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Management Crisis and Business Revolution

Author : John Harte
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Management Crisis and Business Revolution describes the enormous gap between business theories on the one hand, and the realities of the workplace and uncertainties of the marketplace on the other. In place of reasoned management and disciplined organization John Harte depicts daily disorder, vagueness, and confusion; instead of the logical processes of classroom case histories with rational solutions. He provides tales of an abundance of irrational judgments, personal foibles, and business follies. Once a top operational manager with multinational organizations, Harte applies his hands-on knowledge of the business world to a realistic examination of workplace conditions. He describes methodically how to handle human limitations in the average business enterprise, as well as how to develop management strengths.The author observed superior and inferior management firsthand, and therefore witnessed the painful demise of many companiessome of which, in his opinion, could have been saved. With thirty years' experience to draw on, he analyzes why so many businesses and products fail, while others succeed. He examines the amazing progress of Japan and other Pacific Asian countries; explains the decline of German, Canadian, British, and French management practices; and provides strategies for the marketplace.The business sectors described in this all-encompassing book include: high-technology, fast-moving packaged consumer goods like detergents; manufacturing and retailing consumer durables like furniture and appliances; soft goods; fashion products; service sector industries; manufacturing, wholesaling, and retail trade; and a whole range of new service industries. Harte stresses that while management and trade are timeless, dedication in the West has declined. The challenge is how to manage change by innovating, and replacing senile customs, systems, and institutions with more progressive ones suited to the new business environment. This unusually tough

China and the Global Business Revolution

Author : P. Nolan
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China has used industrial policies to try to build large corporations that can challenge those based in more advanced countries. By the late 1990s the operational mechanism of China's large firms had seen large advances. Simultaneously, a revolution has taken place in global business systems, and China's large firms are even further behind the global leaders than when they began their reforms. The WTO will require China to operate rapidly on the 'global playing field' in competition with the world's leading corporations, and this increased gap presents a deep challenge for China's business and political leaders. Peter Nolan presents here the first in-depth case studies of China's large corporations under economic reform, combined with systematic benchmarking of these firms against the world's leading corporations. The book is an unrivalled resource of information on Chinese businesses, and also leads the reader to consider the impact of China's response to its current challenges not only on China itself, but on the wider global economy.

A Technical and Business Revolution

Author : Elizabeth Hitz
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This title, first published in 1986, develops the story of American woollen manufacture reaching far back in time to establish the very traditional nature of the fabrication of woollen cloths. Although traditional techniques changed slowly, particularly in England, circumstances and conditions changed rapidly in the United States during the Napoleonic Wars. Americans had more surplus capital to invest; they had abundant natural resources; and many American merchants and manufacturers sought independence from European goods and services. This title will be of interest to students of economic and American history.

Business Revolution in a Digital Era

Author : Alina Mihaela Dima
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This proceedings volume presents a selection of the best papers from the 14th International Conference on Business Excellence, Business Revolution in the Digital Era (ICBE 2020), held in Bucharest, Romania. The respective papers share the latest findings and perspectives on innovation in a turbulent business environment, and on improvements in economic, societal and technological structures and processes to help reach major sustainability goals.

The Global Business Revolution and the Cascade Effect

Author : P. Nolan
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Using empirical data from the supply chain of aerospace, beverages and retail this text develops an original framework, the 'cascade effect', to explain changes in industrial concentration. This provides an original insight into the determinants of industrial structure and has vital implications for firms and policy-makers in developing countries.

Small Business Revolution

Author : Barry C. McCarthy
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Equip your small business for dramatic growth and success in any environment In Small Business Revolution: How Owners and Entrepreneurs Can Succeed, small business expert and President and CEO of Deluxe Corp. Barry C. McCarthy delivers a stirring combination of uplifting narrative and small business instruction manual. Featuring inspiring stories from the company’s 106-year history and anecdotes from its Emmy-nominated TV show Small Business Revolution, this book offers readers the opportunity to learn how to grow and thrive in their business in any environment, from a booming economy to a post-pandemic marketplace. Whether you're just starting to plan your new business or you are a seasoned veteran in the small business trenches, you'll discover a wealth of information to help you structure your business to reach customers, find talent, understand finances, and so much more. You'll find guidance on: How to get your costs in line when your expenses have changed Mastering new tools to manage payments and payroll, including contactless and remote payments Maintaining relationships with your existing customers while reaching out to new ones How to manage cash and, how to retain employees through lean times, and more Perfect for the millions of brave, courageous, and strong individuals who plan to start or run a small business during one of the most challenging times in recent memory, Small Business Revolution is an indispensable guide to helping your enterprise survive and succeed during unprecedented challenges.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Author : Paul Burns
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The new edition of this market-leading textbook provides a holistic introduction to the academic study of entrepreneurship and offers practical guidance for prospective entrepreneurs. Adopting a life-cycle view of a business from start-up to maturity, it explores the many stages and forms of entrepreneurship. With an international outlook and expert synthesis of both theoretical foundations and lessons from real-life business practice, the book offers a complete course guide, fostering entrepreneurial talent, thinking and skills. The author's engaging style and unrivalled expertise drawn from a long-ranging career (as an academic, accountant and entrepreneur) make the book accessible and authoritative. This is an ideal textbook for those studying Entrepreneurship or Small Business on undergraduate business or management degree courses, as well as on MBA programmes. It will also appeal to those looking to launch their own businesses. New to this Edition: - Updated international case studies from entrepreneurs and small businesses, ranging from Oman to Australia - First-hand, detailed stories from real-life entrepreneurs in brand new video interviews integrated throughout the text - Increased and integrated coverage of social and civic enterprise and hot topics such as effectuation and lean entrepreneurship

China s Industrial Policies and the Global Business Revolution

Author : Ling Liu
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As China has blended market reforms with comprehensive industrial policies, most research has focused on the national government's strategies for economic growth. However, one of the unique characteristics of industrial policy in China is that it involves government intervention at all levels, from the political elite all the way down to village leaders. This book focuses on the domestic appliance industry, and China's three major business groups in this area - Haier, Hisense and Aucma. The Haier Group, in particular, is one of the most successful and competitive enterprises in China and is very well-placed to compete globally as the Chinese economy becomes more integrated with the world trading system. This volume shows how industrial policy is formulated at the national level and implemented at the local level, and examines how local government frequently intervenes in local enterprises' business strategy and management. Of practical importance, this book provides academics, business people and policy makers with valuable insights into the development process and a concrete understanding of the challenges faced in the global business revolution by one of the world's most dynamic economies.

Africa s Business Revolution

Author : Acha Leke
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The Definitive Guide to Doing Business in Africa For global and Africa-based companies looking to access new growth markets, Africa offers exciting opportunities to build large, profitable businesses. Its population is young, fast-growing, and increasingly urbanized--while rapid technology adoption makes the continent a fertile arena for innovation. But Africa's business environment remains poorly understood; it's known to many executives in the West only by its reputation for complexity, conflict, and corruption. Africa's Business Revolution provides the inside story on business in Africa and its future growth prospects and helps executives understand and seize the opportunities for building profitable, sustainable enterprises. From senior leaders in McKinsey's African offices and a leading executive on the continent, this book draws on in-depth proprietary research by the McKinsey Global Institute as well as McKinsey's extensive experience advising corporate and government leaders across Africa. Brimming with company case studies and exclusive interviews with some of Africa's most prominent executives, this book comes to life with the vibrant stories of those who have navigated the many twists and turns on the road to building successful businesses on the continent. Combining an unrivalled fact base with expert advice on shaping and executing an Africa growth strategy, this book is required reading for global business executives looking to expand their existing operations in Africa--and for those seeking a road map to access this vast, untapped market for the first time.

Strategic Cutback Management

Author : Jane Wiseman
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The U.S. is experiencing the 10th economic decline since World War II. This document presents lessons learned from past experience and suggests approaches leaders can use to address financial crises in law enforcement agencies. It presents alternatives to across-the-board, slash-and-burn budget cuttings. This document provides police departments with practical tools for strategic fiscal management in difficult times. There is limited academic literature addressing law enforcement cutback management. By gathering existing sources, this document represents a first step in moving the field along from anecdote toward more rigorous cutback management theory. This is a print on demand edition of an important, hard-to-find publication.