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Business Analysis for Business Intelligence

Author : Bert Brijs
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Aligning business intelligence (BI) infrastructure with strategy processes not only improves your organization's ability to respond to change, but also adds significant value to your BI infrastructure and development investments. Until now, there has been a need for a comprehensive book on business analysis for BI that starts with a macro view and

Exam Prep for Business Analysis for Business Intelligence

Author : Just the Facts101
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Your text simplified as the essential facts to prepare you for your exams. Over 2,000 higly probable test items.

Exam Prep for Business Analysis for Business Intelligence

Author :
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Business Intelligence for the Enterprise

Author : Mike Biere
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* *Offers techniques based on years of field work at IBM *Includes stories of companies that implemented BI Those that succeed and those that have failed! *Coverage includes recommendations to help implement BI consistently at the enterprise level

Review of Business Intelligence Through Data Analysis

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Abstract : Purpose: – The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of business intelligence (BI) in a consulting company. The authors propose to analyze quality through data analysis and efficiency under different business contexts. The best processes and tools in data mining are also explored. Design/methodology/approach: – Management perspectives of data analysis from Florilla Consulting Company are collected using an inductive research approach. Based on a large sample of qualitative data, cost-and-benefit analysis is used to assess the BI technologies as a strategic necessity to Florilla Consulting Company. Findings: – Findings classify the best processes and tools of data analysis under different business scenarios. The authors also propose a revised process and tools for Florilla Consulting Company to be further evaluated by future research. Practical implications: – The insights offered in this paper derives authentic value for any consulting company that is interested to benefit from the opportunities bought by the BI technologies. Quality management also gets a new dimension when technology is integrated into business. Originality/value: – This study has challenged the way quality is managed in Florilla Consulting Company. The connection of BI to quality management is explored via an empirical study of a consulting company by linking theory with practice.

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Author : Stephan Kudyba
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Annotation Provides an overview of data mining technology and how it is applied in a business environment. Material is not written in a technical style, but rather addresses the applied methodology behind implementing data mining techniques in the corporate environment. Explains how the technology evolved, overviews the methodologies that comprise the data mining spectrum, and looks at everyday business applications for data mining, in areas such as marketing and advertising promotions and pricing policies using econometric-based modeling, and using the Internet to help improve an organization's performance. Kudyba is an economic consultant. Hoptroff is an independent consultant with experience in data mining software. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Mastering Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

Author : Dmitry Anoshin
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Build world-class enterprise Business Intelligence solutions with MicroStrategy 10 About This Book Fix the gap between BI tools and implementation/integration processes with big data and predictive analytics using this comprehensive guide to MicroStrategy 10 Highly practical, example-rich guide that lets you implement business intelligence with MicroStrategy 10 in your organization Create the best user experience with BI dashboards using MicroStrategy using this up-to-date, comprehensive guide Who This Book Is For This book is intended for BI, DWH, ETL developers, BI/DWH/Analytics managers, analysts, and business users who already have MicroStrategy in their organization and want to take it to the next level in order to increase performance and improve user experience. In addition, it helps the reader to migrate from MicroStrategy 9 to MicroStrategy 10 and to start using the new capabilities. What You Will Learn Explore various visualization techniques for presenting analyzed data Customize MicroStrategy in order to meet your business requirements Develop and design mobile dashboards Use the advanced techniques such as designing reports, documents and interactive dashboards for building dashboards Understand the concepts of data discovery and Desktop capabilities Explore the best practices for Microstrategy system administration Find and fix issues based on connections, environment or documents Integrate third party ESRI map tools with MicroStrategy to create geo based reports In Detail Business intelligence is becoming more important by the day, with cloud offerings and mobile devices gaining wider acceptance and achieving better market penetration. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is an absolute leader in the BI market and offers rich capabilities from basic data visualizations to predictive analytics. It lets you various delivery methods such as the Web, desktops, and mobiles. Using real-world BI scenarios, this book helps you to implement Business Analytics solutions in big e-commerce companies. It kicks off with MicroStrategy 10 features and then covers schema design models and techniques. Building upon your existing knowledge, the book will teach you advanced techniques for building documents and dashboards. It further teaches various graphical techniques for presenting data for analysis using maps, graphs, and advanced charts. Although MicroStrategy has rich functionality, the book will show how to customize it in order to meet your business requirements. You will also become familiar with the native analytical functions that will help you to maximize the impact of BI solutions with powerful predictive analytics. Furthermore, the book will focus on MicroStrategy Mobile Analytics along with data discovery and desktop capabilities such as connecting various data sources and building interactive dashboards. The book will also uncover best practices, troubleshooting techniques for MicroStrategy system administration, and also security and authentication techniques. Lastly, you will learn to use Hadoop for MicroStrategy reporting. By the end of the book, you will become proficient in evaluating any BI software in order to choose the best one that meets all business requirements. Style and approach This book will be focusing on providing extensive guide to plan how to design and develop complex BI architecture for real world scenario, using Microstrategy 10, best practices and collected experience working with BI, predictive analytics, and Microstrategy and big data.

Business Intelligence Roadmap

Author : Larissa Terpeluk Moss
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This software will enable the user to learn about business intelligence roadmap.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts

Author : Michael Alexander
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Bridge the big data gap with Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts The distinction between departmental reporting done by business analysts with Excel and the enterprise reporting done by IT departments with SQL Server and SharePoint tools is more blurry now than ever before. With the introduction of robust new features like PowerPivot and Power View, it is essential for business analysts to get up to speed with big data tools that in the past have been reserved for IT professionals. Written by a team of Business Intelligence experts, Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts introduces business analysts to the rich toolset and reporting capabilities that can be leveraged to more effectively source and incorporate large datasets in their analytics while saving them time and simplifying the reporting process. Walks you step-by-step through important BI tools like PowerPivot, SQL Server, and SharePoint and shows you how to move data back and forth between these tools and Excel Shows you how to leverage relational databases, slice data into various views to gain different visibility perspectives, create eye-catching visualizations and dashboards, automate SQL Server data retrieval and integration, and publish dashboards and reports to the web Details how you can use SQL Server’s built-in functions to analyze large amounts of data, Excel pivot tables to access and report OLAP data, and PowerPivot to create powerful reporting mechanisms You’ll get on top of the Microsoft BI stack and all it can do to enhance Excel data analysis with this one-of-a-kind guide written for Excel analysts just like you.

CBAP CCBA Certified Business Analysis Study Guide

Author : Susan Weese
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Resource added for the ​Business Analyst program 101021​

Business Intelligence

Author : David Loshin
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Business Intelligence describes the basic architectural components of a business intelligence environment, ranging from traditional topics such as business process modeling, data modeling, and more modern topics such as business rule systems, data profiling, information compliance and data quality, data warehousing, and data mining. This book progresses through a logical sequence, starting with data model infrastructure, then data preparation, followed by data analysis, integration, knowledge discovery, and finally the actual use of discovered knowledge. The book contains a quick reference guide for business intelligence terminology. Business Intelligence is part of Morgan Kaufmann's Savvy Manager's Guide series. * Provides clear explanations without technical jargon, followed by in-depth descriptions. * Articulates the business value of new technology, while providing relevant introductory technical background. * Contains a handy quick-reference to technologies and terminologies. * Guides managers through developing, administering, or simply understanding business intelligence technology. * Bridges the business-technical gap. * Is Web enhanced. Companion sites to the book and series provide value-added information, links, discussions, and more.

Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 and Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform

Author : Teo Lachev
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Provides information on the fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.

Agile Analytics

Author : Ken Collier
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Using Agile methods, you can bring far greater innovation, value, and quality to any data warehousing (DW), business intelligence (BI), or analytics project. However, conventional Agile methods must be carefully adapted to address the unique characteristics of DW/BI projects. In Agile Analytics, Agile pioneer Ken Collier shows how to do just that. Collier introduces platform-agnostic Agile solutions for integrating infrastructures consisting of diverse operational, legacy, and specialty systems that mix commercial and custom code. Using working examples, he shows how to manage analytics development teams with widely diverse skill sets and how to support enormous and fast-growing data volumes. Collier's techniques offer optimal value whether your projects involve "back-end" data management, "front-end" business analysis, or both. Part I focuses on Agile project management techniques and delivery team coordination, introducing core practices that shape the way your Agile DW/BI project community can collaborate toward success Part II presents technical methods for enabling continuous delivery of business value at production-quality levels, including evolving superior designs; test-driven DW development; version control; and project automation Collier brings together proven solutions you can apply right now--whether you're an IT decision-maker, data warehouse professional, database administrator, business intelligence specialist, or database developer. With his help, you can mitigate project risk, improve business alignment, achieve better results--and have fun along the way.

Business Intelligence

Author : Rajiv Sabherwal
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Business professionals who want to advance their careers need to have a strong understanding of how to utilize business intelligence. This new book provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic business and technical concepts they’ll need to know. It integrates case studies that demonstrate how to apply the material. Business professionals will also find suggested further readings that will develop their knowledge and help them succeed.

Financial Business Intelligence

Author : Nils H. Rasmussen
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Turn storehouses of data into a strategic tool Business intelligence has recently become a word used by almostevery CFO, controller, and analyst. After having spent the lastdecade implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software and othermission critical solutions, companies now have large databases withtransactional data sitting in their computer rooms. Now, finally,the technology has reached a point where it is possible- in almostreal time-to quickly and easily analyze the financial data in thecorporate databases, to be able to make more intelligent businessdecisions. This book will help financial managers understand thetrends, technology, software selection, and implementation offinancial business intelligence (financial BI) software. With adictionary of business intelligence terms, a comprehensive list ofRequest for Proposal questions, and examples of popular financialbusiness intelligence reroutes and user interfaces, this bookenables managers to measure their companies' business intelligenceand maximize its value.

Business Intelligence For Dummies

Author : Swain Scheps
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You're intelligent, right? So you've already figured out that Business Intelligence can be pretty valuable in making the right decisions about your business. But you’ve heard at least a dozen definitions of what it is, and heard of at least that many BI tools. Where do you start? Business Intelligence For Dummies makes BI understandable! It takes you step by step through the technologies and the alphabet soup, so you can choose the right technology and implement a successful BI environment. You'll see how the applications and technologies work together to access, analyze, and present data that you can use to make better decisions about your products, customers, competitors, and more. You’ll find out how to: Understand the principles and practical elements of BI Determine what your business needs Compare different approaches to BI Build a solid BI architecture and roadmap Design, develop, and deploy your BI plan Relate BI to data warehousing, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce Analyze emerging trends and developing BI tools to see what else may be useful Whether you’re the business owner or the person charged with developing and implementing a BI strategy, checking out Business Intelligence For Dummies is a good business decision.

Business Analytics for Managers

Author : Gert H. N. Laursen
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"Many companies are unsure exactly what business analytics is and how it can be used to improve their performance. Much of the material currently in the marketplace is technical in nature. This book's focus is not on the technical aspects of business analytics but takes a business holistic approach. It provides an explanation of what business analytics is and how it should be important to people in sales, marketing, management, finance, HR, production as well as analysis and controlling. This book provides a business analytics model that focuses on the interaction of IT technology, strategy, business processes, and a broad spectrum of human competencies, organizational circumstances, and cooperation across the organization. This book will be comprised of nine chapters: (1) The Business Analytics Model; (2) Business Analytics at the Strategic Model; (3) Development and Deployment of Information at a Functional Level; (4) Business Analytics at an Analytical Level; (5) Business Analytics at the Data Warehouse Level; (6) The Company's Collection of Source Data; (7) The Structuring of a Business Intelligence Competency Center; (8) Assessment and Prioritization of Business Analytics Projects; and (9) Business Analytics in the Future."--

Business Intelligence

Author : Esteban Zimányi
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To large organizations, business intelligence (BI) promises the capability of collecting and analyzing internal and external data to generate knowledge and value, thus providing decision support at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. BI is now impacted by the “Big Data” phenomena and the evolution of society and users. In particular, BI applications must cope with additional heterogeneous (often Web-based) sources, e.g., from social networks, blogs, competitors’, suppliers’, or distributors’ data, governmental or NGO-based analysis and papers, or from research publications. In addition, they must be able to provide their results also on mobile devices, taking into account location-based or time-based environmental data. The lectures held at the Third European Business Intelligence Summer School (eBISS), which are presented here in an extended and refined format, cover not only established BI and BPM technologies, but extend into innovative aspects that are important in this new environment and for novel applications, e.g., pattern and process mining, business semantics, Linked Open Data, and large-scale data management and analysis. Combining papers by leading researchers in the field, this volume equips the reader with the state-of-the-art background necessary for creating the future of BI. It also provides the reader with an excellent basis and many pointers for further research in this growing field.

Hands On Business Intelligence with DAX

Author : Ian Horne
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Implement business intelligence (BI), data modeling, and data analytics within Microsoft products such as Power BI, SQL Server, and Excel Key Features Understand the ins and outs of DAX expressions and querying functions with the help of easy-to-follow examples Manipulate data of varying complexity and optimize BI workflows to extract key insights Create, monitor, and improve the performance of models by writing clean and robust DAX queries Book Description Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is known for its ability to increase efficiency by extracting new information from data that is already present in your model. With this book, you’ll learn to use DAX’s functionality and flexibility in the BI and data analytics domains. You’ll start by learning the basics of DAX, along with understanding the importance of good data models, and how to write efficient DAX formulas by using variables and formatting styles. You’ll then explore how DAX queries work with the help of examples. The book will guide you through optimizing the BI workflow by writing powerful DAX queries. Next, you’ll learn to manipulate and load data of varying complexity within Microsoft products such as Power BI, SQL Server, and Excel Power Pivot. You’ll then discover how to build and extend your data models to gain additional insights, before covering progressive DAX syntax and functions to understand complex relationships in DAX. Later, you’ll focus on important DAX functions, specifically those related to tables, date and time, filtering, and statistics. Finally, you’ll delve into advanced topics such as how the formula and storage engines work to optimize queries. By the end of this book, you’ll have gained hands-on experience in employing DAX to enhance your data models by extracting new information and gaining deeper insights. What you will learn Understand DAX, from the basics through to advanced topics, and learn to build effective data models Write and use DAX functions and expressions with the help of hands-on examples Discover how to handle errors in your DAX code, and avoid unwanted results Load data into a data model using Power BI, Excel Power Pivot, and SSAS Tabular Cover DAX functions such as date, time, and time intelligence using code examples Gain insights into data by using DAX to create new information Understand the DAX VertiPaq engine and how it can help you optimize data models Who this book is for This book is for data analysts, business analysts, BI developers, or SQL users who want to make the best use of DAX in the BI and data analytics domain with the help of examples. Some understanding of BI concepts is mandatory to fully understand the concepts covered in the book.

Journal of Information Systems Engineering and Business Intelligence

Author :
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Journal of Information System Engineering and Business Intelligence (JISEBI) focuses on Information System Engineering and its implementation, Business Intelligence, and its application. JISEBI is an international, peer review, electronic, and open access journal. JISEBI is seeking an original and high-quality manuscript. Information System Engineering is a multidisciplinary approach to all activities in the development and management of information system aiming to achieve organization goals. Business Intelligence (BI) focuses on techniques to transfer raw data into meaningful information for business analysis purposes, such as decision making, identification of new opportunities, and the implementation of business strategy. The goal of BI is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for businesses.