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Beyond Knit and Purl

Author : Kate Atherley
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Does your knitting measure up? Let Kate Atherley take you to the next level with Beyond Knit and Purl, new from Cooperative Press. As a technical editor - and more importantly - as a teacher, Kate knows where knitters hit roadblocks and how to overcome them, and she shares her many years of experience in this book. Confused about increases or decreases? What's ease? If you've only knitted dishcloths, are you ready to move on to socks or should you try something else first? What does "decrease stitches evenly across" actually mean in practice? Do you need some Dirty Secrets or Knitterly Advice? (there are plenty of both scattered throughout the book's pages). Or do you need some help choosing the right pattern for you? This and much, much more are in the book. The amazing how-to photos by Caro Sheridan clearly demonstrate techniques so you can follow along as needed, and there are great patterns spread throughout to support the educational material ranging from ultra-simple dishcloths up to shawls, socks and other garments.

Seed Stitch

Author : Rosemary Drysdale
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The seed stitch is still one of the simplest and most popular in knitting, yet few designers have adapted its rich texture or combined it with other techniques--until now! In her groundbreaking guide, Rosemary Drysdale uses the seed stitch as never before, incorporating it into colorwork, cabling, geometric patterns, and more. Twenty-five gorgeous projects have a modern flair, and include pillows, bags, cowls, and sweaters.

Knitbook The Basics Beyond

Author : Editors at Landauer Publishing
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Discover how easy it is to learn to knit successfully and go beyond the knitting basics with this complete technique and project book! Getting started takes just two simple stitches, knit and purl, and a ball of yarn to make sensational projects. Featuring how-to, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, 24 stitch patterns, and three easy projects – one for beginners and two for intermediates – you’ll also learn how to read patterns, understand specialty needles, add finishing touches, and so much more. This guide will make you feel inspired and encouraged to show family and friends your successes and try new knitting techniques!

Beyond Basic Knitting

Author : Leigh Ann Chow
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Detailed information that builds on basic knitting techniques. How-to instructions complete with color photographs. Includes essential skills review and knitting resources list.

Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns

Author : Sterling Publishing Company
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Presents over five hundred and fifty basic and complex knitting stiches, which can be used to alter store-bought patterns or produce original designs.

Beyond Stitch And Bitch

Author : Afi-Odelia Scruggs
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With every knit, the author tells a story; with every purl, readers weave a little of themselves into the tale. Beyond Stitch & Bitch explores through essays the emotional and spiritual aspects of knitting. Although the book is targeted to knitters, any craft person will appreciate the passion and affection that these essays communicate. Readers laugh at the author's inability to reduce her yarn stash in "The One Who Dies with the Most Yarn Wins." Every hobbyist will recognize herself or himself in "A Knitter's Life," as the author confronts her mortality while knitting hats for her young nephew. Afi-Odelia Scruggs, a knitter for over forty years, has written a book that is engaging, appealing reading for anyone who has fallen in love with a craft.

The Young Ladies Journal Complete Guide to the Worktable

Author :
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Knitting Beyond the Basics

Author : Rebecca Lennox
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Looking for a fun, fundamental introduction to knitting? Look no further! Beginners and novices alike will instantly improve their skills when they delve into these lessons on the essentials of knitting--and create simple, stunning projects as they learn. Each chapter addresses a new technique; patterns help knitters practice their new knowledge Find methods for casting on; knitting and purling; gauge, shaping, and finishing; color knitting; lace basics; and more Gorgeous jacket, cardigan, purse, and shell designs will help knitters hone their skills--choose from 17 projects in all

Beyond the Blues

Author : Rosey E. Pool
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The Standard Needlework Book A system for graduated instruction in plain needlework in which arithmetic is brought to bear practically By H P T

Author : H. P. T.
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Knitting Projects You ll Purl Over

Author : Kelly McClure
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This collection of how-to projects will take a crafty kid's imagination to the next level. Building on a base interest of knitting, this book will show kids the basics--and beyond!

Beyond Design

Author : Sandra Keiser
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Now in full colour, the third edition of this practical text takes students step-by-step through the pre-production processes of apparel product development: planning, forecasting, fabricating, line development, technical design, pricing and sourcing and includes a greater focus on current issues, for example sustainability and business ethics.

Household Management for the Labouring Classes

Author : H. L. Hamilton
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Take my advice giving information on everything pertaining to daily life By the late editor of The Family friend

Author : Robert Kemp Philp
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Dorcas Magazine

Author :
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Pocket Posh Tips for Knitters

Author : Jayne Davis
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Knitters take their work with them on the bus, on the subway, on the airplane . . . everywhere. This pretty, purse-sized knitting guide packed with helpful tips and tricks will be the new best friend of knitters on the go. Written by crafting expert Jayne Davis, Pocket Posh Tips for Knitters goes beyond knit 1, purl 2 to offer helpful tips and tricks on selecting yarn, refining patterns, and completing projects.

The Young Ladies Journal Complete Guide to the Work table

Author :
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The girls reading book

Author : Margaret E. Sandford
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Principles and Practice of Needlework and Dressmaking

Author : Anna L. Hird
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Beyond Weaving

Author : Marcia Chamberlain
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"Here ... are all the methods and techniques necessary for working with fibers off the loom: felting, spinning, natural and synthetic dyeing, ikat dyeing, fiber properties and splicing, knotted and knotless netting, looping, sprang, macramé, finger knotting, crocheting, knitting, braiding and plaiting, bobbin lace, wrapping, whipping, coiling, basketry, and card weaving ... Clearly illustrated step-by-step demonstrations throughout show both the basic methods of working in each area as well as many variations and special effects ... With over 250 black-and-white illustrations and 16 pages of full color"--Cover.