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Billy Bonkers and the Wacky World Cup

Author : Giles Andreae
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Put your trainers on, Billy Bonkers is back with more amazing adventures! This time he's landing a plane and flying through the air in a hot-air balloon to watch the World Cup's final. Billy and his family are so wacky, you will laugh your socks off!


Author : Jennifer Saunders
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Bonkers: My Life in Laughs by Jennifer Saunders - the hilarious, touching life story of the iconic comedian and national treasure Jennifer Saunders' comic creations have brought joy to millions. From Comic Strip to Comic Relief, from Bolly-swilling Edina in Ab Fab to her takes on Madonna or Mamma Mia, her characters are household names. But it's Jennifer herself who has a place in all our hearts. This is her funny, moving and frankly bonkers memoir, filled with laughter, friends and occasional heartache - but never misery. BONKERS is full of riotous adventures: accidentally enrolling on a teacher training course with a young Dawn French, bluffing her way to each BBC series, shooting Lulu, trading wild faxes with Joanna Lumley, touring India with Ruby Wax and Goldie Hawn. There's cancer, too, when she becomes 'Brave Jen'. But her biggest battle is with the bane of her life: the Laws of Procrastination. As she admits, 'There has never been a Plan. Everything has been fairly random, happened by accident or just fallen into place. I'm off now, to do some sweeping...' Prepare to chuckle, whoop, and go BONKERS.

Bonkers Finds His Way Home

Author : Suzanne Bryan
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Drawing upon my own experience with my cat of the same name, "Bonkers Finds His Way Home" relates the tale of the title character's experience after a level of curiosity takes him from his family. The story emphasizes the bond that might form between a human and a pet. The story is related as if through Bonkers viewpoint. It also highlights on qualities, relating to compassion, loyalty,and determination. Follow Bonkers as he trys to get home.

Life as Bonkers

Author : Mignon C. Reynolds
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A canine adventure of discovery, friendship, interplanetary metaphysics, and very bad odors. A mid-grade novel that will be enjoyed by all ages.

Psycho Bonkers Vol 1 Collected Edition

Author : Vince Hernandez
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Collects Psycho Bonkers Vol.1 #1-4! Crack the speed barrier wide open in this thrilling new adventure that redefines what it means to go full throttle! Join Shine, a young but unyielding teenage girl, as she races to find the true story behind the tragedy that wrecked her family, and shattered the sport of Bonk Racing to its core. Along with her trusted technician, Gabbo, and her sentient Bonk Racer, Shiza, she will discover that learning the truth about her future is as dangerous as the tragic past she is trying to forget! Told in a series of four legs within the race of all races-the Super Bonk Rally, this four-issue mini-series spans amazing landscapes and death-defying terrain, as these racers go Psycho Bonkers!

Doctor Bonkers

Author : Jeremy Strong
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Pyjamas are just pyjamas. Right? Not when they're COSMIC PYJAMAS! Something STRANGE has happened to Rosie and her brothers! Rosie's new pyjamas have led them to a dangerous discovery . . . Doctor Starkly-Bonkers has invented the DOOMBUSTER and history is all muddled up - and now the machine has been STOLEN! Can Rosie and the boys beat the Pharaohs and dinosaurs and will rice pudding REALLY stop the Vikings?

Breaking Free of Bonkers

Author : George Binney
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IS IT JUST ME OR IS EVERYTHING AROUND HERE BONKERS? Do you ever feel bewildered or even oppressed by what goes on in your organization? Does anything ever strike you as odd, ridiculous, inefficient or just plain bonkers? Chances are you are not alone. No matter what industry, sector or institution, the world of work can often seem bonkers. We can spend so much time ticking boxes, preparing plans and reports, sitting in unproductive meetings, replying to unhelpful emails and trying to deliver on misconceived, top-down initiatives that the time to do real work is squeezed out. Breaking Free of Bonkers shows you how it is possible to make progress despite the mad and messy world of today's organizations. Against the odds, it is possible to lead effectively. George Binney, Phil Glanfield and Gerhard Wilke are three organization consultants from Ashridge Business School. They have an unusual vantage point. Drawing on their long experience of working with people at levels - from chief executives to front line workers - they offer hope. They use a wealth of lively examples and illustrations to show you how to get connected with colleagues, get real about what you offer and get going on the things that matter.

Cadders and Bonkers Go Turk

Author :
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The Adventures of Bonkers

Author : Roy Ryan
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The story of Bonkers, a piglet raised in the house and bottle-fed.

Bonkers The Story of Dizzee Rascal

Author : Paul Lester
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Dylan Kwabena Mills, better known as Dizzee Rascal, has evolved from cutting-edge pioneer of grime and hip-hop into one of Britain's biggest pop stars. And the East London rapper, songwriter and record producer did it without compromising his startlingly original vision and persona. Paul Lester traces Dizzee's career, first as a pirate radio DJ aged 16, then as a member of grime collective the Roll Deep Crew, and finally as a solo artist. In this no-holds-barred account, read about Dizzee's brush with death in Ayia Napa, his unlikely appearance on BBC2's Newsnight, where he was grilled about politics by Jeremy Paxman, and the stories behind his hits and special projects.

The Whopping Great Big Bonkers Joke Book

Author : Puffin Books
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Format : PDF, Docs
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What is the definition of a snail?A slug with a crash helmet.What sound do hedgehogs make when they kiss?‘Ouch!’This is Puffin's biggest and best joke book ever created, possibly in the world! Packed with so many crazy jokes, including knock knocks, animal quackers and monster madness, you'll have a joke on hand for every occasion! Suitable for amusing your mates or reading on your own.

Menopause How Not to Go Bonkers and What to Do Instead

Author : Kaz Cooke
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Format : PDF
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A magical, menopausey tour by Kaz Cooke. What symptoms to look for, how to tackle them, when you still need contraception, and what to wear if hot flushes give you the whim-whams. How to tell if you're approaching, in the middle of, or through menopause, or just putting your fingers in your ears and singing 'la la la la'. With input from experts and quotes from real women, this ebook is based on the 'Menopause' chapter of the bestselling book Women's Stuff.

Puppy Savvy The Pocket Guide to Raising Your Dog Without Going Bonkers

Author : Barbara Shumannfang
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Will save your sanity by giving you: the Magic Wand to solve the world's most annoying puppy problems ; insights into your puppy's mind (including how he is just like an alligator and why he needs a coloring book) ; special tips to tailor your training to your puppy's bold or bashful personality"--P. [4] of cover.


Author : Olivia Siegl
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A Real Mum’s Hilariously Honest Tales of Motherhood, Mayhem and Mental Health


Author : Michelle Holman
File Size : 74.48 MB
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What would happen if an Angel decided to play Devil's Advocate? Bonkers is a very warm and funny love story, and is the next stage of chick lit at its best. After a head on collision between a glamorous sports car and a serviceable but very plain little car, a kind hearted angel does a swap in the anteroom to Heaven. As a result, the funny, loveable but very short and generously proportioned rugby-loving schoolteacher gets a second chance and finds herself in hospital in the body of a drop-dead gorgeous, tall and very glamorous philandering American wife. She has a very rich husband who looks as if he's just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue, but for some reason he can't stand her. Definitely one for the girls to read with a box of chocolates.


Author : Kevin Leman
File Size : 24.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Identifies six major causes of stress for women, describes the consequences of stress, and explains the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive self-image

My Weird School 18 Mrs Yonkers Is Bonkers

Author : Dan Gutman
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Something weird is going on! Mrs. Yonkers, the computer teacher, is the nerdiest teacher in the history of the world. She can type with her feet! She buys foam cheeseheads off eBay! She even puts a Webcam on a turtle! Is she trying to take over the planet?

Slowpoke America Gone Bonkers

Author : Jen Sorensen
File Size : 49.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This scandalously funny collection gathers the Slowpoke cartoons of the Bush era, chronicling America's political and cultural buffoonery with Sorensen's trademark brand of absurdist humor. Packed with gags, Slowpoke skewers media blowhards, corporate scumbags, vapid trends, and the lunacies of the Bush administration with relentless wit and energy.

The Old Geezers 5 Stark Raving Bonkers

Author : Lupano Wilfrid
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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More shenanigans from everybody's favorite geriatric anarchists and their offspring as fathers and sons are treacherously set up, people from the past make an unexpected comeback, pranks go awry, familiar faces say goodbye, and a rugby match takes a shocking turn. A perfect cocktail of mayhem, madness, and merriment, with a few lessons on social justice thrown in for good measure.


Author : Natasha Sharma
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Armaan's new dog Bonkers is insane: he chews Armaan's spectacles, eats up his favorite shoe and gets him into deep trouble with the school bully, TT. Between mopping, toilet training Bonkers, and escaping from TT, Armaan's life has become impossible . . . will it ever get back to normal? Winner of the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2014.