Bolt - Still Not Sorry


Author: Andrew Bolt

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"Andrew Bolt has enjoyed a hugely successful career as Australia's most prominent commentator and writer. It's because he tells it like it is; the way a great deal of many ordinary Australians also see it. Even if that means upsetting the inner-city elites who would rather the issues he wishes to highlight be debated on their terms, if at all. To celebrate his longevity as an influential columnist, Bolt: Still Not Sorry is being released. It's an updated, revised compilation of Andrew Bolt's writing from the turn of the 21st Century. It goes back ten years to when Andrew was blazing a path and telling it like it is on such topics as terrorism, immigration, the republic, indigenous Australia and so many more."--Website.

Australia—Where to Now?

What Bible prophecy reveals for the land down under


Author: Ron Fraser,Philadelphia Church of God

Publisher: Philadelphia Church of God


Category: Religion

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Anglo-Saxons are a forgetful people. It was ever so, from their beginnings as a collection of tribes, morphing over time into the most influential of nations on Earth. So it is that in the great debate over whether or not Australia should become a republic, the true origins of the nation—the real foundation of its greatness—are seldom spoken of. In this booklet: • A Nation—Meant to Be • Boom and Bust • Trailing Behind the Trend • Sorry for What? • Savages on the Fringe • Generation Gap • Here's to the Heroes • Can Australia Defend Itself? • Detaching From History • Final Warning This ebook is offered completely free of charge by the Philadelphia Church of God. However, please not that Google Play will need a verified Google Wallet account which requires your credit card information. In a small number of countries, a temporary authorization of $1 will be charged to your account but will be refunded. This refund can take up to 1 month to process.

Colonial Psychosocial

Reading William Lane


Author: David Crouch

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443872997

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 195

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A small, bespectacled man with impressive moustaches and a devastating way with words, William Lane was at first delighted with the pliant disposition of the society he found emerging in the colonies of Australia. The nascent nation was awash with radical ideas and inherited bigotries, but also obsessed with itself and uneasy about its own place and composition. To this combustible atmosphere, Lane contributed all the excesses of his blistering rhetoric and seductive hyperbole; he mesmerised his audience with all the things it feared. Colonial Psychosocial traverses the ‘darkness’ of colonial cities, descriptions of opium dens and Fan Tan gambling rooms, tales of race-war and the morbid textual dissections of alien interlopers; it delves into vicious narratives of invasion and expulsion, inscrutable crowds and rioting mobs. Through the focus provided by Lane’s life and writing, the book traces phantasmagorias of deformity, disease and degenerative decline; it considers the fate of the ‘workingman’s paradise’, a miscellanea of socialist, nationalist and utopian delusion, and the disorienting appearance of modernity in the colonial laboratory. It follows the dictatorship and demise of ‘New Australia’, a settlement in Paraguay based on purity of blood, and closes with the violence and idealism of a transnational twilight in New Zealand. Lane helped shape a lexis of exclusion and denial that suffused the colonies. His divisive social commentary fed a fantasy of Australia that became the persistent rationale for aggressive assertions of identity. Through Lane, this study develops a way of approaching the historically situated and discursively shaped anxieties that were invigorated by the uncertainties bred at the edges of empire, distilled in a pervasive lexicon of ‘race thinking’, and made part of far wider technologies of social control.

Ethics and Mental Health

The Patient, Profession and Community


Author: Michael Robertson,Garry Walter

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1444168649

Category: Psychology

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The field of ethics is expanding and has assumed new significance as a compulsory part of study for psychiatrists and all mental health professionals. Ethics and Mental Health: The Patient, Profession and Community presents a new approach to these ethical dilemmas that have become an increasing part of modern practice. The book begins by exploring current normative theories of psychiatric ethics. It describes how empirical methods can make codes of conduct more representative of professional values. Considering their previous work, concepts of justice, and the moderate communitarian position, the authors outline their methodology, which argues that mental health professionals exist within a perpetual state of tension, caused by conflicts between the Hippocratic Oath, personal values, notions of social justice, and the potentially harmful influences of their social role. Applying their theory to the area of involuntary psychiatric treatment, the authors address the context of psychiatric practice and the moral agency of psychiatrists. They outline the different influences on the craft of psychiatry to better illustrate the diverse forces that impact moral deliberation and the practice of ethics in mental health. In doing so, they cover areas as diverse as cultural, economic, scientific, and political domains. The final section of the book applies the methodology to contemporary problems in mental health ethics, formulating how mental health clinicians can approach these quandaries. The book brings a new perspective to classic dilemmas from the past, to contemporary challenges, and in anticipation, to new concerns that will inevitably arise in a dynamic and complex professional context.

Archives and Manuscripts

The Journal of the Archives Section, the Library Association of Australia


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The best of Andrew Bolt

Australia's most controversial columnist


Author: Andrew Bolt

Publisher: N.A


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The 'stolen generations' - fact or dangerous myth? Global warming - hell or overheated hype? Few writers dare even ask such questions. Andrew Bolt is Australia's most talked-about columnist for not only asking, but for telling you the controversial truth. Agree with him or not - whether on our war on terror or the danger of the new green religion - you've heard only half the story until you've heard the must-know rest from Bolt. Here are some of his best columns, and not just on the myth-busting topics that have made him notorious among our cultural elite. He writes also on loving and dying, on our ceremonies and celebrations, and on this wonderful country and its hate-preaching critics.

Dead Bolt

A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery


Author: Juliet Blackwell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101558997

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Turner Construction's latest restoration project is a historic Queen Anne Victorian in San Francisco. This time general contractor Mel Turner has to work around the owners who insist on sticking around- along with some ghosts that insist in their own way that the work stops... The ghosts aren't the only ones standing in the way of the renovations. A crotchety neighbor, Emile Blunt, secretly wants this house, and could be behind some of the disturbances. But when Emile is found dead, it's Mel who appears guilty. Now she must restore the building-and her reputation-before it's too late.

Rise of the Ruddbot

Observations from the Gallery


Author: Annabel Crabb

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 186395483X

Category: Australia

Page: 314

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A selection of writing from Australia's funniest, most incisive political commentator. Rise of the Ruddbotpresents the distilled highlights of Annabel Crabb's writing on the political events of the last few years, featuring Godwin Grech, Peter Garrett, Tony 'People Skills' Abbott, the Ruddbot, and more. Sequenced and introduced by Annabel Crabb, this is the perfect companion for an election year.



Author: Dick Francis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101464704

Category: Fiction

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Kit Fielding will do whatever it takes to stop the killing of racehorses. Not an easy task considering that the woman he adores is leaving him, an international arms dealer is threatening him, and Kit's nemesis has plans to knock him off the track—and plant him under it.

Safe--not sorry


Author: Phyllis Schlafly

Publisher: Pere Marquette Pr


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