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Beyond These Walls

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Beyond These Walls

Author : Tony Platt
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“You should definitely read this book... What really struck me in reading Beyond These Walls was that Tony Platt had very seriously and carefully considered the contributions of social movements—feminist, queer, disability, and labor.” —Angela Davis Beyond These Walls is an ambitious and far-ranging exploration that tracks the legacy of crime and imprisonment in the United States, from the historical roots of the American criminal justice system to our modern state of over-incarceration, and offers a bold vision for a new future. Author Tony Platt, a recognized authority in the field of criminal justice, challenges the way we think about how and why millions of people are tracked, arrested, incarcerated, catalogued, and regulated in the United States. Beyond These Walls traces the disturbing history of punishment and social control, revealing how the criminal justice system attempts to enforce and justify inequalities associated with class, race, gender, and sexuality. Prisons and police departments are central to this process, but other institutions – from immigration and welfare to educational and public health agencies – are equally complicit. Platt argues that international and national politics shape perceptions of danger and determine the policies of local criminal justice agencies, while private policing and global corporations are deeply and undemocratically involved in the business of homeland security. Finally, Beyond These Walls demonstrates why efforts to reform criminal justice agencies have often expanded rather than contracted the net of social control. Drawing upon a long tradition of popular resistance, Platt concludes with a strategic vision of what it will take to achieve justice for all in this era of authoritarian disorder.

Beyond These Walls

Author : Rachel Gunner
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Inside Hanna's mind, there were 26 separate personalities to contend with as she reached the point of no return: suicide. It was up to her new therapist, Rachel Gunner, to determine whether Hanna could find wholeness or would end her life...Written with stark details about Hanna's therapy and the incredible pain of Hanna's condition --DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder), which created 26 separate personalities trapped inside her...from cover.

Beyond the Walls

Author : Laura López Peña
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The present volume analyzes the political project manifested in the narrative poem by Melville 'Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land'. Published in 1876, this work is centered on the necessities, the possibilities and the difficulties of intersubjectivity as a means to transcend the obstacles posed by individualism and traditional communities. Este volumen analiza el proyecto político del poema narrativo de Melville 'Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land', centrado en la necesidad, las posibilidades y las dificultades de la intersubjetividad para la superación de las barreras del individualismo y de comunidades tradicionales.

Leading Beyond the Walls

Author : Adam Hamilton
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Good pastoral leadership is not a "by the numbers" proposition. It is a matter of heart and soul, of devoting the whole self to the vision God gives for the congregation in which one serves. Yet neither is it purely intuitive; it requires hard, careful thinking about the directions and details of the path down which God calls. When Adam Hamilton became pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, its membership consisted of himself and his family. Ten years later the church averages between five and six thousand worshipers per weekend. Throughout this remarkable period, Hamilton learned many serious lessons about both the broad visions and the specific details of pastoral leadership. Bringing a depth of analytical skills often lacking in visionary leaders, in this book he goes beyond simply telling the story of Church of the Resurrection. He shares the questions that he learned to ask about the largely unchurched population to which Church of the Resurrection has reached out. Further, he demonstrates what he learned by listening to the answers to these questions, and how doing so has made possible a number of strategically crucial decisions the church has made. One of those crucial decisions was to make more traditional forms of worship and praise the center of the congregation's life. The result is that the example of Church of the Resurrection offers pastors and church leaders (especially those in mainline denominations) the realization that they need not completely change their liturgical and theological identity in order to reach out to the unchurched. Drawing on his own experience, as well as the detailed research on the characteristics of highly successful congregations he undertook during a sabbatical leave, Hamilton offers pastors and other church leaders solid, substantive thinking on steps that congregations can take to become centers of vibrant outreach and mission. Also available in: Adobe Ebook 9780687026753 Microsoft Ebook 9780687027491

The Sky Beyond The Walls A Chinese Philosophy Of The Way

Author : Antón Bousquet
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The philosophical tradition of ancient China is both extremely rich and varied, offering mankind different visions of the universe, which complement the other traditions that arose in other lands and other eras. One of these is the “philosophy of the way,” which focuses on leading man to live in accordance with the “way of the sky,” which is the course of the heavens, the path taken by the flow of nature. Another, which has been heavily influenced by the first, is the Chinese Chan tradition, better known by its Japanese name: Zen. Both of these have often been associated with religion, either the religious “Daoism” that was derived from the work of the philosophers of the way or Buddhism, but far from myths and dogmas, religiosity and esotericism, their root represent natural philosophies, based on an experience of nature. What the philosophy of way offers is a path of liberation from the things that stand between man and the whole of nature, that is, the all-encompassing sky. Things of the earth, the materials things that man accumulates, often enslave him. They form a wall that becomes a prison, and his life is devoted to its edification and protection. Things of the world, that is, the products of man’s mind, can also be part of this wall, leading him to think that the lens through which he sees nature represents nature itself. Finally, things of the sky, that is, the way he represents the essence of the whole of nature and being as “spiritual things” transcending his own experience: “gods,” “spirits,” or “Buddhas,” may lift man up and give him a better view of the whole of the sky, but they may also hide it from him. Man must therefore cease to hold on to these things to experience the truth of nature and embrace the way of the sky. The present book represents a roadmap, based on the work of the philosophers of the way and the Chinese Chan tradition, meant to lead to an awareness of the nature of the yoke of things and liberation from it. Not meant to be a theoretical treatise on Eastern philosophy, it rather represents an invitation to a practice: a transformation of man’s relationship with the things that are part of his life and an experience of the way of the sky. ------------------------------ About the author: Antón Bousquet is an independent researcher specialized in the philosophy of language, the philosophy of religion, and comparative cultural studies. He holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Grenoble III in France and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies from Fujen Catholic University in Taiwan. A former teacher of French as a foreign language, he has worked in different parts of Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia.

Beyond the Walls

Author : Joseph Palmisano
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Joseph Palmisano explores the interreligious significance of empathy for Jewish-Christian understanding. Drawing on the writings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) and Edith Stein (1891-1942), he develops a phenomenological category of empathy defined as a way of ''re-membering'' oneself with the religious other. Palmisano follows Heschel's and Stein's personal and spiritual journeys through the darkest years of Nazi Germany. He shows that Heschel's call to Christian interlocutors for a return to God is an ecumenical call to humanity to embrace perceived others: a call to live life as a response to God's pathos. This call finds a prophetic answer in Edith Stein's witness of empathy with regard to the Holocaust. Stein, a Catholic, creates a dialectical bridge with the Jewish 'other,' neither distancing herself nor denying her Jewish roots. Stein's simultaneously Jewish and Christian fidelity is a model for interreligious relations. It is also a challenge to Catholics to remember their religion's Jewish heritage through new categories of witnessing and belonging with others. Beyond the Walls is a critical contribution to the fostering of interreligious understanding, offering both a model of the ideal Jewish-Christian relationship in Heschel and Stein and criteria with which to evaluate contemporary initiatives and controversies concerning interreligious dialogue.

Beyond the Walls of Separation

Author : Tobias Brandner
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Beyond the Walls of Separation is an essential and easy-to-read guidebook for chaplains and volunteers working in the context of prison, and for all those who are professionally or through family links related to those in prison. The book tells the story of what life behind bars is, and how inmates experience transformation through Christian faith: People at the crisis points of their life, where they are shattered, and where little is left of what made them, may experience life as fragile and as a transparent filter for the mysterious. Yet they also may experience God's life-giving presence. Love, expressed in forgiveness--against all odds, against all merits and previous experiences--lies at the root of many stories of transformation that emerge from prison. The book guides visitors to approach inmates without condescension, with an awareness of the social dimension of power and inequality, and with sensitivity to the suffering and alienation that individual prisoners experience. The many years of prison ministry in different cultural contexts and with inmates from all nations have taught the author that Christ does not need to be brought to prison through visitors, through evangelistic events, or through Christian outreach. He is already powerfully present in prison.

Beauty Beyond the Walls

Author : Sonora Brown
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Strong, driven, and fiercely independent, Sonora Brown leaves the comfort and convenience of her American life to provide economic relief to communities in Afghanistan. As she steps behind walled communities, she is braced to experience a country known for violence and hostility, where women have no voice or privilege. What she uncovers is kindness, hospitality, and a graceful strength that defy circumstances and confront her own cultural prejudices and understanding of God. Beauty Beyond the Walls is an honest, perseverant chronicle of faitha witness to the work of God in a place often deemed hopeless and forgotten. Browns experience teaches that when we surrender ourselves to embrace those around us, we open our hearts to know God.

Longings From Behind and Beyond The Walls

Author : Rukhsana Ayyub
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Longings from Behind and Beyond the Walls by Rukhsana Ayyub A memoir about the life of my mother, and other women in her family, living, loving and sometimes rebelling against the confines of the veils and the walls in a small town in Pakistan. Conflicting desires of wanting the freedom yet longing for the protection and safety the walls provided. Creating wonderful opportunities for her children yet fearing their independence. A reminder that change cannot be forced unless one is ready to accept it. Change is possible, and the yearning to be free eventually does win even if it takes a few generations to bring about that change.

Beyond the walls researchers outside the university Volume 2

Author : Ruth Finnegan
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does researching take place only in the universities? and what about the opportunities opened up by the web? you read it first here! Callender Academic

Beyond the Walls

Author : Nâzım Hikmet
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Generous selection from Turkey's greatest modern poet, in superb English translations.

Beyond the Monastery Walls

Author : Patrick Lally Michelson
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As the cultural and ideological foundations of imperial Russia were threatened by forces of modernity, an array of Orthodox churchmen, theologians, and lay thinkers turned to asceticism, hoping to ensure the coming Kingdom of God promised to the Russian nation.

Life Beyond These Walls

Author : Angela Stanton
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Life Beyond these Walls is a very graphic read that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. This depressing yet intriguing story gives you a sense of hope after a series of unpleasant experiences filled with hopelessness and despair. The detailed testimonies of women serving time in prison will inspire you to be the best you can be. These documented truths give renewed hope, faith, strength and motivation to fly like an eagle and maximize your full potential in spite of all odds.

Banksy The Man behind the Wall

Author : Will Ellsworth-Jones
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In this fully revised and richly illustrated edition, author and journalist Will Ellsworth-Jones pieces together a complete picture of the life and work of Banksy, perhaps the most iconic, enigmatic and controversial artist of modern times. For someone who shuns the limelight so completely that he conceals his name, never shows his face and gives interviews only by email, Banksy is remarkably famous. This fully updated and illustrated story of Banksy’s life and career builds an intriguing picture of his world and unpicks its contradictions. Whether art or vandalism, anti-establishment or sell-out, Banksy and his work have become a cultural phenomenon and the question ‘Who is Banksy?’ is as much about his career as it is ‘the man behind the wall’. From his beginnings as a Bristol graffiti artist, his artwork is now sold at auction for seven-figure sums and hangs on celebrities’ walls. The appearance of a new Banksy is national news, his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop was Oscar-nominated and people queue for hours to see his latest exhibition. Now moreNational Treasure than edgy outsider, who is Banksy and how did he become what he is today? This book charts Banksy's journey from the graffiti-scrawled streets of Barton Hill, the working class neighbourhood of Bristol where he and others covered the walls with vibrant pieces while trying to avoid the police, through to some of the most prestigious galleries of the world, where his daring acts of guerilla art have forced us to reconsider how we define as art. From the artist's own words to recollections of friends and colleagues, this book also examines the contradictions of Banksy's life: charting how a privately educated boy from a middle class area of Bristol reinvented himself as a rogue and an outlaw who would take the art world by storm. With beautiful reproductions of some of his most controversial and recognisable works, this detailed study is a truly indispensible guide to understanding the ultimate art rebel whose work is no less relevant today than it was when he first started out some thirty years ago.

Behind the Walls

Author : M. J. Ampton
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How would you feel if in just two short hours your entire life was ripped out of existence? How would you feel if you were forced to watch your mother beg for mercy while being tortured by men of whom you didn't know. What if then the men proceeded to kill and capture everyone in your city, leaving you to fend for yourself...Welcome to my life.

Within the Walls

Author : Giorgio Bassani
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A new translation of Giorgio Bassani's award winning collection of novellas, which inspired his masterpiece The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. A young working class woman abandoned by her bourgeois lover; the tensions of intermarriage between established classes and communities; a holocaust survivor seemingly back from the dead; a formidable socialist activist defying house arrest; the only surviving witness to the first local atrocity of the Second World War. In these five unforgettable stories, Bassani gave life to the characters that would inform the Romanzo di Ferrara, his suite of novels depicting life in the city. Moving, poetic, atmospheric and artfully observed, this collection is a distillation of Bassani's genius. It won the Strega Prize on first publication as Cinque Storie Ferraresi in 1956, and established Bassani as one of the greatest Italian writers of the twentieth century. 'Giorgio Bassani is one of the great witnesses of this century, and one of its great artists' Guardian 'The most uncompromising, merciful and merciless writer' Ali Smith

A Predisposition for Grit Scanning the Walls with an Engineer Diver

Author : Stephen J. LoPorcaro, PE
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The specialized profession of engineer-diving is little known outside of the engineering and commercial diving industries. As licensed professional engineers and certified commercial divers, its consultants routinely combine both engineering and commercial diving skills to inspect submerged waterfront structures worldwide. In A Predisposition for Grit, author Stephen J. LoPorcaro provides insight into this field of work through a collection of fascinating stories. Relying on more than fifteen years of experience as an engineer-diver, LoPorcaro presents an underwater journey full of laughter, suspense, and surprise as he recounts his most memorable moments and discoveries while inspecting one of the largest cruise ports in the world. He tells what it's like before splashing into the unknown and what steps need to be taken in an underwater emergency. He explains the fundamentals of underwater inspection with a clarity that divers and non-divers alike can enjoy.

Beyond the Walls

Author : Alice Westcreek
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Julia lives inside the safe walls of the Union. Her entire life had been spent in poverty, so when the chance comes to leave, she takes it without thinking. She endures months of gruelling training, only to be faced with the harsh reality of a world divided by a wall.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court And at Law in the Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of New Jersey

Author : New Jersey. Supreme Court
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