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Bush Planes and Bush Pilots

Author : Dan McCaffery
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The paperback edition of Bush Planes and Bush Pilots delves into the history of sixteen extraordinary bush planes now found in Canada's aviation museums, and the pilots who flew them.

The Bush Pilots

Author : Time-Life Books
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Describes the personalities, planes and experiences of bush pilots flying in the Canadian wilderness, the Australian outback, the jungles of New Guinea and Latin America and the frozen land of Alaska.

Arctic Bush Pilot

Author : James Anderson
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In 1948, then newcomer James "Andy" Anderson, started his career as an arctic bush pilot with a sense of adventure and a year-old Taylorcraft plane with no starter, no generator and no battery. He didn't know he'd become a pioneer. Anderson went on to establish a post-World War II bush service to Alaska's vast Koyukuk River region, backed by Wien Airlines. After seventeen years and more than 32,000 hours of flight time, Anderson offers a unique and historic view of living and flying in Alaska. Arctic Bush Pilot captures the spirit of Alaska and her hearty people while capturing the drama and adventure of Arctic flying, all from the historic perspective of this pioneering pilot.

Great Northern Bushplanes

Author : Robert S. Grant
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Commemoration of the pioneering bush pilots who helped open the way to the North.

Flying on Instinct

Author : L. D. Cross
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They were nicknamed Snow Eagle, Flying Knight, Bush Angel, Punch, Doc and Wop. They worked in open cockpits and flew through cold, snow and fog without the benefit of radios, maps or weather reports. They flew over the Barrens, frozen lakes, boreal forests and mountain ranges by dead reckoning and line of sight. They landed on makeshift runways, glaciers, muskeg, tundra and glassy lakes. Comrades of the wilderness, they were Canada's early bush pilots. L.D. Cross brings us the incredible stories of the brave and enterprising pilots who rolled back the boundaries of western and northern Canada, delivering mail, medicine, miners and all the supplies needed by frontier settlements. Flying such planes as Curtiss, Bellanca, de Havilland, Fairchild, Junkers, Norseman, Stinson and Vickers, they were the off-roaders of aviation, venturing where no others dared to go. Climb into the cockpit with these pioneering pilots for an exciting trip into Canadian aviation history.

From Fox Moths to Jet Rangers

Author : Harvey Evans
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Following in the flight path of The Accidental Airline and Bent Props and Blow Pots, From Fox Moths to Jet Rangers: A Bush Pilot's Life marks Canada's Centennial of Flight with another memorable story from Canada's bush flying heritage. Captain Harvey Evans was only eighteen years old when he earned his commercial pilot's licence in 1952, just as the aviation industry was emerging from the shadow of WWII, and he racked up an impressive 20,000 hours of flying time before filing his final flight plan in 1994. It was a remarkable and distinguished career that began in the old days of bush flying, bouncing around northern Canada on a wing and a prayer in biplanes full of frozen fish, then moved on to the early days of commercial helicopter work and extended into the time of flying by computer. Over the course of his career Evans had plenty of adventures. He describes one that happened on June 16, 1960, when a private plane carrying a fisherman and his young son had gone missing near Flin Flon: "The Air Force had called off the search at the end of fourteen days...The next morning I was flying...right over Tartan Lake where the missing aircraft had been heading and...much to my surprise a little figure came running out onto a bald rock and started waving frantically." The boy had survived at the wreck site without food for two weeks, first nursing his badly burned father then sleeping beside his corpse. The rescue was national news and made Evans a brief celebrity, but most of his story is that of an elite pilot replete with clear and absorbing descriptions of the jobs that made up his long working life. By the time he retired in 1994 he had been flying 42 years, doing every kind of job in every part of the continent, making him one of the most respected chopper pilots alive.

My Year As an Alaskan Bush Pilot

Author : Robert Brantner
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The Sky s the Limit

Author : Joyce Spring
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The women pilots profiled in this book have flown from British Columbia to Newfoundland and in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Right from the beginning of her interviews and research, the author found herself constantly amazed by the achievements of the women involved. Within the book are the stories of early Canadian women bush pilots from the late 1940s onwards. Their stories are exciting, occasionally funny, and always absorbing. Ranging from aerial surveys, water bombing of fires, flying fish, canoes and northern dogs, to the operation of a float-plane flying school, these women have left little undone. One pilot, Judy Cameron, was the first Canadian woman to be hired by an airline. Flying north of Superior, Elizabeth Wieben recalls the time that she flew naked. In pilot Suzanne Pettigrew’s own words, "We sure have come a long way and the ride was an awful lot of fun."

Bush Pilot with a Briefcase

Author : Ronald Keith
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At the age of twenty-two, Grant McConachie was a bush pilot running his own crazy airline in the Canadian North, flying trappers, gold miners, huskies and fish all over the wilderness. Only sixteen years later, he was appointed president of CPR’S fledgling airline, Canadian Pacific. In Bush Pilot with a Briefcase author Ronald A. Keith tells the incredible story of this country’s most colourful aviation pioneer. On McConachie's first official commercial flight, his passengers were one university professor and two hundred yellow-tailed crows. His first business partners were a Maltese princess and a carnival barker. He kept his early bush planes—and his subsequent career—aloft with equal parts luck and sheer seat-of-the-pants skill. As chief of Canadian Pacific from 1947 until his death in 1965, McConachie expanded his airline across the globe. Everywhere he went, his freewheeling high spirits, flamboyant style and what one journalist called “supersonic salesmanship” made him an irresistible force.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Bush Pilot

Author : R. H. Norman
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The Bush Pilot s Daughters

Author : David Cristwell
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Softcover - Erica Denny was not yet fifteen when her mother died. She wanted to run, not run away, but move far, far away from the subdivision near Dallas, Texas. Erica's father, Alan had little desire to carry on without his wife. Coupled with her drive to get far away from there and the need to make her father feel as though he had something to live for, Erica used a long flickering desire of Alan's to start life anew in Alaska. Follow them on their new adventures. The third book in "David Cristwell's Alaska" series chronologically.

Flying to Extremes

Author : Dominique Prinet
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Recalling some of most memorable escapades ever conducted in the Canadian Arctic with bush planes, Flying to Extremes takes place in the late '60s and early '70s from a base at Yellowknife, in the heart of the Northwest Territories. Beyond recounting so many near-mishaps, this book is also about colourful people: the trappers, prospectors, miners, adventurers and gold-ingot thieves who constituted the fauna at the main bar in Yellowknife in those days. For Arctic dreamers, there was always the flight to the Nahanni River, with its Deadman's Valley, hot springs, tales of lost or dead prospectors, the many airplanes crashed in pursuit of gold, and much more Nahanni lore. This entertaining book recollects Prinet's adventures as a young man while capturing the humour, beauty, danger and unique culture of northern communities, in the dramatic landscape of the Canadian Arctic. Readers familiar with the region and those who can only dream of visiting it will both find this title a nostalgic and captivating read.

The Polar Times

Author : August Howard
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Adventures Of A Bush Pilot In Alaska

Author : Hans Orlich
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This Pilot Novel is a remarkable story of the courage and dedication of a push pilot! Arriving in Alaska, the author began his job in Cantwell, where he ferried mining equipment and supplies from the railroad to the placer mining operation. On many trips, he had to make use of "painfully short" landing fields, with one measuring less than 700 feet. He spent one year in Cantwell, learning much about flying in Alaska. The author's next job was even more challenging. He was the first pilot to fly a winter air mail route from Anchorage to Bristol Bay, flying for McGee Airways. Until 1935, mail to remote villages had been delivered by dog team.... With a dozen friends, he started Bering Sea Airways. He was chief - and only - pilot for the small outfit, flying a brand new Waco he purchased in Seattle. He describes the thrills and horrors of flying without benefit of radio, weather reports, or flight instruments, relying on his knowledge of landmarks and the lay of the land. Often the villages were hard to spot because they were so covered with drifting snow. He encountered the famous "woolies" of the Aleutians - winds he claimed, that rivaled small tornadoes - which were a danger to his small plane even if it was grounded, when "they would hit us with a bang and lift us off the ground and drop us with a thud"... The author was one of the first pilots in Alaska to install radio equipment on his plane. The radio came in handy the first time he had it along - before it had even been installed - when he was able to radio for help after his plane went down on an island lake in Prince William Sound. Those interested in aviation history and the challenges faced by native and early settlers in Alaska will find this book extremely useful and enjoyable reading.

Nine Lives of an Alaska Bush Pilot

Author : Ken Eichner
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Drawn to Alaska in 1938, Ken Eichner became one of Alaska's best-known rescue pilots, famous for taking a helicopter wherever it needed to go to save lives-often at the risk of his own.

Bush Flying

Author : Robert S. Grant
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Offers readers a kaleidoscope of aviation stories from former bush pilot Robert Grant. Having logged more than 12,000 hours of flight time in the wilds of Canada, Grant takes the reader with him on his travels from coast to coast to coast. From adventures in the high arctic to near misses in the western mountain ranges, Grant shows that life behind the controls of a bush plane is not all fun and glamour. This book is sure to entertain all.

Exxon Air World

Author :
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McKay s Guide to Alaska

Author : Robert G. Hart
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True North

Author : George Erickson
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The author describes his journey in a Piper Cub Special seaplane through Northern Canada.