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Bullshit Towers

Author : Margaret Sims
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This book explores the impact of neoliberal managerialism, framed by the language of bullshit, on higher education in Australia. The book explores the figured world of management, leadership and followership in seeking to understand the changes that have shaped a sector characterised by unacceptably high rates of bullying, disrespect, lack of trust, micromanagement and poor health and wellbeing. In a world context where post-truth rules, the role of the higher education sector in creating citizens unable (or unwilling) to deconstruct the post-truths to which they are exposed is foregrounded. Quality education, increasingly defined as that which transmits the values and 'truths' of the privileged, has become a tool designed to create a compliant neoliberal citizenship willing to accept their allocated status in life. Critical thinking is discouraged despite bullshit words that parody its importance. University staff are de-professionalised, disrespected and disregarded and managers increasingly define themselves as 'the university.' Democracy is dead. Do we join the chorus shouting "long live the autocracy" or do we fight?

The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Author : Terry Victor
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Reviews of the two-volume New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, 2005: The king is dead. Long live the king! The old Partridge is not really dead; it remains the best record of British slang antedating 1945 Now, however, the preferred source for information about English slang of the past 60 years is the New Partridge. James Rettig, Booklist, American Library Association Most slang dictionaries are no better than momgrams or a rub of the brush, put together by shmegegges looking to make some moola. The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, on the other hand, is the wee babes. Ian Sansom, The Guardian The Concise New Partridge presents, for the first time, all the slang terms from the New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English in a single volume. With over 60,000 entries from around the English-speaking world, the Concise gives you the language of beats, hipsters, Teddy Boys, mods and rockers, hippies, pimps, druggies, whores, punks, skinheads, ravers, surfers, Valley girls, dudes, pill-popping truck drivers, hackers, rappers and more. The Concise New Partridge is a spectacular resource infused with humour and learning its rude, its delightful, and its a prize for anyone with a love of language.

The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Author : Tom Dalzell
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Booklist Top of the List Reference Source The heir and successor to Eric Partridge's brilliant magnum opus, The Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, this two-volume New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English is the definitive record of post WWII slang. Containing over 60,000 entries, this new edition of the authoritative work on slang details the slang and unconventional English of the English-speaking world since 1945, and through the first decade of the new millennium, with the same thorough, intense, and lively scholarship that characterized Partridge's own work. Unique, exciting and, at times, hilariously shocking, key features include: unprecedented coverage of World English, with equal prominence given to American and British English slang, and entries included from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, South Africa, Ireland, and the Caribbean emphasis on post-World War II slang and unconventional English published sources given for each entry, often including an early or significant example of the term’s use in print. hundreds of thousands of citations from popular literature, newspapers, magazines, movies, and songs illustrating usage of the headwords dating information for each headword in the tradition of Partridge, commentary on the term’s origins and meaning New to this edition: A new preface noting slang trends of the last five years Over 1,000 new entries from the US, UK and Australia New terms from the language of social networking Many entries now revised to include new dating, new citations from written sources and new glosses The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English is a spectacular resource infused with humour and learning – it’s rude, it’s delightful, and it’s a prize for anyone with a love of language. In addition to this hard back two volume set, The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English will also be the first slang dictionary available on-line, giving readers unprecedented access to the rich world of slang. For details, including hardback plus on-line bundle offers, please visit


Author : Franco E. Scanloni
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Troublemaker is the story of Fred Norman, a middle-aged man seething with anger, appalled by the mendacity and stupidity he sees all around him. Finally, unable to go along with it any longer, he decides to do something about it. Little does he know, In pursuing his course of action he will change his life forever. it is a story that many of us will be able to relate to.

The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Author : Tom Dalzell
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The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English presents all the slang terms from The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English in a single volume. Containing over 60,000 entries, this concise new edition of the authoritative work details the slang and unconventional English of from around the English-speaking world since 1945, and through the first decade of the new millennium, with the same thorough, intense, and lively scholarship that characterized Partridge’s own work. Unique, exciting and, at times, hilariously shocking, key features include: unprecedented coverage of World English, with equal prominence given to American and British English slang, and entries included from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, South Africa, Ireland, and the Caribbean emphasis on post-World War II slang and unconventional English dating information for each headword in the tradition of Partridge, commentary on the term’s origins and meaning. New to this second edition: a new preface noting slang trends of the last eight years over 1,000 new entries from the US, UK and Australia, reflecting important developments in language and culture new terms from the language of social networking from a range of digital communities including texting, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and online forums many entries now revised to include new dating and new glosses, ensuring maximum accuracy of content. The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English is a spectacular resource infused with humour and learning – it’s rude, it’s delightful, and it’s a prize for anyone with a love of language.

Slangs Dictionary of Unconventional English

Author : Salim Khan Anmol
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Slangs Dictionary of Unconventional English -is a recently launched book of Sakha Global Books publication to hold good command over English language. This is an excellent resource for all students who wish to learn, write and speak English language from zero level. Perfect for self-study, the series follows a guided-learning approach that gives students access to a full answer key with model answers. This book has been divided into sections and each section has been further divided into lessons. have been given, wherever necessary. Also, exercises are given at the end of every lesson for practice and solutions at the end of the book. This book has been designed to help you learn English in an easy and proper way. This is a clearly structured introductory English learning book intended to offer readers an advanced fluency in both spoken and written English. English pronunciations are given in easy way helping the readers to understand the complexities of English pronunciation. If one of those sounds familiar to you, perhaps you have found the right book. This book is essential for you to break through and not only improving your spoken skills but developing them so well regardless of your age. Armed with the proven tips, tricks, and techniques in this book, you’ll discover that you’ll be soaring to an entirely new and exciting level of learning within days. On top of that, these guidelines can be used nearly effortlessly. Proven Technique That Works You’ll discover what “Immersion” is and how it can painlessly take you to a supreme status in your studies. You’ll also learn about a related method of learning to pronounce English fearlessly. It’s called the “Shadowing.” Once you try it you’ll realize why so many people praise its effectiveness. Salient Features of the Book: • Self-Sufficient, Self-Study Book. • Detailed Explanation of English Grammar Topics. • Easy tools for Written and Spoken English. • Complete Guide to Error-free usage of English in day-to-day life. • Easy to Grasp Language for better understanding. English is not an easy language to learn. But if you are using proper methods to learn and speak, you’ll find that your next level of learning is just a click away. Learn and adopt these techniques, tips, and many more secrets revealed in this book, and your English fluency will be on a whole different level in 60 days ! Remember: Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Download Now and Start Speaking Fluent English! - Sakha Global Books

The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English A I

Author : Eric Partridge
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Entry includes attestations of the head word's or phrase's usage, usually in the form of a quotation. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Catalina over Arctic Oceans

Author : John French
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John French first took up flying in 1937 with the University of London Air Squadron and in 1938 joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. His early war years were spent instructing newly recruited RAF pilots on Airspeed Oxfords and Avro Ansons. When the end of this posting came through he was designated to 210 Squadron at Sullom Voe in the Shetlands to fly the Catalina flying boat. In November 1942 the squadron was ordered south to join 202 Squadron at Gibraltar. Here they flew sorties in support of the North African landings – Operation Torch. These were lengthy flights out into the Atlantic approaches to Gibraltar or Eastwards into the Mediterranean. He flew fifteen sorties in this short period before returning to Pembroke Dock. He was then instructed to report to Felixstowe to collect Catalina IB FP 222 and to ferry it up to his new base Sullom Voe. From this northern base the flying boats flew thirty hour patrols out into the Northern Atlantic searching for enemy ships and U-boats. On 8 September he was ordered to execute an extended search of the Norwegian coast where it was thought that the Tirpitz and Scharnhorst were seeking shelter. Having unsuccessfully searched the entire coastline at low-level they finally touched down on the Kola Inlet after a flight of over twenty-two hours. As February 1944 came towards its end he was detailed to cover a Russian convoy, JW57, far up to the north of the Arctic Circle. Shortly before his ETA with the convoy they got a radar return. They dropped down below the cloud to find a rough angry sea and spotted the wake of a ship. However this was not a ship but a surfaced U-boat. As they flew into attack they met a hail of 37mm and machine-gun fire John dropped to attack level and came in from the stern dropping two depth charges. Thus came the demise of U-601. On 18 July 1944 a Liberator of 86 Squadron was set on fire during an attack on a U-boat and was forced to ditch some 100 miles west of the Loften Islands. Eight members of the crew took to their dinghies. A Catalina was despatched on a search and rescue mission the following day but failed to find the victims. However on 20 July they were resighted. A volunteer crew was hastily formed and took off at 0130 on the 21st. Some excellent navigation brought the survivors into view at ETA. John decided to attempt a sea landing to effect the rescue. He came in low, into wind and across the swell at 65 knots. His crew soon had the stranded airman aboard, somewhat bedraggled after their sixty-two hour ordeal. They landed back at Sullom at 1410. After the war John stayed in the RAF and spent much of his time behind the Iron Curtain.

The Lingo

Author : Graham Seal
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A lively linguistic analysis of our distinctive forms of speech drawn from a range of everyday experiences, including work, relaxation, gambling, drinking, family life, sport, crime, war, politics and sexual relations.

The Twin Towers in Film

Author : Randy Laist
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For thirty years, the twin towers of the World Trade Center soared above the New York City skyline, eventually becoming one of the most conspicuous symbolic structures in the world. They appeared in hundreds of films, from Godspell and Death Wish to Trading Places, Ghostbusters and The Usual Suspects. The politicians, architects and engineers who developed the towers sought to imbue them with a powerful visual presence. The resulting buildings provided filmmakers with imposing set pieces capable of conveying a range of moods and associations, from the sublime and triumphal to the sinister and paranoid. While they stood, they captured the imagination of the world with their enigmatic symbolism. In their dramatic destruction, they became icons of a history that is still being written. Here viewed in the context of popular cinema, the twin towers are emblematic of how architecture, film and narrative interact to express cultural aspirations and anxieties.

The Omni Towers Boxed Set Books 1 3

Author : Jamie A. Waters
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The first three books in the award-winning dystopian fantasy series! Beneath the Fallen City (Book 1) **Winner of the Readers' Favorite Award for Fantasy & Science Fiction Romance** **Winner of the Colorado Independent Publisher's Association's EVVY Award for Science Fiction** **Global Ebook Awards Honorable Mention for Science Fiction** In the shadows of the towers, your only hope is to scavenge for the truth… One hundred and fifty years after the earth was ravaged by war, the two self-sustaining towers built by OmniLab continue to offer a safe haven for those who paid the hefty price to assure their family's survival. But on the surface, there are others who have survived over the years struggling to barter and trade artifacts found within the ruins of the crumbling cities in exchange for critical supplies. When Kayla, a ruin rat skilled in computer hacking and scavenging, discovers a strange artifact known as The Aurelia Data Cube, she finds herself inadvertently caught up in a series of events that threatens the lives of the mysterious and elusive people within OmniLab. Carl, an unorthodox negotiator with a head for business, is determined to eradicate the corruption amongst his OmniLab brethren and has no qualms about using Kayla to do it. Unfortunately, he wasn't counting on the vastness of the corruption or his own feelings for the headstrong woman who turns his life upside down. Caught between the life she knew and a dangerous world that's claimed her as their own, Kayla learns the fearful truth behind just how far one man will go to obtain power and how far she'll go to survive. Shadow of the Coalition (Book 2) Only in the darkness can vengeance thrive… It's been a month since Kayla, a headstrong ruin rat, and Carl, an OmniLab trader, returned to the surface. After she helped to restore control of the towers to those who would look after the best interests of the people, she'd found herself irrevocably bonded to Alec, the new co-leader of the High Council. Although her heart belongs to Carl, she finds it difficult to resist the strange bond between her and Alec. Caught between learning how to handle her new emerging abilities, mysterious earthquakes, and a strange group seemingly intent on targeting OmniLab, Kayla is once again swept up in events that threaten to change the entire future of the towers. Tremors of the Past (Book 3) Sometimes searching within yourself can reveal a more painful truth… Someone is trying to kill Kayla Rath’Varein—again. The Omni Towers are more dangerous than ever to the self-proclaimed ruin rat. With the instability in the towers reaching a crescendo and perils lurking in every corridor, Kayla needs to find out who is responsible and stop them before they succeed in ending her life. But when the man she loves is abducted and the lives of her former campmates are threatened, Kayla is forced to decide between launching a daring rescue attempt or protecting the lives of everyone within the towers. As her past and present collide, Kayla quickly learns that whatever path she chooses will forever change the course of her future and the fate of the Omni Towers.

Audacity of Bullshit

Author : b.f. thames
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Bullshit Artist

Author : Ron Schalow
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No Conspiracy Theories in This Book-Just a True Story of Spleen Clutching Incompetence, Forehead Slapping Stupidity and Ear Sweating Cowardice.Tough on terrorism? Strong on defense? Leadership? Not quite. Compared to George W. Bush's gutless and incompetent performance on 9/11, Brownie looks like General Patton. The President pulled a FEMA for 102 minutes while al Qaeda struck with impunity-but since W's actions on September 11 were largely ignored by the national media-most people weren't even aware of the little man's 7 minutes of ass sitting paralysis in an elementary school classroom until Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11" exposed the frozen leader of the free world-let alone know about Bush's clueless loitering-cutting and running, and terrorist appeasing for the other 95 minutes of the attacks. Ron Schalow's "Bullshit Artist" provides a full account of the President's lollygagging, decision avoiding and hiding in the heartland on the tragic day-in Bush's own words and the tortuously twisty recollections of the White House brain trust-Card, Rove, Fleischer, Hughes, Rice, Cheney & Rumsfeld-plus the traditional bushel basket of excuses that ensue after every Bush failure. And Bush supporters like Bill Sammon, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, John Podhoretz, David Frum and Dick Morris also chime in to provide cover for the cowardly Commander-in-Chief-evidently more concerned about the image of their beloved politician than the security of the American people. Then, as if his flaccid failures on 9/11 weren't shameful enough, a delusional GW boasts of his defense prowess at least 19 times per day in the following years-whoring the terrorist attacks and 3,000 deaths on his watch to his immense political benefit-a Bullshit Artist at his best.

Silver Meets Gold

Author : Bethany Bliss
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In the current year of 2251, the world has been dominated by a new race of beings: Buranians. Genetically altered not to feel, they ruthlessly conquered the world and united it under one empire. The Elite is a resistance force that refuses to adhere to the new world laws and fights for their freedom. Neera is a Buranian living peacefully. That peace is shattered however, when The Elite launch an attack that kills the only person to ever care for her. Broken by the act, she declares revenge on their leader, Shadow. Shadow lives under the radar leading his resistance group and planning uprisings. It’s during one of these attacks that he stumbles upon something he didn’t realize he was missing. A petite, beautiful woman with the most gorgeous silver eyes he’s ever seen – a Buranian. At first, they mix like oil and water but circumstances beyond their control force them to spend time together. Neera soon finds herself unable to resist Shadow, and Shadow discovers a deep need for her, both with emotions not in their control. Can they find common ground and can they survive together? This is book one in The Final Rebellion series and a complete book. No cliffhanger. Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, power exchange and sensual themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

The Tower

Author : Carol Ann Ross
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The Tower is the third book in the Murder by the Sea series by Carol Ann Ross. The Tower, an old missile observation structure built in the 1940s, stands staunchly against the ocean-the gales, squalls, and hurricanes that come year in and year out. It seems a fortress of strength and endurance and has become a beloved landmark of Topsail Island. The view from the tower is astounding as it rises above the dunes to rose sunrises, azure seas at twilight, lazy days watching beachgoers and fishermen. Quietly, this tower and the land it rests on offer paradise. But just because the view of life at the beach seems a bit more serene, a bit slower, from the tower, it doesn't mean that the age-old struggles between right and wrong or good and bad don't exist. Sometimes the lines are blurred. Sometimes things are justified. But sometimes the evil is so blatant it can't be ignored. And even the tower can’t rise above it. It seems she just won’t go away. All the detectives want is to have their sleepy little town back. But Estelle has a way about her and even the innocent and trusting are at her mercy.

The Marching Boots in My Head

Author : Nivekth
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Icon Thomas was born into a world of racism and sexism where he uncovers a mass racist terrorist act done to him and his black classmates in his predominantly white elementary school in 1972. Icon discovers as an adult that his whole life had been terrorized every day since youth by numerous computerized lies used to invade his body and privacy, linked to the satellite towers in the county where he grew up. At that, they were being controlled by powerful people with money for ill-gotten gain. In his world of mental illness, he becomes aware of the truth surrounding the confusion of his physical conflicts within his body and mind, which are man-made and are linked to the satellite towers that were designed as a cover-up for fraud, attempted murders and murders, and the deaths of the students that went to his elementary school while he was there and during the duration of his school days.

Dark Tower I The Gunslinger

Author : Stephen King
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The Dark Tower is now a major motion picture starring Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba. 'The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.' The iconic opening line of Stephen King's groundbreaking series, The Dark Tower, introduces one of his most enigmatic and powerful heroes: Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger. Roland is a haunting figure, a loner, on a spellbinding journey toward the mysterious Dark Tower, in a desolate world which frighteningly echoes our own. On his quest, Roland begins a friendship with a kid from New York named Jake, encounters an alluring woman and faces an agonising choice between damnation and salvation as he pursues the Man in Black. JOIN THE QUEST FOR THE DARK TOWER... THE DARK TOWER SERIES: THE DARK TOWER I: THE GUNSLINGER THE DARK TOWER II: THE DRAWING OF THE THREE THE DARK TOWER III: THE WASTE LANDS THE DARK TOWER IV: WIZARD AND GLASS THE DARK TOWER V: WOLVES OF THE CALLA THE DARK TOWER VI: SONG OF SUSANNAH THE DARK TOWER VII: THE DARK TOWER THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE: A DARK TOWER NOVEL

Towers Progeny

Author : Buck Brannon
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TOWERS’ PROGENY Dr. Rob Becker will also be your guide in the second novel of the TOWERS trilogy. Prior to his wife’s kidnapping, all was right in Rob’s world. Towers Above had retired to stud and Rob’s dream of producing another “Secretariat” had come true. However Rob’s CIA operative friend—Tommy, couldn’t let go of some gnawing financial questions concerning a farmhand that had cared for “T.A.”. While investigating the death of “T.A.’s” former groom and his new-found wealth in a South American country. Tommy unwound the web of deceit surrounding Rob’s silent partner Mark and his involvement within one of America’s darkest intelligence agencies. Rob knew that he was once again putting his marriage at risk, but he couldn’t help it. It didn’t take long before Marty discovered Rob’s deceit. His continued lies resulted in Marty moving in with her sister in Portland, Oregon. Distraught and panicked, Rob called Tommy, who had information that only added to Rob’s fears. Antifa terrorists in Portland were kidnapping wealthy individuals and demanding enormous ransoms from the kidnapped victim’s families. Tommy tells Rob that Marty fits the kidnapper’s profile. Tommy’s intel proves to be right. Within days, Marty is kidnapped. The search for her takes Rob and Tommy on trails surrounding Mt. Hood, where Antifa’s secret hideout was thought to be. The home-grown anarchists, believed to be made up of mostly entitled dissatisfied Millenials, were no strangers to death and destruction and had embarked on a journey to cause both. Weapons of mass destruction had previously been stolen by Antifa followers and their use was now a threat to the well-being of thousands of innocents in Portland. Together with American military forces, the CIA, Homeland Security and other government anti-terrorism agencies, Tommy and Rob set off on their separate perilous journeys. Was it destiny or determination that kept Rob and Tommy together in circumstances of natural and terrorism-driven danger and death. As events in Portland escalate, both men would personally experience devastating loss and sorrow during the defeat of Antifa’s short-lived revolution.

The Towers

Author : David Poyer
File Size : 43.96 MB
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After surviving the attacks on September 11, 2001, Dan Lenson finds himself quickly drawn into a covert SEAL team in search of the terrorists responsible. Their mission: kill Osama Bin Laden. On the morning of September 11, 2001, Commander Dan Lenson is visiting the Pentagon, and his wife is at a job interview at the World Trade Center. In the action-packed scenes that follow, Dan fights his way through flames and destruction to safety, and tries to reach his wife on her cell phone, but the terrifying few seconds before they're cut off do nothing to calm his fears. Dan immediately becomes involved in the military reaction to the attack. His SEAL team is assigned to Task Force Rhino, a mission that takes him to Afghanistan and the borders of Pakistan in order to hunt down, capture, or kill Osama bin Laden and other senior members of the Taliban government and al Qaeda leadership. The 13th Dan Lenson novel, The Towers is a fascinating, accurate depiction of the events of September 11 and the military response, informed by sources in the Navy, the SEALS, the NCIS, and the author's own military experience. Full of fast-paced sequences and heart-pumping drama, David Poyer takes the reader into the center of the action and face-to-face with the terrorist enemy.

Well of Towers

Author : Jon Prichard
File Size : 82.3 MB
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The accidental discovery of a mysterious ancient civilization threatens to destabilize the world order, sending its religions and governments into an era of global chaos, violence and human annihilation. A deep chasm in the middle of a Mesopotamian desert holds unfamiliar secrets as to the origins of mankind. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the secular religions of Evolution and Atheism stand in lock-step to make certain the world never knows the truth.stories contained in ancient scriptures are true. but not the same truths taught in churches, synagogues and mosques. America sends a team of scientific explorers, Team Babelus, to secure otherworldly technologies in a desperate race against despotic tyrants and religious radicals seeking unlimited power and world domination. What they find astounds the world. This journey into the ancient past reveals real truths of human origins.changing the course of history forever.