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Bidders and Targets

Author : Leo Herzel
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The striking feature of the takeover market in the US in recent years has been the lightning pace of changes in strategy due to innovations in takeover defense. This book explains in a clear and authoritative manner the best strategies and the traps from the standpoints of both bidders and targets. The takeover business has become giant and complex with its own special jargon. It is highly regulated by federal and state laws. Ingenious business and legal strategists are constantly generating new methods of thrust and parry to advance their clients causes. This book guides the reader through this complex area. The authors base their advice on what they, their clients and the takeover markets have found to be the most important strategic and legal consideration. The complete text of the main contracts in the highly controversial Time-Warner deal is reproduced with a full explanation clause by clause of the legal and business negotiating problems faced by both sides. Comparisons with other acquisition transactions illustrate for the specialist and the non-specialist exactly what is going on in acquisition negotiations. Other appendices contain a detailed glossary and key statutes and rules. The book is an unmatchable source for all those involved in or contemplating acquisitions, takeover financing or takeover defense in the U.S.

The Rationale for Takeover

Author : Sian Owen
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Returns to Bidders and Targets in the Acquisition Process

Author : Timothy H. Hannan
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Knights Raiders and Targets

Author : John C. Coffee Jr.
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Fascinating as the corporate takeovers of recent years have been--with their "golden parachutes" and junk bonds, "greenmailers" and white knights--it is far from clear what underlying forces are at work, and what their long-term consequences will be. Debate over these questions has become polarized: some see takeover threats as disciplinary mechanisms that induce managers to behave efficiently and move assets to higher valued uses or into the hands of more efficient managers; others claim that corporate raiders have produced few observable increases in operating efficiency, but rather have disrupted business planning, enforced a preoccupation with the short-term, and tilted the balance sheets of corporate America towards dangerously high debt levels. Such sharp conflicts in theory and evidence have produced considerable governmental confusion concerning the appropriate policy response. Scores of bills have been introduced in Congress, but legislators are no more in agreement than scholars. Knights, Raiders, and Targets represents one of the first sustained efforts to refine and clarify these issues. Based on papers presented at a symposium sponsored by the Columbia Law School's Center for Law and Economic Studies, it also includes discussion of the informal presentations made at the symposium by the CEOs of several major corporations. This important book airs new theories and offers vital and exciting discussion of the essential issues attached to an event that has become central to American corporate culture.

Bidders and Targets

Author : William Robert Pulling
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Can Auction and Multiple Bid Targets Be Identified in the Field of M and A

Author : Elmer Slag
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Can auction- and multiple bid targets be identified in the field of M&A? This empirical study employs a binary logit model to identify the characteristics of companies that have been acquired facing a single bid or facing multiple bids from different bidders in the US during the period 2004-2009. The research extends the present research by looking at the differences in characteristics between acquired companies instead of investigating if the company will be acquired or not. The results reveal that companies that experience multiple bids have significantly different values regarding the EBIT margin, sales turnover and market to book ratio. Besides the characteristics of the companies, the premium paid and several control variables have been addressed. The findings suggest that companies that face multiple bids tend to have different characteristics however these results have to be placed in perspective in order to make correct judgments. Finally the findings have been related to the existing takeover prediction literature.

Recent Applications of Financial Risk Modelling and Portfolio Management

Author : Škrinjarić, Tihana
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In today’s financial market, portfolio and risk management are facing an array of challenges. This is due to increasing levels of knowledge and data that are being made available that have caused a multitude of different investment models to be explored and implemented. Professionals and researchers in this field are in need of up-to-date research that analyzes these contemporary models of practice and keeps pace with the advancements being made within financial risk modelling and portfolio control. Recent Applications of Financial Risk Modelling and Portfolio Management is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the use of modern data analysis as well as quantitative methods for developing successful portfolio and risk management techniques. While highlighting topics such as credit scoring, investment strategies, and budgeting, this publication explores diverse models for achieving investment goals as well as improving upon traditional financial modelling methods. This book is ideally designed for researchers, financial analysts, executives, practitioners, policymakers, academicians, and students seeking current research on contemporary risk management strategies in the financial sector.

The Behaviour of Announcement Period Returns of Bidders and Targets Involved in Takeovers and Mergers in the UK for the Period 1985 to July 1988

Author : Shamsher Mohamad
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European Industrial Restructuring in the 1990s

Author : Karen Cool
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The restructuring of most European industries may have taken an irreversible turn. However, is this a turn in the right direction? Is European industry becoming more competitive? This book evaluates what has been accomplished to date and what the key remaining policy and managerial tasks are for the 1990s.

A Comparison of Bidders and Targets in UK Acquisitions

Author : Sian Owen
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