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British Avant Garde Theatre

Author : C. Warden
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This book explores an under-researched body of work from the early decades of the twentieth century, connecting plays, performances and practitioners together in dynamic dialogues. Moving across national, generational and social borders, the book reads experiments in Britain during this period alongside theatrical innovations overseas.

Modernist and Avant Garde Performance

Author : Claire Warden
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The first detailed, student-focused introduction to modernist avant-garde performanceThis textbook introduces the reader to modernist avant-garde theatre. It clearly explains the key terms as well as the major movements, including Expressionism, Dadaism, Futurism, Workers theatres, Constructivism and the Living Newspaper, and Mass Performance, using a case study approach. It introduces the important innovations of the modernist avant-garde, reassesses theatrical techniques, and provides examples of plays and performances from across Europe and America. There are also chapters on The Modernist Body and on Interdisciplinary Performance. The book approaches the modernist avant-garde both as an area of academic study and as potential raw material for contemporary performance. Key Features:nbsp;The first introductory guide to the modernist theatrical avant-garde nbsp;Includes case studies, practical exercises at the end of each chapter, an annotated bibliography and a glossary of performance termsnbsp;Includes links to performance-based explorations of theatrical techniquesnbsp;Provides a springboard for further independent study, both theoretical and practicalClaire Warden is Senior Lecturer in Drama at the University of Lincoln. Her research focuses primarily on constructing new, fluid narratives for modernist performance. She is the author of British Avant-Garde Theatre (Palgrave MacMillan 2012), and multiple journal articles and book chapters on modernism, interdisciplinarity, theatre, art and cultural studies.

Reverberations across Small Scale British Theatre

Author : Patrick Duggan
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Between 1960 and 2010, a new generation of British avant-garde theatre companies, directors, designers, and performers emerged. Some of these companies and individuals have endured to become part of theatre history while others have disappeared from the scene, mutated into new forms, or become part of the establishment. Reverberations across Small-Scale British Theatre at long last puts these small-scale British theatre companies and personalities in the scholarly spotlight. By questioning what 'Britishness' meant in relation to the small-scale work of these practitioners, contributors articulate how it is reflected in the goals, manifestos, and aesthetics of these companies.


Author : Rebecca Beasley
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Russomania: Russian Culture and the Creation of British Modernism provides a new account of modernist literature's emergence in Britain. British writers played a central role in the dissemination of Russian literature and culture during the early twentieth century, and their writing was transformed by the encounter. This study restores the thick history of that moment, by analyzing networks of dissemination and reception to recover the role of neglected as well as canonical figures, and institutions as well as individuals. The dominant account of British modernism privileges a Francophile genealogy, but the turn-of-the century debate about the future of British writing was a triangular debate, a debate not only between French and English models, but between French, English, and Russian models. Francophile modernists associated Russian literature, especially the Tolstoyan novel, with an uncritical immersion in 'life' at the expense of a mastery of style, and while individual works might be admired, Russian literature as a whole was represented as a dangerous model for British writing. This supposed danger was closely bound up with the politics of the period, and this book investigates how Russian culture was deployed in the close relationships between writers, editors, and politicians who made up the early twentieth-century intellectual class--the British intelligentsia. Russomania argues that the most significant impact of Russian culture is not to be found in stylistic borrowings between canonical authors, but in the shaping of the major intellectual questions of the period: the relation between language and action, writer and audience, and the work of art and lived experience. The resulting account brings an occluded genealogy of early modernism to the fore, with a different arrangement of protagonists, different critical values, and stronger lines of connection to the realist experiments of the Victorian past, and the anti-formalism and revived romanticism of the 1930s and 1940s future.

Subscription Theater

Author : Matthew Franks
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Subscription Theater asks why turn-of-the-century British and Irish citizens spent so much time, money, and effort joining subscription lists. Matthew Franks argues that subscribers have been responsible for how we value audience and repertoire today, offering a new account of the relationship between ephemera, drama, and democracy.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary British Culture

Author : Peter Childs
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Boasting more than 970 alphabetically-arranged entries, the Encyclopedia of Contemporary British Culture surveys British cultural practices and icons in the latter half of the twentieth century. It examines high and popular culture and encompasses both institutional and alternative aspects of British culture. It provides insight into the whole spectrum of British contemporary life. Topics covered include: architecture, pubs, film, internet and current takes on the monarchy. Cross-referencing and a thematic contents list enable readers to identify related articles. The entries range from short biographical synopses to longer overview essays on key issues. This Encyclopedia is essential reading for anyone interested in British culture. It also provides a cultural context for students of English, Modern History and Comparative European Studies.

Migrating Modernist Performance

Author : Claire Warden
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Exploring the experiences of early to mid-twentieth century British theatre-makers in Russia, this book imagines how these travellers interpreted Russian realism, symbolism, constructivism, agitprop, pageantry, dance or cinema. With some searching for an alternative to the corporate West End, some for experimental techniques and others still for methods that might politically inspire their audiences, did these journeys make any differences to their practice? And how did distinctly Russian techniques affect British theatre history? Migrating Modernist Performance seeks to answer these questions, reimagining the experiences and creative output of a range of, often under-researched, practitioners. What emerges is a dynamic collection of performances that bridge geographical, aesthetic, chronological and political divides.

Theatre Performance and the Historical Avant garde

Author : Günter Berghaus
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This comprehensive study traces the origins of European modernism in nineteenth-century Paris, then branches out to examine four major movements of the theatrical avant-garde that sprung from this epicenter in the early twentieth-century: Expressionism, Futurism, Dadaism, and Constructivism.

Modern British Drama The Twentieth Century

Author : Christopher Innes
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The British Avant garde

Author : Josephine M. Guy
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Music Theatre in Britain 1960 1975

Author : Michael Hall
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The author, a former BBC radio producer, conducted interviews with many leading British composers of the day, and his account provides for a unique insight into this often overlooked genre.

Contemporary Drama in English

Author : Christoph Houswitschka
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British and Irish Dramatists Since World War II

Author : Gale Cengage
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Embraces the work of writers working in theatrical traditions ranging from the classic well-made play to the most radical avant-garde pieces. This variety is indicative of the fact that this period is one of the most important in British drama, comparable to the late-Elizabethan/Jacobean and post-Restoration eras in terms of the quantity and quality of new work and surpassing both of them in the sheer variety of theatrical offerings.

Theatre in Britain

Author : Peter Roberts
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Provides guidance to seeing theatre in Britain, particularly for tourists.

Vorticism and the English Avant garde

Author : William Charles Wees
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Edith Craig 1869 1947

Author : Katharine Cockin
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This biography explores the life of a person who was neglected as a woman, a lesbian, a theatrical figure and committed activist for women's suffrage.

Studia Anglistica Upsaliensia

Author :
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Magic and Masculinity in Early Modern English Drama

Author : Ian McAdam
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"The prevalent worldview of early modern England, shaped by Protestantism, dismissed magical belief as an ideological delusion inherent to Catholicism, while also encouraging a strong sense of individualism, through which a new masculinity found expressio

Analyses of Modern British and American Drama

Author : Hermann J. Weiand
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Maske und Kothurn

Author :
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