Birds of Spain


Author: James Lowen,Carlos Bocos Gonzalez

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472949285

Category: Travel

Page: 144

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Covers more than 250 species regularly seen in mainland Spain and the Balearics Concise text includes information on identification, songs and calls, behaviour, distribution and habitat Packed with full-colour photographs, each carefully selected to guide identification The ideal pocket-sized guide – perfect for nature-loving travellers and birdwatchers

The Birds of the Iberian Peninsula


Author: Eduardo de Juana,Ernest Garcia

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472905911

Category: Nature

Page: 688

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The Iberian Peninsula is one of Europe's most ornithologically varied regions offering a host of regional specialities. It includes famous birding hotspots such as the Coto Donaña wetlands, mountainous areas such as the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean cork and holm oak forests of the southwest, the migration crossroads of the Strait of Gibraltar and the steppe-like plains of Extremadura and Alentejo. Large numbers of birders from around Europe visit the region to see this wealth of winged wildlife, but to date there has been no comprehensive regional avifauna in English. Birds of the Iberian Peninsula is a national avifauna that fills this gap in the ornithological literature. Full-colour throughout, the book begins with authoritative introductory chapters covering subjects such as geography, climate, habitats, the history of Iberian ornithology and the composition of the avifauna. The species accounts then cover every species recorded in mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra, including the many vagrants. For each species there is detailed treatment of distribution – with maps of breeding and wintering ranges – habitat selection, population trends, historical and current status, migration and conservation.

Where to Watch Birds in Northern and Eastern Spain


Author: Ernest Garcia,Michael Rebane

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472936744

Category: Nature

Page: 368

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The definitive guide to finding birds in Northern and Eastern Spain. This region embraces an impressive range of habitats from the Pyrenees to the sun-drenched Catalan coast. As a consequence the area is rich in birdlife and full of potential for visiting birders. Almost 200 sites are described in this fully updated third edition, with full coverage of terms of habitat, access and the species to be seen. The accounts are illustrated by detailed maps and beautiful line drawings of selected species. Where to Watch Birds in Northern and Eastern Spain includes comprehensive coverage of all thirteen autonomous regions, a descriptive list of all the resident, visiting and rare birds to be found, as well as advice on watching seabirds from key sites like Estaca de Bares. This edition provides better coverage than ever to one of the most popular birding destinations in Europe.

Birds of the Strait of Gibraltar


Author: Clive Finlayson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408136961

Category: Nature

Page: 560

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The Strait of Gibraltar is famous as a major point of passage for Palaearctic birds migrating between their European breeding grounds and their winter quarters in Africa. Clive Finlayson, a native of the Rock and a trained ornithologist, presents a fascinating account of the region and its resident and transitory bird life. The first chapter of the book describes the area, which broadly defined includes the Coto Donana in the north and the Merja Zerga in the south, and the geographic and climatological characteristics which make it a suitable crossing place. In scope this book goes beyond the strict definition of the Strait and, following Irby's 19th Century work, examines the rich area where Europe meets Africa. The chapters which follow describe in detail the migration patterns of the principal passage species including their origins, destinations and overall numbers, showing how the precise conditions of weather and visibility affect the specific choice of route and timing of the crossing. The breeding and wintering bird communities are then considered and the ornithology of the entire region summarized. Whether or not you have ever witnessed the thousands of raptors, storks and other birds that may make this legendary crossing in a single day, this book will conjure the spirit of this extraordinary place. Delightful illustrations by lan Willis complete an important and entertaining book.

Bringing Fossils to Life

An Introduction to Paleobiology


Author: Donald R. Prothero

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231536909

Category: Science

Page: 672

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One of the leading textbooks in its field, Bringing Fossils to Life applies paleobiological principles to the fossil record while detailing the evolutionary history of major plant and animal phyla. It incorporates current research from biology, ecology, and population genetics, bridging the gap between purely theoretical paleobiological textbooks and those that describe only invertebrate paleobiology and that emphasize cataloguing live organisms instead of dead objects. For this third edition Donald R. Prothero has revised the art and research throughout, expanding the coverage of invertebrates and adding a discussion of new methodologies and a chapter on the origin and early evolution of life.

Where to Watch Birds in Spain


Author: Sociedad Española de Ornitología

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788487334146

Category: Bird watching

Page: 546

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This is a collective work by the Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia, co-ordinated by Eduardo de Juana. The book is a guide to the best areas to go birdwatching in Peninsular Spain.