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Black Beauty Aesthetics Stylization Politics

Author : Shirley Anne Tate
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Previous work discussing Black beauty has tended to concentrate on Black women's search for white beauty as a consequence of racialization. Without denying either the continuation of such aesthetics or their enduring power, this book uncovers the cracks in this hegemonic Black beauty. Drawing on detailed ethnographic research amongst British women of Caribbean heritage, this volume pursues a broad discussion of beauty within the Black diaspora contexts of the Caribbean, the UK, the United States and Latin America through different historical periods to the present day. With a unique exploration of beauty, race and identity politics, the author reveals how Black women themselves speak about, negotiate, inhabit, work on and perform Black beauty. As such, it will appeal not only to sociologists, but anyone working in the fields of race, ethnicity and post-colonial thought, feminism and the sociology of the body.

Black Beauty

Author : Анна Сьюэлл
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Книга представляет собой адаптацию увлекательной повести известной английской писательницы Анны Сьюэлл «Чёрный Kрасавчик».Историю своей жизни по замыслу автора рассказывает сам Чёрный Красавчик – чёрный жеребец с белой звёздочкой на лбу. В жизни Чёрного Красавчика есть и радости, и разочарования. Прочитав эту книгу, читатель научится понимать лошадей и одновременно перенесётся в Англию середины XIX века.Текст пособия адаптирован в учебных целях до уровня Pre-Intermediate. Каждая глава сопровождается упражнениями для отработки и закрепления навыков речевой деятельности, англо-русским словарём, а также комментарием.Книга предназначена учащимся 7–8 классов школ, гимназий, лицеев.

Black Beauty Stolen

Author : Susan Hill
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Black Beauty has been stolen! He's taken far away from his home by a mean man who plans to sell him. Will Black Beauty escape and find his way home? The beloved Black Beauty returns in this new story created especially for beginning readers.

Black Beauty Illustrated Graphic Novels

Author : Om Books Editorial Team
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Classic stories and fairy tales go hand in hand with a child’s growing up years. However, in this age of comic books, the classics are gradually finding less and less takers.Keeping this in mind we have selected 24 such all time favourite classics and translated them into graphic format. While remaining faithful to the original plot, these stories contain neat, pithy text and vivid, colourful graphics that make reading a pleasure. Children as well as adolescents will find this series to be a fascinating read, and it can help your child to make the ascension from cartoons to the classics.

Black Beauty s Early Days in the Meadow

Author : Anna Sewell
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One of the most popular animal stories of all time, Anna Sewell's Black Beauty was first published in 1877. Drawn from the original text and intended for even the youngest of horse lovers, Black Beauty's Early Days in the Meadow depicts the first few months of the horse's life as a foal frolicking in the meadow. Artist Jane Monroe Donovan renders the classic story in lush oil paintings that convey a pastoral world of green fields and shady trees, while tenderly capturing the special love between mare and foal. The perfect harmony of words and pictures proves once again that the simplest messages are often the strongest. Readers will relish the sweetness of life in the meadow and the companionship of family and friends.

English Classics Black Beauty

Author : Anna Sewell
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“Do your best wherever it is, and keep up your good name.”

American Poland China Record

Author : American Poland-China Record Association
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Tying Small Flies

Author : Ed Engle
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Midge larvae and pupae, tiny parachutes, floating nymphs, micro scuds, tiny ants Choosing the right hook, thread, wire, and amount of weight for small flies plus 75 patterns, including Brassie, RS-2, Renegade, Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear, Griffith's Gnat Foreword by John Gierach Taking trout on lightweight rods with flies as small as size 20 and 30 is a challenge. Learn to imitate midges' trailing shucks and drowned adults, tie tiny parachutes and white-winged Tricos, and create patterns that mimic microcaddis and micro scuds. Engle covers small-fly history, tying tools, and materials. Tips on fishing techniques come from Ed Engle's 30 years of experience fishing small flies on the South Platte River.

American Poland China Record

Author : American Poland-China Record Association
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Switchblades of Italy

Author : Tim Zinser
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This book starts the reader on a journey through time, with a short history of folding knives, leading to the evolution of the first switchblade. Progressing through time, wonderful photos illustrate the descriptions of switchblades. Throughout the book, highlighted sections showcase specific details that will be most helpful to collectors. Also included are facts about knifemakers styles, patterns, tang stamps, and a complete illustrated glossary. Contents Include: The first ever comprehensive publication about Italian switchblade knives, featuring knives and history from the late 1700s to the 1970s. Pictured within this hardbound book are nearly 200 beautiful photos and ephemera of the most unique and rarest Italian switchblades. Actual-size photos span more than two centuries of knifemaking history. Also pictured are catalog pages and advertisements, as well as historical photos. Extensive research has gone into this book to present never-before-published information which clears up and dispells many myths. Entire sections are dedicated to the most sought-after knifemaking companies, such as: Latama Coricama Mauro Mario Details about the knifemakers and businessmen involved behind the knives reveal who the major players shaping the switchblade industry and who made knives for other companies.