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Billy Kidman

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Billy Kidman

Author : L. Anne Carrington
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Billy Kidman carved out a career as one of World Championship Wrestling's and World Wrestling Entertainment's most exciting cruiserweights. A solid in-ring worker for little over a decade, he enjoyed success as a multiple-time cruiserweight and tag team champion during the 1990's and early 2000's. Kidman wrestled for several American and overseas independent promotions after being released from WWE and then became a trainer and occasional wrestler for Florida Championship Wrestling (now NXT). Now retired from the ring, he works as a producer at WWE events in the Gorilla Position. Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star contains updated and some never before revealed information behind the story of an underrated and underappreciated talent who achieved success in several aspects of the wrestling business before age 40. Updated June 2014 to remove content previously added in error. DISCLAIMER: This book was not prepared, approved, licensed or endorsed by Peter Gruner, Jr., World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE ), members of WWE, or any other wrestling organization.

WWE Encyclopedia of Sports Entertainment New Edition

Author : DK
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Delve into the world of WWE with the most expansive all-encompassing e-guide ever produced on sports entertainment! Get all the history, facts, and stats on the Superstars you love in the updated WWE Encyclopedia of Sports Entertainment. This bumper new edition packs more than 1,100 Superstars into more than 400 exciting pages, making it the perfect reference e-guide for the WWE universe. This expansive e-guide features the most controversial, charismatic, and revered Superstars from all eras and sports entertainment brands, including the most popular Superstars such as Bret "Hit Man" Hart, John Cena, Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and The Rock. This encyclopedia covers it all, from the unbelievable championship wins and thrilling bouts on SmackDown, RAW and NXT, to the Royal Rumble and the grand spectacle of WrestleMania. With stunning visuals and in-depth commentary, the WWE Encyclopedia, 4th Edition brings together the entire WWE roster in one tremendous volume! Relive the history and excitement with this massive ebook dedicated to the thrilling world of WWE. TM & © 2020 WWE. All Rights Reserved.

Wrestling s Sinking Ship

Author : Ian Hamilton
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In 2001, the professional wrestling scene in the western world changed almost overnight. From three major promotions at the start of the year, just one remained by the start of April, ending more than a decade of competition. But success breeds complacency, and the five years since World Wrestling Entertainment stood triumphant over its rivals has seen unprecedented shifts in wrestling. Charting the highs and lows of the business in that time, Wrestling's Sinking Ship offers a unique look at the fall and rise of sports entertainment's most controversial characters. From necrophilia to exploitation, nostalgia to racism... oh, and don't forget that fake gay wedding!

Lexi James and the Council of Girlfriends

Author : Melissa Jacobs
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Meet the Council of Girlfriends: Grace, the relentless romantic; La Diva Lola, a celebrity chef with a secret sex life; Mamma Mia, who took the Husband & Children exit to the suburbs; the fabulous Ellie Archer, a journalist who follows her heart to Paris; and Mistress of the Universe/PR exec Lexi James, a heroine more Jo March than Bridget Jones.Lexi has a lot of women in her life, but no man. She was engaged to Mr. Almost Perfect, but called off the wedding after she had a meltdown in a suburban supermarket. Still dealing with the debris of that failed relationship, Lexi is terrified of making another committment, and another mistake. Fortunately everyone--from the members of the COG to the bubbies at the Jewish Retirement home where she volunteers--has some advice for Lexi on what she should do next.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Author : Hulk Hogan
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You think you know Hollywood Hulk Hogan™? Brother, you don't know squat about me. Yeah, I'm the towering red-and-yellow warrior who revolutionized the wrestling business, the larger-than-life superhero who transformed an entire country into a horde of Hulkamaniacs. I'm the guy who spit blood and breathed fire to help create an empire called World Wrestling Entertainment™. But it wasn't always like that. Once I was a fat kid named Terry Bollea watching legends like Dusty Rhodes and Superstar Billy Graham, never dreaming I'd be a professional wrestler myself one day. Run with me on the streets of Tampa, where a bass guitar became my salvation. Fight alongside me in the wrestling arenas of Japan, where opponents try to bite your fingers off to make a name for themselves. Slide into the ring with me against 700-pound Andre the Giant, who only became my best friend after he found out he couldn't beat me down. Then cruise L.A. with me and Sylvester Stallone on the heels of Rocky III. Learn why Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura hates my guts. Go head-to-head with Dennis Rodman in a hard-liquor drinking contest, and share a dressing room with Liberace. Find out what makes me cry like a baby, what makes my blood boil, what I think of Jesus Christ, and what scares the living hell out of me. Then tell me you know the man called Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Join the Babe Ruth of wrestling on a gritty, no-holds-barred odyssey from his start in the barbaric wrestling arenas of the seventies through the heartbreak of potentially career-ending surgery to the achievement of his greatest triumph yet. Along the way, lock up with the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Andy Kaufman, Dolly Parton, Mr. T, Ted Turner, George Foreman, Jay Leno, Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock...and of course, Vince McMahon, head of World Wrestling Entertainment™. They're all in here, waiting to show you what they've got. Hollywood Hulk Hogan™. It's the real deal, brother.

Between the Ropes

Author : Brian Fritz
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An examination of the last decade of pro wrestling, looking at both the unprecedented surge in mass appeal that turned it into a billion-dollar business and the decision-making follies that put it back down on the mat. Fritz and Murray analyse the four major North American promotions, following their exploits from business, storyline and character standpoints. Major wrestling stars like The Rock, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan add their unique, firsthand insights to complete a telling mix.

Devlin s Light

Author : Mariah Stewart
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New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart sweeps readers to the shores of Delaware Bay with this captivating romance full of intrigue, mystery, and desire. Though India Devlin left her hometown to pursue a brilliant career as a criminal prosecutor, she has always loved historic Devlin's Light, visiting as often as her busy schedule permits. But when her brother is found murdered on the steps of the lighthouse -- the town's namesake -- she returns to uncover who killed Ry. When her brother's good friend, Nick Enright, offers to help in her investigation, India accepts -- after all, he's the one who found Ry that night, and heard his mysterious last words. As the list of suspects begins to narrow, India and Nick find themselves undeniably drawn to each other -- a feeling India isn't sure she is ready to admit. Soon a wonderful new emotion is glowing at Devlin's Light -- a sweet, irresistible, very mutual attraction -- intensifying with each wave that crashes on the beach of the enchanting town by the bay....

Ww Raw 2

Author : Prima Temp Authors
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Devour Your Opponents RAW! • Complete moves lists and bios for all Superstars • Strategies for all match types, from Tag Team to Hell In a Cell • Covers Season Mode and how to unlock secret items • Tips for Create a Superstar and Create a Team Modes • Bone-crushing tactics for becoming the undisputed WWETM champion • Over 60 mind-bending WWETM trivia questions

Monsters of the Mat

Author : Robert Picarello
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The sizzling superstars from the WCW, the WWF, and the ECW! It’s the ultimate guide to pro wrestling’s hottest stars! All of the wildest world champions, the most cunning contenders, and the hungry up-and-comers just waiting to make their mark are included in this ultimate bodyslammin’ guide to wrestling’s most famous—and infamous—personalities from all the major wrestling organizations. Monsters of the Mat is a wrestling fan’s dream come true, with all the in-depth information on your favorite grapplers and gougers. Also included: · How you, too, can become a professional wrestler, with info on the top wrestling schools · The real story behind the birth of Wrestlemania—the Super Bowl of the wrestling world · Full-color photos · A full glossary of wrestling terms Featuring The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Lita, Rhyno, Lance Storm, The Dudley Boyz, The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, Al Snow, the legendary McMahon family, William Regal, Steve Austin, Triple H—and many more!

Booker T My Rise To Wrestling Royalty

Author : Booker T Huffman
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Booker T. Huffman, 2013 WWE Hall of Famer and winner of thirty-five championship titles within WWE, WCW, and TNA, has once again paired up with best-selling coauthor Andrew William Wright to uncover Booker T’s story from his humble pro wrestling beginnings to becoming a global superstar and icon. Booker T: My Rise To Wrestling Royalty is Huffman’s highly anticipated follow-up to the 2012 award-winning Booker T: From Prison To Promise, in which Booker detailed his turbulent coming-of-age on the streets of Houston, Texas. Revisit two hard-hitting decades with Booker T as he journeys through World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). During this time he blazed a trail of pro wrestling success on a road that took him from his tag team days in Harlem Heat, with brother Stevie Ray (Lash), to his unparalleled singles career that drew millions around the world to WCW’s Monday Nitro, and onward through his unforgettable matches that led to his taking the throne as King Booker and becoming the FIVE-TIME, FIVE-TIME, FIVE-TIME, FIVE-TIME, FIVE-TIME (and eventually six-time) world heavyweight champion.

The World Wrestling Entertainment Yearbook 2003 Edition

Author : Michael McAvennie
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Desire. Ruthless aggression. Attitude. Respect. New blood. Returning legends. Departing heroes. Icon vs. Icon. The Draft. Separate camps. Unified titles. An Undisputed Championship. Same-sex weddings. Broken vows. Three minutes. One last run. World Wrestling Entertainment™ entered 2002 with a Royal Rumble,® and left it with the Armageddon™-like force of an F-5 hurricane. This is your ringside seat to the defining moments of the past twelve months. Relive the greatest matches of every Raw,® SmackDown!® and WWE™ Pay-Per-View in 2002, including WrestleMania™ X8, SummerSlam® and Survivor Series, as well as U.K. exclusives Insurrextion™; and Rebellion™. Submit to the finishing moves of WWE Superstars like The Rock,® Hollywood Hulk Hogan,™ Undertaker,® Triple H,™ Kurt Angle,™ Ric Flair,™ Rob Van Dam,™ and Brock Lesnar.™ This is your premier backstage pass, recapping events beyond the confines of the squared circle in 2002. Witness the corporate machinations of Mr. Vince McMahon,™ Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff™ and Stephanie McMahon™ as they wrestled for WWE dominance. Stripped down to the bare essentials are the Divas Trish Stratus,™ Torrie Wilson,™ and Stacy Keibler.™ Review the WWE owner's Confidential™ words over Stone Cold Steve Austin™'s sudden exit from the organization. You travel first class all the way as The World Wrestling Entertainment Yearbook 2003 Edition jets to the best venues across the United States, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world. Get the celluloid facts from Tinseltown behind The Rock's blockbuster film The Scorpion King. Avoid a beatdown from Chris Jericho® while getting the music lowdown on his band Fozzy, last summer's Ozzyfest tour and numerous WWE CD compilations. Take part in the "SmackDown! Your Vote™" campaign trail, along with last year's other fundraisers and events that established the WWE as more than the undisputed leader in sports entertainment. It's time to put on the T-shirt of a favorite WWE Superstar, grab some snacks, pull up a steel chair and wooden table, and experience The WWE Yearbook 2003 Edition. Just don't read it under a ladder.

Young Bucks

Author : Matt Jackson
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The electric and daring independent wrestling tag team share their inspiring story of how two undersized, ambitious athletes from Southern California became the idols of millions of popular sports fans, coveted among the ranks of AEW’s elite wrestling lineup. Featuring over 60 photographs and alternating between each brother’s perspective, this entertaining memoir is a complete portrait of what it means to grow into—and give back to—wrestling, the sport and profession they embody and love. Famous for their highflying moves, Superkicks, and viral videos, Matt and Nick Jackson are two of the hottest and most talented competitors in professional wrestling today. Known as the Young Bucks, this pair of ambitious brothers are an inspiration to both fans and aspiring wrestlers worldwide due to their message of resilience and determination. That they are also faithful family men devoted to their loved ones gives them additional appeal. Young Bucks begins in Southern California, where two young boys grew up dreaming of success and fame. Matt and Nick look back on the sacrifices they made to achieve their ambitions, from taking odd jobs to pay for their own wrestling ring to hosting backyard events with friends. They share their joy at being recruited into the independent California wrestling circuit and the work it took to finally make it professionally, and speak frankly about what it means to have the support of millions of fans cheering their talents in arenas nationwide. The Young Bucks talk endearingly about their sport, their faith, and their families, sharing personal reflections and behind-the-scenes anecdotes while paying tribute to the wrestling acts and inspirations that came before them. They also elaborate on this historical time in the evolution of wrestling, as the sport and its culture dramatically change day by day. Told with the brothers’ signature wit and charm, Young Bucks is warm, heartfelt story of hope, perseverance, and undying ambition.

Hardcore Wrestling

Author : Phantom of the Ring
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This full-color guide covers the whole wrestling phenomenon, including moves, cheats, and strategies for all the top-selling wrestling video games. Inside information topics include: photos and profiles on top performers; background history; league information; wrestling moves and holds; and more.

Children s Books in Print 2007

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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The Complete Idiot s Guide to Pro Wrestling

Author : Lou Albano
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Presents the history of professional wrestling, profiles the top wrestlers, explains the rules and moves of the game, and examines the sport versus entertainment debate.

WCW NWO Thunder

Author : Anthony Pena
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Tactics and strategies to bring home the belts Move lists to help you smash all challengers Every signature move illustrated Hidden wrestlers and game codes revealed Bios and stats for each contender

Wrestling Title Histories

Author : Archeus Communications
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Fortune Cookie Karma

Author : Louise Crawford
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The murder of a Beverly Hills psychic - fifth victim of the Ice Pick Killer - drafts Detective Art Murry and his partner Billy Kidman into a special LAPD task force, where Murry's intuitive hunches are ignored in favor of fitting together the "facts" that, so far, have led nowhere. But when Murry's intuition turns to psychic flashes, he sees a vision of his girlfriend, Medical Examiner Mary Iclair. She's dead, ice picks through her hands and feet. To try and save the woman he loves, Murry alienates his boss and his partner, risking his job and his life to find the killer. Billy, irritated at Murry's lack of communication and spooked by Chinese fortune cookies of doom, threatens to transfer to a different department where he'll have the opportunity to head his own investigations. The Ice Pick Killer has his own troubles. A burglar cleaned out his safe: cash, jewelry, and the set of ice picks intended for his next victim. To protect his identity, he must get the picks back. Ice Pick, an actor and make-up artist, masquerades as anyone from a priest to a security specialist, whatever it takes to win his victims' trust. And he already has his next victim - Mary Iclair - in his sights. While Murry follows a slim thread from a reported burglary to a dead thief, Ice Pick sets the trap for Iclair. Will Murry be able to sort through the clues in time to prevent her death? The breakneck pace of Fortune Cookie Karma hurtles the reader from murder on the first page to an explosive, skin-prickling conclusion.L. F. Crawford is the author of twelve novels, including two bestsellers. She won the Eppie award for Best Mystery Novel in 2000. Crawford lives with her husband and daughterin California.