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Bombardment of Ladysmith Anticipated

Author : George Charles Maidment
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A British soldier's remarkable diary of the dramatic siege of Ladysmith during the savage Anglo-Boer war in South Africa. George Maidment, a young soldier fresh from the English Midlands, was thrown into the brutal fight at Ladysmith. His diary is a faithful historical record of the long battle and it details the daily tedium, the constant sniping, the lack of food and the disgust felt by the British Army when it was forced to eat its own horses to stay alive.

Letters from Ladysmith

Author : Edward Spiers
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Edward Spiers, a leading authority on the Victorian British army, presents here a select edition of letters from the siege of Ladysmith (18991900) that have not been seen since their original publication in metropolitan and provincial newspapers. The 250 letters were published in different British newspapers and provide crucial insights into contemporary perceptions of the battles that preceded the siege, the onset of the siege itself, and the desperate and bloody attempts to relieve the town. Subsequent efforts to defend Ladysmith and to march to its relief became the great dramatic saga of the early phase of the AngloBoer War, providing the context for a series of dramatic battles that embarrassed the Empire and destroyed established reputations. Much has been written about the failings of the British commanders but it is clear that in no other theatre in the war were the practical difficulties so real or the stakes so high. These letters reflect vividly the feelings of junior officers and other ranks as they struggled to cope with the demands of modern warfare, These eyewitness testimonies provide first-hand commentary upon the events in Natal that shattered the pre-war confidence in Britain.

George White and the Victorian Army in India and Africa

Author : Stephen M. Miller
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This book offers a detailed investigation of George S. White’s career in the British Army. It explores late Victorian military conflicts, British power dynamics in Africa and Asia, civil-military relations on the fringes of the empire, and networks of advancement in the army. White served in the Indian Rebellion and, twenty years later, the Second Anglo-Afghan War, where he earned the Victoria Cross. After serving in the Sudan campaign, White returned to India and held commands during the conquest and pacification of Upper Burma and the extension of British control over Balochistan, and, as Commander-in-Chief, sent expeditions to the North-West Frontier and oversaw major military reforms. Just before the start of the South African War, White was given the command of the Natal Field Force. This force was besieged in Ladysmith for 118 days. Relieved in 1900, White was heralded as the “Defender of Ladysmith.” He was made Field-Marshal in 1903.

Kruger Kommandos Kak

Author : Chris Ash
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The second Boer War is the most important war in South African history; indeed, without it, South Africa would likely have not existed. But itÕs also one of the least understood conflicts of the era. Over a century of Leftist bleating and insidious, self-serving revisionism, first by Afrikaner nationalists and then by the apartheid regime, has left the layman with a completely skewed view of the war. Incredibly, most people will tell you that the British attacked the Boers to steal their gold, and that when the clueless, red-jacketed Tommies advanced under orders of bumptious, incompetent British generals they were mowed down in their thousands. Others think of the conflict in terms of ÔBritain against South AfricaÕ and many believe that the Boers actually won the war; the marginally more enlightened explain away the Boer defeat by claiming it took millions of British troops to beat them, or that it was only the ÔgenocideÕ of the concentration camps which forced the plucky Boers to throw in the towel. Ê ItÕs all bosh. This book will take everything you thought you ÔknewÕ about the war and turn it on its head. From KrugerÕs expansionist dream of an Afrikaans empire Ôfrom the Zambesi to the CapeÕ, to the murder and devastation wrought on Natal by his invading commandos, to the savage massacres of thousands of blacks committed by the ÔgallantÕ bitter-einders, the reader will have his eyes opened to the brutal realities of the conflict, and be forced to reassess previously held notions of the rights and wrongs of the war. Hard-hitting and uncomfortable reading for those who do not want their bubble of ignorance burst, Kruger, Kommandos & Kak exposes that side of the Boer War which the apartheid propaganda machine didnÕt want you to know about.

The Anglo Boer War 1899 1902 963 Days

Author : Pieter G Cloete
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Since the start of the Anglo-Boer War today 120 years ago thousands of publications, written or typed reports and other creations have been produced to narrate the war events, express opinions on its origins, causes, course, results and legacy and on participants in the struggle. This process is ongoing, since the debate amongst both professional historians and interested amateurs on exactly what happened and why is still raging and new information on the war still crops up. The history of the Anglo-Boer War is truly a neverending discourse. As the author of a number of books on the war, I have consulted hundreds of both published and unpublished sources. Some were of limited value, but a small percentage of the published books were of such high value that they formed part of a small stack of books that found a permanent home on my desktop while I was in the writing process. Pieter Cloete’s The Anglo-Boer War – A Chronology, both the original English version and the enlarged Afrikaans version published in 2010, was always part of that stack. It is to me a privilege to write a foreword for the user-friendly and meticulously researched book. It not only contains a wealth of information but a detailed source list and an extensive index. There are few, if any, more helpful reference books on the war and thus represents an essential resource to anyone with a more than superficial interest in the Anglo-Boer War. DR JACKIE GROBLER Historian and author Recently retired after 40 years at the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies, The University of Pretoria.

Boxed set The Anglo Boer War 963 Days The Anglo Boer War Maps Stats Facts

Author : Pieter G Cloete
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This bundle e-book volume contains both 'The Anglo-Boer War' and the accompanying 'Maps, Stats & Facts' volume from Pieter G Cloete.

A Tourist Guide to the Anglo Boer War 1899 1902

Author :
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Anecdotes of the Anglo Boer War

Author : Rob Milne
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This often touching, sometimes hilarious book does not focus on dates or military strategy, nor does it attempt to condemn or vindicate the people involved. Rather, it focuses on the human interest stories that flavored this, "The Last of the Gentlemen's Wars". From the humorous story of the Boers firing shells laden with plum pudding on Christmas day into the beseiged town of Ladysmith to the tragic Legend of the Flowers, this volume is sure to entertain, educate and inspire.

7 Battles that Shaped South Africa

Author : Greg Mills
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An excellent guide book about seven decisive battles which shaped South Africa, and the distinctive personalities involved


Author : Malcolm Flower-Smith
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Mafeking ranks as one of the major military epics of the Anglo-Boer War. A courageous garrison led by British Army Colonel Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, withstood more than seven months of starvation, death and destruction before they were relieved. A powerful story of human endurance.