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The Beginner s Guide to Boxing

Author : Miller Brittany
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Discover how to take your boxing ability to the next level. Even if you don't go to a boxing gym or have no previous experience! There are of course many ways in which you can exercise in a routine, many people struggle to enjoy these routines, or they just simply don't work. If you are someone who wants to make a change to their fitness ability but doesn't know how to, or you are somebody that is looking for a fun way to get into better shape, then keep reading. This book presents you with information that will help you get into the shape of your life using the incredible sport of boxing! This beginners guide to boxing will ease you into the tough nature of boxing that will improve your fitness ability, allow you to burn off excess fat, improve self-defense, build muscles, increase confidence levels, and hopefully encourage you to take your boxing skills to a competitive level. As a qualified Boxing Coach, I have the boxing knowledge that's has been converted into this book in a way that will not be too complicated for the beginners, helping you get a real understanding of boxing. I was once a beginner too, meaning I know what it is like to start from the beginning - so if you think you need a bit of experience to get started then you are wrong. This book is suited to those who want to workout at home, because joining a boxing gym may be intimidating or too expensive for the beginners. Boxing requires absolutely no equipment to start with, although it can be helpful. I aim for this book to help you more than what meet the eye, by this I believe that boxing can help you develop a stronger mindset by increasing confidence and determination that can set you up for success in any part of life. I am proud to have watched many people change for the good through boxing and I hope that I can influence many more with this book.

Boxer s Start up

Author : Doug Werner
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A user-friendly, highly illustrated, straightforward boxing guide that promotes fun, fitness, self-defense, and self-confidence. Endorsed by USA Boxing, national governing body for amateur boxing.

Ultimate Boxing Workout

Author : Andy Dumas
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Boxing is the ideal workout for fitness and conditioning. No wonder more and more people around the world, both women and men, are discovering how to stay fit through boxing exercises. Stamina, strength, speed, endurance and more are all within your reach through Ultimate Boxing Workout: Authentic Workouts for Fitness. Experience the challenging physical training of a boxer and get in the best physical condition of your life. These exhilarating interval workouts teach you the foundations of boxing training, body awareness, proper execution of movements all resulting in a challenging and safe exercise program. Boxers are the best conditioned athletes in the world. The Ultimate Boxing Workout replicates the most beneficial elements of a boxer's practice to maximize results in the shortest amount of time. It is fun, effective, and dynamic, and it includes routines that cover all aspects of boxing training. Here, at last, both women and men will find boxing and fitness in perfect balance.

Boxing for Beginners

Author : Al Bernstein
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A manual for neophyte pugilists provides, in text and pictures, instruction in methods of offense and defense and guidance in training and fight strategy

Boxing Training For Beginners

Author : Lupita Manzur
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People are living lives filled with physical and mental stress. In boxing, they find themselves rediscovering their mind and body whilst staying calm. An increasing number of people turn to box each day. Reason? It's absolutely free. Basic boxing doesn't require you to spend a penny - you can spar with your friend, shadow box, or even beat the heavy bag in your garage at your own comfort. In this boxing for beginners, it covers: An introduction to boxing Boxing fundamentals: boxing stances Boxing fundamentals: footwork Boxing fundamentals: defense Boxing fundamentals: punch types Basic boxing combinations Different boxing fighting styles Choosing your boxing style How to train at home How to train with a partner How to increase your speed Ring movement training Timing your knockout punches Defending against dirty tricks And much, much more!

The Complete Guide to Boxing Fitness Training

Author : Wayne Nelson
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The Chump to Champ Collection

Author : Andrew Hudson
File Size : 48.61 MB
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Do You Want to Discover How to Box, Without Stepping Foot in a Boxing Gym? Well keep reading… Boxing is a tough sport. This can be intimidating which can prevent you from gaining the mental and physical benefits that boxing brings, and I want to put a stop to this! Lazy, unmotivated, scared, unfit and helpless are just some of the words that described me very well a few years back. You probably find yourself in that position too, which isn’t the greatest position to be in let’s face it. This is where boxing comes in because it helped me work on myself to turn all of those negative words into positives. Now as a Qualified Boxing Coach, I have published this book to teach you the boxing basics to help you work on yourself! Boxing provides many benefits that no other sports can offer, and it can easily fit into your busy schedule. The common stereotype of boxing is that it is a violent sport, what if I told you that you can box without fighting? That’s right, Boxing doesn’t mean you have to get into the ring. Boxing from home is just as good as joining your local gym. You will be able to master the footwork basics, learn how to hold a stance, discover the different punch types and much more just from following this book. Furthermore, this book is for anyone. Whether you want to fight in the ring, or want to box just for exercise, or if you want to build up your boxing ability at home to gain confidence to join a boxing gym then this book will help you. Many people think that boxing training is just about who can land the most punches in a spar session, but it provides you with a whole-body workout to make you stronger, faster, leaner, more coordinated and mentally tougher. I have been coaching boxing to beginners for a few years and I am confident to say that you will experience the benefits like a slimmer body and stronger mindset if you follow the advice in this book. I have seen many people start boxing who wouldn’t have been able to hurt a fly on day one, but over weeks of training have built up confidence and ability to win their first fight in front of a crowd of 100, that goes to show that boxing is for anyone. Not to mention that in this book you’ll discover: How you can Improve Your Boxing Ability Without any Equipment. The Simplest, yet Most Effective Punches and Combinations. How These Simple Footwork Drills Will Make You a Better Boxer. Many Defensive Techniques to Prevent Getting Hit. Home Boxing Workouts that Will Help You Lose Weight and Get Fit. The Diet Structure that Successful Boxers Follow. What you can do to Build up Your Confidence Inside and Outside of the Ring. As a bonus you will also get “Boxing from Chump to Champ 2”, this is the follow-up book which will help you advance in boxing by introducing new boxing techniques and skills. This second book will let you discover: New and Advanced Ways of Training with Boxing. What can be Done Outside of Boxing to Improve Your Overall Ability. The Most Effective Counter Moves and When to Use Them. What you can do to Develop Discipline and Why Fear is Your Friend. Each day you spend considering taking up a new hobby, you will find it harder to make a change and solve any problems you have that are holding you back. That’s why you should do it now, get into it with a fresh mindset and enjoy it. Click “Add to Cart” to start your boxing journey!

The Gleason s Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women

Author : Hector Roca
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Defined arms; sleek shoulders; flat, tight abs; lean, firm legs -- this is the shape that women want to get from their workouts. World-renowned trainer Hector Roca and owner Bruce Silverglade bring Gleason's Gym's boxing secrets to your home with The Gleason's Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women, outlining a step-by-step program that gets any woman into knockout shape -- fitter, faster, and firmer than ever in just four weeks! Boxing is not only a dynamic fitness program but also a powerful addition to other fitness routines. Using unique combinations of muscle groups and both aerobic and weight training movements, boxing works out the entire body at one time. You'll lose weight; build lean, toned muscle; improve cardiovascular fitness; and feel physically and emotionally stronger all at once. Roca and Silverglade break down all the boxing basics, from how to make a fist and how to stand, to more advanced boxing moves and various ways of jumping rope and include a nutritional plan to maximize results. The Gleason's Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women offers the ultimate workout for women who want to look their best, feel their best, and be their best.

Boxing for Beginners

Author : William J. Jacomb
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Boxing For Beginners

Author : Tyson Decker
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Are you looking for approaches to improve and advance your general health, fitness, stamina and well-being? Boxing of course is the secret. Here is a book that will bring you into the world of boxing. The most outstanding and uniqueness of this ancient sport is it various amazing benefits. Every one of these benefits and others is what this book boxing for beginners will concentrate on. Would you like to have a total body workout as you continue training for a specific sport? That is the thing that boxing can offer. Different sports center their training just on some objective regions of the body, yet envision all the warm up and practice schedules that you have to experience to set up your body for the training legitimate. You will be approached to jump, skip, jog, do sit ups, roll the punches and kick noticeable all around. These are nearly very similar things that you likewise do in the event that you will proceed to train in like manner enrollment health clubs and gyms. Doing these boxing training exercises will without a doubt give your body a great deal of physical strength, as you are getting increasingly characterized muscles as you keep on training each day. You will not have such a large number of ungainly minutes when you train for this sport. The increased strength you got from the activity schedules makes you truly better. This will make you move speedier than the normal individual, additionally improves your endurance, resistance, flexibility and reflexes. Boxing additionally leaves you alone much in control with yourself. In spite of the fact that you will be approached to be progressively physical as you train for this sport, with all the moves, kicks and punches, you will acknowledge how it improves your self-control as your training advances. You can be quiet and have more resistance towards others as you are trained not to simply throw punches whenever you need to. This sport genuinely gives you the control to act well out in the open as you previously had a road to discharge your negative emotions during training meetings. Fundamentally, you will encounter all these incredible benefits of boxing in the event that you need to see this for yourself. You will see positive changes in the manner you look, think and feel. Likewise, you will advocate a healthier and increasingly dynamic way of life to your loved ones. These are the incredible things that this sport can offer in the event that you needed to check out it. Here are some of the highlights that this book will feature for your ultimate use - The rules of Boxing - Boxing Fundamentals - Basic Offense - Basic Defense - Basic Clinching - Timing in the fighting - Different Boxing Combinations - Choosing your style - How to increase speed - Ring movement training and many more..... Boxing will stay controversial yet well-known sport, since what makes it disputable likewise makes it mainstream. Its history is somewhere down in with stories and occasions of that have passed by in past times, and with this - coordinated with its common athletic attributes - will set the sport in a place to create and develop for a long time to come. Would you like to know more? Scroll up and click BUY NOW to grab your copy today!