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Books and Libraries in American Society during World War II

Author : Patti Clayton Becker
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World War II presented America's public libraries with the daunting challenge of meeting new demands for war-related library services and materials with Depression-weakened collections, inadequate budgets and demoralized staff, in addition to continuing to serve the library's traditional clientele of women and children seeking recreational reading. This work examines how libraries could respond to their communities need through the use of numerous primary and secondary sources.

American Libraries Before 1876

Author : Haynes McMullen
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Provides a wealth of information about the founding of American libraries from the earliest colonial times through 1875.

The British Soldier and his Libraries c 1822 1901

Author : Sharon Murphy
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The British Soldier and his Libraries, c. 1822-1901 considers the history of the libraries that the East India Company and Regular Army respectively established for soldiers during the nineteenth century. Drawing upon a wide range of material, including archival sources, official reports, and soldiers’ memoirs and letters, this book explores the motivations of those who were responsible for the setting up and/or operation of the libraries, and examines what they reveal about attitudes to military readers in particular and, more broadly, to working-class readers – and leisure – at this period. Murphy’s study also considers the contents of the libraries, identifying what kinds of works were provided for soldiers and where and how they read them. In so doing, The British Soldier and his Libraries, c. 1822-1901 affords another way of thinking about some of the key debates that mark book history today, and illuminates areas of interest to the general reader as well as to literary critics and military and cultural historians.

Martial Metaphors

Author : Joseph Allan Frank
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This book invites the reader to embark with the soldiers and civilians on their journey into the murderous events of the Civil War. Drawing on letters, diaries, recent books and articles in history, and multidisciplinary sources, it places the events in a broader perspective.

The Gospel Working Up

Author : Beth Barton Schweiger
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Their love-affair with education redefined the meaning of revivals, shifting the focus of religious experience from the camp meeting to the classroom. Schweiger describes the pastors' efforts to rope in new members, fatten denominational coffers, organize scores of committees, and raise elegant brick churches and colleges. She looks at the role of the clergy in the Civil War, examining their response to the loss of the war as well as their subsequent efforts to create social consensus in the postwar South. Finally, she considers the postwar loss of clerical authority and the corresponding gains in lay voluntarism, and in the growth of women's influence in the churches."--Jacket.

Fighting for Liberty and Right

Author : William Bluffton Miller
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In the summer of 1862, carpenter William Bluffton Miller left his wife and infant sonand enlisted in Company K, 75th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He began adetailed diary that for three years would record his daily activities as well as his thoughts and observations on his own experiences and the larger issues of the divisive war. Amidst the hard marching, gnawing hunger, loneliness, and personal loss, Miller and his fellow soldiers experienced the thrill of victory and the solace found in the camaraderie of the unit.Miller's varied experiences offer valuable insights into a number of aspects of theCivil War. He began his service as a hospital steward in Gallatin, Tennessee, and hevividly depicts the heart-wrenching efforts of doctors, nurses, and fellow soldiers to save and comfort the ill and wounded. In his later service, Miller records the horrific sights from some of the war's bloodiest battlefields, including Chickamaugua, where he was wounded. Upon his recovery, Miller returned to duty as a general's orderly during the Atlanta campaign and later participated in Sherman's March to the Sea and campaignthrough the Carolinas.Of equal interest are Miller's political observations and personal experiences. The diary shows how Miller's ideas about the war, particularly the issue of slavery, changed during the conflict. Democratic and Copperhead sympathy in the North actually strengthened his commitment to the Union effort, and Miller grew from a man who espoused the racial prejudices of his time into an antislavery advocate. Taken as a whole, Fighting for Liberty and Right is a glimpse of the daily trials of the common soldier in a divided country and a compelling portrait of a man who valued freedom for himself and for all his countrymen.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America 4 volumes

Author : Randall M. Miller Ph.D.
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The course of daily life in the United States has been a product of tradition, environment, and circumstance. How did the Civil War alter the lives of women, both white and black, left alone on southern farms? How did the Great Depression change the lives of working class families in eastern cities? How did the discovery of gold in California transform the lives of native American, Hispanic, and white communities in western territories? Organized by time period as spelled out in the National Standards for U.S. History, these four volumes effectively analyze the diverse whole of American experience, examining the domestic, economic, intellectual, material, political, recreational, and religious life of the American people between 1763 and 2005. Working under the editorial direction of general editor Randall M. Miller, professor of history at St. Joseph's University, a group of expert volume editors carefully integrate material drawn from volumes in Greenwood's highly successful Daily Life Through History series with new material researched and written by themselves and other scholars. The four volumes cover the following periods: The War of Independence and Antebellum Expansion and Reform, 1763-1861, The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Industrialization of America, 1861-1900, The Emergence of Modern America, World War I, and the Great Depression, 1900-1940 and Wartime, Postwar, and Contemporary America, 1940-Present. Each volume includes a selection of primary documents, a timeline of important events during the period, images illustrating the text, and extensive bibliography of further information resources—both print and electronic—and a detailed subject index.

Crying the News

Author : Vincent DiGirolamo
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From Benjamin Franklin to Ragged Dick to Jack Kelly, hero of the Disney musical Newsies, newsboys have long intrigued Americans as symbols of struggle and achievement. But what do we really know about the children who hawked and delivered newspapers in American cities and towns? Who were they? What was their life like? And how important was their work to the development of a free press, the survival of poor families, and the shaping of their own attitudes, values and beliefs? Crying the News: A History of America's Newsboys offers an epic retelling of the American experience from the perspective of its most unshushable creation. It is the first book to place newsboys at the center of American history, analyzing their inseparable role as economic actors and cultural symbols in the creation of print capitalism, popular democracy, and national character. DiGirolamo's sweeping narrative traces the shifting fortunes of these "little merchants" over a century of war and peace, prosperity and depression, exploitation and reform, chronicling their exploits in every region of the country, as well as on the railroads that linked them. While the book focuses mainly on boys in the trade, it also examines the experience of girls and grown-ups, the elderly and disabled, blacks and whites, immigrants and natives. Based on a wealth of primary sources, Crying the News uncovers the existence of scores of newsboy strikes and protests. The book reveals the central role of newsboys in the development of corporate welfare schemes, scientific management practices, and employee liability laws. It argues that the newspaper industry exerted a formative yet overlooked influence on working-class youth that is essential to our understanding of American childhood, labor, journalism, and capitalism.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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School and Public Libraries

Author : Natalie Reif Ziarnik
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Explores the untapped potential that exists between schools and libraries, discusses the importance of school and public library interaction, and addresses the challenges and rewards of cooperation.