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Blood Stain

Author : Linda Sejic
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Mad science at its finest. Chemistry major, Elliot Torres has been unable to keep a steady job and eventually accepts a job by a rumored mad scientist Dr. Vlad Stein. Humorous hijinks ensue as their collaboration becomes epic.

Interpretation of Bloodstain Evidence at Crime Scenes Second Edition

Author : William G. Eckert
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As witnessed in landmark criminal cases, the quality and integrity of bloodstain evidence can be a crucial factor in determining a verdict. Since the first edition of Interpretation of Bloodstain Evidence at Crime Scenes was published nearly a decade ago, bloodstain pattern interpretation has continued to grow as a branch of forensic science. Revised and updated to reflect new technology and developments in the field, the second edition is packed with new information and illustrations-including 421 photographs and diagrams of improved quality that will aid in interpretation of evidence. Expanding on a single chapter presented in the bestselling first edition, the second edition details, in four chapters, an introduction to bloodstain interpretation; low-velocity impact and angular considerations; medium and high-velocity impact; and the significance of partially dried, clotted, aged, and physically altered bloodstains in four new chapters. A full chapter on the detection of blood with luminol, featuring high-quality, full-color photographs of luminol reactions, has been added. This new edition also includes 12 new case studies in addition to 8 original case studies from the first edition that have been retained for their interpretative value. Everyone involved in crime scene evaluation and interpretation-law enforcement officers, criminologists, medical examiners, forensic pathologists, medicolegal personnel, and prosecutors and defense attorneys-will benefit from the improved and expanded second edition of this definitive reference.

Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony Handbook

Author : Ronald F. Becker
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Oliver Twist Volume 3 of 3

Author : Чарльз Диккенс
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The Ladies Lindores Volume 3 of 3

Author : Margaret Oliphant
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Example in this ebook CHAPTER XXXII. Left to themselves, Millefleurs and Beaufort stood opposite to each other for a moment with some embarrassment. To have anything to do with a quarrel is always painful for the third person; and it was so entirely unexpected, out of the way of all his habits, that Beaufort felt himself exceptionally incapable of dealing with it. "Millefleurs," he said with hesitation, "I don't understand all this. That was a very strange tone to take in speaking to—a friend." He felt for the first time like a tutor discharging an uncomfortable office, knowing that it must be done, yet that he was not the man to do it, and that of all the youthful individuals in the world, the last person to be so lectured was Millefleurs. "Naturally you think so. The circumstances make all the difference, don't you know," said Millefleurs, with his ordinary composure. "And the situation. In 'Frisco it might not have been of any great consequence. Helping a bully out of the world is not much of a crime there. But then it's never hushed up. No one makes a secret of it: that is the thing that sets one's blood up, don't you know. Not for Torrance's sake—who, so far as I can make out, was a cad—or poor Lady Car's, to whom it's something like a deliverance——" "Torrance!" cried Beaufort, with a gasp. "Lady—Car! Do you mean to say——" "Then——" said Millefleurs, "he never told you? That is a curious piece of evidence. They do things straightforward in Denver City—not like that. He never spoke of an event which had made the country ring——" "Torrance!" repeated Beaufort, bewildered. The world seemed all to reel about him. He gazed at his companion with eyes wide opened but scarcely capable of vision. By-and-by he sat down abruptly on the nearest chair. He did not hear what Millefleurs was saying. Presently he turned to him, interrupting him unconsciously. "Torrance!" he repeated; "let there be no mistake. You mean the man—to whom Carry—Lady Caroline—was married?" Millefleurs fixed upon him his little keen black eyes. He recalled to himself tones and looks which had struck him at the moment, on which he had not been able to put any interpretation. He nodded his head without saying anything. He was as keen after any piece of human history as a hound on a scent. And now he was too much interested, too eager for new information, to speak. "And it happened," said Beaufort, "on Thursday—on the day I arrived?" He drew a long breath to relieve his breast, then waved his hand. "Yes; if that is all, Erskine told me of it," he said. "You have something to do with them also, old fellow," said Millefleurs, patting him on the shoulder. "I knew there was something. Come along and walk with me. I must see it out; but perhaps we had better not meet again just now—Erskine and I, don't you know. Perhaps I was rude. Come along; it is your duty to get me out of harm's way. Was there anything remarkable, by the way, in the fact that this happened just when you arrived?" To be continue in this ebook

Quinnipiac Health Law Journal

Author :
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The American and English Encyclopedia of Law

Author : James Cockcroft
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Bloodstain Evidence Manual

Author : Judith L. Bunker
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Sherlock Holmes

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
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This great introduction to the world's most famous pipe-smoking detective includes the novelsA Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four and the short story collectionThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Volume 12

Author : Kirk-Othmer
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The fifth edition of the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology builds upon the solid foundation of the previous editions, which have proven to be a mainstay for chemists, biochemists, and engineers at academic, industrial, and government institutions since publication of the first edition in 1949. * Over 1000 articles in 27 volumes * More than 600 new or updated articles

Random House Webster s Dictionary

Author : Random House Inactive Returns Staff
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Over 60,000 up-to-date entries in a small-format, extra-deluxe package Random House Webster's reintroduces Random House Webster's Dictionary, Classic Edition, offering core vocabulary in an elegant package, with gold-stamped, leather-look binding, speckled edges, and a 16-page color map insert. A practical and elegant addition to any home or office library, this dictionary makes a memorable gift for graduation or other special occasions. Deluxe package, including color maps and gold-stamped, leather-look binding Over 60,000 up-to-date entries Includes special "New Words" section Includes computer and business glossaries "From the Hardcover edition.

Hand of Death

Author : Max Call
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Pathology Laboratories Handbook

Author :
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Scientific Sleuthing Review

Author :
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Volume 3 Issue 3 An Issue of Hospital Medicine Clinics E Book

Author : Christopher Kim
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This online Clinics series provides evidence-based answers to clinical questions the practicing hospitalist faces daily. The eleventh issue in our growing online database, edited by Christopher Kim, covers essential updates in the following topics: diagnosis and management of valvular heart disease, sepsis, infections in hospitalized immunocompromised patients, acid base disorders, subacute bacterial peritonitis, delirium, acute pain, and ophthalmologic emergencies, as well as transfusion medicine and hospital-based QI initiatives.

Wagadu Volume 3

Author : Wagadu
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The United Nations has proclaimed the 21st century to be the century of water. In this volume, Water and Women in Past, Present and Future, scholars analyze the gendered political economy of water resource allocations and importantly, offer recommendations for viable, women-friendly solutions to address scarcity and distribution, among other issues. Contributors also explore feminist analyses of the aesthetic dimension of water and the feminine, since water is often associated with women, shown in cross-cultural examples of mythology, symbols and legends. Intersecting the fields of hydro-politics and aesthetics, this book should be of interest to policy analysts, activists, and academics.

Human Blood Analysis

Author : M. K. Bhasin
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Blood - a biological material is the most common evidence found in all types of forensic investigations. There are two major areas of investigation: Testing for biological evidence of kinship in civil cases; and characterization of blood stains in criminal cases. Blood groups typing is still the most commonly using immunological method employed by forensic serologists for the individualization of blood. Certain enzymes and blood proteins exist in multiple genetically different forms. In case of enzymes, these forms are known as Isoenzymes . The discovery of HLA polymorphism not only involves the variable alleles in individual loci but also the haplotypes of neighboring lined loci which increases the discrimination potential for individualization and association of some HLA antigens with particular ethnic groups thereby making them important from the forensic point of view. The molecular biology has provided a more reliable techniques of DNA fingerprinting which has revolutionized the forensic analysis of blood evidence in crime investigation and today it is possible to provide valuable information in cases where scare or /and degraded amount of crime scene material could have been a limiting factor. Population studies and generation of DNA databases and quality systems are further advancements in the forensic investigation of blood evidence. The blood analysis proves useful for the forensic serologist in establishing the reliability of the results in any court of law.

Laboratory Medicine Hematology

Author : John B. Miale
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Disorders of the Blood

Author : Sir Lionel Ernest Howard Whitby
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Clinical Laboratory Methods

Author : John D. Bauer
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