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British Foreign Policy Since 1945

Author : Mark Garnett
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British Foreign Policy since 1945 brings a chronological approach to the study of British foreign policy since the Second World War in order to make the principal events and dynamics accessible within a broader historical and cultural context. The key features included in this book: a detailed chronological survey of developments in post-war British politics; an integrated discussion of foreign and domestic policy developments indicating connections and interlocking themes; illustrations of British foreign policy drawn from popular culture; analysis of Britain's role in the world, particularly in regards to the UK's decision to leave the EU; a range of in-text features including essay questions and seminar/discussion topics. This timely book will be essential reading for anyone interested in British politics, foreign policy analysis and British history.

British Foreign Policy and the National Interest

Author : T. Edmunds
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Whose interests does British foreign policy serve? Is the national interest a useful explanatory tool for foreign policy analysts? This interdisciplinary collection responds to these questions exploring ideas of Britain's national interest and their impact on strategy, challenging current thinking and practice in the making of foreign policy.

British Foreign Policy

Author : Jamie Gaskarth
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Britain has been a significant voice in global politics in the last two decades and its impact on world events far outweighs its material resources. But how does a small island on the edge of Europe continue to exercise this level of power on an international scale? What kind of actor is Britain internationally? And what future challenges will confront British foreign policymakers in a multi-polar world of emerging powers? In this comprehensive introduction to British foreign policy today Jamie Gaskarth addresses these and other key questions. Against a rich historical backdrop, he examines the main actors and processes involved in British foreign policy-making as well as the role played by identity in shaping such choices. Later chapters focus on the relationship between economics and foreign policy, what it means to be ethical in this policy sphere, and the justification for and benefits of the UK’s continued use of force to achieve its foreign policy goals. Combining interview research, theoretical insight and analysis of contemporary and historical trends, this book charts how British foreign policy has come to be understood and practised in the 21st Century. It will be an invaluable guide for students of British politics, foreign policy, international relations and related courses.

Aspects of British Foreign Policy

Author : Sir Arthur Willert
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The Administration of British Foreign Policy 1782 1846

Author : Charles Ronald Middleton
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British Foreign Policy 1919 1939

Author : Paul W. Doerr
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In this comprehensive and accessible account, Paul Doerr examines British foreign policy from the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 to the outbreak of World War Two in 1939. How did British leaders try to preserve the peace in the years after Versailles? Why did they resort to appeasement when confronted by Adolf Hitler? To what extent were British leaders limited by public opinion, economics, and global commitments? These questions and more are answered in this volume which surveys the results of the Paris Peace conference, and the crushing of the hopes of the 1920s under the impact of the Depression. British leaders are here seen trying to cope with the multiple crises of the 1930s, from Manchuria in 1931 to the final descent into war in 1939. Doerr’s survey is enhanced by detailed portraits of the leading actors and accounts of some of the famous meetings and events.

British Foreign Policy since 1870

Author : Will Podmore
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This book survey Britain´s foreign policy since 1870. Conventional accounts stress the rulers´ benevolent rhetoric: I present the evidence that refutes this superficial, liberal view. Britain´s economy is the key to understanding its foreign policy: capitalism causes a conflict-ridden foreign policy. The rulers´ focus has been on seizing profits from abroad, for which they have sacrificed the welfare of the British people. British governments - Conservative, Liberal and Labour alike - have represented the tiny minority who own the means of production, and have opposed the great majority who have to work for a living. The ruling class´s external focus has also damaged relations with other countries and helped to produce the two recurring types of war - wars between rival empires and wars against national liberation.

British Foreign Policy 1660 1972

Author : Feiling
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First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

British Foreign Policy

Author : Laurence Martin
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Has the 20th century been one of steady decline for British foreign policy? Can there be a distinct British foreign policy in age of regionalism and globalization? This study challenges perceptions of irrevocable decline and suggests a more balanced assessment of Britain's strengths and weaknesses. As "high politics", including security concerns diminish in importance, economic and commercial concerns increasingly seem to dictate foreign policy. On the assumption that what the population seeks is a combination of physical security, prosperity and what could be termed "moral self-approbation", this study suggests ways in which Britain could capitalize on its influence and assets to promote its interests. A framework is provided for thinking about British foreign policy at a time when globalization, multinational companies, NGOs, the European Union and other factors increasingly constrain the freedom of government and the traditional role of the foreign office.

Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919 1939

Author : Great Britain. Foreign Office
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Her Majesty's government in the United Kingdom have decided to publish the most important documents in the Foreign Office archives relating to British foreign policy between 1919 amd 1939 in three series: the 1st ser. covering from 1919-1930, the 2d from 1930-39, the 3d from Mar. 1938 to the outbreak of the War.

Debating Foreign Affairs

Author : Christian Haase
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British Foreign Policy 1945 56

Author : Michael L. Dockrill
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A collection of essays by international historians which explore British diplomatic policy in the decade following the end of World War II. Topics include propaganda, atomic policy, Imperial problems, European unity and Britain's response to political crises in the Middle East and Far East.

British Foreign Policy during the Curzon Period 1919 24

Author : G. Bennett
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A wide-ranging and authoritative study of British foreign policy in the critical years after the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Policy towards Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, United States and Far East is examined alongside such themes as the role of Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Cabinet in policy formulation. The evolution and execution of policy is set alongside the limitations imposed on British statesmen by the dominions, armed forces, economic weakness and domestic politics.

Challenges and Opportunities for British Foreign Policy

Author : James Callaghan
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British Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century

Author : C.J. Bartlett
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An account of British foreign policy in the 20th century, discussing the challenging commitments, World Wars, Cold War and readjustments to the present day.

Pax Britannica

Author : Muriel E. Chamberlain
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Pax Britannica? is a study of Britain's international role and foreign policy during the century of her imperial greatness. The study shows how her foreign policy was affected, and to some extent, dictated by her domestic political issues. In her stimulating and readable study, Dr Chamberlain explains the how the whole nature of foreign-policy making changed in the nineteenth century. Once the preserve of a small handful of monarchs and professional diplomats, it was transformed by the expansion of the fanchise, the influence of the press and the mobilisation of public opinion by men such as Disraeli and Palmerston.

The Future of British Foreign Policy

Author : Max Beloff
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British Foreign Policy 1918 1945

Author : Sidney Aster
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British Foreign Policy and the Atlantic Area

Author : Arthur I. Cyr
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British Foreign Policy in the Age of Walpole

Author : Jeremy Black
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This study provides an analysis of the major questions surrounding the debate, formulation and execution of foreign policy in the age of Walpole. It is a subject which has tended to be ignored by historians, yet it was central to the political activity of the period. as well as to historians of Parliament, Jacobitism, trade and the press. Drawing on a range of primary source material, Jeremy Black explores the substance and direction of policy, and the inevitable political wrangles. This text should be of interest to students of foreign policy, but also to historians of Parliament, Jacobitism, trade, and the press.