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British Baroque

Author : Tabitha Barber
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British Baroque

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Mural Painting in Britain 1630 1730

Author : Lydia Hamlett
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This book illuminates the original meanings of seventeenth- and early-eighteenth-century mural paintings in Britain. At the time, these were called ‘histories’. Throughout the eighteenth century, though, the term became directly associated with easel painting and, as ‘history painting’ achieved the status of a sublime genre, any link with painted architectural interiors was lost. Whilst both genres contained historical figures and narratives, it was the ways of viewing them that differed. Lydia Hamlett emphasises the way that mural paintings were experienced by spectators within their architectural settings. New iconographical interpretations and theories of effect and affect are considered an important part of their wider historical, cultural and social contexts. This book is intended to be read primarily by specialists, graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in new approaches to British art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Illusion of Power

Author : Stephen Orgel
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Describes the role of the theatre in forming Renaissance royalty's conception of itself, especially in the cases of James I and Charles I. Bibliogs

Monet oder Der Triumph des Impressionismus

Author : Daniel Wildenstein
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Theater Enough

Author : Jeffrey H. Richards
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The early settlers in America had a special relationship to the theater. Though largely without a theater of their own, they developed an ideology of theater that expressed their sense of history, as well as their version of life in the New World. Theater Enough provides an innovative analysis of early American culture by examining the rhetorical shaping of the experience of settlement in the new land through the metaphor of theater. The rhetoric, or discourse, of early American theater emerged out of the figures of speech that permeated the colonists' lives and literary productions. Jeffrey H. Richards examines a variety of texts—histories, diaries, letters, journals, poems, sermons, political tracts, trial transcripts, orations, and plays—and looks at the writings of such authors as John Winthrop and Mercy Otis Warren. Richards places the American usage of theatrum mundi—the world depicted as a stage—in the context of classical and Renaissance traditions, but shows how the trope functions in American rhetoric as a register for religious, political, and historical attitudes.

The Orders of Knighthood and the Formation of the British Honours System 1660 1760

Author : Antti Matikkala
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A detailed analysis of the political, social and cultural aspects of the British orders of knighthood in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Songs and Motets of Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger 1575 1628

Author : John Charles Duffy
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Alfonso Ferrabosco, the Younger, was a composer of fancies, dances and in nomines for lyra viol and viols da gamba.

Gardner s Art Through the Ages

Author : Helen Gardner
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A comprehensive history of world art reveals how art reflects and participates in the artists' view of the world in which they live, from the prehistoric world through the twenty-first century.

British Academy Shakespeare Lectures 1980 89

Author : [Anonymus AC01005895]
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The ten lectures presented here were given consecutively at the British Academy's annual Shakespeare Lecture over the years 1980-89. This lecture series has been going since 1911 with this volume being the fourth 'collection' of essays.

The Baroque Age in England

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Baroque Sculpture

Author : Bernd Lohse
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Features images and descriptions of Baroque sculpture, provided online by AICT, a royalty-free image exchange resource.

Britain Discovered

Author : Arthur Marwick
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Great Interiors

Author : Ian Grant
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British Dramatists Since World War II M Z

Author : Stanley Weintraub
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Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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Icons of Europe

Author : Peter Stepan
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The fifty-four masterpieces selected give full expression to the spirit of the different cultures in which they were created. World Art: Europe presents a panorama of artworks, ranging from the cave paintings at Chauvet and Early Cycladic figures, works from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, to more recent works by such influential artists as Monet, van Gogh, Picasso, or Beuys. Several traditions are unique to the history of art in Europe, such as the depiction of the individual since the Renaissance period; nowhere else can such exquisite paintings on panel be seen, and seldom is such a brilliant synthesis of the arts to be found as in Gothic cathedrals or in the masterpieces of the Baroque period. Creative genius was accorded respect even in Antiquity, and since the Middle Ages the names of important masters have been known to successive generations. Objects from cultural environments as far apart as Scotland and Crete, the Scythian Steppes, or Samothrace are included alongside works from central European countries such as Italy, Germany, or France. In addition to painting, masterpieces in marble, bronze, and terra-cotta are featured, as well as mosaics, tapestries, stained glass, and objects made of wood, porcelain, and gold. Each of these stunning works of art is accompanied by a cogent commentary by a renowned scholar.

British Humanities Index

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The Viking Opera Guide

Author : Colin Davis
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A detailed guide to opera covers monodies, masques, modern music dramas, operettas, musicals, and grand, tragic, and comic operas

The Future of Early Music in Britain

Author : John Mansfield Thomson
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