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Black Sugar

Author : J.B. Levert
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Ira Brown Harkeys Black Sugar is an unusual novel set in history, based on the surviving facts of the life of one of the Souths most dynamic businessmen in the 19th and 20th centuries, General Jean (John) Baptiste Levert. General Leverts story is told through the actual people who helped make it happen his parents, children and grandchildren, descendants of his brothers and life-long friends, house servants, business associates and their descendants, detractors and admirers alike. Drawing on previously unknown material including the Generals correspondence and business records and letters and scrapbooks in possession of his descendants, along with stories passed down by generations of the Levert family Harkey serves up a gumbo with the right ingredients for a delicious character study of a complicated man from birth to death his youth, schooling, Civil War experiences, Reconstruction troubles, business career, and relationships with his large family, business partners, servants, and women: A man who rose from a plantation in Louisiana sugarcane country to a pinnacle of success and fortune in post-Civil War New Orleans, to found an empire that thrives today; whose bravura and identity as a patriarch, southern gentleman, risk-taker, robber baron, and mythic lover, were surpassed only by his business genius, by his power in growing sugar, marketing, land development, and plantation ownership, each an integral component of New Orleans and Louisiana economy and history. With keen insight and intimacy, Harkey captures the passions and obsessions that consumed General Levert, the fierce devotions and ego that fired his imagination and propelled him to succeed at all costs: He set out after the Civil War to build his fortune, letting nothing stand in his way, until an unexpected, unlikely event late in his life. Harkey gives us detailed drama of the Generals childhood on a sugar plantation; of his often ruthless, high-pressure business practice and conduct; of his love for his wife; of his prominence in New Orleans civic, financial and social life; and of the almost vengeful determination with which he cast himself as a money-hungry figure that gilded through elegant French Quarter restaurants, company board rooms, and plantation house parlors in search of the perfect business deal. Here also is a look at the sugar industry and the business of growing and manufacturing sugar in Louisiana from its earliest days beginning before the Civil War.

The North American Sylva Or a Description of the Forest Trees of the United States Canada and Nova Scotia Considered Particularly with Respect to Their Use in the Arts Etc To which is Added a Description of the Most Useful of the European Forest trees Translated from the French by A L Hillhouse

Author : François André Michaux
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The Ultimate Guide To Sugars Sweeteners

Author : Alan Barclay
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“The very first compendium of the sweet substances we typically eat and what happens once they’re in our body.” —New York Journal of Books Today, supermarkets and natural food stores feature a bewildering variety of sugars and alternative sweeteners. The deluge of conflicting information doesn’t help. If choosing a sweetener leaves you scratching your head, this handy guide will answer all of your questions—even the ones you didn’t know to ask: Which sweeteners perform well in baking? Will the kids notice if I sub in stevia? What’s the best pick if I’m watching my waistline, blood sugar, or environmental impact? Are any of them really superfoods . . . or toxic? Perfect for foodies, bakers, carb counters, parents, chefs, and clinicians, this delightfully readable book features more than 180 alphabetical entries on natural and artificial sweeteners, including the usual suspects (table sugar, honey), the controversial (aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup), the hyped (coconut sugar, monk fruit sweetener), and the unfamiliar (Chinese rock sugar, isomaltulose). You’ll also find myth-busting Q&As, intriguing trivia, side-by-side comparisons of how sweeteners perform in classic baked goods, and info on food-additive regulations, dental health, the glycemic index, and more. Your sweet tooth is in for a real education! “An honest, comprehensive book based on facts, for those who want to see the meeting of history, science, and common sense. It covers every sweetener you have heard of, plus many you may never encounter. One of the few books that put sugar and sweetness in context so you can make a wise judgment.” —Glenn Cardwell, author of Gold Medal Nutrition

Twenty to Make Sugar Cats

Author : McNaughton
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Frances has a unique ability to create beautifully crafted models in sugarpaste, which she's able to break down into simple, achievable steps. Like the sugar dogs, the cats in this book resemble real cats rather than fun cartoon characters, and this will be the book's USP. A variety of cat types are included, such as a Burman, tabby, Siamese and endless variations of the 'moggy' -- not to mention kittens, ginger toms, etc. -- all in various poses (sleeping, playing, etc.) and there's even a tiny sugar mouse and some butterflies. --provided from

Soil Survey

Author :
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Black Magic Woman and Narrative Film

Author : Montré Aza Missouri
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Black Magic Woman and Narrative Film examines the transformation of the stereotypical 'tragic mulatto' from tragic to empowered, as represented in independent and mainstream cinema. The author suggests that this transformation is through the character's journey towards African-based religions.

100 Little Sugar Decorations to Make

Author : McNaughton
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Ryukyu Islands Facts Book

Author : Ryukyu Islands (United States Civil Administration, 1950-1972). Office of the Comptroller
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Traditional Dietary Culture Of S

Author : Matsuyama
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First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Silvics of North America Hardwoods

Author : Russell M. Burns
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