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Eutrophication Causes Consequences and Control

Author : Abid A. Ansari
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Eutrophication continues to be a major global challenge and the problem of eutrophication and availability of freshwater for human consumption is an essential ecological issue. The global demand for water resources due to increasing population, economic developments, and emerging energy development schemes has created new environmental challenges for global sustainability. Accordingly, the area of research on eutrophication has expanded considerably in recent years. Eutrophication, acidification and contamination by toxic substances are likely to pose increasing threats to freshwater resources and ecosystems. The consequences of anthropogenic-induced eutrophication of freshwaters are severe deterioration of surface waters and growing public concern, as well as new interest among the scientific community. “Eutrophication: causes, consequences & control” provides the latest information on many important aspects of the processes of natural and accelerated eutrophication in major aquatic ecosystems around the world. This book offers a cutting-edge resource for researchers and students alike who are studying eutrophication in various ecosystems. It presents the latest trends and developments in the field, including: global scenarios and local threats to the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems, economics of eutrophication, eutrophication in the great lakes of the Chinese pacific drainage basin, photoautotrophic productivity in eutrophic ecosystems, eutrophication’s impacts on natural metal remediation in salt marshes, phytoplankton assemblages as an indicator of water quality in seven temperate estuarine lakes in southeast Australia, biogeochemical indicators of nutrient enrichments in wetlands – the microbial response as a sensitive indicator of wetland eutrophication, and ultraviolet radiation and bromide as limiting factors in eutrophication processes in semi-arid climate zones. Written by respected experts and featuring helpful illustrations and photographs, “Eutrophication: causes, consequences & control” provides a concise and practical update on the latest developments in eutrophication.

The Cyclop dia Or Universal Dictionary of Arts Sciences and Literature

Author : Abraham Rees
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Regulating Bodies

Author : Professor Bryan S Turner
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Bryan Turner is generally acknowledged to have been the key figure in opening up the sociological debate about the body. In this coruscating and fascinating book he shows how his thinking on the subject has developed and why sociologists must take the body seriously.

The Works of John Hunter F R S

Author : John Hunter
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This five-volume collection of the writings of the distinguished surgeon and anatomist John Hunter was published between 1835 and 1837.

Leibniz s Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles

Author : Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
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Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra presents an original study of the place and role of the Identity of Indiscernibles in Leibniz's philosophy. The Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles rules out numerically distinct but perfectly similar things; Leibniz derived it from more basic principles and used it to establish important philosophical theses. Rodriguez-Pereyra aims to establish what Leibniz meant by the Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles, what his arguments for and from it were, and to assess those arguments and Leibniz's claims about the Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles. He argues that Leibniz had a very strong version of the principle, according to which no possibilia (whether or not they belong to the same possible world) are intrinsically perfectly similar, where this excludes things that differ in magnitude alone. The book discusses Leibniz's arguments for the Identity of Indiscernibles in the Meditation on the Principle of the Individual, the Discourse on Metaphysics, Notationes Generales, Primary Truths, the letter to Casati of 1689, the correspondence with Clarke, as well as the use of the Identity of Indiscernibles in Leibniz's arguments against the Cartesian conception of the material world, atoms, absolute space and time, the Lockean conception of the mind as a tabula rasa, and freedom of indifference. Rodriguez-Pereyra argues that the Identity of Indiscernibles was a central but inessential principle of Leibniz's philosophy.

The London manual of medical chemistry comprising an interlinear verbal tr of the Pharmacop ia with notes an intr c By W Maugham

Author : Royal college of physicians of London
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Bioarchaeological Analyses and Bodies

Author : Pamela K. Stone
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This volume features bioarchaeological research that interrogates the human skeleton in concert with material culture, ethnographic data and archival research. This approach provides examples of how these intersections of inquiry can be used to consider the larger social and political contexts in which people lived and the manner in which they died. Bioarchaeologists are in a unique position to develop rich interpretations of the lived experiences of skeletonized individuals. Using their skills in multiple contexts, bioarchaeologists are also situated to consider the ethical nature and inherent humanity of the research collections that have been used because they represent deceased for whom there are records identifying them. These collections have been the basis for generating basic information regarding the human skeletal transcript. Ironically though, these collections themselves have not been studied with the same degree of understanding and interpretation that is applied to archaeological collections.

An Introduction to the Study of Fabrics of Geological Bodies

Author : Bruno Sander
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An Introduction to the Study of Fabrics of Geological Bodies introduces the reader to the method of fabric studies in accordance with the principles of symmetrology, with emphasis on the link between morphological and functional fabrics. Topics covered include affine and non-affine movement-pictures; movement and symmetry of tectonic deformation; tectonics and fluid mechanics; and movement and symmetry of apposition. Some examples of the use and definition of fabric studies are presented. This book is divided into two parts and begins with an overview of the concepts and objectives of fabric studies, paying particular attention to symmetry and rhythm in morphological and functional fabrics; the movement-picture of affine deformations; and non-affine deformation by gliding on a single set of planes. The discussion then turns to the distribution of planar and linear parallel-fabrics in geological bodies; constructive restoration of earlier geometry of tectonic fabrics; tectonics of intrusives with a high susceptibility to componental movement; and mechanical deformation and metamorphism of rocks. The general characteristics of grain-fabrics are also described. This monograph will be a useful resource for geologists and those working in the fields of mineralogy and petrography.

The Christian s Dictionary Containing a Full Explanation of All the Remarkable Words Made Use Of in the Holy Scriptures To which is Added a Brief Explication of All the Proper Names Found in Sacred Scripture Illustrated with Thirty Engravings Executed from the Drawings of Wale Etc

Author : John FLEETWOOD (D.D.)
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The Edinburgh Review

Author :
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Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations

Author : Mary Elizabeth Stonaker
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This manual will ensure that the management of massive fatalities forms part of disaster preparedness and response plans, and that it is a fundamental aspect of humanitarian assistance to survivors and rehabilitation and reconstruction programs. The manual provides the technical information that will support the correct approach to handling dead bodies. Contents: Preparedness for mass deaths; Medicolegal work in major disasters; Health considerations in cases of mass fatalities; Sociocultural aspects; Psychological aspects; Legal aspects; Cases studies; Final recommendations; Myths and realities of management of dead bodies in disasters; and Glossary. Illustrations.

Tensions in Christian Ethics

Author : Malcolm Brown
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The book draws on the author's teaching of ethics at undergraduate and postgraduate level for the Cambridge Theological Federation since 2000. Its purpose is to introduce the reader to questions in Christian ethics through a careful examination of the fundamental meta-ethical questions posed by the 'state we're in', whether understood as a new phase of modernity or as postmodernity. Brown draws on sources and authors from a variety of Christian traditions, and from Britain, the U.S.A. and Europe. The book will be of use, not only to university departments and denominational and ecumenical teaching institutions but also as a more general exposition of the current state of ethical thinking in the Christian churches.

Men s Bodies Men s Gods

Author : Bjorn Krondorfer
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Men's Bodies, Men's Gods explores the intersection of body, religion, and culture from the specific perspective of male identities. How are male bodies constructed in different historical periods and contexts? How do race, ethnicity, and sexual preference impact on the intersection of male bodies and religious identity? Does Christianity provide models to cope with the aging and ailing male body? Does it provide models for intimacy between men and women? Between men and men? And, how do men reflect the carnal dimensions of power, abuse, and justice?

Government Agencies

Author : K. Verhoest
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This book describes and compares how semi-autonomous agencies are created and governed by 30 governments. It leads practitioners and researchers through the crowded world of agencies, describing their tasks, autonomy, control and history. Evidence-based lessons and recommendations are formulated to improve agencification policies in post-NPM times.

Reports of the Late John Smeaton

Author : John Smeaton
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Celebrated as the builder of the Eddystone Lighthouse near Plymouth, John Smeaton (1724-92) made major contributions to civil engineering. Posthumously published between 1812 and 1814, this four-volume illustrated set contains Smeaton's complete reports on the various engineering works he constructed during his career, and his technical papers.

Bodies of Knowledge Embodied Learning in Adult Education

Author : Randee Lipson Lawrence
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Explore the multiple ways adults learn through their bodies.Embodied or somatic learning is a way of learning that relies onthe body’s knowledge. Our most basic form of learning inchildhood is preverbal; however, traditional schooling forces us tocheck our bodies at the door, requiring us to sit at a desk andraise our hands, focusing primarily on cognition to the exclusionof other ways of knowing. By the time we reach adulthood,“being in our bodies” is a foreign concept and a sourceof discomfort for many of us. This volume challenges the dominant paradigm of how knowledge isconstructed and shared. Embodied learning is examined through avariety of practice contexts, including higher education, communityeducation, health care, and the workplace, and through multiplemethods, including dance, theater, and outdoor experientialeducation. This is 134th volume of the Jossey-Bass quarterlyreport series ahref=""NewDirections for Adult and Continuing Education/a. Noted forits depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interestto instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in abroad range of adult and continuing education settings, such ascolleges and universities, extension programs, businesses,libraries, and museums.

Dynamics of Small Solar System Bodies and Exoplanets

Author : Jean J. Souchay
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This book on recent investigations of the dynamics of celestial bodies in the solar and extra-Solar System is based on the elaborated lecture notes of a thematic school on the topic, held as a result of cooperation between the SYRTE Department of Paris Observatory and the section of astronomy of the Vienna University. Each chapter corresponds to a lecture of several hours given by its author(s). The book therefore represents a necessary and very precious document for teachers, students, and researchers in the ?eld. The ?rst two chapters by A. Lemaˆ ?tre and H. Skokos deal with standard topics of celestial mechanics: the ?rst one explains the basic principles of resonances in mechanics and their studies in the case of the Solar System. The differences between the various cases of resonance (mean motion, secular, etc. ) are emphasized together with resonant effects on celestial bodies moving around the Sun. The second one deals with approximative methods of describing chaos. These methods, some of them being classical, as the Lyapounov exponents, other ones being developed in the very recent past, are explained in full detail. The second one explains the basic principles of resonances in mechanics and their studies in the case of the Solar System. The differences between the various cases of resonance (mean motion, s- ular, etc. ) are emphasized together with resonant effects on celestial bodies moving around the Sun. The following three chapters by A. Cellino, by P. Robutel and J.

The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal

Author :
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Pantologia A new cabinet cyclop dia by J M Good O Gregory and N Bosworth assisted by other gentlemen of eminence

Author : John Mason Good
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Eassay on the system of the earth Wanting title page

Author : Earth
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