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How to Be Present in an Absent World

Author : Daniel Montgomery
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How to Be Present in an Absent World is about cultivating self-awareness that empowers you to take ownership of your life in every area of influence--church, family, the marketplace, and your relationships. Daniel Montgomery, Eboni Webb, and Kenny Silva guide you through a series of five questions that uncover the five realities of life and leadership--Time (When?), Place (Where?), Body (Who?), Social System (What?), and Story (Why?). When we better understand ourselves we are able to untangle the knotted strands of human personality and move from reflection to a clear call to action. Montgomery, Webb, and Silva explore the nature of Time, Place, Body, Social System, and Story, equipping you with the kind of self-understanding that allows you to overcome obstacles that were previously discouraging and insurmountable. Through radical self-understanding, psychological obstacles are explained, external obstacles are contextualized, and tactics align to manifest one's truest, best, most beautiful life.

The Present testimony and original Christian witness revived

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The Past Present and Future of Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

Author : Emily Herring
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Integrated History and Philosophy of Science (iHPS) is commonly understood as the study of science from a combined historical and philosophical perspective. Yet, since its gradual formation as a research field, the question of how to suitably integrate both perspectives remains open. This volume presents cutting edge research from junior iHPS scholars, and in doing so provides a snapshot of current developments within the field, explores the connection between iHPS and other academic disciplines, and demonstrates some of the topics that are attracting the attention of scholars who will help define the future of iHPS.

The Present State of the Republick of Letters

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The Madness of Disaffection and Treason Against the Present Government

Author : George Ollyffe
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Present Imperfect

Author : Andrew van der Vlies
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Present Imperfect asks how South African writers have responded to the end of apartheid, to the hopes that attended the birth of the 'new' nation in 1994, and to the inevitable disappointments that have followed. The first full-length study of affect in South Africa's literature, it understands 'disappointment' both as a description of bad feeling and as naming a missed appointment with all that was promised by the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid Struggle (a dis-appointment). Attending to contemporary writers' treatment of temporality, genre, and form, it considers a range of negative feelings that are also experiences of temporal disjuncture-including stasis, impasse, boredom, disaffection, and nostalgia. Present Imperfect offers close readings of work by a range of writers - some known to international Anglophone readers including J.M. Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer, Ivan Vladislavic, and Zoë Wicomb, some slightly less well-known including Afrikaans-language novelists Marlene van Niekerk and Ingrid Winterbach, and others from a new generation including Songeziwe Mahlangu and Masande Ntshanga. It addresses key questions in South African studies about the evolving character of the historical period in which the country now finds itself. It is also alert to wider critical and theoretical conversations, looking outward to make a case for the place of South African writing in global conversations, and mobilizing readings of writing marked in various ways as 'South African' in order to complicate the contours of World Literature as category, discipline, and pedagogy. It is thus also a book about the discontents of neoliberalism, the political energies of reading, and the fates of literature in our troubled present.

The Parliamentary Debates from the Year 1803 to the Present Time

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Live in the Present and Learn Valuable Life Lessons to Improve Any Relationship

Author : Josh R. Himmelman
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The development of this couple's relationship, with all of its problems, is reflected quite candidly in their experiences of living in an abusive relationship. This book speaks of the co-existence of a man and a woman who are trying to love each other and be committed for life but fail miserably. The book is divided into sections, each recounting a different stage of their eleven-year relationship. Each section is followed by life lessons, so the reader can learn from what this couple experienced. Each lesson looks at the root cause of an issue. A few examples are: being victimized, broken trust, drug abuse, true friendship, etc. These issues can exist in all intimate relationships today, so that all readers can benefit in learning from the relationship experiences.

Sketch of the History of Harvard College and of its present State

Author : Samuel Atkins ELIOT (the Elder.)
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The Specator no 507 600 The Guardian The lover The present state of the war and the necessity of an augmentation considered The Whig examiner The Free holder Of the Christian religion

Author : Joseph Addison
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Everybody Present

Author : Nikolaj Rotne
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Everybody Present illustrates the transformative effects of mindfulness on educators, students, and their classrooms. Using concrete examples, Didde and Nikolaj Flor Rotne present a mode of classroom engagement that reduces stress to make room for thoughtful learning. A working manual addressed to everyone in the educational universe, Everybody Present presents real-world applications grounded in solid research. Stories, exercises, and case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of mindful practices across all areas of education. By exploring the challenges of teaching, Everybody Present will help all educators transform feelings of inadequacy into experiences of abundance. Everybody Present seeks to create a new kind of culture in our schools: one that counters stress and facilitates learning. It reframes the student-teacher relationship, showing teachers how to supplant antagonism and foster strong relationships by planting seeds of mindfulness in their students and encouraging them to embark on a mindfulness practice of their own. Everybody Present is intended to contribute to the creation of a culture throughout the educational system writ large, working against stress and victim mentality to set in motion a revolution of silence, allowing each individual the experience of inter-being, inner calm, and joy.

A User s Guide to Our Present World

Author : Herb Gruning
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The reader is about to embark on a journey of discovery and perhaps even reckoning. Religion and science have been understood as inherently at odds and inimical toward each other. However, both employ metaphor: religion when it calls the spirit descending upon Jesus a dove, science when it describes electrons as a current flowing through a wire, for only fluids flow and electrons are not a fluid. Both use myths: some religions in the sense that there was a Golden Age of humans in a garden, science when it promises unlimited progress. Both enlist hypothetical entities: some religions when a storm heralds that the gods are angry, science with the existence of a vacuum and a frictionless surface. And each bears its fundamentalist contingent: just observe a debate between creationists and evolutionists and the zeal and fervor with which the Bible and Darwin must be defended at any cost, no matter what. Given all this, it becomes readily apparent that religion and science display more in common than was once expected. And that is precisely what is in peril in the following pages--our expectations. May the intrepid traveler benefit from the voyage.

Statutes at Large of the State of New York General statutes 1863 66

Author : New York (State)
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An Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time to the Present

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The Antient and Present State of the County and City of Cork

Author : Charles Smith
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Being In Being For Being With

Author : Clark E. Moustakas
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This text examines a series of pervasive themes of human existence and the challenges of being and relating. Areas investigated include: the nature and meaning of being different; possessiveness and being possessed; and dimensions of loneliness, mystery and self-disclosure.

A few suggestions addressed to the clergy upon the present state of the question respecting national education in Ireland

Author : Charles Richard Elrington
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A Short View of the Families of the present English Nobility The second edition enlarged and corrected so as to exhibit a view of the present state of the Peerage

Author : Nathaniel SALMON
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The Parliamentary Debates from the Year 1803 to the Present Time

Author : Great Britain. Parliament
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Environmental Contamination and Remediation Practices at Former and Present Military Bases

Author : F. Fonnum
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Environmental Contamination and Remediation Practices at Former and Present Military Bases outlines the different strategies that are useful in the investigation and subsequent remediation of military bases, Particular attention is paid to the pollution of groundwater. The book contains an excellent review of useful remediation techniques and several examples of their application to polluted military bases. Several mathematical models are demonstrated, showing their predictive value for real examples. A detailed list is given of chemical pollutants that can be found on a military base. Strategies are described for the investigation and determination of the future of a polluted military site. Examples are given, obtained from practical experience of dealing with old, contaminated sites.