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Bodleian Library Treasures

Author : David Vaisey
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Since its foundation in 1602, the Bodleian Library has acquired manuscripts, printed books, maps, music and ephemera in all languages, from all ages and from all corners of the globe. From this huge collection David Vaisey, former Bodley's Librarian and Keeper of the University Archives, has selected over one hundred treasures that have a story to tell. Many of these treasures are well-loved around the world and include Jane Austen's manuscript for The Watsons, Shelley's notebooks, a map of Narnia illustrated by C.S. Lewis and the original Wind in the Willows manuscript. Others are known for their beauty and historical value, such as the thirteenth-century Douce Apocalypse, the Magna Carta and the Gutenberg Bible. Many items hold poignant stories, like the little book hand-written by the eleven-year-old girl who would later become Queen Elizabeth I, given as a New Year present in 1545 to the third of her stepmothers, Katherine Parr. Using a simple and accessible chronological structure, together with detailed illustrations, this bibliophile's delight, now available in a stunning hardback edition, showcases the beauty and knowledge contained within the Bodleian Library's renowned collections.

The Bodleian Library and Its Treasures 1320 1770

Author : David Rogers
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Treasures of Ethiopia and Eritrea in the Bodleian Library Oxford

Author : Jacopo Gnisci
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In Ethiopia and Eritrea manuscripts, often beautifully illustrated, have been for centuries the principal means of recording not just the Scriptures but also historical information. Ethiopic manuscripts thus provide a unique window into the life and culture of Ethiopians and Eritreans up to the twenty-first century. The collection of Ethiopic manuscripts in the Bodleian Library in Oxford is one of the most significant in Europe. The Bodleian acquired its first Ge'ez manuscript in 1636 and further expanded its collection in 1843, when it acquired twenty-four of the manuscripts that the Scottish explorer James Bruce had brought back from Ethiopia and Eritrea. During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries the Bodleian Library has continued to expand its holdings of Ethiopic manuscripts through new acquisitions. Especially noteworthy are the forty-five manuscripts that the former Oxford University Medical Officer Bent Juel-Jensen bequeathed to the library at his death in 2007. The essays in this lavishly illustrated volume shed light on Ethiopia and Eritrea's fascinating past by looking at some of the most remarkable Ethiopic manuscripts kept at the Bodleian Library. The first three essays function as an introduction and examine the history of the collection, the classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez) language, and the production of manuscripts in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The remaining nine contributions - each devoted to one of the Bodleian's manuscripts - explore different facets of the manuscript tradition of Ethiopia and Eritrea. With its unique focus on the Bodleian's collection, this landmark volume presents a comprehensive and accessible overview of the context in which Ethiopic manuscripts were produced and makes the library's treasures more accessible to scholars and the interested public.

Treasures from the Bodleian Library

Author : A. G. Hassall
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Korean Treasures

Author : Bodleian Library
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Many important and valuable manuscripts, rare books, and artefacts related to Korea have been acquired by donations throughout the long history of the Bodleian Library and the museums of the University of Oxford. However, due to an early lack of specialist knowledge in this area, many of these Korean items were largely neglected. This publication uncovers these treasures and presents them together in a single volume for the first time. Notable items include the court painting scroll of the funeral procession of King Yongjo (1694-1776); a presentation edition of a book given by King Yongjo to his son-in-law; a group of documents issued by Emperor Kojong (1852-1919) between 1885 and 1886 to confer various titles to his civil and military officials; a sundial made by the famous maker Kang Yun (1830-98) for Emperor Kojong; a ceramic dish made and signed by Princess Yi Pangja (1901-89) as well as a rare example of a suit of armour, an ornate helmet of the early sixteenth century, a general's quiver and arrows, and many more. -- Book jacket.

Cartographic Treasures in the Bodleian Library

Author : National maritime museum (Greenwich)
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Jewish Treasures from Oxford Libraries

Author : Rebecca Abrams
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Representing four centuries of collecting and 1000 years of Jewish history, this book brings together extraordinary Hebrew manuscripts and rare books from the Bodleian Library and Oxford colleges. Highlights of the collections include a fragment of Maimonides' autograph draft of the Mishneh Torah; the earliest dated fragment of the Talmud, exquisitely illuminated manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible; stunning festival prayerbooks and one of the oldest surviving Jewish seals in England. Lavishly illustrated essays by experts in the field bring to life the outstanding works contained in the collections, as well as the personalities and diverse motivations of their original collectors, who include Archbishop William Laud, John Selden, Edward Pococke, Robert Huntington, Venetian Jesuit Matteo Canonici, Benjamin Kennicott and Rabbi David Oppenheim. Saved for posterity by religious scholarship, intellectual rivalry and political ambition, these extraordinary collections also detail the consumption and circulation of knowledge across the centuries, forming a social and cultural history of objects moved across borders, from person to person. Together, they offer a fascinating journey through Jewish intellectual and social history from the tenth to the twentieth century.

Treasures from the Map Room

Author : Debbie Hall
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This book explores the stories behind seventy-five extraordinary maps. It includes unique treasures such as the fourteenth-century Gough Map of Great Britain, exquisite portolan charts made in the fifteenth century, the Selden Map of China - the earliest example of Chinese merchant cartography - and an early world map from the medieval Islamic Book of Curiosities, together with more recent examples of fictional places drawn in the twentieth century, such as C.S. Lewis's own map of Narnia and J.R.R. Tolkien's map of Middle Earth.As well as the works of famous mapmakers Mercator, Ortelius, Blaeu, Saxton and Speed, the book also includes lesser known but historically significant works: early maps of the Moon, of the transit of Venus, hand-drawn estate plans and early European maps of the New World. There are also some surprising examples: escape maps printed on silk and carried by pilots in the Second World War in case of capture on enemy territory; the first geological survey of the British Isles showing what lies beneath our feet; a sixteenth-century woven tapestry map of Worcestershire; a map plotting outbreaks of cholera and a jigsaw map of India from the 1850s. Behind each of these lies a story, of intrepid surveyors, ambitious navigators, chance finds or military victories. Drawing on the unique collection in the Bodleian Library, these stunning maps range from single cities to the solar system, span the thirteenth to the twenty-first century and cover most of the world.

Art Treasures of the Lambeth Library

Author : Lambeth Palace Library
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British librarianship and information work 2011 2015

Author : J. H. Bowman
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This is the latest in an important series of reviews going back to 1928. The book contains 28 chapters, written by experts in their field, and reviews developments in the principal aspects of British librarianship and information work in the years 2011-2015.

The Douce Apocalypse

Author : Nigel J. Morgan
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"The Douce Apocalypse" is one of the finest of a series of illustrated copies of the Apocalypse, the Revelation of St. John, made in England between 1250 and 1275. It was made for the prince Edward, later Edward I, and his wife Eleanor of Castile, probably c. 1270.

Golden treasures counsels for the happiness of daily life selected from Paillettes d or and tr by Theo Ed by the author of The divine Master

Author : Paillettes d'or
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Annals of the Bodleian Library Oxford A D 1598 A D 1867

Author : William Dunn Macray
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Annals of the Bodleian Library Oxford A D 159 A D 1867

Author : William Dunn Macray
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Poetic treasures or Passages from the poets

Author : Passages
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The Bodleian Library Record

Author :
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Part the first History of libraries

Author : Edward Edwards
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Treasures of Oxford Catalogue of the exhibits

Author : Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
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Treasures of Oxford

Author : Leopold Dukes
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Tolkien Treasures

Author : Catherine McIlwaine
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This lavishly illustrated book showcases the highlights of the Tolkien archives held at the Bodleian Library. From J.R.R. Tolkien's childhood in the Midlands and his experience of the First World War to his studies at school and university; his exquisite illustrations for The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and his creation of intricate and beautiful maps showing the topography of Middle-earth - the land he invented - this stunning book is a perfect introduction to Tolkien's creative imagination, giving a unique insight into the life of this extraordinary writer, artist and scholar.