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Blockchain Technology Applications in Education

Author : Sharma, Ramesh Chander
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Blockchain relies on distributed databases that give an alterable and semipublic record of digital transactions. Blockchain in learning should address theoretical, practical, and technical issues, but it must also consider the philosophy behind interactive blockchain in learning. While the applications of blockchain have been the subject of serious academic research, there must be more continuous and multicultural attention paid to the impact of the latest management, communication, pedagogy, technology, and evaluation-based developments of blockchain in learning. Blockchain Technology Applications in Education is an essential scholarly publication that scrutinizes how open universities establish a blockchain network for decentralized learning. This book will explore a variety of new management models, communicational actions, pedagogical approaches, new technologies, and evaluation models. There will be new trends, patterns, and customs of blockchain in learning drawn from the distinctive improvements in learning milieus. Highlighting a range of topics such as corporate education, lifelong learning, and social media, this book is essential for academicians, curriculum designers, instructional designers, IT consultants, administrators, researchers, and students.

Blockchain Technology Applications and Challenges

Author : Sandeep Kumar Panda
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This book discusses the various open issues of blockchain technology, such as the efficiency of blockchain in different domains of digital cryptocurrency, smart contracts, smart education system, smart cities, cloud identity and access, safeguard to cybersecurity and health care. For the first time in human history, people across the world can trust each other and transact over a large peer-to-peer networks without any central authority. This proves that, trust can be built not only by centralized institution but also by protocols and cryptographic mechanisms. The potential and collaboration between organizations and individuals within peer networks make it possible to potentially move to a global collaborative network without centralization. Blockchain is a complex social, economic and technological phenomenon. This questions what the established terminologies of the modern world like currency, trust, economics and exchange would mean. To make any sense, one needs to realize how much insightful and potential it is in the context and the way it is technically developed. Due to rapid changes in accessing the documents through online transactions and transferring the currency online, many previously used methods are proving insufficient and not secure to solve the problem which arises in the safe and hassle-free transaction. Nowadays, the world changes rapidly, and a transition flow is also seen in Business Process Management (BPM). The traditional Business Process Management holds good establishment last one to two decades, but, the internal workflow confined in a single organization. They do not manage the workflow process and information across organizations. If they do so, again fall in the same trap as the control transfers to the third party that is centralized server and it leads to tampering the data, and single point of failure. To address these issues, this book highlights a number of unique problems and effective solutions that reflects the state-of-the art in blockchain Technology. This book explores new experiments and yields promising solutions to the current challenges of blockchain technology. This book is intended for the researchers, academicians, faculties, scientists, blockchain specialists, business management and software industry professionals who will find it beneficial for their research work and set new ideas in the field of blockchain. This book caters research work in many fields of blockchain engineering, and it provides an in-depth knowledge of the fields covered.

Blockchain Technology Applications and Challenges

Author : Sandeep Kumar Panda
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Industry Use Cases on Blockchain Technology Applications in IoT and the Financial Sector

Author : Zaigham Mahmood
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"This book investigates the blockchain technology, its adoption and effectiveness in banking and other industry, and in general, for IoT based applications"--

Blockchain Technology for IoT Applications

Author : Seok-Won Lee
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This book explores recent advances in the Internet of things (IoT) via advanced technologies and provides an overview of most aspects which are relevant for advance secure, distributed, decentralized blockchain technology in the Internet of things, their applications, and industry IoT. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the step-by-step evolution of IoT to create a change by enhancing the productivity of industries. It introduces how connected things, data, and their communication (data sharing) environment build a transparent, reliable, secure environment for people, processes, systems, and services with the help of blockchain technology.

Research Anthology on Blockchain Technology in Business Healthcare Education and Government

Author : Information Resources Management Association
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Even though blockchain technology was originally created as a ledger system for bitcoin to operate on, using it for areas other than cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular as of late. The transparency and security provided by blockchain technology is challenging innovation in a variety of businesses and is being applied in fields that include accounting and finance, supply chain management, and education. With the ability to perform such tasks as tracking fraud and securing the distribution of medical records, this technology is key to the advancement of many industries.

The Research Anthology on Blockchain Technology in Business, Healthcare, Education, and Government is a vital reference source that examines the latest scholarly material on trends, techniques, and uses of blockchain technology applications in a variety of industries, and how this technology can further transparency and security. Highlighting a range of topics such as cryptography, smart contracts, and decentralized blockchain, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for academics, researchers, industry leaders, managers, healthcare professionals, IT consultants, engineers, programmers, practitioners, government officials, policymakers, and students.

Handbook of Research on Blockchain Technology

Author : Saravanan Krishnan
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Handbook of Research on Blockchain Technology presents the latest information on the adaptation and implementation of Blockchain technologies in real world business, scientific, healthcare and biomedical applications. The book's editors present the rapid advancements in existing business models by applying Blockchain techniques. Novel architectural solutions in the deployment of Blockchain comprise the core aspects of this book. Several use cases with IoT, biomedical engineering, and smart cities are also incorporated. As Blockchain is a relatively new technology that exploits decentralized networks and is used in many sectors for reliable, cost-effective and rapid business transactions, this book is a welcomed addition on existing knowledge. Financial services, retail, insurance, logistics, supply chain, public sectors and biomedical industries are now investing in Blockchain research and technologies for their business growth. Blockchain prevents double spending in financial transactions without the need of a trusted authority or central server. It is a decentralized ledger platform that facilitates verifiable transactions between parties in a secure and smart way. Presents the evolution of blockchain, from fundamental theories, to present forms Explains the concepts of blockchain related to cloud/edge computing, smart healthcare, smart cities and Internet of Things (IoT) Provides complete coverage of the various tools, platforms and techniques used in blockchain Explores smart contract tools and consensus algorithms Covers a variety of applications with real world case studies in areas such as biomedical engineering, supply chain management, and tracking of goods and delivery

Blockchain Technology and Applications

Author : Pethuru Raj
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Blockchain is emerging as a powerful technology, which has attracted the wider attention of all businesses across the globe. In addition to financial businesses, IT companies and business organizations are keenly analyzing and adapting this technology for improving business processes. Security is the primary enterprise application. There are other crucial applications that include creating decentralized applications and smart contracts, which are being touted as the key differentiator of this pioneering technology. The power of any technology lies in its ecosystem. Product and tool vendors are building and releasing a variety of versatile and robust toolsets and platforms in order to speed up and simplify blockchain application development, deployment and management. There are other infrastructure-related advancements in order to streamline blockchain adoption. Cloud computing, big data analytics, machine and deep learning algorithm, and connected and embedded devices all are driving blockchain application development and deployment. Blockchain Technology and Applications illustrates how blockchain is being sustained through a host of platforms, programming languages, and enabling tools. It examines: Data confidential, integrity, and authentication Distributed consensus protocols and algorithms Blockchain systems design criteria and systems interoperability and scalability Integration with other technologies including cloud and big data It also details how blockchain is being blended with cloud computing, big data analytics and IoT across all industry verticals. The book gives readers insight into how this path-breaking technology can be a value addition in several business domains ranging from healthcare, financial services, government, supply chain and retail.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology Applications

Author : Gulshan Shrivastava
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As we enter the Industrial Revolution 4.0, demands for an increasing degree of trust and privacy protection continue to be voiced. The development of blockchain technology is very important because it can help frictionless and transparent financial transactions and improve the business experience, which in turn has far-reaching effects for economic, psychological, educational and organizational improvements in the way we work, teach, learn and care for ourselves and each other. Blockchain is an eccentric technology, but at the same time, the least understood and most disruptive technology of the day. This book covers the latest technologies of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and their applications. This book discusses the blockchain and cryptocurrencies related issues and also explains how to provide the security differently through an algorithm, framework, approaches, techniques and mechanisms. A comprehensive understanding of what blockchain is and how it works, as well as insights into how it will affect the future of your organization and industry as a whole and how to integrate blockchain technology into your business strategy. In addition, the book explores the blockchain and its with other technologies like Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, etc.

Blockchain Technology Tutorial

Author : Chelsea Mulkern
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If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, you may have heard the term "blockchain," the record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network. This Blockchain Technology Tutorial Book is for everyone who wants to get a general idea of what blockchain technology is, how it works, and how it will potentially change the financial system as we know it! This Blockchain Technology Tutorial Book focuses on: -Introduction to blockchain -Blockchain applications in education -Blockchain applications in health etc. -History of Bitcoin -Blockchain wallet -Various cryptocurrencies -And so much more...

Intelligent Computing Theories and Application

Author : De-Shuang Huang
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Blockchain Technologies Applications And Cryptocurrencies Current Practice And Future Trends

Author : Sam Goundar
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This book serves as a reference for scholars, researchers and practitioners to update their knowledge on methodologies, theoretical analyses, modeling, simulation and empirical studies on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Chapters on the evolving theory and practice related to distributed ledger technologies and peer-to-peer digital currencies are intended to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of their uses within the technological, business, and organizational domains.The contributions from this volume also provide a thorough examination of blockchains and cryptocurrencies with respect to issues of management, governance, trust and privacy, and interoperability.Contributed by a diverse range of authors from both academia and professional fields, this reference book presents frontier research in the fields of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Handbook of Research on Modern Educational Technologies Applications and Management

Author : Khosrow-Pour D.B.A., Mehdi
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As technology and technological advancements become a more prevalent and essential aspect of daily and business life, educational institutions must keep pace in order to maintain relevance and retain their ability to adequately prepare students for their lives beyond education. Such institutions and their leaders are seeking relevant strategies for the implementation and effective use of new and upcoming technologies and leadership strategies to best serve students and educators within educational settings. As traditional education methods become more outdated, strategies to supplement and bolster them through technology and effective management become essential to the success of institutions and programs. The Handbook of Research on Modern Educational Technologies, Applications, and Management is an all-encompassing two-volume scholarly reference comprised of 58 original and previously unpublished research articles that provide cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research and expert insights on advancing technologies used in educational settings as well as current strategies for administrative and leadership roles in education. Covering a wide range of topics including but not limited to community engagement, educational games, data management, and mobile learning, this publication provides insights into technological advancements with educational applications and examines forthcoming implementation strategies. These strategies are ideal for teachers, instructional designers, curriculum developers, educational software developers, and information technology specialists looking to promote effective learning in the classroom through cutting-edge learning technologies, new learning theories, and successful leadership tactics. Administrators, educational leaders, educational policymakers, and other education professionals will also benefit from this publication by utilizing the extensive research on managing educational institutions and providing valuable training and professional development initiatives as well as implementing the latest administrative technologies. Additionally, academicians, researchers, and students in areas that include but are not limited to educational technology, academic leadership, mentorship, learning environments, and educational support systems will benefit from the extensive research compiled within this publication.

Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things

Author : Rashmi Agrawal
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This new volume looks at the electrifying world of blockchain technology and how it has been revolutionizing the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems. Aimed primarily at business users and developers who are considering blockchain-based projects, the volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain technology. It presents a selection of chapters on topics that cover new information on blockchain and bitcoin security, IoT security threats and attacks, privacy issues, fault-tolerance mechanisms, and more. Some major software packages are discussed, and it also addresses the legal issues currently affecting the field. The information presented here is relevant to current and future problems relating to blockchain technology and will provide the tools to build efficient decentralized applications. Blockchain technology and the IoT can profoundly change how the world—and businesses—work, and this book provides a window into the current world of blockchain. No longer limited to just Bitcoin, blockchain technology has spread into many sectors and into a significant number of different technologies.

Transforming Businesses With Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Applications

Author : Rajput, Dharmendra Singh
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The success of many companies through the assistance of bitcoin proves that technology continually dominates and transforms how economics operate. However, a deeper, more conceptual understanding of how these technologies work to identify innovation opportunities and how to successfully thrive in an increasingly competitive environment is needed for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Transforming Businesses With Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Applications provides innovative insights into IT infrastructure and emerging trends in the realm of digital business technologies. This publication analyzes and extracts information from Bitcoin networks and provides the necessary steps to designing open blockchain. Highlighting topics that include financial markets, risk management, and smart technologies, the research contained within the title is ideal for entrepreneurs, business professionals, managers, executives, academicians, researchers, and business students.

Advancing Research in Information and Communication Technology

Author : Michael Goedicke
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For 60 years the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) has been advancing research in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This book looks into both past experiences and future perspectives using the core of IFIP's competence, its Technical Committees (TCs) and Working Groups (WGs). Soon after IFIP was founded, it established TCs and related WGs to foster the exchange and development of the scientific and technical aspects of information processing. IFIP TCs are as diverse as the different aspects of information processing, but they share the following aims: To establish and maintain liaison with national and international organizations with allied interests and to foster cooperative action, collaborative research, and information exchange. To identify subjects and priorities for research, to stimulate theoretical work on fundamental issues, and to foster fundamental research which will underpin future development. To provide a forum for professionals with a view to promoting the study, collection, exchange, and dissemination of ideas, information, and research findings and thereby to promote the state of the art. To seek and use the most effective ways of disseminating information about IFIP’s work including the organization of conferences, workshops and symposia and the timely production of relevant publications. To have special regard for the needs of developing countries and to seek practicable ways of working with them. To encourage communication and to promote interaction between users, practitioners, and researchers. To foster interdisciplinary work and – in particular – to collaborate with other Technical Committees and Working Groups. The 17 contributions in this book describe the scientific, technical, and further work in TCs and WGs and in many cases also assess the future consequences of the work’s results. These contributions explore the developments of IFIP and the ICT profession now and over the next 60 years. The contributions are arranged per TC and conclude with the chapter on the IFIP code of ethics and conduct.

Role of Blockchain Technology in IoT Applications

Author : Peng Zhang
File Size : 36.9 MB
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Role of Blockchain Technology in IoT Applications, Volume 115 in the Advances in Computers series, reviews the latest information on this topic that promises many applications in human life. According to forecasts made by various market research/survey agencies, there will be around 50 Billion connected devices (IoT) by 2020. Updates in this new release include chapters on the Technical Aspects of Blockchain and IoT, Integrated Platforms for Blockchain-Enablement, Intersections Between IoT and Distributed Ledger, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: How and Why Combining These Two Groundbreaking Technologies, Blockchain Applications in Health Care and Opportunities and Advancements Due to New Information Technology Frameworks, and more. Explores blockchain technology research trends in secured device to device communication Includes updates on secure vehicular communication (VANET) using blockchain technology Provides the latest on secure IoT communication using blockchain technology Presents use cases of blockchain technology in healthcare, the food chain, ERP and other emerging areas

Blockchain for Healthcare Systems

Author : Sheikh Mohammad Idrees
File Size : 36.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Blockchain for Healthcare Systems: Challenges, Privacy, and Securing of Data provides a detailed insight on how to reap the benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare, as the healthcare sector faces several challenges associated with privacy and security issues. It also provides in-depth knowledge regarding blockchain in healthcare and the underlying components. This book explores securing healthcare data using blockchain technology. It discusses challenges and solutions for blockchain technology in the healthcare sector and presents the digital transformation of the healthcare sector using different technologies. It covers the handling of healthcare data/medical records and managing the medical supply chain all using blockchain technology. The contents of this book are highly beneficial to educators, researchers, and others working in a similar domain.

The Blockchain Guide

Author : Jefferson Witherspoon
File Size : 54.17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, you may have heard the term "blockchain," the record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network. This Blockchain Technology Tutorial Book is for everyone who wants to get a general idea of what blockchain technology is, how it works, and how it will potentially change the financial system as we know it! This Blockchain Technology Tutorial Book focuses on: -Introduction to blockchain -Blockchain applications in education -Blockchain applications in health etc. -History of Bitcoin -Blockchain wallet -Various cryptocurrencies -And so much more...

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Business

Author : Mohsen Attaran
File Size : 47.4 MB
Format : PDF
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The book discusses the various ways that blockchain technology is changing the future of money, transactions, government, and business. The first two chapters walk through the foundation of blockchain. Chapters 3–12 look at applications of blockchain in different industries and highlight its exciting new business applications. It show why so many companies are implementing blockchain, and present examples of companies who have successfully employed the technology to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Chapter 13 highlights blockchain’s powerful potential to foster emerging markets and economies including smart cities, value-based healthcare, decentralized sharing economy, machine to machine transactions, data-sharing marketplace, etc. Chapter 14 offers a conceptual model, provides information and insights, and covers a step-by-step approach to plan and develop blockchain-based technology.