-color design improves retention of material for visual learners. An accompanying website lets readers access the full text, along with features designed to reinforce understanding and test knowledge. New to the Fifth Edition: This edition includes new discussions of ethical issues as they relate to clinical practice guidelines and evidence-based medicine, electronic medical records, genetic testing, and opioid prescription. The book also includes an increased focus on ethical issues in ambulatory care. Readers will also find more detailed analysis of cases, more examples of ethical reasoning, more highlight pages relating clinical ethics to emergency medicine, oncology, palliative care, and family medicine. Also new are discussions of quality improvement and use of advance care planning rather than advance directives.

No Place Like Home

Author : Jennifer A. Parks
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"No Place Like Home? combines the rigorous scholarship of an academic feminist philosopher with the 'close to the ground' insights that come from bathing, feeding, and caring for older people as a home care aide. This book develops recent work in feminist philosophy that attends to both care and justice to propose a way to reform home care to reduce its exploitative qualities while assuring that it is more than 'bed and body' work." -- Martha B. Holstein, Visiting Scholar, Center for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Illinois, Chicago and co-editor, Ethics and Community Based Elder Care "For a scathing critique of how American society abuses both those who receive home-based care as well as those who provide it, and a sophisticated vision of how we might move toward a more just future, there's no book like No Place Like Home?." -- James Lindemann Nelson, co-author of Alzheimer's: Answers to Hard Questions for Families "[Jennifer Parks's] critique of current practices and institutions is thorough and accurate, benefiting both from her own experience as a homecare worker and the philosophically sophisticated tools she brings to bear on it." -- Laura Purdy, Professor of Philosophy, Wells College In this provocative new book, Jennifer A. Parks analyzes practices in the home health care industry and concludes that they are highly exploitative of both workers and patients. Under the existing system, underpaid workers are expected to perform tasks for which they are inadequately trained, in unreasonably short periods of time. This situation, Parks argues, harms workers and puts home health care patients at risk. To the extent that the majority of patients and workers in home health care are women, she turns to feminist ethics for an alternative approach. Through an understanding of individuals as social beings with obligations to others, and of home health care as a public good, Parks explains how to develop the social benefits of good home health care and increase the role of government in providing financial support and regulatory oversight.

When Doctors Say No

Author : Susan B. Rubin
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"The book is a fine addition to the world of academic medical ethics... Readers... will come away with some of the tools for further debate." -- Publishers Weekly "Susan B. Rubin's splendid new book... offers positive, humane solutions to the frustrations that have given rise to the futility debate." -- Carl Elliott, Medical Humanities Review "Rubin offers a thorough and thought-provoking exploration of the concept of futility as a basis for medical decisions." -- Choice "... [the] brilliant analysis found in Rubin's [book] couldn't be more timely.... When Doctors Say No is the most thorough philosophical rebuttal to be found in the literature of medical futility as the basis for unilateral decisionmaking by physicians." -- Charles Weijer, Canadian Medical Association Journal Should physicians be permitted to unilaterally refuse to provide treatment that they deem futile? Even if the patient, or the patient's family, insists that everything possible must be done? In this book, philosopher and bioethicist Rubin examines this controversial issue. She offers a critique of the concept of medical futility and the debate surrounding it, and she calls for more public debate about the underlying issues at stake for all of us -- patients, families, health care providers, insurers, and society at large.


Author : Maxwell J. Mehlman
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Wondergenes not only imagines a future world in which genetic enhancement is the norm, but asserts that this future has already begun. Genetically engineered substances are already in use by athletes, in vitro fertilization already provides the primitive means by which parents can "select" an embryo, and the ability to create new forms of genetically engineered human beings is not far off. What happens when gene therapy becomes gene enhancement? Who will benefit and who might be left behind? What are the costs to our values and beliefs, and to the future of our society? To answer these questions, Maxwell J. Mehlman provides an overview of the scientific advances that have led to the present state of genetic enhancement and explains how these advances will be used in the future to redefine what we think of as a normal human being. He explores the ethical dilemmas already facing researchers and medical practitioners, and the dilemmas we will all be expected to face. In his forecast of the dangers inherent in this technology, he is particularly concerned with the emergence of a "genobility" made up of those able to afford increasingly expensive enhancement. Wondergenes is a serious, accessible introduction to the social and personal implications of genetic engineering. Mehlman weighs the social and economic costs of the many proposals to regulate or limit genetic engineering and provides six concrete policy recommendations -- from professional licensing to a ban on germ-line enhancement -- that propose to make the future of genetic enhancement more equitable and safe.

Children Ethics and Modern Medicine

Author : Richard B. Miller
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"Because the discipline of medical ethics has developed with autonomy as its foundation, the field has ignored pediatric ethics. The book is resoundingly successful in its effort to rectify this problem.... [A] pleasure to read." -- Eric D. Kodish, M.D., Director, Rainbow Center for Pediatric Ethics, Case Western Reserve University Using a form of medical ethnography to investigate a variety of pediatric contexts, Richard B. Miller tests the fit of different ethical approaches in various medical settings to arrive at a new paradigm for how best to care for children. Miller contends that the principle of beneficence must take priority over autonomy in the treatment of children. Yet what is best for the child is a decision that doctors cannot make alone. In making and implementing such decisions, Miller argues, doctors must become part of a "therapeutic alliance" with families and the child undergoing medical care to come up with the best solution. Children, Ethics, and Modern Medicine combines strong philosophical argumentation with firsthand knowledge of the issues facing children and families in pediatric care. This book will be an invaluable asset to medical ethicists and practitioners in pediatric care, as well as parents struggling with ethical issues in the care of their children.

Early Warning

Author : David H. Smith
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This book presents twenty-nine case studies that identify the most important ethical issues likely to emerge from new technologies of genetic testing and develops a series of guidelines based on the case studies. The authors believe that guideline formation is dependent on case analysis and that any statement of general guidelines must follow from concrete, practical discussion of specific situations. For these reasons, the guidelines presented are rooted in the case discussions and follow from the resolution of the cases. By providing the clinical origins and rationale behind each of its recommendations, the book aims to provide guidance for thinking through the ethical issues as well as a starting point for development of additional guidelines.


Author : Roger B. Dworkin
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"An excellent resource for entry-level courses on bioethics for health care practitioners, law students, and physicians." -- Choice "Dworkin's provocative arguments... will challenge readers who have come to accept the law's intrusion as a necessary response to biomedical advances." -- New England Journal of Medicine "Important and refreshing. Dworkin's conclusions regarding the limited role of law (and especially legislation) may come as a surprise to many.... When popular and political views are almost evenly divided, looking to legislation for a solution is a mistake." -- Walter Wadlington The ethical and social dilemmas associated with abortion, sterilization, assisted reproduction, genetics, death and dying, and biomedical research have led many to turn to the legal system for solutions. Rogert Dworkin argues that resort to law often overlooks the limitations of legal institutions, and he suggests a more limited use of the legal system will produce more effective resolution of bioethical dilemmas.

Physician Assisted Suicide

Author : Robert F. Weir
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"The book is extremely well balanced: in each section there is usually an argument for and against the positions raised. It is a useful and well-thought-out text. It will make people think and discuss the problems raised, which I think is the editor's main purpose." -- Journal of Medical Ethics "... a volume that is to be commended for the clarity of its contributions, and for the depth it gains from its narrow focus. In places, this is a deeply moving, as well as closely argued, book." -- Times Literary Supplement "This work is an excellent historical and philosophical resource on a very difficult subject." -- Choice "This collection of well-written and carefully argued essays should be interesting, illuminating, and thought provoking for students, clinicians, and scholars." -- New England Journal of Medicine "This book is highly recommended..." -- Pharmacy Book Review "This is a well-balanced collection and the essays are of uniformly good quality.... very readable.... should be useful to anyone interested in this topic." -- Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Home Page "Physician-Assisted Suicide continues in the fine tradition of the Medical Ethics series published by Indiana University Press. Chapters are authored by outstanding scholars from both sides of the debate, providing a balanced, in-depth exploration of physician-assisted suicide along clinical, ethical, historical, and public policy dimensions. It is important reading for those who want to better understand the complex, multilayered issues that underlie this emotionally-laden topic." -- Timothy Quill, M.D. "Robert Weir has produced the finest collection of essays on physician assisted dying yet assembled in one volume. Physician assisted dying involves ethical and legal issues of enormous complexity. The deep strength of this anthology is its multi-disciplinary approach, which insightfully brings to bear interpretations from history, moral philosophy, religion, clinical practice, and law. This is a subject, much like abortion, that has divided America. This volume provides balanced scholarship that will help inform opinions from the hospital and hospice bedside to the halls of federal and state legislatures and courtrooms." -- Lawrence O. Gostin, Co-Director, Georgetown/Johns Hopkins Program on Law and Public Health "This book is a timely and valuable contribution to the debate. Highly recommended for academic collections." -- Library Journal These essays shed light and perspective on today's hotly contested issue of physician-assisted suicide. The authors were selected not only because of their experience and scholarship, but also because they provide readers with differing points of view on this complex subject -- and a potential moral quandary for us all.

Practical Reasoning in Bioethics

Author : James F. Childress
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"This is a valuable clarification, re-statement and defence of principlism as an approach to applied ethics. It is strongly recommended to many teachers of bioethics..." -- Journal of the American Medical Association "Childress' book deserves careful study by all concerned with the ethical aspect of contemporary biomedical challenges." -- Science Books & Films "An ideal supplement for a graduate seminar on bioethics or for upper-division undergraduates needing more information in this area." -- Choice In these revised and updated essays, renowned ethicist James F. Childress highlights the role of imagination in practical reasoning through various metaphors and analogies. His discussion of ethical problems contributes to a better understanding of the scope and strength of different moral principles, such as justice, beneficence, and respect for autonomy. At the same time, Childress demonstrates the major role of metaphorical, analogical, and symbolic reasoning in biomedical ethics, largely in conjunction with, rather than in opposition to, principled reasoning.

The Christian Meaning of Human Sexuality

Author : Paul Quay, S.J ., Ph.D
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An updated and expanded edition of a classic work on the Christian meaning of human sexuality by an acclaimed teacher and priest. The unique gift of human sexuality allows us to choose, or not to choose, to participate in one form of God's creation. This book presents the understanding of human sexuality that divine revelation offers us. It is intended primarily for Christian adults who wish to know what kinds of sexual behavior are right or wrong, and to gain true insight into why such behavior is right or wrong for those who seek to love and live in Christ. For sexual morality is part of the mystery of our life in Christ and makes full sense only when seen as such. Understanding of this Christian mystery, as far as we are given access to it, is offered us through the Scriptures and the living Tradition of the Church. This book uses Scripture and the teaching of the early Church Fathers to show what sexuality means in Christian terms, and is an indispensable guide to learning not just what the Church teaches, but why. Quay's insightful descriptions of the complementarity of male and female, a complementarity that is psychological, spiritual and bodily are exceptionally illuminating. It also explains the Bible's frequent use of the symbolism of marriage and sexuality in its accounts of the Covenant to understand better the relationship between God and his people, and the relationship of spouses to one another. It reflects on the natural symbolism of the human body and of spousal communion as a way to understand what is right and proper in sexual activity, and what is not. The new material in this expanded edition considers the theology of natural family planning (NFP). It explains the moral principles that govern the use of NFP and also provides a theological reflection on the meaning of this practice.

Journal of Moral Theology Volume 8 Number 1

Author : Rachelle Barina
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Catholic Health Ministry Edited by Rachelle Barina, Nathaniel Hibner, and Tobias Winright Repair Work: Rethinking the Separation of Academic Moral Theologians and Catholic Health Care Ethicists Paul Wojda Catholic Bioethicists and Moral Theologians Drifting Apart?: A Sequela of Specialization and Professionalization Becket Gremmels Equally Strange Fruit: Catholic Health Care and the Appropriation of Residential Segregation Cory Mitchell and Therese Lysaught Hospital and Health System M&A: Is It Good for Community Health? Michael Panicola63 Accompaniment with the Sick: An Authentic Christian Vocation that Rejects the Fallacy of Prosperity Theology Ramon Luzarraga76 Grace at the End of Life: Rethinking Ordinary and Extraordinary Means in a Global Context Conor Kelly89 A Voice in the Wilderness: Reimagining the Role of Catholic Health Care Mission Leader Michael McCarthy114 Theologians in Catholic Healthcare Ministries: Breaking Beyond the Bond with Ethics Darren Henson130

By No Extraordinary Means

Author : Joanne Lynn
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Hume s Reception in Early America

Author : Mark G. Spencer
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Hume's Reception in Early America: Expanded Edition brings together the original American responses to one of Britain's greatest men of letters, David Hume. Now available as a single volume paperback, this new edition includes updated further readings suggestions and dozens of additional primary sources gathered together in a completely new concluding section. From complete pamphlets and booklets, to poems, reviews, and letters, to extracts from newspapers, religious magazines and literary and political journals, this book's contents come from a wide variety of sources published in colonial America and the early United States between 1758 and 1850. As well as classics by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, it contains scores of unknown and hard-to-locate items, many of which have not been reprinted since their original publication. These responses are divided into four parts covering Hume's Essays; his Philosophical Writings; his History of England; and his Character and Death. Each of those parts has a separate introductory essay, and every selection is introduced by a short headnote that sets the piece in its historical context and provides bibliographical references. Packed with new insights into Hume and American thought and culture, Hume's Reception in Early America reveals the relevance and impact of Hume on American political, philosophical, historical, religious, and aesthetic debates.

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration and the Permanently Unconscious Patient

Author : Ronald P. Hamel
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During the past few decades, high-profile cases like that of Terry Schiavo have fueled the public debate over forgoing or withdrawing artificial nutrition and hydration from patients in a persistent vegetative state (PVS). These cases, whether involving adults or young children, have forced many to begin thinking in a measured and careful way about the moral legitimacy of allowing patients to die. Can families forgo or withdraw artificial hydration and nutrition from their loved ones when no hope of recovery seems possible? Many Catholics know that Catholic moral theology has formulated a well-developed and well-reasoned position on this and other end-of-life issues, one that distinguishes between "ordinary" and "extraordinary" treatment. But recent events have caused uncertainty and confusion and even acrimony among the faithful. In his 2004 allocution, Pope John Paul II proposed that artificial nutrition and hydration is a form of basic care, thus suggesting that the provision of such care to patients neurologically incapable of feeding themselves should be considered a moral obligation. The pope's address, which seemed to have offered a new development to decades of Catholic health care ethics, sparked a contentious debate among the faithful over how best to treat permanently unconscious patients within the tenets of Catholic morality. In this comprehensive and balanced volume, Ronald Hamel and James Walter present twenty-one essays and articles, contributed by physicians, clergy, theologians, and ethicists, to reflect the spectrum of perspectives on the issues that define the Catholic debate. Organized into six parts, each with its own introduction, the essays offer clinical information on PVS and feeding tubes; discussions on the Catholic moral tradition and how it might be changing; ecclesiastical and pastoral statements on forgoing or withdrawing nutrition and hydration; theological and ethical analyses on the issue; commentary on Pope John Paul II's 2004 allocution; and the theological commentary, court decisions, and public policy resulting from the Clarence Herbert and Claire Conroy legal cases. A valuable resource for students and scholars, this teachable volume invites theological dialogue and ethical discussion on one of the most contested issues in the church today.

Encyclopedia of American Civil Rights and Liberties Revised and Expanded Edition 2nd Edition 4 volumes

Author : Kara E. Stooksbury
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Thoroughly updated and featuring 75 new entries, this monumental four-volume work illuminates past and present events associated with civil rights and civil liberties in the United States. • Offers 686 alphabetically arranged entries, ranging from thoroughly updated entries from the first edition to 75 new entries that cover dramatic changes in civil rights and liberties in the last decade • Covers the latest events and controversies surrounding civil liberties issues in America • Fully explores the scope and limitations of Constitutional rights, a perennially hot topic in American politics and society • Includes primary documents with contextual headnotes to enhance understanding of the full importance of the featured document • Provides sources for further reading with each entry to help users engage in additional research

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association

Author : American Philosophical Association
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List of members in v. 1- .

New Ways of Making Babies

Author : National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction
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In this book, leading scholars investigate the difficult ethical, legal, and policy issues that surround egg donation and the new reproductive technologies as a whole. Of special interest are feminist inquiries into perceptions of women involved in egg donation; the effects of race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status on the uses of such technologies; and moral and theological questions about whether third-party gamete donation should be used at all. In addition, the book describes procedures at four egg-donation centers in the United States, including private for-profit and university-based non-profit programs, and presents a new set of guidelines from the National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction (NABER), a panel in the private sector with members from the fields of ethics, theology, law, medicine, genetics, and public policy.

Assisted Suicide in the United States

Author : United States
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The Hastings Center Guidelines for Decisions on Life Sustaining Treatment and Care Near the End of Life

Author : Nancy Berlinger
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This major new work updates and significantly expands The Hastings Center's 1987 Guidelines on the Termination of Life-Sustaining Treatment and Care of the Dying. Like its predecessor, this second edition will shape the ethical and legal framework for decision-making on treatment and end-of-life care in the United States. This groundbreaking work incorporates 25 years of research and innovation in clinical care, law, and policy. It is written for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals and is structured for easy reference in difficult clinical situations. It supports the work of clinical ethicists, ethics committee members, health lawyers, clinical educators, scholars, and policymakers. It includes extensive practical recommendations. Health care reform places a new set of challenges on decision-making and care near the end of life. The Hastings Center Guidelines are an essential resource.

Hospice Or Hemlock

Author : Constance E. Putnam
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This guide introduces general readers to people with personal stakes in the right-to-die conundrum.