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Business Ethics and Care in Organizations

Author : Marianna Fotaki
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Care is a human ability we all need for growing and flourishing. It implies considering the needs and interests of others, and the quality of how we relate to each other is often defined by care. While the value of care in private life is widely recognized, its role in the public sphere is contested and subject to political debates. In work organizations, instrumentality frequently overrides considerations for colleagues’ and co-workers’ well-being, while relationships are often sacrificed in the service of performance and meeting organizational targets. The questions this volume attempts to address concerns the organizational conditions that make care flourish and how a caring organization functions in practice. Specifically, we examine what it means to care for each other and what enhances caring behaviours in organizations. The volume ultimately focuses on how caring relations can contribute to making organizations better places. In this perspective, care involves the recognition of, and the limitations of, work as a key aspect of personal and social identity. Because care exceeds the sphere of individual intimacy, the book will also centre on the necessity for building caring institutions through a political process that considers the needs, contributions, and prospects of many different actors. This book aims to contribute to academic discussions on care in organizations, care work, business and organizational ethics, diversity, caring leadership, well-being in organizations, and research ethics. Managers, consultants, policy-makers, and students will find reflections about the goodness of care in organizations, and guidance about the ethical and practical difficulties of pursuing the project of building caring organizations.

Managing Business Ethics

Author : Linda K. Trevino
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While most business ethics texts focus exclusively on individual decision making—what should an individual do—this resource presents the whole business ethics story. Highly realistic, readable, and down-to-earth, it moves from the individual to the managerial to the organizational level, focusing on business ethics in an organizational context to promote an understanding of complex influences on behavior. The new Fifth Edition is the perfect text for students entering the workplace, those seeking to become professionals in training, communications, compliance, in addition to chief ethics officers, corporate counsel, heads of human resources, and senior executives.

Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society

Author : Robert W. Kolb
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The five volumes of this ultimate resource recognize the inherent unity between business ethics and business and society, that stems from their shared primary concern with value in commerce. This Encyclopedia spans the relationships among business, ethics, and society by including more than 800 entries that feature broad coverage of corporate social responsibility, the obligation of companies to various stakeholder groups, the contribution of business to society and culture, and the relationship between organizations and the quality of the environment.

Applying Care Ethics to Business

Author : Maurice Hamington
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Applying Care Ethics to Business is a multidisciplinary collection of original essays that explores the intersection between the burgeoning field of care ethics and business. Care ethics is an approach to morality that emphasizes relational, particularist, and affective dimensions of morality that evolved from feminist theory and today enjoys robust intellectual exploration. Care ethics emerged out of feminist theory in the 1980's and the greatest contribution to moral analysis among Women' Studies scholars. Today, feminists and non-feminist scholars are increasingly taking care ethics seriously. Applying care to the marketplace is a natural step in its maturity. Applying Care Ethics to Business is the first book-length analysis of business and economic cases and theories from the perspective of care theory. Furthermore, given economic turbulence and the resulting scrutiny of market practices, care ethics provides fresh and timely insight into ideal business values and commitments. In many ways, care ethics’ emphasis upon connection and cooperation as well as the growth and well-being of the other make it appear to be the antithesis of the corporate character. Nevertheless, many contemporary theorists question if traditional moral approaches based on autonomous agents is adequate to address a shrinking and interconnected world—particularly one that is marked by global markets. Applying Care Ethics to Business offers a unique opportunity to rethink corporate responsibility and business ethics.

Ethics by Committee

Author : D. Micah Hester
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Ethics by Committee was developed for the tens of thousands of people across the United States serve on hospital and other healthcare ethics committees (HECs). Experts in bioethics, clinical consultation, health law, and social psychology from across the country have contributed chapters on ethics consultation, education, and policy development. The chapters discuss important considerations for HEC members such as promoting just and ethical organizations, developing cultural and spiritual awareness, and preparing for the forces of group dynamics in committee discussions and consensus-building. No other book on the market offers the diversity of perspectives and topics while remaining focused, clear, and useful.

Organizational Ethics in Health Care

Author : Philip J. Boyle
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This comprehensive and much-needed resource helps health care ethicists to meet the demand of challenges such as managed care, medical technology, and patient activism. Through a review of core principles and a rich selection of cases, practitioners and students will learn to apply ethics in the day-to-day administration of health care organizations. The authors are from the Park Ridge Center, the nationally acclaimed consulting and research firm.

The Routledge Companion to Ethics Politics and Organizations

Author : Alison Pullen
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The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations synthesizes and extends existing research on ethics in organizations by explicitly focusing on ‘ethico-politics’ - where ethics informs political action. It draws connections between ethics and politics in and around organizations and the workplace, examines cutting-edge areas and sets the scene for future research. Through a wealth of international and multidisciplinary contributions this volume considers the broad range of ways in which ethics and politics can be conceived and understood. The chapters look at various ethical traditions, as well as the discursive deployment of ethical terminology in organizational settings, and they also examine large scale political structures and processes and how they relate to different forms of politics which affect behaviour in organizations. These many possibilities are united by a focus on how ethics can be used to inform and justify the exercise of power in organizations. This collection will be a valuable reference source for students and researchers across the disciplines of organizational studies, ethics and politics.

Leadership and Business Ethics

Author : Gabriel Flynn
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This book offers new and challenging approaches to business ethics that successfully link theory and practice thereby overcoming lacunae and inadequacies in much of the literature concerning ethics and governance, a theme that recurs with remarkable frequency in the history of business ethics as an academic discipline. This work provides imaginative and innovate proposals for the indispensable coupling of virtue, integrity, and character with global business, finance, and banking. The volume seeks to overcome the marginal status of business ethics in universities, business, and enterprise by demonstrating that virtue ethics is an important step in the direction of an adequate response to the leadership issue. This new edition of a popular work points to new ways of achieving an ever more urgent coalescence of ethics and business. It proposes practical advice and viable suggestions to business people on what is right and wrong in business. The volume makes a vital contribution in the area of education that should serve the ongoing development of top leaders. In the important domain of women in leadership, the volume provides new solutions that break boundaries on the global stage. The work challenges unethical marketing of human images with important implications for citizenship and society. The volume contains creative suggestions for the use of spirituality and human development for the enhancement of business and society. The significantly extended second edition includes an exciting line up of leading academics and practitioners in the audacious hope that something may change for the better in the realms of business and banking.

Handbook for Health Care Ethics Committees

Author : Linda Farber Post
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The Joint Commission (TJC) accredits and certifies more than 19,000 health care organizations in the United States, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies. Each organization must have a standing health care ethics committee to maintain its status. These interdisciplinary committees are composed of physicians, nurses, attorneys, ethicists, administrators, and interested citizens. Their main function is to review and provide resolutions for specific, individual patient care problems. Many of these committees are well meaning but may lack the information, experience, skills, and formal background in bioethics needed to adequately negotiate the complex ethical issues that arise in clinical and organizational settings. Handbook for Health Care Ethics Committees was the first book of its kind to address the myriad responsibilities faced by ethics committees, including education, case consultation, and policy development. Adopting an accessible tone and using a case study format, the authors explore serious issues involving informed consent and refusal, decision making and decisional capacity, truth telling, the end of life, palliative care, justice in and access to health care services, and organizational ethics. The authors have thoroughly updated the content and expanded their focus in the second edition to include ethics committees in other clinical settings, such as long-term care facilities, small community hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and hospices. They have added three new chapters that address reproduction, disability, and the special needs of the elder population, and they provide additional specialized policies and procedures on the book’s website. This guide is an essential resource for all health care ethics committee members.

The SAGE Handbook of Health Care Ethics

Author : Ruth Chadwick
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The SAGE Handbook of Health Care Ethics is an influential collection of work by leading scholars on the fundamental and emerging themes which define health care ethics. Combining international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the Handbook provides a cutting-edge account of debates in five key areas: - health care ethics in an era of globalization - beginning and end-of-life - vulnerable populations - research ethics and technologies - public health and human rights. This authoritative Handbook brings together experts with backgrounds in philosophy, sociology, law, public policy and the health professions and reflects the increasing impact of globalisation and the dynamic advances in the fields of bioscience and genetics, which keep ethics at the centre of debates about the future direction of healthcare. It is an invaluable resource for all students, practitioners, academics and researchers investigating ethical issues in relation to healthcare.