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Blunt Abdominal Trauma in Children

Author : Rizwan Ahmad Khan
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This book covers the epidemiology, mechanism, risk, various types of injuries, and practical approaches to treating children who have sustained blunt abdominal trauma. It includes dedicated chapters on each key aspect of pediatric blunt abdominal injuries, and explains in detail primary resuscitation and ancillary care for pediatric abdominal trauma. A separate chapter on imaging and interventional imaging helps pediatric caregivers select the right modality in the management of these patients. In addition, the book covers the management of hollow viscus injury and solid organ injury following blunt abdominal trauma. The content is supplemented with detailed flowcharts wherever required to help familiarize readers with the indications and to assist them in surgical decision-making. The book offers a valuable guide for practicing pediatric surgeons, residents in pediatric surgery and trauma surgeons, as well as for general surgeons, general surgery residents, practicing pediatricians and general physicians.

Interobserver Agreement in the Clinical Assessment of Children With Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Author :
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Caffey s Pediatric X ray Diagnosis

Author : John Caffey
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"This text will obviously be of great interest not only to radiologists, also to those who work with children including all pediatric specialties. It is also extremely useful in countries with resource poor setting where there is shortage of well-trained radiologists in pediatric specialties." Reviewed by: Yangon Children Hospital on behalf of the Journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society, January 2014

Pediatric Trauma

Author : Edward G. Ford
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Emanating from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, the country's largest pediatric trauma center, this informative treatise examines all aspects of trauma affecting the pediatric patient. Coverage includes initial assessment, metabolic response, nutritional support, neurotrauma, thoracic trauma, more. A special chapter is devoted to the "life flight" service.

Emergency Imaging of the Acutely Ill Or Injured Child

Author : Leonard E. Swischuk
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(2E 1986) Describes the chest/upper airway nasal passages sinuses & mastoids/abdomen/extremities/head/spinal cord/etc.

A Description of the Use Abdominal CT Scan in Paediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma in a Large South African Children s Trauma Centre

Author : Bronwen William Roman
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Pediatric Trauma

Author : Robert J. Touloukian
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Practical Pediatric Radiology

Author : Saskia von Waldenburg Hilton
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The new 3rd Edition of this popular reference offers pragmatic, up-to-date guidance on the radiologic diagnosis of pediatric ailments. It's clinically oriented, problem-based approach helps readers to respond appropriately to a given set of symptoms and to employ the safest and most cost-efficient methods available. More than 1000 images, flow charts, and line illustrations facilitate recognition of a wide variety of problems. It also offers helpful guidance on the appropriate psychological approach to pediatric patients. Contains more than 1,000 illustrations that cover a wide range of pediatric problems. Enables you to quickly find differential diagnoses appropriate to specific age groups simply by looking up the presenting problem. Equips you with the guidance you need to employ the most cost-effective and safest methods available in the care of your youngest patients. Helps you to distinguish between accidental injuries and signs of physical abuse. Includes expanded information on neonatology. Features several new chapters including -- Atlas of Anatomy of the Normal Newborn Infant · The Newborn Infant with Respiratory Distress from Medical Causes · The Newborn Infant with Respiratory Distress from Surgical Causes · The Fetus and Neonate with Urinary Tract Abnormalities · and The Newborn Infant with Spinal Abnormalities.

Trauma Management

Author : Peter C. Ferrera
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The only trauma management book written by emergency physicians for emergency physicians. Using illustrations, algorithms, and radiographs, this text highlights the most salient features and treatments of the various injury conditions. The goal of this text is to help readers answer the important question, What should I do and when? Pre-hospital care, resuscitation, emergency department management, and disposition of the trauma patient are thoroughly covered. Authored by emergency physicians, rather than surgeons, this book provides excellent information on the acute management and diagnostic strategies of trauma patients. Tables and boxed text emphasize important information in each chapter. Comprehensive information in each chapter ensures that readers will not have to search for additional literature. Pitfalls and pearls emphasize each chapters most important features. Helpful algorithms provide readers with real-time care of the patient. Concerns central to emergency practice, whether it be in a level I trauma center or community hospital setting, are emphasized. Challenging case scenarios set the stage for each chapter.

Critical Care Nursing of Infants and Children

Author : Martha A. Q. Curley
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The new second edition of this valuable resource was written for clinicians by experts in the field. It addresses the increase of pediatric patients in adult ICUs and inpatient pediatric acuity. Two unique approaches are used: the Phenomena of Concern section addresses nursing care issues common to all critically ill pediatric patients; and Final Common Pathways cover patient problems related to specific disorders. This edition includes a new chapter on Clinical Pharmacology. SCCM admission guidelines have also been added to the practice guidelines section.

Nursing Care of the Pediatric Trauma Patient

Author : Pat Moloney-Harmon
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Providing the most comprehensive coverage available on nursing care of the pediatric trauma patient, this practical reference discusses pediatric trauma across the continuum of care. Its broad perspective enables the use of a systems approach - consistent with the current health care environment. Four convenient sections provide in-depth, comprehensive coverage of critical information for nurses caring for the pediatric trauma patient. Comprehensive content focuses specifically on nursing care of the pediatric trauma patient. The nurse's role in the continuum of care is consistent with the emphasis of the current healthcare environment. The organizational framework focuses on the systems approach and is divided into four sections. The section on The Scope of Pediatric Trauma covers issues such as epidemiology, prevention, outcomes management, and ethical issues. The Clinical Concepts section addresses mechanism of injury, pre-hospital care, initial resuscitation, rehabilitation, pain management, nutrition, family-centered care, and violence. The section on System Injuries covers specific body system issues. The section on Multisystem Issues covers thermal and submersion injuries as well as the unborn infant as trauma victim and sequellae of trauma. Independent and collaborative nursing interventions are emphasized in the System Injuries section. Timely issues such as outcomes management are discussed. Chapters written by nurses practicing in pediatric trauma ensure clinically relevant, up-to-date content.

Pediatric Radiology

Author : Derek C. Harwood-Nash
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Bogen koncentrer sig om neuroradiologi og pædiatriske røntgenundersøgelser.

The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics

Author :
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Handbook of Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Medicine

Author : David G. Jaimovich
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This is a practical manual for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedic personnel involved in the emergency care of critically ill infants and children, as well as for emergency room and ambulance (ground and air) personnel who treat and stabilize this ever-growing patient population. The growing importance of this field was recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recently added a new section on transport medicine.

Abdominal Trauma

Author : Frank William Blaisdell
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Pediatric Trauma

Author : David E. Wesson
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Injuries cause more than half of all childhood deaths and a large proportion of pediatric trauma care is provided by non-pediatric specialists. This book provides an update of current practice, backed by evidence-based recommendations, in four sections: 1) Trauma systems for children, including epidemiology, organization of pediatric trauma care, disaster planning and systems for mass pediatric casualties and community injury prevention programs. 2) General principles of resuscitation and supportive care. 3) Specific injuries commonly seen in children, including from child abuse. 4) Rehabilitation, communication, long-term outcomes and performance improvement methods to monitor outcomes.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Secrets

Author : Steven M. Selbst
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A concise, yet complete clinical reference on pediatric emergency care in the highly practical question-and-answer format of The Secrets Series(R). Each chapter covers an important topic by asking key questions and providing helpful answers relating to that topic. Coverage is included on such important areas as cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, neurosurgery emergencies, ophthalmology emergencies, burns/smoke inhalation, bites and stings, abdominal pain, toxicology, neck and spine injuries, hypertension, head trauma, near drowning, and much more. Includes helpful answers, tips, and secrets for dealing with situations that routinely confront physicians on the chaotic frontlines of medicine 65 chapters written by 54 pediatric emergency medicine specialists Helps the physician to evaluate, diagnose, and treat in an environment typically offering minimal data and little time

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Author : American College of Emergency Physicians
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ENDORSED BY THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF EMERGENCY PHYSICIANSThis guide offers an unsurpassed review of pediatric emergency medicine. The Second Edition now provides a bulleted list of 5 high-yield facts at the start of each chapter; key tables, diagrams, and equations on the inside covers for quick reference; and expanded material on cardiac care.

Caffey s Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging E Book

Author : Brian D. Coley
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For more than 70 years, Caffey’s Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging has been the comprehensive, go-to reference that radiologists have relied upon for dependable coverage of all aspects of pediatric imaging. In the 13th Edition, Dr. Brian Coley leads a team of experts to bring you up to date with today’s practice standards in radiation effects and safety and head and neck, neurologic, thoracic, cardiac, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and musculoskeletal pediatric imaging. This bestselling reference is a must-have resource for pediatric radiologists, general radiologists, pediatric subspecialists, pediatricians, hospitals, and more – anywhere clinicians need to ensure safe, effective, and up-to-date imaging of children. Includes separate chapters on radiation effects and safety, pre-natal imaging, neoplasms, trauma, techniques, embryology, genetic anomalies, and common acquired conditions. Takes an updated, contemporary approach with more focused and consistently formatted content throughout. Clinical content includes Overview; Etiologies, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Presentation; Imaging, including pros and cons, costs, evidence-based data, findings, and differential diagnostic considerations; and Treatment, including follow-up. Features 8,500 high-quality images – 1,000 new or updated. Provides expanded coverage of advanced imaging and diagnostics, including genetics and fetal imaging, MRI and advanced MR techniques, low-dose CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and molecular imaging, as well as the latest quality standards, evidence-based data, and practice guidelines. Features new Key Points boxes and more tables and flowcharts that make reference faster and easier. Focuses on safety, particularly in radiation dosing, as part of the Image Gently® campaign to improve pediatric imaging while limiting radiation exposure and unneeded studies.

Surgery of Liver Disease in Children

Author : Edward R. Howard
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This work, although intended to be a reference of current surgical techniques for the use of paediatric surgeons and paediatricians, is not meant to be an exhaustive surgical manual. It does not, therefore, cover the standard surgical techniques such as liver resection, but does offer detailed information on lesser known, but valuable techniques such as hepatic transplantation and portoenterostomy for biliary atresia.