Building Blocks for Communication

Activities for Promoting Language and Communication Skills in Children with Special Educational Needs


Author: Amy Eleftheriades

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351697854

Category: Education

Page: 122

View: 3773

This practical book provides school staff with lots of LEGO activities to use with children of all ages (5-16) to improve communication skills. Whether it is whole class doing group building activities to encourage collaborative working or paired work to target specific communication difficulties, this book is packed full of engaging, fun activities to suit all ages and abilities. LEGO never fails to entertain. Designed to look like play, each activity is structured to target the development of particular skills needed for successful learners, including many that focus on basic literacy and numeracy vocabulary.

Building Blocks for Reflective Communication

A Guide for Early Care and Education Professionals


Author: Grace Manning-Orenstein

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 1631529331

Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 8152

In the United States today, more than 11 million children five years of age and under spend part of each day in the professional care of 21 million early childhood caregivers. Anyone connected to this field, whether they be administrators, teachers, parents, mental health consultants, early childhood mental health agencies, or universities, will want to learn about the unique stressors of this emotionally charged environment and its impact on the individuals who work there. Intended to provide communication skills that deal positively with the powerful emotions triggered by stress, Tame Your Powerful Emotions will help people express themselves honestly and authentically while at the same time showing respect for their colleagues. Empowering, straightforward, and accessible, this book is a source of calm for those tense moments when teacher relationships hang in the balance.

10 Building Blocks for a Solid Family

The Homeword Guide to Parenting


Author: Jim Burns

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441265953

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 3775

This honest and enlightening book from one Christian parent to another is filled with encouragement and time-tested techniques for anyone who wants to ensure the health and happiness of their own family. Jim Burns will be the first to tell you that no family is perfect--including his own--and in 10 Building Blocks for a Strong Family, he emphasizes the heartening news that most parents do a good job of parenting but just don't know it. Here parents will find personal stories from interviews with parents and experts on family relationships, covering almost every aspect of parenting--from helping children deal with stress to learning to play together as a family. When readers learn the ten essential principles for creating a strong, close-knit household, they'll discover a family that shines with love for God and one another!

Building Blocks for Tobacco Control

A Handbook


Author: WHO,Annette David,World Health Organization,Vera da Costa e Silva

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9241546581

Category: Law

Page: 285

View: 8041

The idea for this handbook arose from an awareness that whilst various WHO documents called for developing national capacity for tobacco control, there was not comprehensive guide to the development of such a capacity. This book is thus, essentially, a pragmatic "how to" manual. The Introduction presents the evolving definition of "national capacity", identifies the types of capacities needed for effective tobacco control and outlines the key features of building capacity. Section 1 provides a descriptive overview of the tobacco epidemic. It looks at tobacco as a risk factor, presenting its health, social and economic costs; the global strategies of the tobacco industry to counteract public health measures; the scientific evidence for effective tobacco control interventions; and the WHO FCTC as a global solution to an epidemic with prominent politico-legal and socio-cultural attributes. Section 2 focuses on the fundamental capacities necessary to empower countries to control the tobacco epidemic successfully. These chapters apply the lessons learned from the experiences of different countries and offer advice and suggestions to enable countries to put the theories of tobacco control into practice.

High-speed Circuits for Lightwave Communications


Author: Keh-Chung Wang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789810235369

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 358

View: 563

High speed circuits are crucial for increasing the bandwidth of transmission and switching of voice/video/data over optical fiber networks. The ever-increasing demand for bit rates higher than those available due to the explosion of Internet traffic has driven engineers to develop integrated circuits of performance approaching 100 Gb/s. Commercial lightwave products using high speed circuits of 10 Gb/s and beyond are readily available.High Speed Circuits for Lightwave Communications presents the latest information on circuit design, measured results, applications, and product development. It covers electronic and opto-electronic circuits for transmission, receiving, and cross-point switching. These circuits were implemented with various state-of-the-art IC technologies, including Si BJT, GaAs MESFET, HEMT, HBT, as well as InP HEMT and HBT. The book, written by more than 50 experts, will benefit graduate students, researchers, and engineers who are interested in or work in this exciting and challenging field of optical communications.

Building Blocks for Bible Study

Laying a Foundation for Life


Author: Peter Verkruyse

Publisher: College Press

ISBN: 9780899007953

Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 601

Presents strategies for studying the Bible. Offers advice for selecting the right Bible, methods of interpretation, and the use of commentaries. Includes exercises and review questions.

Security, Privacy, and Trust in Modern Data Management


Author: Milan Petkovic,Willem Jonker

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540698612

Category: Computers

Page: 472

View: 6267

The vision of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence describes a world of technology which is present anywhere, anytime in the form of smart, sensible devices that communicate with each other and provide personalized services. However, open interconnected systems are much more vulnerable to attacks and unauthorized data access. In the context of this threat, this book provides a comprehensive guide to security and privacy and trust in data management.

Core, Communication, Leadership

Building Blocks for a Successful Leader!


Author: Luke Lee Tet

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452527245

Category: Self-Help

Page: 102

View: 9191

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother, father, big brother, sister, grandparent, business owner, manager or someone else: You have to lead somebody. But if you don’t have rapport with each and every one of your team members, you’re not going to end up where you want to go, which is why Luke Lee Tet wrote this workbook—so you can arrive at your desired destination. As a former softball player for Australia who won a gold medal and now as a coach of junior softball, he knows how to win. In plain language, he delivers strategies and insights that will help you: • understand different ways people around you learn; • cultivate the skills that effective leaders have in common; • follow seven steps of active listening; • promote a winning culture. What you learn about yourself and those around will do much more than enhance your leadership skills. You’ll be equipped to live a more fulfilling life with Core, Communication, Leadership.

Developing Communication Skills


Author: Annie Sloan,Ed Shewan

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press

ISBN: 9781930367319

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 155

View: 7488

Advanced principles of grammar and creative writing are emphasized in this workbook, along with spelling rules. Students learn how to make a subject and verb agree, how to handle transitive and intransitive verbs, and how to identify subordinating conjunctions and adverb clauses. Creative writing activities include writing paragraphs, expository writing drills, and preparing a research paper. Grade 11.

Communicating the Value of Preservation

A Playbook


Author: N.A

Publisher: Transportation Research Board

ISBN: 0309258707

Category: Communication planning

Page: 187

View: 4344

"Presents guidance for communicating the value of highway system maintenance and preservation. The report includes numerous examples and models that transportation agency staff members can use to present to agency leadership, elected officials, and the public to make the case for allocating budgetary and other resources to preserve and maintain the public's investment in highway infrastructure."--Publisher's description.