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Blue Bottle Mystery

Author : Kathy Hoopmann
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Full of mystery and intrigue, this graphic novel version of Kathy Hoopmann's best-selling adventure follows Ben, a boy with Asperger syndrome (AS). When Ben and his friend Andy discover an old blue bottle in the school yard, little do they know of the mysterious forces they are about to unleash...

Blue Bottle Mystery

Author : Kathy Hoopmann
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Ben finds an unusual old bottle buried in the school yard, and in a roundabout way it helps Ben and his family find out what is causing some of the persistent problems he has both at home and at school.

Blue Bottle Mystery The Graphic Novel

Author : Kathy Hoopmann
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This graphic novel re-telling of Kathy Hoopmann's best-selling Blue Bottle Mystery brings the much-loved fantasy story to life for a new generation of readers. The hero is Ben, a boy with Asperger Syndrome (AS). When Ben and his friend Andy find an old bottle in the school yard, little do they know of the surprises about to be unleashed in their lives. Bound up with this exciting mystery is the story of how Ben is diagnosed with AS and how he and his family deal with the problems and joys that come along with it.

Blue Bottle Mystery

Author : Peter W. Davies
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Join Marmaduke, Scrag, Ollie and Karanagins as they take on the evil rats Tar & Tan in 'The GoosePill Gang - Blue Bottle Mystery'

The Autism Inclusion Toolkit

Author : Maggie Bowen
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'This resource will be very valuable for professionals planning in-service training to assist settings to develop as Autistic Spectrum Disorder-friendly environments...the training would also help all settings become truly inclusive and friendly for all children and young people' - Special Children Includes CD-Rom A growing number of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are educated in mainstream settings. To support them effectively and maximise their learning potential, it is essential that all school staff fully understand their needs. This complete training package can be delivered during staff meetings and on INSET days, to ensure autism-friendly practice throughout the school. This toolkit demonstrates the value of using self-evaluation tools to improve services and includes: - a CD Rom with PowerPoint slides - guidance on how best to deliver INSET - activities and case studies to facilitate discussion - discussions of issues for consideration in relation to School Access Plans and the Disability Equality Duty - advice on useful resources, literature and web sites. Teachers, SENCOs and management staff in primary and secondary schools will find this an essential training resource.

Lisa and the Lacemaker The Graphic Novel

Author : Kathy Hoopmann
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When Lisa discovers a hidden door to an abandoned hut in her friend's backyard, her imagination runs wild with thoughts of the stories it could hold. But strange sounds and faces in the shadows give Lisa the feeling that there is more to the hut than meets the eye, especially when Great Aunt Hannah tells her about one of its previous inhabitants - the mysterious Lacemaker... Lisa quickly discovers that the Lacemaker isn't the only mystery to be solved. Great Aunt Hannah has a secret of her own, and like the criss-crossing of threads her past is tied up with the Lacemaker. Vividly reimagined in graphic form for a new generation, follow Lisa as she confronts the Lacemaker to put right the secrets of the past, and is helped to understand her own Asperger Syndrome along the way.

Of Mice and Aliens

Author : Kathy Hoopmann
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The sequel to Blue Bottle Mystery, this is a science fiction novel for kids, with a difference. Ben is learning to cope with his newly diagnosed Asperger Syndrome, but when an alien crash-lands in his back yard, things really get complicated. The alien, Zeke, knows nothing about Earth's rules and norms and it is up to Ben and his friend Andy to help Zeke survive. The humorous parallels between the alien's inability to relate to humans and Ben's own idiosyncrasies highlight the difficulties Aspie kids face every day. Of Mice and Aliens is not just another kids' book. As well as being a delightful read for anyone who loves adventure, it is a valuable teaching tool that demystifies children with Asperger's, justifying their individuality as valid and interesting.

Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs

Author : Toby Karten
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As a must-have reference for busy teachers with little special education training, this book supplies classroom-tested instructional strategies that address the characteristics of and challenges faced by students with special needs. Dozens of differentiated strategies target teachers’ anxieties and provide responsive interventions that can be used to address specifics of IEPs and learning plans. With Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs,special education expert Toby Karten focuses on specific disabilities and inclusive curriculum scenarios for learners in K–12 environments. She offers valuable advice on how to prevent labels from capping student potential and encouragement to help teachers continually improve learner outcomes. By highlighting more than a dozen disability labels, this resource walks teachers through the process of reinforcing, motivating, scaffolding, and planning for instruction that targets learners of all ability levels. Included are details relevant to each disability: Possible Causes Characteristics and Strengths Classroom Implications Inclusion Strategies Typical instruction needs to match the diversity of atypical learners without viewing any disability as a barrier that impedes student achievement. Teachers must not only learn how to differentiate their approach and target specific student strengths but also maintain a positive attitude and belief that all students are capable of achieving self-efficacy.

S O S Social Skills in Our Schools

Author : Michelle A. Dunn
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Forming healthy, solid relationships with their typical peers is a major challenge for most children with autism spectrum disorders. This comprehensive social skills curriculum has the dual purpose of helping educators develop appropriate social skills in children with pervasive developmental disorders while also fostering understanding and tolerance among typical peers and school staff. The curriculum includes built-in booster lessons, so the child receives multiple presentations of the material, thus reinforcing the lesson for better understanding and generalization.

Buster and the Amazing Daisy

Author : Nancy Ogaz
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Daisy White was not crazy. Clumsy maybe, but definitely not crazy. In this exciting adventure story, Daisy, who has autism, defeats her bullies and overcomes her fears with the help of Buster, a very special rabbit. All is going well until a terrible fate threatens Daisy's new friend Cody. Will Daisy be able to gather her courage and special talents to save him? Buster and the Amazing Daisy is not just a humorous and engaging story. It will also give its readers an insight into the hopes and dreams, as well as the fears and frustrations, of many children with autism.