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Birds in a Cage

Author : Derek Niemann
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At Warburg, Germany, in 1941, four British PoWs find an unexpected means of escape from the horrors of internment when they form a birdwatching society, and embark on an obsessive quest behind barbed wire. Through their shared love of birds, they overcome hunger, hardship, fear and stultifying boredom. Their quest draws in not only their fellow prisoners, but also some of the German guards, at great risk to them all... Derek Niemann draws on original diaries, letters and drawings, to tell of how Conder, Barrett, Waterston and Buxton were forged by their experiences as POWs into the giants of post war wildlife conservation. Their legacy lives on, in institutions such as the RSPB and the British Wildlife Trust.

Birds and Cages

Author : Ida Tomshinsky
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We are not afraid to say that we are fascinated by birds. Flying birds always provoke human admiration. There is this unexplained mysterious feeling that surrounds us when watching birds on the forest trees, in our backyard, at the ocean, sea, or lake. Birds are an infinite treasure of inspiration for humans, waking us up in the morning with beautiful birdsongs. Their little brain is of a size of an unshelled walnut and is associated with intelligent behavior and the same capabilities of humans and apes’ mental tasks. When you think about all the animals in the world, you quickly realize that birds are, in fact, among some of the most intelligent creatures we have on earth. Although there are more than ten thousand bird species worldwide, only a handful of them have made the list for the extremely talented and incredibly intelligent. So who are these super intelligent feathered friends? It is difficult to pick one. Perhaps kea, ravens, and crows are equally smart; while macaws, cockatoo, and jays are on the top of any list too. Who knew that an African gray is capable of working out the location of hidden food by using the kind of deduction and elimination skills previously seen only in humans and apes? And as you probably have heard, they are exceptional talkers! Today, we all know that it is bad to imprison birds in cages, but it was not always the case throughout the history. According to Stephen King, “Some birds are not meant to be caged, that’s all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild.” Due to beautiful poetry and cultural expressions, the flying bird became a symbol of freedom and independence. There are cases of historic acknowledgment of birdcages, especially in the Victorian era. People were listening to birdsongs in cages as it was their radio entertainment outlet. During wartimes, birds demonstrated their unique abilities in courageous heroic efforts to help humans in transferring information through the battlefields. The birds and birdcages both have a longtime history. Our love for the amazing earth creatures makes us stand out for their protection and safety to enjoy our shared inhabitants on the planet, and as for the birdcages, people find them pretty appealing in various ways of the aesthetic repurposing.

The Book of Cage Birds

Author : Henry Beck Hirst
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Bechstein s Handbook of chamber and cage birds tr by W E Shuckard ed by H G Adams

Author : Johann Matthaeus Bechstein
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Birds Their Cages and Their Keep

Author : K. A. Buist
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A Summer Bird Cage

Author : Margaret Drabble
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In her witty, masterful debut novel, Margaret Drabble conjures a gripping story of sibling rivalry. Louise, beautiful and sophisticated, marries wealthy novelist Stephen Fairfax. Sarah, recently graduated from Oxford, is thrown back into family matters. Louise’s life becomes one of parties, gossip columns and glamour. Sarah, now in London, begins to discover a newfound freedom, only glimpsing her sister’s fashionable life. But as rumours of infidelity in Louise’s marriage surface, Sarah finds that her sister, beneath her cool exterior, may not be the woman she thought she was. ‘Margaret Drabble’s early novels were intimate and sprightly chronicles of the small dissatisfactions and small triumphs of young women like herself’ – Hilary Mantel

Conservation of Exotic Wild Birds

Author : United States
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Cages and Cage Making for Canaries Helpful Hints and tips for Building your own Bird Cage

Author : Robert L. Wallace
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This antique text comprises a detailed guide pertaining to the construction of bird cages for use inside the home. This wonderful guide contains everything one might need to know about the construction of bird cages, complete with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations that will enable the reader to make a variety of different styles of bird cages, from small and simple, to large and impressive. Many antique books such as this are increasingly costly and hard to come by - and we are consequently republishing this book in the hope that the information contained herein can be of value to those with an interest in the subject for years to come. 'Cages and Cage-Making for Canaries' is proudly republished here complete with a new introduction on aviculture.

Fisher s Selected Cases on Criminal Law Arranged with Reference to Clark s Handbook of Criminal Law

Author : S. B. Fisher
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Perilous Chastity

Author : Laurinda S. Dixon
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Reviews : "Dixon presents her arguments clearly and forcefully, and her volume is well written, as well as a feast for the eyes. . . . Dixon's study is an important one for scholars in medical history, art history, and women's studies because of its ambitious attempts to mold medical theory about female bodies and artists' representations of women and girls into a comprehensive picture of women's lives." -- Ann Ellis Hanson, review "This impeccably researched work traces 'hysteria' . . . into the modern period. . . . Dixon's work will be of great interest to scholars in the fields of medical history, art history, and women's studies." -- Katherine Dauge-Roth, review"-- from