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Birding Maine

Author : Tom Seymour
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BIRDING MAINE Over 80 Prime Birding Sites at 30 Locations (Falcon) Tom Seymour An all-new guide for novice and veteran birders This all-new guide for birdwatchers in Maine features several sites never revealed before, a complete local species guide, and details on how, when, and where to spot your favorite feathered friends. This helpful book also includes black and white photos, anecdotal sidebars, and up-to-date lists of local restaurants, campsites, and other amenities for visitors. This is a great book for the growing number of birders—both local and vacationers. *Review mailing to East Coast newspapers and nature columnists Tom Seymour is an award-winning outdoors columnist and author of several books, including Hiking Maine. He lives in Waldo.

Green Birding

Author : Richard Gregson
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Includes advice on how to adapt your equipment to a new style of birding and how to attract more birds to your home and garden Where to look for birds close to home - often-overlooked spots in cities and suburban neighborhoods that can be bird magnets How to get "deeper" by studying the birds around your home and participating in citizen science and conservation projects

Zen Birding

Author : White
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David M Whites inspiring stories see birding as a meditative practice and pathway to true connectedness.

Birding for the Curious

Author : Nate Swick
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This book isn't just for birders. It's also for the huge audience of people who hike, maybe have bird feeders, and generally enjoy nature. With this book, the naturalist will discover an incredible and rewarding new adventure in the beautiful world of birds. The book is packed with easy and fun activities and information about birds, how to find them and their part in the nature around us. The information in this book will not only help you identify and learn more about birds, but you'll have a blast doing it. Nate Swick, member of the American Birding Association, has compiled chapters upon chapters of interesting, unique and informative birding knowledge, followed by activities that use the skills you learned. So not only will you learn things like what kind of birds you're looking at around the neighborhood, how to decipher different bird calls, and how to bring the birds to your backyard, but you'll complete fun activities like creating a list of the most popular birds in your area, creating a sound map of bird calls, and making a feeder for your backyard.

Backyard Birding

Author : Randi Minetor
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The Backyard Birding Manual provides clearly stated and illustrated information to maximize your home and neighborhood birding experiences and to help your bring a wider variety of birds to your own backyard.

Advanced Birding

Author : National Audubon Society
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Covering thirty-five of the most difficult groups of birds, from winter loons to confusing fall warblers, jaegers to chickadees, accipiters to flycatchers, this clearly written and beautifully illustrated field guide tells exactly how to solve the most challenging bird identification problems of North America.

Birding in the United States

Author : Genevieve Pullis La Rouche
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Louisiana Birding

Author : John K. Flores
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From the bayous of the coast to prairies and rolling hills, Louisiana is home to a vibrant and thriving avian population. Herons, American goldfinches, snow geese and more call the state coastline home during the winter months. The music of neotropic songbirds like the parula and the prothonotary warbler fills the bayous every spring morning. Endangered species like the whooping crane and brown pelican have been reintroduced to the state to great success. The pragmatic conservation efforts of state, federal and private agencies not only led to the successful delisting of some endangered species of birds but also helped develop protocols for the future stewardship of others. Award-winning outdoor writer and photographer John Flores celebrates Louisiana's notable feathered inhabitants in their natural habitats.

City Birding

Author : Kenn Kaufman
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The country's best-known birders observe birds in places where thriving bird life comes as a surprise. Funny and informative.

Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding

Author : Kenn Kaufman
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A resource with nearly 900 full-color photos examines the basics of each major bird group, describes the principles of identification and much more. By the author of Lives of North American Birds. 20,000 first printing.