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Business Analysis for Beginners

Author : Mohamed Elgendy
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Business Analysis for Beginners is a comprehensive hands-on guide to jump-starting your BA career in four weeks. The book empowers you to gain a complete understanding of business analysis fundamental concepts and unlock the value of a business analyst to an organization in identifying problems and opportunities and finding solutions. Learn how to define the business needs and apply the most effective tools and techniques to elicit, analyze and communicate requirements with business stakeholders. Business analysis in a nutshell - gain a comprehensive understanding of business analysis fundamental concepts and understand the value of a business analyst to an organization in identifying problems and opportunities and finding solutions.Scope definition & requirements management techniques - learn how to define the business needs and the most effective tools and techniques to elicit, analyze and communicate requirements with business stakeholders. Your BA toolkit - in addition to our step-by-step guide to all business analysis tasks, this book provides a thorough explanation of the different models & methodologies of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and business process modeling. Our guide to kick-starting your BA career - we have included virtually every type of interview question you might face. After each chapter, you will find an interview cheat sheet to help you ace interview rounds and land your BA role.

How To Gather And Use Data For Business Analysis

Author : M.L. Humphrey
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These days the business world is full of talk about data science, big data, and how data analysis can transform your business. And it's absolutely true that collecting the right information, in the right way, analyzing that information, and then using it effectively to manage your business can give your business a competitive edge. But most businesses don't need to go so far as big data and data science. They just need to understand and implement some basic steps for gathering the right information about their business and using it effectively. Leveraging over twenty years of experience using data for business, M.L. Humphrey will walk you through what you need to know to help improve your bottom line today. So don’t wait. Get started now. This title was previously published as Data Principles for Beginners.


Author : Dr. Ajay Tyagi
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A corporate speculator embraces a monetary assessment while choosing whether to put resources into substantial resources or different business. The speculator needs to guarantee that it pays close to a reasonable incentive to buy the venture and that the monetary benefit for its proprietors is augmented. The part talks about monetary assessment with regards to venture choices with an emphasis on speculation valuation and organizing and assessment procedures. Capital gave to an organization, and any value produced inside, should just be put resources into resources if esteem is made for investors—that is, the point at which the estimation of financial advantages emerging from the advantages surpasses the cost of procuring those advantages.

Business analyst a profession and a mindset

Author : Yulia Kosarenko
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What does it mean to be a business analyst? What would you do every day? How will you bring value to your clients? And most importantly, what makes a business analyst exceptional? This book will answer your questions about this challenging career choice through the prism of the business analyst mindset — a concept developed by the author, and its twelve principles demonstrated through many case study examples. "Business analyst: a profession and a mindset" is a structurally rich read with over 90 figures, tables and models. It offers you more than just techniques and methodologies. It encourages you to understand people and their behaviour as the key to solving business problems.

Essentialism in Business For Beginners

Author : Dale Blake
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Starting a business is a challenge for beginners. Be it a small or a big one, you have to have passion, enthusiasm and knowledge in order to succeed in it. Aside from endowing yourself with these, it is also important to equip yourself with an attitude of a risk taker, who knows how to make calculated risks, as any business enthusiast would say, a business is a wager that yields to either you winning or losing the game. If you are planning to put up a business, it is imperative to understand that doing so demands a lot of things to the business owner, the proprietor or the entrepreneur.

Business Analysis life cycle IT Business Analyst

Author : Subramanyam Gunda
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I'm happy to see this book being selected, awarded and securing it's place in "100 notable books of 2020". Business Analysis life cycle & IT-Business Analyst (Role in Traditional, Digital and Agile world) book, is a quick read for Engineering, IT and Management graduates, novice and experienced Business analysts, Scrum Masters and Agile coaches, Business Architects and Business consultants. The book is beneficial for training institutes, BA nurturing programs, BA Internships, meet ups for knowledge sharing, webinar topics, in-house BA trainings, BA skill build, Scrum teams, sales team, governance teams, Center of excellence, Project management professionals and Agile practitioner's. Some key concepts you would love and enjoy reading: Traditional Business Analysis and processes Digital Business Analyst Skills and techniques for BA in DevOps environment Agile manifesto principles applied to a BA Core activities of an Agile BA Requirements cycle BA Career track and the available certifications A brief about the Enterprise Business Analysis Various Tools and techniques For reader's information: All job designation employees should read the book as a "casual read" and every chapter can be turned to a single book. So, enjoy the read, understand the role and it's scope and keep upskilling. You will find the content to its relevancy and post completion of reading, you can immediately relate the concepts to your job. Thank you.

Salesforce for Beginners

Author : Sharif Shaalan
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Get a 360-degree view of the Salesforce platform and learn how to use it for sales, service, marketing, and automating business processes. Key Features Understand how to use core Salesforce objects for maximum efficiency Build various dashboards and reports to analyze results and improve visibility in your business processes Learn the basics of Salesforce administration and mobile app set up Book Description Salesforce is the world's leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, helping businesses connect with their constituents and partners. This book will give you a comprehensive introduction to managing sales, marketing, customer relationships, and overall administration for your organization. You'll learn how to configure and use Salesforce for maximum efficiency and return on investment. You'll start by learning how to create activities, manage leads, and develop your prospects and sales pipeline using opportunities and accounts, and then understand how you can enhance marketing activities using campaigns. Packed with real-world business use cases, this Salesforce book will show you how to analyze your business information accurately to make productive decisions. As you advance, you'll get to grips with building various reports and dashboards in Salesforce to derive valuable business insights. Finally, you'll explore tools such as process builder, approval processes, and assignment rules to achieve business process automation and set out on the path to becoming a successful Salesforce Administrator. By the end of the book, you'll have learned how to use Salesforce effectively to achieve your business goals. What you will learn Understand the difference between Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic Create and manage leads in Salesforce Explore business development with accounts and contacts in Salesforce Find out how stages and sales processes help you manage your opportunity pipeline Achieve marketing goals using Salesforce campaigns Perform business analysis using reports and dashboards Gain a high-level overview of the items in the administration section Grasp the different aspects needed to build an effective and flexible Salesforce security model Who this book is for If you're new to Salesforce and want to learn it from scratch, this book is for you. No prior knowledge of Salesforce is required to get started with this book.

Digital Skills for Agile Business Analysis

Author : Tj. Blake Williams
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Welcome to Mobile Skills, a digital by default innovation platform focused on digital skills development. This Agile Business Analysis toolkit is the collective term for digital skills, digital innovation, technology-enabled competencies, and skills development. This includes the convergence of technology, digital, mobile, professional, marketing, and social media interactions increasingly seen as an integral part of the solution to many of the challenges facing a number of sectors and industries. It seeks to improve people’s ability to self-manage their career and professional development, alert businesses to changes in their service condition and support shared economy adherence. The Agile Business Analysis toolkit considers the barriers to digital adoption, shifting dynamics between consumers, business users, professionals, market analysis and how technology can help providers to work differently.

R in Finance and Economics

Author : Abhay Kumar Singh
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This book provides an introduction to the statistical software R and its application with an empirical approach in finance and economics. It is specifically targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students. It provides beginner-level introduction to R using RStudio and reproducible research examples. It will enable students to use R for data cleaning, data visualization and quantitative model building using statistical methods like linear regression, econometrics (GARCH etc), Copulas, etc. Moreover, the book demonstrates latest research methods with applications featuring linear regression, quantile regression, panel regression, econometrics, dependence modelling, etc. using a range of data sets and examples. Request Inspection Copy

IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies

Author : Peter Gregory, CISA, CISSP
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If you have a business or a nonprofit organization, or if you’re the one responsible for information systems at such an operation, you know that disaster recovery planning is pretty vital. But it’s easy to put it off. After all, where do you start? IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies shows you how to get started by creating a safety net while you work out the details of your major plan. The right plan will get your business back on track quickly, whether you're hit by a tornado or a disgruntled employee with super hacking powers. Here's how to assess the situation, develop both short-term and long-term plans, and keep your plans updated. This easy-to-understand guide will help you Prepare your systems, processes, and people for an organized response to disaster when it strikes Identify critical IT systems and develop a long-range strategy Select and train your disaster recovery team Conduct a Business Impact Analysis Determine risks to your business from natural or human-made causes Get management support Create appropriate plan documents Test your plan Some disasters get coverage on CNN, and some just create headaches for the affected organization. With IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies, you’ll be prepared for anything from hackers to hurricanes!