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Sustainable Building 2000 22 25 October 2000 Maastricht The Netherlands

Author : Chiel Boonstra
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Building 2000

Author : C. den Ouden
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This is the first volume of BUILDING 2000, a pilot project of the Commission's R&D programme 'Solar Energy Applications to Buildings' with the purpose of encouraging the adoption of solar architecture in large buildings. In this first volume the results of the design studies illustrating passive solar architecture in buildings in the European Community are presented in particular for the building categories: SCHOOLS, LABORATORIES AND UNIVERSITIES, and SPORTS AND EDUCATIONAL CENTRES. In a second volume, a similar series of studies is presented for the building categories: OFFICE BUILDINGS, PUBLIC BUILDINGS and HOTELS AND HOLIDAY COMPLEXES. There was an enthousiastic response from project teams responsible for the design of 32 large buildings with a total construction budget of more than 140 million ECU. The willingness to improve their building concepts by collaborating with R&D-experts was encouraging to the Commission's action in this field. These two books reflect the results of the exchange of information between the actual design practitioners and the European R&D-community. Within the BUILDING 2000 programme 'Science and Technology at the Service of Architecture' became reality. This was not only realised by the various support activities initiated by BUILD ING 2000, but also by the active exchange of ideas by architects and design team members with R&D-workers during the various workshops held within the BUILDING 2000 programme. I highly recommend architects and engineers interested in passive solar architecture and modem daylighting approaches to study these final products of the BUILDING 2000 programme.

Building 2000

Author : Theo C. Steemers
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Building 2000 Office buildings public buildings hotels and holiday complexes

Author : Commission of the European Communities
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The set of Building 2000 brochures illustrates how architects and other building designers can successfully apply passive solar principles to produce energy-effient buildings. Building 2000 is a pilot project of the European Commission's R&D programme Solar Energy Applications to Buildings, encouraging the adoption to solar architectures in large buildings.

The Building Regulations 2000

Author : Stationery Office
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Coming into effect 6 April 2007, when it replaces the 2000 edition (incorporating 2002 amendments) of approved document B (TSO ISBN 011703634X). Approved document B Vol. 2 Buildings other than dwellinghouses is also available (ISBN 0117037257). With addenda (8p., February 2007) which contains two text amendments and an index to the main work

The Building Regulations 2000 Sanitation hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency

Author : Stationery Office
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Building Regulations 2000

European Directory of Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building 1999

Author : John Goulding
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This directory has become a valued source of information for energy-efficient building designers and specifiers throughout Europe and the details and scope of product, service and supplier listings have again been extensively updated for this edition.

Building CISCO Networks for Windows 2000

Author : Syngress
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Microsoft Corporation, the world's largest software vendor, and Cisco Systems, the world's largest internetworking vendor, have jointly developed a common software interface for managing Cisco hardware on Microsoft networks: Cisco Network Services for Active Directory (CNS/AD). Until now, network administrators have been forced to master two completely different product interfaces to effectively manage their networks. Configuring Cisco Network Services for Active Directory is the first book announced for this enormous Information Technology audience. This book is a practical guide to managing CNS/AD. It focuses on how to promote system efficiency and improve network service by using CNS/AD to centralize network management, using the directory as a repository for all policies that govern network usage. The book also describes how to manage Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS) networking features and network resources in the same unified way as other enterprise resources, such as user access controls, files, and printers. * This book coincides with the launch of Windows 2000 Server, the host system for the product * This new technology promises to reduce administrative overheads * Over 500,000 Microsoft and Cisco certification guides from Syngress have been sold over the last two years. * Cisco is red hot, and this is the merging of its technologies with Microsoft!

Commission of the European Communities Building

Author :
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Towards Sustainable Building

Author : N. Maiellaro
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This volume contains the extended versions of selected papers presented at the first Mediterranean Conference "Sharing Knowledge on Sustainable Building" held at the Polytechnic ofBari in December 1999, supported by the National Research Council of Italy. The publication of this book was made possible through the efforts of the contributing Authors. Other people have provided invaluable support for the conference and for the preparation of this volume; in particular, I wish to thank Antonella Lerario for providing support in the final editing of the text and images. 1 As reported in Boonstra and Rovers (200 I) , people spend a great deal of time inside buildings; therefore, decisions about design, construction, use, maintenance, renovation, demolition, reuse and recycling of buildings have a huge impact on the sustainable development of our society. Technical aspects, however, should be supported by adequate policies, developed with appropriate tools and driven by meaningful challenges. For people involved in sustainable buildings, the conceptual frameworks, studies and experiences collected in this volume, organized into three parts - "Policies", "Tools" and "Challenges" - will help to advance knowledge allowing them to adopt and more efficiently implement such innovations sooner.

Advances in Building Technology

Author : M. Anson
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This set of proceedings is based on the International Conference on Advances in Building Technology in Hong Kong on 4-6 December 2002. The two volumes of proceedings contain 9 invited keynote papers, 72 papers delivered by 11 teams , and 133 contributed papers from over 20 countries around the world. The papers cover a wide spectrum of topics across the three technology sub-themes of structures and construction, environment, and information technology. The variety within these categories spans a width of topics, and these proceedings provide readers with a good general overview of recent advances in building research.

Energy Star and Other Voluntary Programs 2000 Annual Report

Author :
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Building Drawing

Author : M. G. Shah
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Tunnels and Underground Structures Proceedings Tunnels Underground Structures Singapore 2000

Author : J. Zhao
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This text describes topics discussed at the conference, including: tunnelling and construction in soft ground and rocks; geological investigations; tunnelling machines; planning for underground infrastructure; safety issues and environmental and social aspects of underground development.

Durability 2000

Author : Warren D. Ketola
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Drawn from a January 2000 symposium held in New Orleans, the 13 papers in this collection discuss characterization of materials that have been subjected to exposure tests; advances and new developments in outdoor, indoor and laboratory accelerated tests; and service life prediction. Topics include t

Building Adaptation

Author : James Douglas
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As existing buildings age, nearly half of all construction activity in Britain is related to maintenance, refurbishment and conversions. Building adaptation is an activity that continues to make a significant contribution to the workload of the construction industry. Given its importance to sustainable construction, the proportion of adaptation works in relation to new build is likely to remain substantial for the foreseeable future, especially in the developed parts of the world. Building Adaptation, Second Edition is intended as a primer on the physical changes that can affect older properties. It demonstrates the general principles, techniques, and processes needed when existing buildings must undergo alteration, conversion, extension, improvement, or refurbishment. The publication of the first edition of Building Adaptation reflected the upsurge in refurbishment work. The book quickly established itself as one of the core texts for building surveying students and others on undergraduate and postgraduate built environment courses. This new edition continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to all the key issues relating to the adaptation of buildings. It deals with any work to a building over and above maintenance to change its capacity, function or performance.

Capacity Building for Participatory Irrigation Management in Sindh Province of Pakistan

Author : Yameen Memon
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Based on a project in which IWMI assessed the training needs of the farmers under the Farmer Managed Irrigated Agriculture (FMIA), the study highlights the importance of training in areas such as; effective communication strategies and conflict resolution, equitable water distribution, optimum use of water, financial management and developing a business plan.

Building DMZs For Enterprise Networks

Author : Syngress
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This book covers what an administrator needs to plan out and integrate a DMZ into a network for small, medium and Enterprise networks. In most enterprises the perception is that a firewall provides a hardened perimeter. However, the security of internal networks and hosts is usually very soft. In such an environment, a non-DMZ system that is offering services to the Internet creates the opportunity to leapfrog to other hosts in the soft interior of your network. In this scenario your internal network is fair game for any attacker who manages to penetrate your so-called hard perimeter. - There are currently no books written specifically on DMZs - This book will be unique in that it will be the only book that teaches readers how to build a DMZ using all of these products: ISA Server, Check Point NG, Cisco Routers, Sun Servers, and Nokia Security Appliances. - Dr. Thomas W. Shinder is the author of the best-selling book on Microsoft's ISA, Configuring ISA Server 2000. Customers of the first book will certainly buy this book.

Green Building

Author : RSMeans
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A unique cost reference, updated and expanded, for architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, and managers Green building is no longer a trend. Since the publication of the widely read first edition of this book, green building has become a major advancement in design and construction. Building codes and standards have adopted much stricter energy efficiencies. Businesses, institutions, and communities have discovered huge savings, along with health and marketing advantages, in sustainable building. Private facilities, as well as public buildings for Federal, state, and local governments are increasingly required to design and build sustainably in both new construction and renovation. This Third Edition has been updated with the latest in green building tech-nologies, design concepts, standards, and costs. The chapters, case studies, and resources give you practical guidance on green building, including the latest on: Green building approaches, materials, rating systems, standards, and guidelines Energy efficiencies, implementing energy modeling tools Designing and specifying, as well as commissioning, green building projects Often-specified products and materials, as well as a sample spec Goals and techniques for health, comfort, and productivity Evaluating the cost versus value of green products over their life cycle Low-cost green strategies, and special economic incentives and funding Building deconstruction and cost considerations With a new chapter on greening of commercial real estate, this reference is a one-stop resource for the latest in green building approaches and implementation. The contributors, all prominent leaders in green building, include: Mark Kalin, FAIA, FCSI, author of the original GreenSpec Andy Walker, Ph.D., PE, senior engineer with NREL Joseph Macaluso, AACE, certified cost consultant

Scottish Building Standards in Brief

Author : Rozz Algar
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Scottish Building Standards in Brief takes the highly successful formula of Ray Tricker's Building Regulations in Brief and applies it to the requirements of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004. With the same no-nonsense and simple to follow guidance but written specifically for the Scottish Building Standards it's the ideal book for builders, architects, designers and DIY enthusiasts working in Scotland. Ray Tricker and Roz Algar explain the meaning of the regulations, their history, current status, requirements, associated documentation and how local authorities view their importance, and emphasises the benefits and requirements of each one. There is no easier or clearer guide to help you to comply with the Scottish Building Standards in the simplest and most cost-effective manner possible.