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Big Data Management and Processing

Author : Kuan-Ching Li
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From the Foreword: "Big Data Management and Processing is [a] state-of-the-art book that deals with a wide range of topical themes in the field of Big Data. The book, which probes many issues related to this exciting and rapidly growing field, covers processing, management, analytics, and applications... [It] is a very valuable addition to the literature. It will serve as a source of up-to-date research in this continuously developing area. The book also provides an opportunity for researchers to explore the use of advanced computing technologies and their impact on enhancing our capabilities to conduct more sophisticated studies." ---Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida, USA "Big Data Management and Processing covers the latest Big Data research results in processing, analytics, management and applications. Both fundamental insights and representative applications are provided. This book is a timely and valuable resource for students, researchers and seasoned practitioners in Big Data fields. --Hai Jin, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Big Data Management and Processing explores a range of big data related issues and their impact on the design of new computing systems. The twenty-one chapters were carefully selected and feature contributions from several outstanding researchers. The book endeavors to strike a balance between theoretical and practical coverage of innovative problem solving techniques for a range of platforms. It serves as a repository of paradigms, technologies, and applications that target different facets of big data computing systems. The first part of the book explores energy and resource management issues, as well as legal compliance and quality management for Big Data. It covers In-Memory computing and In-Memory data grids, as well as co-scheduling for high performance computing applications. The second part of the book includes comprehensive coverage of Hadoop and Spark, along with security, privacy, and trust challenges and solutions. The latter part of the book covers mining and clustering in Big Data, and includes applications in genomics, hospital big data processing, and vehicular cloud computing. The book also analyzes funding for Big Data projects.

Large Scale and Big Data

Author : Sherif Sakr
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Large Scale and Big Data: Processing and Management provides readers with a central source of reference on the data management techniques currently available for large-scale data processing. Presenting chapters written by leading researchers, academics, and practitioners, it addresses the fundamental challenges associated with Big Data processing tools and techniques across a range of computing environments. The book begins by discussing the basic concepts and tools of large-scale Big Data processing and cloud computing. It also provides an overview of different programming models and cloud-based deployment models. The book’s second section examines the usage of advanced Big Data processing techniques in different domains, including semantic web, graph processing, and stream processing. The third section discusses advanced topics of Big Data processing such as consistency management, privacy, and security. Supplying a comprehensive summary from both the research and applied perspectives, the book covers recent research discoveries and applications, making it an ideal reference for a wide range of audiences, including researchers and academics working on databases, data mining, and web scale data processing. After reading this book, you will gain a fundamental understanding of how to use Big Data-processing tools and techniques effectively across application domains. Coverage includes cloud data management architectures, big data analytics visualization, data management, analytics for vast amounts of unstructured data, clustering, classification, link analysis of big data, scalable data mining, and machine learning techniques.

Managing and Processing Big Data in Cloud Computing

Author : Kannan, Rajkumar
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Big data has presented a number of opportunities across industries. With these opportunities come a number of challenges associated with handling, analyzing, and storing large data sets. One solution to this challenge is cloud computing, which supports a massive storage and computation facility in order to accommodate big data processing. Managing and Processing Big Data in Cloud Computing explores the challenges of supporting big data processing and cloud-based platforms as a proposed solution. Emphasizing a number of crucial topics such as data analytics, wireless networks, mobile clouds, and machine learning, this publication meets the research needs of data analysts, IT professionals, researchers, graduate students, and educators in the areas of data science, computer programming, and IT development.

Effective Big Data Management and Opportunities for Implementation

Author : Singh, Manoj Kumar
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“Big data” has become a commonly used term to describe large-scale and complex data sets which are difficult to manage and analyze using standard data management methodologies. With applications across sectors and fields of study, the implementation and possible uses of big data are limitless. Effective Big Data Management and Opportunities for Implementation explores emerging research on the ever-growing field of big data and facilitates further knowledge development on methods for handling and interpreting large data sets. Providing multi-disciplinary perspectives fueled by international research, this publication is designed for use by data analysts, IT professionals, researchers, and graduate-level students interested in learning about the latest trends and concepts in big data.

Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques

Author : Öner, Sultan Ceren
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In order to survive an increasingly competitive market, corporations must adopt and employ optimization techniques and big data analytics for more efficient product development and value creation. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of new techniques and manufacturing processes allows companies to succeed during the rise of Industry 4.0. Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques explores optimization techniques, recommendation systems, and manufacturing processes that support the evaluation of cyber-physical systems, end-to-end engineering, and digitalized control systems. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as digital economy, fuzzy logic, and data linkage methods, this book is ideally designed for manufacturers, engineers, professionals, managers, academicians, and students.

Big Data Management Technologies and Applications

Author : Hu, Wen-Chen
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"This book discusses the exponential growth of information size and the innovative methods for data capture, storage, sharing, and analysis for big data"--Provided by publisher.

New Trends in Databases and Information Systems

Author : Mārīte Kirikova
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed short papers, workshops and doctoral consortium papers of the 21th European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems, ADBIS 2017, held in Nicosia, Cyprus, in September 2017. The 25 full and 4 short workshop papers and the 12 short papers of the main conference were carefully reviewed and selected from 160 submissions. The papers from the following workshops have been included in the proceedings: the first workshop on Data-Driven Approaches for Analyzing and Managing Scholarly Data, AMSD 2017; the first workshop on Novel Techniques for Integrating Big Data, BigNovelTI 2017; the first international workshop on Data Science: Methodologies and Use-Cases, DaS 2017; the second international workshop on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage, SW4CH 2017.

The Data and Analytics Playbook

Author : Lowell Fryman
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The Data and Analytics Playbook: Proven Methods for Governed Data and Analytic Quality explores the way in which data continues to dominate budgets, along with the varying efforts made across a variety of business enablement projects, including applications, web and mobile computing, big data analytics, and traditional data integration. The book teaches readers how to use proven methods and accelerators to break through data obstacles to provide faster, higher quality delivery of mission critical programs. Drawing upon years of practical experience, and using numerous examples and an easy to understand playbook, Lowell Fryman, Gregory Lampshire, and Dan Meers discuss a simple, proven approach to the execution of multiple data oriented activities. In addition, they present a clear set of methods to provide reliable governance, controls, risk, and exposure management for enterprise data and the programs that rely upon it. In addition, they discuss a cost-effective approach to providing sustainable governance and quality outcomes that enhance project delivery, while also ensuring ongoing controls. Example activities, templates, outputs, resources, and roles are explored, along with different organizational models in common use today and the ways they can be mapped to leverage playbook data governance throughout the organization. Provides a mature and proven playbook approach (methodology) to enabling data governance that supports agile implementation Features specific examples of current industry challenges in enterprise risk management, including anti-money laundering and fraud prevention Describes business benefit measures and funding approaches using exposure based cost models that augment risk models for cost avoidance analysis and accelerated delivery approaches using data integration sprints for application, integration, and information delivery success

Big Data Management

Author : Fausto Pedro García Márquez
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This book focuses on the analytic principles of business practice and big data. Specifically, it provides an interface between the main disciplines of engineering/technology and the organizational and administrative aspects of management, serving as a complement to books in other disciplines such as economics, finance, marketing and risk analysis. The contributors present their areas of expertise, together with essential case studies that illustrate the successful application of engineering management theories in real-life examples.

The Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics

Author : Pethuru Raj
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This book comprehensively conveys the theoretical and practical aspects of IoT and big data analytics with the solid contributions from practitioners as well as academicians. This book examines and expounds the unique capabilities of the big data analytics platforms in capturing, cleansing and crunching IoT device/sensor data in order to extricate actionable insights. A number of experimental case studies and real-world scenarios are incorporated in this book in order to instigate our book readers. This book Analyzes current research and development in the domains of IoT and big data analytics Gives an overview of latest trends and transitions happening in the IoT data analytics space Illustrates the various platforms, processes, patterns, and practices for simplifying and streamlining IoT data analytics The Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics: Integrated Platforms and Industry Use Cases examines and accentuates how the multiple challenges at the cusp of IoT and big data can be fully met. The device ecosystem is growing steadily. It is forecast that there will be billions of connected devices in the years to come. When these IoT devices, resource-constrained as well as resource-intensive, interact with one another locally and remotely, the amount of multi-structured data generated, collected, and stored is bound to grow exponentially. Another prominent trend is the integration of IoT devices with cloud-based applications, services, infrastructures, middleware solutions, and databases. This book examines the pioneering technologies and tools emerging and evolving in order to collect, pre-process, store, process and analyze data heaps in order to disentangle actionable insights.