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Beyond the Sangres

Author : Wes Brewer
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Beyond the Sangres is a family saga that tells of the life long struggle of Zan and Liette to reconcile their heritage with the forces that run rough shod over their lives in the later half of the twentieth century. Beyond the Sangres reveals what happens to people of mixed ancestry when they are entangled by ties to divergent cultures. This powerful first Novel is a tale about the failure and success of adaptation and the creation of a new ethnicity. It is a story of love: love of the land, love of country, love of a lost way of life, and the love of a woman and man for each other. The heroism of human longing and the anguish of revolution set the stage in Beyond the Sangres for rebirth in a new creation.'Beyond the Sangre' reveals an America that few know, but many long for. This book is as enigmatic as its title and and has layer upon layer of meaning. If you want a unique read about a yet to be discovered America, read 'Beyond the Sangres.'

Beyond the Rhetoric of Pain

Author : Berenike Jung
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Beyond the Rhetoric of Pain presents a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to the current research on pain from a variety of scholarly angles within Literature, Film and Media, Game Studies, Art History, Hispanic Studies, Memory Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Law. Through the combination of these perspectives, this volume goes beyond the existing structures within and across these disciplines framing new concepts of pain in attitude, practice, language, and ethics of response to pain. Comprised of fourteen unique essays, Beyond the Rhetoric of Pain maintains a common thread of analysis using a historical and cultural lens to explore the rhetoric of pain. Considering various methodologies, this volume questions the ethical, social and political demands pain makes upon those who feel, watch or speak it. Arranged to move from historical cases and relevance of pain in history towards the contemporary movement, topics include pain as a social figure, rhetorical tool, artistic metaphor, and political representation in jurisprudence.

Beyond Sangre Grande

Author : Cyril Dabydeen
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Poetry. Fiction. African American Studies. Latino/Latina Studies. Caribbean literature has always been exciting and diverse, including over the past decades some of the world's most regarded writers. BEYOND SANGRE GRANDE: CARIBBEAN WRITING TODAY brings together a contemporary selection from key poets and fiction writers living in Canada, the US, the UK, and the Caribbean itself. Fusing creole and other cultural streams from a changing world, these writers capture the cadences and rhythms of the Caribbean while admitting other influences to demonstrate the vigour and vitality of Caribbean writing today. Whether in the poetry of Kamau Brathwaite, Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, David Dabydeen, Dionne Brand, or in the fiction of Shani Mootoo, Austin Clarke, or Elizabeth Nunez, this remarkable collection represents a range of writing that constitutes the rich tapestry of Caribbean literature in new and exciting ways!

An American Geological Railway Guide

Author : James Macfarlane
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The Crest of the Continent

Author : Ernest Ingersoll
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Beyond the Mississippi

Author : Albert Deane Richardson
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Report Upon United States Geographical Surveys West of the One Hundredth Meridian

Author : Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian (U.S.)
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Northern Spain with the Balearic Islands

Author : Litellus Russell Muirhead
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A Fuego Y Sangre

Author : Elsa M. Redmond
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Beyond the Frontier

Author : Edward F. Dolan
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Describes the journeys west made by many settlers in the mid-1800s--mostly overland, but also by sea--discussing their reasons for going, the difficulties they faced, and life on the way.

Guidebook of Southeastern Sangre de Cristo Mountains New Mexico

Author : New Mexico Geological Society. Field Conference
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New Mexico Historical Review

Author : Lansing Bartlett Bloom
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Beyond the Periphery

Author : Stewart King
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Beyond Lewis Clark

Author : James P. Ronda
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* Offers a corrective vision of the history of the Corps of Discovery * Puts Lewis and Clark into the broad pattern of Enlightenment-era science and empire-building, and establishes how the Jeffersonian model of exploration endured to varying degrees through other army expeditions

Magical Realism and Beyond

Author : Roy Boland
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Beyond the Limits of Genre

Author : Diane S. Williams
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Our Western Empire Or The New West Beyond the Mississippi

Author : Linus Pierpont Brockett
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Hispanic Journal

Author :
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Beyond Infinity

Author : Robert Spencer Carr
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Hispanic Arts and Ethnohistory in the Southwest

Author : Marta Weigle
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A Spanish Colonial Arts Society Book published by Ancient City Press and the University of New Mexico Press. E. Boyd was a pre-eminent authority on Spanish colonial arts. Twenty-three distinguished contributors discuss her work; traditional Hispanic arts and their preservation.