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Black Teachers on Teaching

Author : Michele Foster
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An oral history of black teachers that gives "valuable insight into a profession that for African Americans was second only to preaching" (Booklist).

International Handbook of Teachers and Teaching

Author : Bruce J. Biddle
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Recent years have generated a huge increase in the number of research and scholarly works concerned with teachers and teaching, and this effort has generated new and important insights that are crucial for understanding education today. This handbook provides a host of chapters, written by leading authorities, that review both the major traditions of work and the newest perspectives, concepts, insights, and research-based knowledge concerned with teachers and teaching. Many of the chapters discuss developments that are international in scope, but coverage is also provided for education in a number of specific countries. Many chapters also review contemporary problems faced by educators and the dangers posed by recent, politically-inspired attempts to `reform' schools and school systems. The Handbook provides an invaluable resource for scholars, teacher-educators, graduate students, and all thoughtful persons concerned with the best thinking about teachers and teaching, current problems, and the future of education.

Black Teachers on Teaching

Author : Michèle Foster
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A portrait of the politics and philosophies involved in the education of black children during the last 50 years. The text brings to light the often controversial views of the first wave of educators to have lived through integration.

Education for Empowerment

Author : Christine Callender
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Based on a study of six black teachers, the author's analysis of finely grained qualitative and quantitative data suggests that it is possible to speak in terms of a black teaching style, a style most relevant and comfortable for black children.

Acting White

Author : Stuart Buck
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Commentators from Bill Cosby to Barack Obama have observed the phenomenon of black schoolchildren accusing studious classmates of "acting white." How did this contentious phrase, with roots in Jim Crow-era racial discord, become a part of the schoolyard lexicon, and what does it say about the state of racial identity in the American system of education?The answer, writes Stuart Buck in this frank and thoroughly researched book, lies in the complex history of desegregation. Although it arose from noble impulses and was to the overall benefit of the nation, racial desegegration was often implemented in a way that was devastating to black communities. It frequently destroyed black schools, reduced the numbers of black principals who could serve as role models, and made school a strange and uncomfortable environment for black children, a place many viewed as quintessentially "white."Drawing on research in education, history, and sociology as well as articles, interviews, and personal testimony, Buck reveals the unexpected result of desegregation and suggests practical solutions for making racial identification a positive force in the classroom.

Black Educational Leadership

Author : Rachelle Rogers-Ard
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This book explores Black educational leadership and the development of anti-racist, purpose-driven leadership identities. Recognizing that schools within the United States maintain racial disparities, the authors highlight Black leaders who transform school systems. With a focus on 13 leaders, this volume demonstrates how US schools exclude African American students and the impacts such exclusions have on Black school leaders. It clarifies parallel racism along the pathway to becoming teachers and school leaders, framing an educational pipeline designed to silence and mold educators into perpetrators of educational disparities. This book is designed for district administrators as well as faculty and students in Race and Ethnicity in Education, Urban Education, and Educational Leadership.

Black Male Teachers

Author : Chance W. Lewis
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This edited volume offers sound suggestions for advancing diversity in the teaching profession. It provides teacher education programs with needed training materials to accommodate Black male students, and school district administrators and leaders with information to help recruit and retain Black male teachers.

Black Teachers on Teaching New Press Education Series

Author : Michele Foster
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Black Teachers on Teaching is an honest and compelling account of the politics and philosophies involved in the education of black children during the last fifty years. Michele Foster talks to those who were the first to teach in desegregated southern schools and to others who taught in large urban districts, such as Boston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. All go on record about the losses and gains accompanying desegregation, the inspirations and rewards of teaching, and the challenges and solutions they see in the coming years.

Equal Educational Opportunity

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunity
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Public Education

Author : David C. Berliner
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In this important collection, eminent education scholars and practitioners remind us that our nation’s system of free universal public education is under attack, putting our very democracy in jeopardy. Over and above preparing students for employability, American schools must prepare our youth to be informed citizens and active, constructive participants in the democratic process. These essayists, criticizing as well as lauding our educational system, believe that such a goal is best accomplished through a high-quality, public, free system of schooling designed to serve all our nations’ children without regard to race, religion, gender, LGBTQ+ identity, (dis)ability, social class, citizenship status, or language. In the 100th anniversary year of Horace Mann, these thought leaders in education take stock of enduring principles, current dilemmas, and important forward directions. With privateers growing in numbers and seeking to take advantage of systemic breakdowns, this book will serve as a rousing defense of our public schools for our nation’s educators, parents, school board members, and politicians. Book Features: Reminds all Americans of the essential roles that schools serve in contemporary society, beyond simply learning the prescribed school curriculum. Presents a counterpoint to those who promote private or charter schooling at the expense of genuine public schools. Paints a complex and multi-faceted portrait of our public education system and provides a set of diverse and provocative remedies for many pressing contemporary problems of public schooling. Contributors: Michael W. Apple, William Ayers, David C. Berliner, Martin Brooks, Jacqueline Grennon Brooks, Carol Corbett Burris, Prudence Carter, Edward B. Fiske, Peter Greene, James Harvey, Julian Vazquez Heilig, Jack Jennings, David F. Labaree, Helen F. Ladd, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Carol D. Lee, Martin Lipton, William J. Mathis, Deborah Meier, H. Richard Milner IV, Sonia Nieto, Jeannie Oakes, Jeanne M. Powers, D. C. Phillips, Diane Ravitch, Mike Rose, Peter Smagorinsky, Joshua P. Starr, Mark Weber, Kevin Welner, Ken Zeichner