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Breaking the Chains

Author : Gerald Kraak
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Breaking the Chains

Author : Mattie M. Nottage
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To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. (Eccl. 3:1) As a believer, you must know when to worship and whe it is time to warfare. Remember, "...the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." Your worship is one such weapon. You will agree that there is a time in your life when you must transition from worship to Warfare. Your worship can be considered one of the pre-requisites to gaining access and favor into the King's presence. The greater the intensity of your worship the more he empowers you, the believer, to defeat the enemy and overcome every obstacle in your life.

Breaking the Chains

Author : Sonja Rongstad
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Breaking the Chains By: Sonja Rongstad Saying Sonja Rongstad has had a rough journey through her life is an understatement. Her grandfather, Granville Rongstad, had twenty-seven known children. They were all severely abused, physically, mentally, and sexually. His wife, Sonja’s grandmother, was basically his slave. Similarly, Sonja’s own father unfortunately followed in his father’s footsteps, abusing Sonja for as long as she can remember. A series of short, abusive relationships with men also followed Sonja all through her adulthood. But through it all, her faith in God never wavered. Breaking the Chains is Sonja’s life journey, trying to overcome the abuse and find happiness in an otherwise dark and hopeless world. We learn that we may never forget our past, but we can learn to leave it there.

Breaking the Chains

Author : Penny Colman
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Dorothea Dix was almost forty years old when she discovered that people, especially poor people, with mental illness were "confined in cages, closets, cellars, stalls, pens chained, naked, beaten with rods, and lashed into obedience." Outraged by this knowledge, Dix led a forty-year crusade for the humane treatment of people with mental illness. Year after year, she traveled thousands of miles by stagecoach, boats, horseback, and railroad to investigate and expose the horrendous conditions. She lobbied legislators, governors, and presidents to provide treatment and facilities for people with mental illness. She took her crusade to Scotland, Italy, and Russia. During the Civil War, she served as the Superintendent of the Female Nurses of the Army, as such she had more authority and power than any other woman had had in the military prior to and during the Civil War. After the war, she resumed her crusade. When Dorothea Dix died in 1887, people around the world honored her. Proclamations, testimonials, and tributes were spoken and printed from the United States to Japan to England. A prominent American doctor wrote, "Thus had died and been laid to rest the most useful and distinguished woman America has yet produced."

Breaking the Chains of Poverty

Author : Demetrius Sandridge
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Ronald L. Godbee, Sr. calls it “the book that will liberate you and activate you to live from the position that Christ established for you on the cross.” While many think that the difference between poverty and wealth is defined by the car one drives, the size of the house one lives in and the amount of money in one’s bank account, the truth of the matter is those things are results—or lack thereof—not definitions. In this candid debut book, Breaking the Chains of Poverty: The Secret to Having a Wealthy, Healthy and Wholesome Life, author Demetrius Sandridge helps readers recognize those moments God affords us the opportunity to prosper and come up higher in every aspect of our lives—and how we can maximize those opportunities. Chronicling his story from rags to riches, and riches back to rags, Sandridge ignites a sense of excitement and urgency—which catapults readers out of a poverty mindset into a millionaire mentality with every turn of the page. In this book, you will be challenged to: Transform your mindset to that of a millionaire Learn to use money as a tool, not a motivator of dreams and goals Apply simplistic, practical approaches to go from your current reality to dream fulfillment How to apply action to your faith, and faith to your actions Encourage others to adopt your new way of thinking And more! "Wow, very powerful my friend...Congratulations” -Chris C. Klebba “Read this book, and I guarantee wisdom will come alive in you!” -Pastor Eddie Williams “This book is a fundamental treatise that empowers the reader to understand that though life, at times, may seem intractable and untenable, it can also be liberating and instructive.” -Bishop Edgar L. Vann, II “This book taps into millions of people's minds, souls and spirits like none other!” -Mary Jackson

Breaking the Chains of Abuse

Author : Sue Atkinson
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Sue Atkinson, author of the highly acclaimed Climbing out of Depression and Building Self-Esteem, turns her attention to the subject of sexual and emotional abuse. Writing from her own experience, she gets alongside survivors to offer hope and guidance. The book is written in practical style with concrete advice and excellent pointers. The text is broken up into short sections to make it easy to digest.

Breaking The Chains of Defeat

Author : Monica Theophilus
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PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING… This prayer manual is for the teacher who understands in the classroom it’s not a PHYSICAL battle but, a SPIRITUAL one. When prayer and fasting comes into the mix real change takes place in the classrooms. No more frustration, weariness or stress. It’s time to pick up the sword of the spirit and breathe life into your dry bones, your students and your school. And Jesus said, “ However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” -Matthew 17:21

Breaking the Chains of Gravity

Author : Amy Shira Teitel
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NASA's history is a familiar story, one that typically peaks with Neil Armstrong taking his small step on the Moon in 1969. But America's space agency wasn't created in a vacuum. It was assembled from pre-existing parts, drawing together some of the best minds the non-Soviet world had to offer. In the 1930s, rockets were all the rage in Germany, the focus both of scientists hoping to fly into space and of the German armed forces, looking to circumvent the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. One of the key figures in this period was Wernher von Braun, an engineer who designed the rockets that became the devastating V-2. As the war came to its chaotic conclusion, von Braun escaped from the ruins of Nazi Germany, and was taken to America where he began developing missiles for the US Army. Meanwhile, the US Air Force was looking ahead to a time when men would fly in space, and test pilots like Neil Armstrong were flying cutting-edge, rocket-powered aircraft in the thin upper atmosphere. Breaking the Chains of Gravity tells the story of America's nascent space program, its scientific advances, its personalities and the rivalries it caused between the various arms of the US military. At this point getting a man in space became a national imperative, leading to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, otherwise known as NASA.

Breaking the Chains of Oppression of the Indonesian People

Author : Heri Akhmadi
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From its establishment in 1954 part of the mandate of Cornell's Modern Indonesia Project has been the translation and publication in English of important documents that would otherwise have been unavailable to many of those interested in Indonesia's social and political history. These have included the writings of Hatta, A. K. Pringgodigdo, Simatupang, Sjahrir, Sudjatmoko, Sukarno, Supomo, Widjojo, and Wilopo. Also included in this coverage of the Translation Series have been documents unavailable even in the original Dutch or Indonesian, such as the long suppressed report by the Netherlands East Indies Government's Coolie Budget Commission, Living Conditions of Plantation Workers and Peasants on Java, which we published twenty-five years ago. The translation here presented of Heri Akhmadi's defense statement at his trial is of a similar genre; for despite its intrinsic significance and its relevance to an appreciation of how the leaders of a new generation of educated Indonesians view their country's government and its major social, economic, and political problems, it too has been suppressed. To prevent this important insight into the current Indonesian situation becoming buried and unavailable, we are pleased to help provide for the dissemination it deserves. I would predict that a quarter of a century from now, Heri Akhmadi's statement may well be regarded as having at least as much importance to understanding present-day Indonesia as the Coolie Budget Commission report had for an earlier period in the country's history. Heri Akhmadi was elected by the student body of the Bandung Institute of Technology - one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the country - as Chairman of their Student Council and their principal representative. Since his views are close to those of the elected student leaders from more than two dozen other universities and colleges who were arrested at the same time, his statement can be regarded as representative of the ideas of the intellectual vanguard of the contemporary generation of Indonesian students, which - despite ongoing efforts to suppress them - are likely to have a significant effect on their country's history. Heri Akhmadi and these other student leaders were arrested and jailed in 1978 following widespread student protest at Suharto's unopposed election for another term as President. As a consequence, they were charged with having insulted the head of state, and it is because of the nature of this charge that Heri Akhmadi's defense statement takes the form it does. What the government considers as an insult to the head of state is what the students see as valid criticism of its policies. It is to these criticisms that Heri Akhmadi addresses his defense statement that we have here published. - George McT. Kahin, January 1981

Breaking the Chains of Familial Bondage

Author : Tony Duncan
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This book is a true story about how lies can destroy a person's life as well as show just how self-righteous some family members can be when they only think of themselves. The following pages describe in some detail how a father very close to becoming a grandfather and at the best point ever in his 56 years of living could only watch while his life was destroyed. During the first three weeks there was a lot of confusion and emotional shock involved causing extreme anger, then suddenly I could almost feel the extreme anger and shock just leave my body as I began to step back and realize what was honestly happening. At various times when efforts were made to have discussions trying to resolve the issues that were tearing this family apart, these efforts would only find more desperation to continue the lies covering up the truth. Having been through a terrible divorce myself with young children involved I am aware of what a marriage can be like when one party spends so much energy to lie and cover up things they do not want the other half to know about. Now I will be forced to again leave behind everything I love.