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Benidorm Seriously

Author : Tony Harrison
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Leaving the dull grey skies of the U.K. and an incredibly angry ex-girlfriend, I escaped to Europe’s No1 tourist resort, Benidorm, to start a new life. Buying and running a gay hotel in the old town was something that I never expected to do, over the next few years, I witnessed the crazy, strange, and downright bizarre behaviour of tourists and hotel guests. From gangsters to prostitutes, from chickens to S&M my life would never be the same or normal. This book is dedicated to all those that love Benidorm and all those that have ever wondered what it would be like to run a business in Spain.

The Girl Who Couldn t Stop Arguing

Author : Melissa Kite
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Madison Flight refuses to be born for five days. She comes out eventually – kicking, screaming, and scarred for life by forceps – but it isn’t long before her mother, Cynthia, realises the terrible truth: she has given birth to the world’s first arguing baby. Cyntha’s husband Mitchell soon takes off in terror, leaving her to raise their quarrelsome rugrat with only the help of the next door neighbour Shirley – a sadistic retired nurse who detests children. Madison’s young life is full of proud milestones: at the age of one she breaks the world record for the number of times anyone has said the word ‘no’ during a two week Spanish package holiday - 4,477 times – and she gets better with practice. Lots of practice. This is the story of a girl who wanted to be right rather than happy. This is the story of the girl who couldn’t stop arguing.

the benidorm experience

Author : duncan hartley
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Author :
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Knight Fever

Author : Geof McMoody
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Mysterious deaths at an army camp in Cornwall takes the doctor to meet another old friend.In the second Doctor Aldrin Novel we are drawn into the world of the Knights of King Arthur.

Tourism Public Policy and the Strategic Management of Failure

Author : William Revill Kerr
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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Culture and Power

Author : Ángel Mateos-Aparicio Martin-Albo
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Questions of identity and identification are among the most important evolving concerns of contemporary cultural studies. Through processes of personal identification with discursively constructed subject positions, identities emerge across a wide range of cultural practices in the course of social interactions involving the use of language and other semiotic systems manifested in cultural artefacts of various kinds. The present collection includes a selection of papers on the topic of identity and identification in cultural studies today. Incorporating theoretical contributions and practical case studies, this monograph adds to contemporary debates on identity-forging practices from various theoretical positions in different social, historic and national contexts. The chapters of this volume range from overtly theoretical discussions on the construction of identities and subjectivities in post-modernity, to examinations of the crucial role of (print) media in identity-construction and -representation processes in contemporary social formations through an insight into other key issues in cultural studies, such as gender politics and the construction of femininities, the hybridization of identities in the context of postcolonial work, and the interplay between collective identities and discourses on nation.

Cultures of Mass Tourism

Author : Pau Obrador Pons
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With more than 230 million international tourists a year, the Mediterranean region is the largest tourist destination in the world. This book outlines that its economic importance is matched by its significance as a cultural and aesthetic phenomenon. Through a series of ethnographic insights into some of the key sites of mass Mediterranean tourism, it focuses on package tourists' experiences of the serial, banal and depthless spaces that are mushrooming along the coast and the enchantments, dissolutions and dreams that saturate them. Moving away from the notion of authentic places corrupted by mass tourism, the book shows how new forms and spaces are made and remade by the mobilities and performances of locals, workers and tourists. Finally, the book looks at the complex materialities of mass tourism and the many networks that make it possible.

Gone To Aragon

Author : Ben Tideway
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Gone To Aragon takes the reader into and out of the sunlight in Spain via the author's easy-going account of taking risks and finding contentment in the wilds of Aragon. Ben Tideway pulled up stakes, burned bridges and fled from London to have a different life in a little pueblo in Aragon, NE Spain. The book is not a clichéd telling of hilarious incidents with builders and plumbers. It is focused on adapting to the ways of living in a small community in a rural part of a foreign country. A lot of ground is covered in the factual narrative which is interspersed in a seamless way with set pieces about some of the more colourful characters encountered during the twenty-five years he has spent in Aragon. This is a story about a man lucky enough to have found what he was looking for. Keywords: Travel, Autobiographical, Aragon, Spain, Lifestyle, Food, Integration, Anecdotal, Rural, Survival, Zaragoza

Sustainable Tourism IV

Author : C. A. Brebbia
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Tourism has become a major international industry, with many countries all over the world relying on the income it produces. Because it is a major source of finances and employment, government and other institutions activitely promote tourism, regardless of the impact on the environment, ecology and social structure of the region. The demands of tourism can contribute to the destruction of the natural and cultural environment upon which it depends. The natural and cultural landscape's capacity to accommodate the local and worldwide effects of tourism, the typology thereof and its implications for the economy and society constitute very important study objectives. The development of tourism can result in the degradation of natural landscapes that paradoxically attract tourists to such areas. Featured topics include: Tourism Strategies; Tourism as a Tool of Development; Tourism Impact; Tourism and Protected Areas; Rural Tourism; Community Involvement; IT and Tourism; Climate Change and Tourism; Environmental Issues; Art, Architecture and Culture; Modelling; Emergent Strategies for Tourism Development; Landscape and Tourism; Tourism and Urban Planning.

Ghosts of Spain

Author : Giles Tremlett
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The Spanish are reputed to be amongst Europe's most voluble people. So why have they kept silent about the terrors of the Spanish Civil War and the rule of dictator Generalísimo Francisco Franco? The appearance - sixty years after that war ended - of mass graves containing victims of General Franco's death squads has finally broken what Spaniards call 'the pact of forgetting'. At this charged moment, Giles Tremlett embarked on a journey around Spain - and through Spanish history. As well as a moving exploration of Spanish politics, Tremlett's journey was also an attempt to make sense of his personal experience of the Spanish. Why do they dislike authority figures, but are cowed by a doctor's white coat? How had women embraced feminism without men noticing? What binds gypsies, jails and flamenco? Why do the Spanish go to plastic surgeons, donate their organs, visit brothels or take cocaine more than other Europeans? 'Lively and well-informed . . . at once a history, a journalistic inquiry and a travel book.' Sunday Telegraph

Staying On

Author : C. M. Taylor
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A geriatric coming-of-age story ... Retired expat, Tony Metcalfe, is going through a three-quarter-life crisis. Viva España, his bar in a mountain village beyond Spain’s Costa Blanca, is failing. Tony started the bar for the English post-war babies who retired early on good pensions - the por favors, as the Spanish call them - flocking to the dream of wine, rest and sun around the pool. But now their retirement paradise is shadowed by Brexit: the pound has fallen, pensions are frozen and the property crash happened long ago. Tony wants to move back to enjoy the remainder of his life in his childhood home, but his tenacious wife Laney wants to stay in the happy valley and forget about England and the dark, unresolved feelings it provokes in their marriage. Sod it - he couldn’t go home even if he tried; nobody would buy an ailing bar during a recession. But Tony’s luck is about to change when his son Nick arrives for a surprise visit with his self-possessed wife, Jo, and their son. With the extra help, Tony thinks things are on the up, but Jo has brought along more baggage than just their family’s suitcases. Staying On is a compelling story of little and greater family secrets come to light and what it means to find home, wherever you are. What readers are saying: "A beguiling story about broken people who have all the feelings and none of the words. Utterly captivating." Damien Owens "Escapism for realists – peppered with humour, yet poignant and as topical as it’s revealing... a wry take on expat life, astutely observed and deftly drawn." Peter Kerr, bestselling author of the award-winning Snowball Oranges series

Fifty Bits of Bull

Author : David Middleton
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This self help book is specifically for people who are wanting to adopt a lifestyle that is much more rewarding and are struggling to reinvent themselves. So get up to speed on nutrition, fitness and investing in just two hours max. Many readers have taken six months off work, gone backpacking, or bought that investment property for their retirement fund. The potency of this material to bring about much needed personal change is priceless.

Urban Transport XXVI

Author : S. Syngellakis
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A continuous requirement for better urban transport systems and the need for a healthier environment has resulted in an increasing demand for new solutions. Innovative systems, new approaches and original ideas need to be thoroughly tested and critically evaluated before they can be implemented in practice. Moreover, there is a growing need for integration with telecommunications systems and IT applications in order to improve safety, security and efficiency. This volume also addresses the need to solve important pollution problems associated with urban transport in order to achieve a healthier environment. The variety of topics covered by the included research works, which were presented at the 26th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment, reflect the complex interaction of urban transport systems with their environment and the need to establish integrated strategies. The goal is to arrive at optimal socio-economic solutions while reducing the negative environmental impacts of current transportation systems.


Author : James A. Michener
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Spain is an immemorial land like no other, one that James A. Michener, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author and celebrated citizen of the world, came to love as his own. Iberia is Michener’s enduring nonfiction tribute to his cherished second home. In the fresh and vivid prose that is his trademark, he not only reveals the celebrated history of bullfighters and warrior kings, painters and processions, cathedrals and olive orchards, he also shares the intimate, often hidden country he came to know, where the congeniality of living souls is thrust against the dark weight of history. Wild, contradictory, passionately beautiful, this is Spain as experienced by a master writer. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii. Praise for Iberia “From the glories of the Prado to the loneliest stone villages, here is Spain, castle of old dreams and new realities.”—The New York Times “Massive, beautiful . . . unquestionably some of the best writing on Spain [and] the best that Mr. Michener has ever done on any subject.”—The Wall Street Journal “A dazzling panorama . . . one of the richest and most satisfying books about Spain in living memory.”—Saturday Review “Kaleidoscopic . . . This book will make you fall in love with Spain.”—The Houston Post

Slings and Arrows

Author : John Davies
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The Life and Times of 'Johnny One Punch' DaviesAfter enjoying an idyllic life on a hillside farm in South Wales until he was five, John Davies' life changed dramatically when his ten year old sister Heather suffered a fatal accident and the farm was sold and the family moved away. Brutalised by his father and bullied at school, he became afraid of 'his own shadow' until his uncle gave him a punch ball for his ninth birthday and discovered he had a rare talent. Unfortunately he abused it and spent over eight years in prison because of his extreme violence, before being sent to a psychiatric prison at the age of 45. Missing the opportunity to become a world champion, he became one of Wales' finest boxing coaches and trained his son to become a world-class fighter.Married for the fourth time at 65 to a girl half his age, he beat angina and fathered a son at 68. Arrested for growing millions of pounds worth of cannabis at 69, he has written his life story to leave a record for his son in case he is incarcerated.

Appetites and Identities

Author : Sara Delamont
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Appetites and Identities is a clear, inviting and fascinating introduction to the social anthropology of western Europe. It covers food, migration, politics, urban and country life, magic, religion, sex and language in an accessible and straightforward fashion, introducing the student to aspects of the anthropology of contemporary European culture from mussel farmers in the Netherlands to Basque chambermaids in Lourdes, and from unhappy bachelors in western Ireland to unwitchers in Portugal. Avoiding the technical language of many anthropological textbooks, Appetites and Identities sets out the anthropological literature on the rich diversity of dialects, cultures and everyday lives of western European people, offering fascinating insights on how each region and community differs from its counterparts despite the notion of an integrated Europe. The book will stimulate curiosity about social anthropological investigation, and about life in Europe today.

The People Trafficker

Author : Keith Hoare
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The people trafficker is getting bold when he takes not one girl but six.. With a clever plan in which no one will know they are missing for ten days he stands to make a quarter of a million dollars - or does he?

The Package Tour Industry

Author : Vincent Cobb
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Millions of us take package holidays for granted every year but did you ever wonder how it all began? Thanks to Vincent Cobb's 35 years experience working in the travel industry culminating in his position as Managing director of Thomson Holidays we can learn about all the tricks they had to get up to that formed the basis of the business at its outset. This fascinating book allows us to observe the industries steep learning curve from it's infancy in the late 50's to the present day using you the public as guinea pigs. You will find this a gripping yet refreshingly humorous account. The author will tell you of dramatic journeys by plane, coach and ship, both by day and night, involving relentless pressure and many sleepless nights. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride! Revised and updated with even more detail and history than previously published this is a valuable reference work of social history at a time when we took our lives in our hands when we went on Holiday .

The Great Food Gamble

Author : John Humphrys
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'Compelling' OBSERVER 'Humphrys' level-headedness makes the arguments all the more powerful' SUNDAY TIMES 'A concise, no-nonsense assessment of the true cost of cheap food: to the environment, the livestock, and the nation's long-term health' DAILY MAIL 'A passionate discourse ... well-written and accessible' INDEPENDENT * * * * * * * * * John Humphrys is passionate about the state of British food, farming, fishing and agriculture. Here, he looks back to the days of organic farming in England when people shared and swapped food and considered the wildlife as well as the farmed animals, crops and fruits. He examines today's travesties: factory farming, pouring chemicals into the land, the scandal of the supermarket wars and cheap imported goods. He then turns to the future and asks: Can we save this ravaged earth and rebuild our community values? Most of all, can we reverse the damage to ourselves and our long-term health that may result from what we eat? John Humphrys' book requires the full attention of anyone who cares about themselves or the future.