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Big Little Spies

Author : Krista Davis
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Holly and her super-smart Jack Russell terrier, Trixie, are back to solve a brand-new mystery in pet-friendly Wagtail, Virginia in the New York Times bestselling Paws & Claws series by Krista Davis! Wagtail, Virginia has it all. It's a gorgeous lakeside town with picturesque mountains, old-fashioned inns, friendly pet-loving townsfolk--and the highest murder rate for miles around. A group of wealthy pet moms has come to Wagtail to pamper their furry friends and to organize a glamorous ball to raise money for animal rescue. At the same time, a pet detective also strolls into town working on a case and winds up offending the luxurious ladies. When he's found dead, Hollie and her faithful four-footed companion Trixie must now sniff out clues to catch an upper-crust killer.

Mighty Micros Little Things Big Results

Author : Jennifer Kroll
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Introduces small and microscopic organisms, robots, and insects explaining the numerous ways in which they influence life on earth in positive and negative ways.

Spy School Lilac Tyler and the Dark Star

Author : Martha Hari
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Big Little Books

Author : Larry Jacobs
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Larry Jacobs has one of the largest collections of Big Little Books in the world. His easy-to-use book has over 800 items listed and photographed in full color. Also included is a detailed history, where to purchase, value, storage, and care tips.

The Revival of China with Pictures

Author : MAO Min
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The book is about the revival of China in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. It has eight parts: (1) The civil revolution in China, (2) The countryside bases, (3) The Long Match of the Red Army, (4) The Anti Japanese War, (5) Decisive civil battles before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, (6) The Mao Era before the Great Cultural Revolution, (7) The Great Cultural Revolution, and (8) The Reform and opening up. This version of the book is with pictures.

Big Book of Spy Stuff

Author : Bart King
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Through King's entertaining text, kids will uncover what lies beyond the sunglasses and disguises of some famous and not-so-famous sneaks. Kids will learn all about the history of spying, what goes into a secret agent tool kit, and how to decode a secret message. The Big Book of Spy Stuff even covers what spies should do when they run into an ethical dilemma. From fighting off tricycle-riding assassins to learning how squirrels can deliver their top-secret messages, there's never a dull moment when it comes to taking on a secret identify! Discover essential spy skills like: Eavesdropping Sending messages in secret code Writing in invisible ink Choosing the coolest code name ever Spotting a liar using their body language What to do when you get caught!

Fawcett Companion

Author : Paul Hamerlinck
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The Fawcett Companion examines the history of Fawcett Comics, publisher of Captain Marvel, The Marvel Family, Spy Smasher, Bulletman, Ibis the Invincible, and other time-honored comic book characters. Editor P. C. Hamerlinck has compiled this volume, collecting the best material from the nearly 30-year history of the Fawcett Collectors of America Newsletter. Presented here are interviews and features on C.C. Beck, Pete Costanza, Marc Swayze, Will Lieberson, Otto Binder, Rod Reed, Ginny Provisiero, and more, with behind-the-scenes looks at how the company operated from its 1940 beginnings until ceasing publication in 1953 in the wake of a legal battle with the owners of Superman. Also included is an index of all Fawcett comics published, plus rare and unpublished artwork by Beck, Swayze, Kurt Schaffenberger, Mac Raboy, Alex Toth, George Evans, Alex Ross, & more!

Spy in a Little Black Dress

Author : Maxine Kenneth
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Inspired by an actual letter in the John F. Kennedy Library written by Jackie and revealing her job offer from the newly formed CIA When young Jackie Bouvier receives her second assignment from the CIA, she knows it will go better than her first. She managed to survive the Paris job-while looking her best in Givenchy, no less-but now she's completed her official CIA training. So she's excited to show her boss exactly what she can do for her country. Her new mission: Go undercover in sultry Havana and investigate a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro. But before Jackie can infiltrate the communist cabal, she's in past her hemline in danger. In another exciting adventure, she colludes with Grace Kelly, dances with Frank Sinatra, and flirts with an up-and-coming congressman from Massachusetts. As the international intrigue escalates, Jackie must use all her finely honed skills to stay ahead of her enemies . . . and make sure spying never goes out of fashion.

In Spies We Trust

Author : Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
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In Spies We Trust reveals the full story of the Anglo-American intelligence relationship - ranging from the deceits of World War I to the mendacities of 9/11 - for the first time. Why did we ever start trusting spies? It all started a hundred years ago. First we put our faith in them to help win wars, then we turned against the bloodshed and expense, and asked our spies instead to deliver peace and security. By the end of World War II, Britain and America were cooperating effectively to that end. At its peak in the 1940s and 1950s, the 'special intelligence relationship' contributed to national and international security in what was an Anglo-American century. But from the 1960s this 'special relationship' went into decline. Britain weakened, American attitudes changed, and the fall of the Soviet Union dissolved the fear that bound London and Washington together. A series of intelligence scandals along the way further eroded public confidence. Yet even in these years, the US offered its old intelligence partner a vital gift: congressional attempts to oversee the CIA in the 1970s encouraged subsequent moves towards more open government in Britain and beyond. So which way do we look now? And what are the alternatives to the British-American intelligence relationship that held sway in the West for so much of the twentieth century? Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones shows that there are a number - the most promising of which, astonishingly, remain largely unknown to the Anglophone world.

A Spy Among Us

Author : Dorothy Fleming
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Major Jake (Mac) McCord, a brilliant intelligence officer commissioned by the United States Army in 1941 to capture a serial killer who has been terrorizing the small archipelago. Mac soon discovers that the killer is in fact the notorious Nazi Spy Boris Meissner, who holds a deeprooted grudge against Mac.

The Golden Age of Big Little Books

Author : Lawrence F. Lowery
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Today s Hottest Collectibles

Author :
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More than 1,300 identifying photos and 10,000 values make this resource of current popular areas of collecting a must-have for every garage sale, antique store, or auction browser.

Big Jesus

Author : Jimmy R. Watson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This may be the most honest book ever written about Jesus. As a veteran pastor in the United Church of Christ, Dr. Watson shares his thoughts on the timeless topic of Christology--the doctrine of Christ--with new and creative insights, informative and accessible theology, personal anecdotes, and lively wit. Nothing is off-limits in this no-holds-barred contribution to the Jesus genre. Big Jesus is not another theological "spin" on the identity and nature of Jesus of Nazareth, nor is it a sentimental fairytale for those who prefer their Christology to be served up on Sunday mornings with fluffy sheep, little children, and footprints in the sand. This book is for Christian adults with a sense of humor.

The Strategy of Defeat at the Little Big Horn

Author : Frederic C. Wagner III
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The battle that unfolded at the Little Big Horn River on June 25, 1876, marked a watershed in the history of the Plains Indians. While a stunning victory for the Sioux and Cheyenne peoples, it initiated a new and vigorous effort by the U.S. government to rid the west of marauding tribes and to realize the ideal of “Manifest Destiny.” While thousands of books and articles have covered different aspects of the battle, few if any have analyzed the tactics and chronology to arrive at a satisfactory explanation of what befell George Armstrong Custer and the 209 men who died alongside him. This volume seeks to explain the circumstances culminating in the near-destruction of the 7th Cavalry Regiment by a close examination of timing, setting every event to a specific moment based on accounts of the battle’s participants.

The Great Bastard Protector of the Little One

Author :
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Spies of the Kaiser

Author : William Le Queux
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Le Queux was the first and most prolific of all British spy writers, but Spies of the Kaiser was not just another tale of scheming foreigners and plucky British heroes, for this paranoid tale of German secret agents plotting the invasion of Britain played a major part in the formation of MI5, Britain's counter-espionage organisation. In his introduction, intelligence historian Nicholas Hiley explains how Le Queux's powerful blend of fact and fiction inspired a whole generation of British secret service officers, and led MI5 in a nation-wide hunt for a non-existent enemy.

Sonny s House of Spies

Author : George Ella Lyon
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The acclaimed author of "Borrowed Children" pens this novel about a 13-year-old Alabama boy who aims to change the tightlipped atmosphere at his house and find out the truth.

Prisoners Lovers Spies

Author : Kristie Macrakis
File Size : 78.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This “engrossing study” of invisible ink reveals 2,000 years of scoundrels, heroes and their ingenious methods for concealing messages (Kirkus). In Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies, Kristie Macrakis uncovers the secret history of invisible ink and the ingenious way everything from lemon juice to Gall-nut extract and even certain bodily fluids have been used to conceal and reveal covert communications. From Ancient Rome to the Cold War, spies have been imprisoned or murdered, adultery unmasked, and battles lost because of faulty or intercepted secret messages. Yet, successfully hidden writing has helped save lives, win battles, and ensure privacy—at times changing the course of history. Macrakis combines a storyteller’s sense of drama with a historian’s respect for evidence in this page-turning history of intrigue and espionage, love and war, magic and secrecy. From Ovid’s advice to use milk for illicit love notes, to John Gerard's dramatic escape from the Tower of London aided by orange juice ink messages, to al-Qaeda’s hidden instructions in pornographic movies, this book charts the evolution of secret messages and their impact on history. An appendix includes kitchen chemistry recipes for readers to try out at home.

The Short And Bloody History Of Spies

Author : John Farman
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Listen carefully, I shall say this only once.' John Farman has been doing some espionage of his own and has uncovered the secrets that they teach spies for their own survival. This top security information will separate the rats from the moles. Spying is an ancient profession, and there have been some very exotic characters to exercise this art. From the true, Mata Hari, to the completely fictional, James Bond, there's a glamorous aura to spies and the job they do but never fear, our intrepid author will expose the truth and as always, it's not what you would expect. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

Super Secret Spies

Author : Henry J. Acevedo
File Size : 64.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jack and Jason Stevenson, two twin brothers, think they are ordinary eleven-year-old boys. They fool around in the front yard on Christmas Eve, and that very midnight, from their window, they see two men take a camera from a stop sign in front of the yard. They figure the camera mustve caught them fooling around, so they set off after the men, only to discover their long-lost father being alive, and that theyre Super-Secret Spies! Jack and Jason defeat Sensor Sender, the worlds most evil villain, but theyre too young to realise that theres more to fight . . . Follow Jack and Jason for seven Christmas Eves to fight the most horrible, awful things you can possibly imagine. But remember this, if you want to go, you have to be prepared to fight evil villains, bad fat dudes, murderers, mean jail keepers, grizzly bears, shake hands with ghosts, and much more . . .